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Summer's Bay

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Story Title:  Homecoming

Type of story: Long Fiction

Main Characters: Frank, Bobby, Roo, Floss, Alisa, Carly, Sally Pippa, Alf, Nev

Background Characters  Most of the characters who appear in the early years, Mr Greyson, Andy and a few others to be added later

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No unless you have not watched any episode before 1992

Any warnings: Some tasteful sexual content, V/D.

Summary:  The aftermath of Tom Fletcher's death prompts a former Summer Bay resident returns home and the impact this return has on the lives of the people he left behind.



“Pip love, it’s time to go” – Alf Stewart affectionately whispered to the mourning woman who just lost the love of her life. He gentle pulled her hand away from the casket himself fighting back the tears of losing a dear friend, someone who was almost like a brother to him.  After a few moments Pippa Fletcher obeyed the words of her dear friend and began walking away from the casket not before saying ”Tom, how do I carry on?”


Chapter one

One week Later-

Manhattan, New York 

“Phone call for Frank Morgan on line one”

The announcement startled Frank, he looked to his left to see if his co-worker Andy had seen the embarrassing jolt of his body but Andy’s head was buried deep in the pile of papers that he wasn’t thinking about the Australian guy who arrived four months ago at the office.

 “Phone call for Frank Morgan on line one”

Frank picked up the phone receiver and pressed the button on the phone which was clearly labeled “line one” then put the receiver to his ear

“Hello, Frank Morgan speaking”

“Frank, its Carly”

An expression of confusion and joy came upon Frank’s face as he heard the familiar voice of his sister Carly. Well, his foster sister Carly but they were practically raised by their foster parents Tom and Pippa Fletcher like siblings so to him, the foster sister title is just a formality.

“Hey Carls! how are you?” Frank looked down at his watch “It’s pretty late over there right now”

“I know, I’m sorry to bother you Frank but I need to speak to you”

Franked sensed the urgency in his sisters voice and sat up firmly in his chair and his expression of confusion and joy turned to one of worry “No its fine Carly, what’s the matter?”

“Frank” Carly started to cry

“Frank, everything is a mess now that Tom has died, Pippa isn’t coping very well, she collapsed a few days ago and is in hospital, Steven got into a fight with some guys from the Yabbie Creek and he hasn’t been home for two days, we don’t know where he is and Sally won’t stop crying. Please come home”


“Please come home”- for two hours those words kept going around and around Frank’s mind and now were somehow jumping around the pages of the report he was expected to finish by the end of the day. “Home” Summer Bay, the town he left almost a year ago, the town he didn’t expect to be going back to any time soon because he was making a new home and a new life in New York with his new wife…Roo. Frank put down the papers of the report and picked up the framed photo of his bride which sat on the desk next to the phone. She is beautiful, perfect, Frank smiled or rather, his lips smiled but his eyes, the window to his soul are confused.

2:00am Summer Bay

“I have a few things to sort out here then Roo and I will be there as soon as we can get a flight” –The comforting parting words of her Brother Frank put Carly at ease. Frank was always able to bring the family together and now that Tom is gone, he will bring them all together again. Carly pulled the sheets up over her shoulders and felt that tonight, with everything going on, she was going to finally get some  sleep because Frank is coming home.


Manhattan, New York

“I’m off for the day Andy, have a good one” Frank offered in the direction of Andy who just nodded his head in response.  Andy didn’t really talk much, he had arrived from London a few months before Frank arrived and even though they exchanged small talk, they were not really friends. 

Frank excited the elevator from the 10th floor that the Macklin Corporation occupied of the high rise building on Rector Street on the lower west side of Manhattan and stepped into the early Spring evening. The weather was nice, cool and crisp, Frank buttoned up his coat and adjusted his work bag across his body as he prepared for the 40 minute train ride home.   When Frank first arrived in New York   he got lost so many times that it made Roo laugh every time he would call home and say he would be late because he had gotten off at the wrong stop or on the wrong train. He didn’t need to do that anymore because he had mastered the New York City subway  and last month Roo got a job at a PR agency so she wasn’t always home when he got home.

