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Not Forgiven and New Beginnings

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After Dean Tells Ziggy About Jai



Ben walks into and grabs his order but before he heads out sees Ziggy on the balcony. 

"Hey Zig". Ben says to his daughter who is staring into space. 

"Hey I thought you were working". Ziggy enquires. 

"Yeah but I need food if I'm going to keep working. How did the talk with Dean go?". Ben tells and asks her. 

"Um interesting he told me that he just found out that he's a Dad". Ziggy informs her father.

"Woah what". Ben questions. 

"Oh yeah and I don't like the child's mother". Ziggy tells Ben. 

"Whose the mother and how to you feel about this". Ben asks his daughter. 

"Amber and I don't know what to feel". Ziggy informs him. 

"Amber as in Palmers carer". Ben questions. 

"The one and only". Ziggy replies.

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Pop the Cork on the wine bottle Maggie has left Ben seems to be crebrating it felt bit like that haha  Poor Maggie 

I really this chapter looking forward to reading more an interesting idea something that I haven't thought about.

oh I should of clarified the bottle of wine was already opened 🤣 thanks so much for reading and yeah I thought it would be interesting since they are close and I felt like Ziggy is going to need h

Great chapter 

34 minutes ago, KKB said:




"The one and only". Ziggy replies.

Okay so I haven’t watched in months but like I can only guess and I laughed out loud at that.

Lovely interactions between  Ben and Ziggy.

Update again soon :)



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14 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

Okay so I haven’t watched in months but like I can only guess and I laughed out loud at that.

Lovely interactions between  Ben and Ziggy.

Update again soon :)



Its funny because after I wrote that one and only line I realise Ben said it to Ziggy on the show and quite ironic. 

I love their interactions hence this story - so glad you are enjoying .

Thanks for reading .

Updating daily 😃

11 hours ago, Helena said:

I really enjoyed this chapter of the story interesting that Dean is a dad looking forward to reading more.

Thank you 😃

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After The Lunch with The Trio


Ben's Boards

"Hey Zig". Ben says seeing his daughter walking down the stairs. 

"Hi". Ziggy says upset. 

"You ok". Ben asks her as she comes over. 

"I will be I just need some time to think some things over". Ziggy tells her father. 

"Oh whys that". Ben asks Ziggy. 

"I just had lunch with Dean ...... Amber and Jai ....... their son". Ziggy informs him. 

"How was that". Ben asks her. 

"Hard thats why I need time to think I might go for a surf". Ziggy replies. 

"If you need to talk call me or come by". Ben tells his daughter.

"Thanks Dad I will". Ziggy replies and Ben passes her surfboard from behind the counter to her. 

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After Ziggy Tells Dean She's Moving Out


Ben is rewatching Endless Summer yet again when he hears a knock on the door. 

"Door's open". Ben yells and turns around to see Ziggy with bags. 

"Guessing thinking things over didn't go well". Ben asks his daughter assuming her and Dean were over. 

"No we are still together I just moved out because I think he needs to have time to connect with his son and this way we can have time to decide if this is what we really want". Ziggy tells her father.as she joins him on the couch.

"Right ok I get that'. Ben tells his daughter. 

"It is fine that I stay here isn't it". Ziggy asks him.

"Yeah of course it is". Ben replies and wraps his arms around her. 


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