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Tane Parata - Ethan Browne

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Any idea why it's taken this long for him to finally join the Bay? Was there plans for him to join sooner? I am aware that there's often family members that join later, but it seems odd that the whole family appear in all the same promo shots yet have never been together at all on screen probably until tomorrow night's episode I imagine...bizarre!

I will say I don't actually mind that they have had his character introduced a little later and had a few city visits. I quite like the aspect of characters travelling outside the bay to random recurring locations for storylines, I just feel as though that this particular one has gone on for a little too long.

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According to Ari Tane was a bad guy/ troublemaker. Tbh I like him more then Ari. So far he was polite with Rider, Bella and Marilyn, no sign of any trouble. Also, he was telling Nik to listen to Ari and to go home. On the other had Ari, who was supposed to be a good guy, has got anger management issues and tries to control everything.

Regarding Tane's introduction, if memory serves me right they have done the same thing with Heath Braxton. Heath and Brax came to the Bay for the party (when Brax decided to buy the restaurant) and the following few weeks the show focused more on Brax and Casey because Heth was still living in Mangrove River. Heath didn't have as many scenes as Brax and Casey.

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