The walk to the subway was only a few minutes which turned out to be a God send especially on the days when the train or Frank was running late.  Fortunately for Frank, he and Roo only stayed in a hotel for three days when they arrived in New York because a co-worker at Macklins was leaving her furnished studio apartment on the upper Westside of Manhattan to travel the world and was able to negotiate with the landlord to have Frank and Roo move in without a waiting period.  The apartment was pretty much a caravan without wheels, small but again very close to the subway to get to work. It was only something temporary,  in a year or two, Frank was certain that he would’ve saved enough money to buy a nice house somewhere for him and Roo.

At the station, Frank passed his train ticket through the turn stall and made his way to the platform to wait for the number 1 train to take him home.  This was “rush hour” so usually everybody was in a rush to get home so there was often a race to get onto a train forget it if you are trying to get a seat. Frank was able to get on the train and occupy a small standing space in the corner. That would be his spot for the ride home, he thought to himself. Frank usually read a book or a magazine during his commute but today for some reason left his Business review magazine at work and he didn’t feel comfortable taking out his work papers to read on the train so instead he just waited for his stop.

Summer Bay

“Ailsa, what time are you going by the hospital today?” Bobby Simpson shouted from the kitchen of the  Diner to Ailsa Stewart, her best friend and business partner.  She had been in the kitchen since 7:00am there was a rush this morning and she was in the middle of making a last takeaway order for a customer.

“I spoke to Carly just before I got here  and she is going to the hospital after taking Sally to school so Ill pop by at lunchtime, take Pippa something to eat” Ailsa said as she paused by the kitchen door.

“Ailsa,  I am really worried about Pippa” Bobby said as she paused from adding the last slice of lettuce to the sandwich. “ I feel like I should be doing more, I am going to go up to Yabbie Creek later to see if anybody there has seen Stevo”. Bobby sighed,  put the lettuce slice down then added a slice of bread on top to finish the sandwich then cut the sandwich into two and placed the two equal halves in a sandwich bag. Bobby handed the sandwich bag to Aisla who turned around and handed the sandwich to the waiting customer.

“You moved back home and are helping take care of things with Carly,  that is all you can do right now love” Ailsa said as she returned back to the kitchen. Ailsa knew that her words were not comforting enough to her friend so she gave her a reassuring hug which Bobby appreciated and the two friends shared a moment of hope for the future.

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Chapter 2


Manhattan, New York

“This stop is 59th Street Columbus Circle” – An announcement that the New York City trains always made when they were arriving at the next station. Frank calculated in his mind that he only had eight more stops before he got to get off the train then a few minutes walk then home. Frank also remembered Roo telling him that he had to get some milk on his way home, something Roo would do but now cant because she is also working. 

When the train arrived at 59th Street Columbus Circle, several people exited the train and luckily Frank was able to squeeze into a corner seat, opposite an empty seat and next to an older lady with several shopping bags. “She must have a rich husband” Frank thought to himself and fixed his eyes on his shoes as he remembered the times that he and Roo had gone shopping in Macy’s, the expensive department store on 34th Street and Frank told Roo several times that they couldn’t afford to get so many things but Roo always found a way to get Frank to change his mind. The thought of this made Frank smile…well his mouth smiled but his eyes, the window to his soul are confused.  Frank earned a decent wage at the Macklin Corporation but he wanted to save money to take care of Roo and any future children but most importantly to get them a bigger apartment.


“The City”- Australia

“Stevo, Stevo wake up”- Narelle Smart gently tapped the shoulder of the soundly sleeping young man who had occupied her couch for the last two days. Steven was the last person she expected to see since leaving Summer Bay for a new start in the City two years ago.

Steven Matheson slowly began to wake up “what time is it?” he said still half asleep

“Time for you to wake up” Narelle said as she took a seat on the end of the couch. Steven turned up at her Flat two days ago in a mess, she didn’t even know how he found her. He didn’t say much other than he didn’t want her to tell anybody in Summer Bay that he was there, especially not his foster family, he needed time to clear his head.

“Stevo, I am sure everybody is worried about you, let me tell Bobby you are here?

“NO” Steven said to a startled Narelle. Steven sighed, “I’m sorry Narelle, I didnt mean to shout. I know I am taking up space here, I am sorry I will get my things together and leave. As Steven began to get up Narelle put her hand on his arm to stop him.

