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Not Forgiven and New Beginnings


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Story Title:  Not Forgiven and New Beginnings 

Type of story: Not sure how long this fanfiction is going to be 

Main Characters: Ziggy and Ben

Background Characters  Dean,Willow,Amber,Jai,Roo,Alf - most of 2020 cast

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Romance/Drama/Family

Does story include spoilers: No unless you have not watched any episode before August 2020

Any warnings: Not at the moment

Summary:  What if Ben and Ziggy didn't forgive Maggie for sleeping with Marco and he stayed in the bay. Scenes that they share after Maggie leaves based on current happenings. 


After Maggie's Left The Bay



Ben is sitting on the couch with a glass of wine when he hears a knock on the door. 

"Yeah it's open". Ben yells from the couch. 

"Hey Dad". Ziggy says to her father as she walks in. 

"Hey you want one". Ben asks Ziggy referring to if she wants a glass of wine. 

"Uh yeah thanks". Ziggy says as Ben gets up and pours a glass for her. 

"So did you see your Mum before she left". Ben asks his daughter. 

"Yeah she stopped by Dean's place to say goodbye but I told her I didn't want to hear it. What about you?". Ziggy tells her father.

"Yeah she stopped by here too I wished her well thats all I could do its not like I can forgive her for what she did". Ben tells his daughter as they sit down on the couch. 

"I totally get that I don't forgive either". Ziggy informs her father. 

"Its just you and me now hey". Ben tells Ziggy wrapping his arm around her. 

"Yep and I'm going to be here for you". Ziggy tells her father as she puts her head in his chest.


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Great chapter a really interesting idea I look forward to reading more.

6 hours ago, pembie said:

Pop the Cork on the wine bottle Maggie has left Ben seems to be celebrating  it felt bit like that haha 

Poor Maggie 

:lol: yeah it really did 

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9 hours ago, pembie said:

Pop the Cork on the wine bottle Maggie has left Ben seems to be crebrating it felt bit like that haha 

Poor Maggie 

oh I should of clarified the bottle of wine was already opened 🤣

4 hours ago, Helena said:

I really this chapter looking forward to reading more an interesting idea something that I haven't thought about.

thanks so much for reading and yeah I thought it would be interesting since they are close and I felt like Ziggy is going to need her Dad right now and Ben should of stick around. More will be up very soon 😃

2 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter a really interesting idea I look forward to reading more.

:lol: yeah it really did 

as I have since clarified the wine bottle was already open. Thanks for reading 😃

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After Ross's Body is Found



Ben is getting out of the water and sees Ziggy sitting on the sand so he walks over to her. 

"Zig". He says trying to get her attention as he gets closer to her. 

"Oh Dad hi". Ziggy says looking up at her father inviting him to sit down. 

"You ok". Ben asks his daughter. 

"Dean's being distant thats all". Ziggy tells her father. 

"Why how long this being happening". Ben asks his daughter overly protective. 

Since Bella's dads body was found last night". Ziggy fills Ben in on the happenings. 

"Oh my gosh hows Bella". Ben enquires after the teenager. 

"Not good". Ziggy says to him giving him a look. 

"What don't tell me you think he has something to do with this". Ben questions his daughter. 

"I dont know what to think honestly". Ziggy replies.


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9 hours ago, Helena said:

I really enjoyed this chapter of the story I'm so glad that you put ross body being found this only just happened in the uk looking forward to reading more.

oh really you guys are only at that point from now on may contain spoilers then sorry and I'm glad you are looking forward to more - more will be up soon 😃

9 hours ago, pembie said:

Plot twist would be its Maggies body and not Ross that was found and Ben had murdered her  and that's why he was drinking wine haha 

But good chapter Ziggy doesn't trust Dean much though does she lol

ok yes that would be a plot twist 🤣

two things though I am going off the current storyline on the show and I dont think that ben is a killer yes he may not forgive her but he wouldn't kill her.

as for zig trusting dean I think she finds it hard due to his past and I dont blame her.

thank you for reading more will be up soon 

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