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Dean Thompson - Patrick O'Connor


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  • 2 months later...

If I forget he's a River Boy he not too bad. I wish he was just brought in as someone with a rough background maybe one of Ash's mates form jail. River Boy rebirth doesn't seem very strong. The rest of them took off after a few episodes (not complaining). I was looking forward to having all the Braxton/River Boy left overs gone once Ash left.  But no we got Dean, Willow and Colby tied to them so it looks like they will live on for a few more years assuming they stay on as regulars which I'm betting they will.

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I like him.This new river gang (Willow/Dean/Colby)Are what they originals should have been.Then again I thought that with Ash to lol.I only really started liking Dean once Ash left though there was always potential.

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I'm liking Dean. 

He has the same vulnerability that Ash had when he first appeared, which Kyle also had. I'm watching at UK pace and we just had the scenes where it's revealed the River Boys have basically disbanded, which is obviously a bad thing for Dean. From what has been hinted at he grew up watching this gang be an inspiration only for it to be almost broken up by the time he gets a chance. Plus he never got the wake up call that Colby did.

He is like a do over of Heath but wised up faster.

(Bonus points for making me see real subtext for the first time in a few years ??)

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Matt really wasn't given that much to do though

Dean and Willow and Colby  are at the forefront of the show now... Which is part the probelm for me I understand they are new characters but because there's been a brunch all at once I don't really care about them that much But then again I'm abit behind

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I'm beginning to see some real potential in the character of Dean.  Up to this point I've seen him as a waste of space who wouldn't work in an iron lung and was always looking for an easy buck often in crime.

However recent events have opened up some real storyline possibilities for his character.  We can assume that his behaviour and attitudes to life are the result of some background events which would make really interesting storytelling particularly with the involvement of Colby and Willow.  If his recent signs of turning his life around prove to be genuine there are also storyline possibilities in various community members helping him out with friendship, career training etc.  I wonder if the writers will go down that path.  I hope so.

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