“Stevo, Frank and Bobby are really good friends of mine, and I remember how great your lips are”, Steven smiled, “You can stay here to clear your head, I just thought you would’ve wanted to let your family know you are ok, I can imagine they are really worried but. I know you don’t want to talk about anything but I am here when you are ready”

“I will call home later, thank you Narelle”

Narelle smiled “Well I’m off to work, call me if you need anything,  the number is on the fridge” with that she kissed her fingers and placed then gently on Steven’s head,  winked, grabbed her bag and jacket and left out to start her day. When Steven heard the door to the flat close, he readjusted himself on the couch so as not to hurt his already sore arm and to get a few more hours sleep.


Manhattan, New York

The water bottle dropping on the train floor broke Frank’s concentration from his shoes to follow the arm of the person who took up the empty seat opposite him as she/he reached to the floor to get the bottle. As the bottle owner sat up straight, she looked directly at Frank with piercing blue eyes, eyes that held his gaze for longer than he could remember, maybe longer than they should’ve. The petite bottle owner with dark hair wearing  a green military coat, black jeans and boots broke the gaze as she put her bottle back into her backpack then searched through the side pocket for some gum which she retrieved,  unwrapped and put into her mouth. The bottle owner then pushed her hair behind her ears, took out a notepad and pen and became lost in whatever it was that she was writing.

Frank couldn’t keep his eyes of her. It wasn’t her per say, it was the fact that she reminded him of someone from his past life, someone who until today, he was trying to forget. Frank must’ve stared at the bottle owner for what seemed like forever or to the point that she sensed he was looking at her so she looked up from what she was writing and caught Frank’s gaze again. This time it was Frank who looked away, he was making a fool of himself and put his focus onto the train map which was posted above the bottle owners head and counted how many stops he had left, two more-good. He needed to get off this train soon.

Summer Bay

“Bobby” Carly said into the phone when Bobby answered. “Yes Carly” Bobby responded as she handed a customer his change.

“As soon as I took Sally to school, she started crying and didn’t want to go in. Mrs Pattison said it would be ok for her to take the day off so I am leaving her and Christopher with Floss and going to the hospital to see Pippa.

“Ok, tell Pippa that I will be in later” Bobby responded. “Bobby, did anybody call the diner asking for me?” Carly said as she wrestled with telling Bobby about what she did.

“No Carly, who are you expecting? Tom Cruise? Bobby said with a chuckle. “Ill just see you later” Carly responded and she put the phone down.  “I hope I haven’t missed Frank’s call, he did say he was going to let me know when he is arriving” Carly said to herself as she put a few things in a bag for the trip to see Pippa.

Manhattan- New York

 “This stop is 116th Street” – “Finally” Frank thought to himself as the train he was on finally pulled into his station. As the train began to stop, Frank got up from his seat and went and stood by the doors as he waited for them to open. Frank could feel that the bottle owner was watching his every move but he kept his focus on the door. Finally the doors opened. Frank exited as quickly as he could while breathing a sigh of relief and headed towards to stairs which led to street level.  Just as he got to the stairs, the trained slowly passed him and he looked in the direction of the train and again locked eyes with the bottle owner who smiled at him then as if by magic, she was gone.

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2 minutes ago, Bobby Forever Missed said:

Are Steve and Narelle going to hook up?

 You just have to wait and see.... :)

Chapter 3

Summer Bay

Floss was repairing the button on her husband Nevs trousers. She had put Christopher down to sleep and thought she would use this time to get a few things done. Floss loved playing the "Grandma role, the Fletcher kids were close enough to be her grandchildren so it was always a pleasure to do anything for them especially now that Pippa is having a bit of a rough time. Floss was lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t hear Sally come down the stairs and stand quietly by the door

“Hello love, I didn’t see you there can I get you anything? Floss said to the confused little girl who looked like she had been crying.

“Floss, Milko said Pippa isn’t coming home again” Sally said almost on the verge of tears.

“Of course she is lovey, Milko is being naughty by telling you that” Sally approached the couch that Floss was sitting on and sat next to her.

“Can I tell you a secret”? Floss said to Sally as she put a reassuring arm around her shoulder. Floss knew that she wasn’t supposed to say anything to anybody since nothing had been confirmed but she felt this would help the little girl find some comfort in this confusing situation. Sally nodded in response to Floss’ question. Floss leaned over and whispered something sweet into Sally’s ear and leaned back. Sally took a second to process what she was told and her whole face lit up . She had the biggest smile, hugged Floss and began crying…tears of joy.


