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I think Ben and Maggie are the best written Mother and Father couple in a long time. 

Both have their personalities other then being typical one dimensional parent characters like Joel & Natalie and Rhys & Shelley. 

Both have had their own storylines outside of the family with Maggie's cancer and Ben in trouble with the law. 

I don’t think Shelley or Natalie had there own storyline that didn’t involved family other then their exit storyline and Natalie did have belief thing about rumours of an affair between her and Jesse which turned out to be rubbish. 

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54 minutes ago, baywatcher said:

Rohan is doing a fantastic job with this storyline.


Totally agree! I just hope they pace the storyline well and it doesn't just magically go away like Coco's eating disorder...which I don't think they've mentioned since. Hopefully they will continue doing it well though. I like what he said about how Ben's issues go way back and aren't just from the recent events.

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