Manhattan- New York

Frank walked up the three flights of stairs that led to the apartment he shared with Roo. As he searched inside his bag for his key, he could hear the television on so Roo must be at home. As Frank opened the door, Roo poked her head from around the corner “Hey Frank, I was able to get away early today and wanted to get dinner ready and I have some good news!” “looks good” Frank said as he looked over Roo’s shoulders at the two pots she was stirring on the stove. “I’m just going to get changed and washed up” Frank said as he began taking his coat and bag off and placing them in the hallway closet.

Roo turned off the stove and began draining the water from the pasta at the sink then put it in a bowl. The sauce was next, she followed the instructions on the label of the bottle and made sure she cooked it right. Roo would be the first to admit that she wasn’t the best cook but she is a wife now and should at least try. Since they had a very small apartment, Roo and Frank usually sat on the small couch in front of their bed to eat their dinner on trays. By the time Frank came out of the bathroom and was changed, his meal was ready on a tray on the small table for him.

“Roo, before  you tell me your news,  I have to tell you something” Frank said as he sat on the couch next to Roo. Roo turned and faced Frank with a look of concern about what her husband was going to say. “Carly called me this morning, Pippa  had some kind of breakdown and she is in the hospital, Steven has run away, everything is a mess and she wants me to come home. I am going to speak to Mr Greyson my boss to see if I can get the time off, can you do the same? I want to get back to Summer Bay in the next couple of days or as soon as we can get a flight”. 

What came out of Frank’s mouth was not what Roo was expecting “Frank, how can I ask for time off and I just got the job? For your information, My good news is that I will be leading my first PR campaign, my boss has been really impressed with me and feels I am ready. I can’t just take off and go back to Summer Bay, this is my future” Roo looked down into  into her plate, moved the pasta around with her fork and looked  annoyed that Frank would even suggest something so stupid . Frank was surprised by the response from Roo, not one he was expecting “Ok, you don’t have to go but I do, my family need me”

“Frank, I am your family now, I need you.  I followed you here to New York to support your dream, the least you can do is be here and support me and my dreams at the event next week. You are always telling me about saving money, why are you going to waste money to fly to Australia, only to get there and find that everything is alright? You know how Carly is, she is over dramatic, ill call my Dad tomorrow and find out what is going on, I bet things are not even that bad” Roo said as she sat her tray on the mini table leaned back on the couch and crossed her arms.

Frank got up and walked towards the closet where his coat hung. “I forgot to get the milk” Frank said as he took his coat out of the closet and began putting it on “ ill be back later” and with that he opened the front door and let himself out.

Summer Bay

Ailsa got into her car, was about to put the key in to start the engine but she stopped and sighed. It was breaking her heart to see her friend going through this time but even with her own problems, she felt that she had to be there, be strong for her friend. Ailsa had prepared a nice picnic and was hoping that Pippa would be up to going out, getting some fresh air and starting to rejoin the world again. Unfortunately today is not going to be that day.

Manhattan- New York

“Frank I’m sorry”  Roo said as Frank was closing the  front door behind him.  “I didn’t mean to get angry, if you really want me to come with you, I will ask my boss for some time off.  Frank put the gallon of milk in the small fridge then began to take his coat off. “ Should I warm up your food?”  “No, I got something outside” Frank responded as he put his coat in the hallway closet.  Roo held her hands out to Frank and he walked towards the direction of her hands , as he sat down, she knelt down in front of him. “Roo, I know your job is important to you, it’s ok, you don’t have to come but you have to understand something, The Fletcher's are my family, they will always be my family. Don’t ever put me in a position to chose.  Carly wouldn’t have called me if it wasn’t serious. I need to go“ “I know Frank and I am sorry” Roo said and she leaned in and began kissing Frank’s neck “I am really sorry Frank” Roo said between kisses. “Let me show you how sorry I am” Frank and Roo kissed as she stood up and motioned for him to follow her to their marital resting place.

Summer Bay

“How is Pippa doing?” Bobby said as Ailsa walked into the Diner with the untouched Picnic hamper. Ailsa sat the hamper on the counter and sighed “Pippa wasn’t up to any visitors today Ailsa said. “ She didn’t want to see me either” Carly said from behind Bobby . “What are we going to do?” Bobby said looking dejected. Anyway I am off to Yabbie Creek to drive around and ask if anybody has seen Stevo. I won’t be long” Bobby said as she reached for her keys in the cupboard under the counter and left the Diner.

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Chapter 4

3:00am Manhattan-New York

Frank looked over to his right at the alarm clock on the bedside table, 3:00am.  Frank then turned back to his left where his wife lay sleeping blissfully, satisfied that she had shown her husband how sorry she was for her reaction to his comments about returning to Summer Bay. Careful not to wake her, Frank slowly rose from their bed and went to sit on the couch. He really should’ve been trying to get some sleep because he was due to wake up in a few hours to get to work.  Frank knows that he thinks a lot but since Tom passed away so many things have been running through his mind and after seeing the bottle owner earlier and getting the call from Carly, maybe going to Summer Bay will help tie up  some loose ends and give his mind some well deserved rest.


Manhattan-New York

“Mr Greyson I am sorry that I have to ask this, I know company protocol but this really is a family emergency” Frank said as he sat in the office of his boss to request time off.

“I understand Frank, “Mr Greyson said, you have a great reputation with the Macklin Corporation and I heard great things about your foster Father too. “Time off granted, take as long as you need”

Frank leaned over and shook his Boss’ hand “I don’t think I will be gone longer than 10 days but thank you.

“Take the rest of the day off to sort yourself out” Mr Greyson said. “See you when you get back”

“Thank you” Frank said as he left the office to get his things to get going.


6:00am Summer Bay

“Phone ringing”


“Carly, Carly go get the phone” Bobby said as she tossed the pillow from her bed in the direction of Carly who was still sleeping

“Carly” Bobby shouted before dragging herself out of bed and down the stairs.

“Hello? Summer Bay Caravan Park” Bobby said to whoever was on the other end of the phone who didn’t respond.

“Hello? Summer Bay Caravan Park” Bobby said one more time again there was no response.

“Suit yourself,  you creep” Bobby said before putting the phone down and dragging herself back up to bed


Manhattan –New York

Frank thought that he had rung the wrong number when he heard a voice answer the phone that he wasn’t expecting. When she  called him a creep, Frank smiled.  Frank picked up the phone again and dialed another familiar number.

“Edison PR, how can I help you? The receptionist answered in a very high pitched New York Accent

“Yes can I please speak to Ruth Morgan?

“Please hold” a short while Roo answered the phone

“Ruth Morgan speaking” “Roo, its me” Frank responded

“Oh Hi Frank, I am sorry but I cant stay on the phone long, trying to get things ready for the event next week”

“No worries” I just wanted to let you know that Mr Greyson gave me the time off and let me go early. I've been home the last two hours and got a flight that leaves tonight”.

“That’s great” Roo responded, attempting to hide the disappointment in her voice.

“Ill be leaving out from John F Kennedy at  8:30pm , can you go straight there after work, it will be easier than you coming home” Frank said

“Ill ask if I can leave early and just meet you at home” Roo said

“Thanks Roo”

“I love you Frank”

“Yeah, me too, please try and get here by 5:30pm”

“Ok, bye” Roo heard Frank put the receiver down but she held onto hers for a minute before putting the phone down, taking a deep breath and going back to work.


8:00am Summer Bay

“Come on Sal, you’re going to be late for school” Carly stood at the bottom of the stairs shouting up to no response.

Bobby stood in the kitchen preparing a bottle for Christopher “ Carly the bottle is ready, I need to get going to the diner. Floss I will be back at 1pm to take over looking after Christopher”

“Alright lovey, If you are going to be late Carly love, I can take Sally to school” Floss said as she folded some laundry.

“Will you Floss? Thanks so much.  I have already missed so much school, Fisher is going to kill me”


“Phone Rings”


“Hello? Summer Bay Caravan Park” Carly said as she rocked Christopher in her arms

“Carls, its me”

“Frank, when are you coming? Carly said feeling a relief to hear Frank’s voice.

“I am leaving New York tonight, but won’t get there until for two days”

“I don’t care what time you get here, I am just happy that you are coming. I will get the caravan ready for you and Roo “Carly said, fighting back tears because Floss was standing nearby.

“ Hang in there Carly, I will be there soon”

“Ok Frank, see you soon” Carly put the phone down and looked at Floss

“ You did the right thing love,  Floss said. “Frank needs to be here. Have you told Bobby that Frank and Roo are on their way?

“No”  Carly said,  "don’t know how to tell her, I just hoped that everything would fall into place".

“Everything will be fine love” Floss said as she put a reassuring arm around Carly.


Manhattan –New York

“Flight 2174 from John F Kennedy Airport to Sydney Australia is now boarding at Gate 2C"

The polite lady announced “Well that is me” Frank said as he gathered his things together to make his way to the Gate to board the plane.

“Do you have everything?” Roo said as she handed Frank his Jacket.

“Yes, thanks” Frank responded as he put on his Jacket.  “I am glad that I was able to get this flight so quickly

“Frank, you do love me don’t you?” Roo said out of the blue.

Frank semi laughed at the random question “Course I do, I married you didn’t I” Frank responded to reassure his new bride.  “ I really need to go, I don’t want to miss the plane”

“Ok” Roo responded as she put her arms around Franks neck and kissed him with all her passion then broke the kiss and gave him a hug.  Frank’s mouth smiled at the affection from his wife but his eyes, the window to his soul are confused. 

”Ill call when I get there” Frank said as he released himself from Roo’s embrace and begin walking towards Gate 2C. 

As Roo watched her husband walk away, her expression turned from a smile to being unsure, she was watching the man she started a new life with, walk away from her and walk towards his old life.


Summer Bay

“Here are the groceries you wanted love” Alf said to his wife Ailsa as  he placed the box of groceries on the counter top of the Diner she co-owned with Bobby Simpson

“Thanks Alf, I just cleaned that tabletop” Bobby said walking out of the kitchen then she playfully slapped Alf’s arm before going back to the kitchen.

“Ails, I ran into Floss taking young Christopher for a walk earlier, she said Frank and Ruthy will be arriving in a few days, it seems that  Carly called Frank in New York hoping that he can come home and help with Pip so they are on their way, we need to get the spare room ready, Ill get a few things and get started”


“she said Frank and Ruthy will be arriving in a few days,”


- that is all that Bobby heard before she disappeared into the pantry. Just in time for that familiar feeling of being kicked in the guts caused the heavy breathing and tears to start forming in Bobby’s eyes. 

"Bobby" Ailsa shouted as she slowly walked into the kitchen

Bobby wiped her eyes with her t-shirt and calmed herself as much as she could as soon as she heard Ailsa calling for her.

“Sorry Ailsa, I need to make a quick call" Bobby said as she emerged from the pantry and turned her back to Ailsa to pick up the phone mounted on the wall.  

“Hey Narelle” Bobby said when she heard her friend’s voice on the answering machine

 “ I haven’t seen you for a while and I was wondering if I could come up for a few days next week ? Its been really busy here I need a break and a few days of raging. Anyways I got to go, just call me and let me know if you are going to be home.”

"Bobby" Ailsa said when she saw Bobby hang up the reciever

“ I gotta go Ailsa, I got to take over from Floss” Bobby said as she grabbed her keys from the cupboard under the counter

“ Bobby” Ailsa said as she attempted to grab Bobby’s arm but was a few inches too far.

Ailsa watched her friend leave in a rush…she knew that she had overheard that Frank and Roo were on their way home.  She felt helpless, she wasn’t going to be able to stop the heartache that was about to begin to someone she cared deeply about.

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5 hours ago, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Great start to this fanfiction :) Love it. Looking forwards to the next chapter Xxx


4 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapters

Like that this is a fan fiction about the Fletchers and the early years

Poor Bobby I feel for her.

Update again soon :) 

 Thank you! I am glad that you are enjoying my first attempt at Fanfiction :)


Chapter 5


Flight 2174 Cathy Pacific Airlines

“Can I get you anything else Sir” The flight attended asked as she handed the plastic cup of cola she had poured for Frank, “we will be taking off soon”

“No this is good, thanks” Frank responded as he set the cup down on the armrest of his aisle seat and looked at the travel map in the back of the seat in front of him. He had a full day of traveling plus the 5 hour stopover in Hong Kong.

Frank was a bit tired, he didn’t manage to get more than two hours sleep last night so that was definitely going to be a priority on this flight.  As Frank studied the map on the small  TV screen  embedded in the seat in front of him, he looked at all the places he would take Roo one day, they had both talked about travelling the world, maybe go to England, visit different parts of the United States, Roo also mentioned that she wanted to go to Singapore . Ailsa, her step mother mentioned to her how beautiful it is when her and Roo’s dad Alf attended  their wedding.

Frank took a sip of his cola, this time putting the cup in the tray in front of him then rested his head back on his seat. Singapore, he had been there, over a year ago. Ailsa is right, the place is beautiful, the people are friendly and the food is amazing. It’s the sort of place you experience with someone special….someone you love. Frank took another sip of the cola put the cup back in the tray and reached into the side pocket of his seat and pulled out the duty free catalogue, he flicked through the pages, if Roo was here, she would want everything. This made Frank smile or rather, his lips smiled but his eyes, the window to his soul is confused.


Summer Bay

“Alright love” Floss said as she unpegged  the bedsheet from the line as she saw Bobby walking towards the house. “Christopher is having a nap, I am just going to put this laundry away and go and give Nev his lunch.”

Bobby didn’t respond as she opened the back door and entered the house.  Floss exhaled deeply and dropped the last sheet in the basket, picked up the basket and made her way into the house “She knows” Floss said to herself as she opened the door to enter the house.


Manhattan- New York

Roo stepped back from the bed, put her hands on her hips and smiled at all the papers organized in different sections on the bed. She can’t believe her luck that after only working at Edison PR for one month, she will be leading her first assignment. According to her new friend Nancy, it usually takes at least 6 months for any new hire to lead an assignment, maybe even longer for someone who has no experience like Roo . 

The minute Roo stepped off the plan from Australia, she knew that New York is where she wanted to be.

Roo carefully picked up each bunch of papers and placed the pile on the seat on the couch ready for tomorrow then returned to her bed.

 Roo always knew that she would never stay in Summer Bay, when she was a little girl she loved listening to her Auntie Morag tell her about all the great things she could do but she just never felt like she would ever get anywhere because she was so used to being in Summer Bay.

 Her husband Frank leaving his first wife, Bobby and asking her to leave town with him was pretty much the push that she needed to finally leave and live the life she wanted.  Summer Bay is alright but she would’ve spent the rest of her life being “Roo with a reputation” or “Roo, the girl who broke up Frank and Bobby’s marriage” here in New York, she is Ruth, Junior PR Executive.

“Junior PR Executive” Roo said to herself as she climbed into bed. She had an amazing job, an amazing husband and lived in an amazing city. Life is perfect and nothing that happened in Summer Bay in her old life will ever make her feel guilty for following her dreams or a man who loves her…..a man who loves her. Roo pulled the comforter up to her chest and concentrated on the ceiling until she drifted off to sleep.


“The City”- Australia

“Hey Narelle“I haven’t seen you for a while and I was wondering if I could come up for a few days next week and hang out with you? It’s been really busy here I need a break and a chat. Anyways I got to go, just call me and let me know if you are going to be home.”

Steven looked in the direction of the phone as the answering machine message played. Bobby, his foster sister is the voice he heard. Steven got up, walked over to the answer machine and pressed the delete button. When Steven was satisfied that the message had been deleted, he returned back to the couch and closed his eyes to the world.


Summer Bay

Floss stood at the doorway as she watched Bobby make herself a sandwich in the kitchen.  “She is so heartbroken” Floss thought to herself. She started feeling guilty because Carly first came to her with the idea of calling Frank, she should’ve been the first to convince Carly to speak to Bobby but they were all so concerned with helping Pippa, Bobby’s feelings were an afterthought, now she, Floss has to stand here and watch poor Bobby have to be heartbroken all over again.

“ You making some lunch love?” Floss said as she walked towards the kitchen to which she got no response.

Bobby walked over towards the dining table, pulled out the chair to the right of where Tom used to sit and set her plate down.

“Bobby love” Floss said as she pulled out Tom’s seat and sat down “I guess you heard that Frank and Roo are coming back”

Bobby picked up one half of her sandwich, took a small bite and began to chew.

“ I know you still love Frank,  I know seeing him again is going to hurt because your heart is still broken but lovey, he needs to be here, we need all the help we can to help Pippa”

Bobby was trying her best to keep her emotions under control so she took another bite of her sandwich and began to chew

“Carly said she is clearing out one of the vans for Frank and Roo, maybe it would be best for you to move back to your Dads place ey? You don’t want to be bumping into them, that’s going to hurt more, love” Floss said as she affectionately rubbed Bobby’s arm.

“Yeah, whatever” Bobby said  softly as she got up from the table, walked over to the kitchen and threw the half eaten sandwich away and the plate in the sink. Floss watched as Bobby left the kitchen and made her way up the stairs.


 Summer Bay


“Hmm?  Sorry Donald, what can I get you?”

“You were miles away, I popped in to find out if you had any update on Pippa and to get a coffee to take away, thanks”

“Well I went to see her and she wasn’t up to seeing any visitors” Ailsa said as she poured coffee into a plastic cup for Donald Fisher, the local school headmaster and the father of her business partner, Bobby.

“ I wish I can do something, thank you ” Donald said as Ailsa handed Donald the takeaway cup of coffee.

“I think we all wish we can do more Donald” Aisla said as she exhaled

“Is everything alright Ailsa? you seem a bit out of sorts” Donald said as he handed Aisla the payment for his coffee.

“Donald do you have a few minutes?  Aisla said as she motioned to Donald to take a seat at the counter.



Summer Bay

Bobby slowly opened Tom and Pippa’s bedroom door,  Christopher was sleeping peacefully in his cot. Bobby slowly closed the door and made way to her room.  Bobby loved the room she shared with Carly, it held lots of memories Bobby thought as she closed the door and sat down on her bed.

Flashback to the ending of episode 164

Bobby- “Look, I went out with Brett because I had a problem and I wanted to get my mind of it, you wanna know what it was?

Frank “What”

They kiss

Bobby “Look, it took me a long time to get you out of my system, if you let me down again you will be sorry, so don’t even think about it”

They Kiss

End of flashback

That familiar feeling of being kicked in the guts again caused the heavy breathing and without permission the tears began to fall. Bobby placed her hands over her heart, lay on her pillow and cried.  She cried because she feels alone, she cried because Frank promised to love her forever,  she cried because she dared to give Frank’s love to Danny , she cried because she didn’t want her marriage to end, she cried because she never thinks the heart ache will end, and most of all, she cried because she is still in love with the man who will be here in a few days with his new wife.

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12 hours ago, KKB said:

Nice start tp this fic cant wait for more


10 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Interesting start and I like the way you're writing all the characters and relationships.Looking forward to seeing where you go with it!

Thank you ! I am glad you both like my story!

Chapter 6

Flight 2174 Cathy Pacific Airlines

Flashback to Episode 213

Frank- “If you choose me, you’re choosing a life of Fish and Chips, none of this posh stuff. So, you reckon you can handle it?”

Bobby- “What’s in there?“  Bobby points to the ice bucket

Frank shows her two cans of coke

Bobby- “A toast”

Frank- “To what?”

Bobby - “To all the fish and chips we can eat”

Frank -“To all the fish and chips we can eat”

End of flashback

Frank opens his eye, takes a minute to take in his surroundings and remembers where he is. He didn’t intend to fall asleep, he still had the duty free catalogue in his hand. The lights on the plane had been lowered and most people on the flight were attempting to get some sleep. Frank slid the catalogue back into the side pocket of his seat and finished the cola in the plastic cup sitting in the tray. Frank folded up the tray and squashed the empty cup into the side pocket, making a note to hand it to a Flight Attendant when he sees one walking by. Frank pushed the button on his arm which allowed his seat to lean back a little so he would be more comfortable, inhaled deeply then exhaled. Tonight was the first time that he dreamt about her,  Bobby, his ex-wife. He would be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that he had thought about her a few times since he made the decision to leave her and Summer Bay.

The decision to leave her and Summer Bay….Frank thought about these words and closed his eyes.


Summer Bay

Flashback to the beginning of Episode 335

Frank- “You’re right, I do want out..I’m sorry, I don’t love you anymore”

“ I don’t love you anymore”

“ I don’t love you anymore”

“ I don’t love you anymore”

End of flashback

Bobby opened her eyes, the alarm clock on the table next to her said “5:00pm”

“Oh no” she said as she jumped out of bed, ran to open the door and rushed to Tom and Pippa’s room. When she opened the door, Christopher was not in his cot. A look of worry came over Bobby’s face and she ran down the stairs as fast as she could. When she got to the entrance of the kitchen, she found Floss starting dinner, Sally and Carly doing homework at the table and Christopher in his chair happily playing with some fruit. Seeing Christopher ok, make the look of worry disappear from Bobby’s face.

“I had a free period and came home early” When I came upstairs you were fast asleep, I didn’t want to wake you” Carly said as she attempted to smile at Bobby.   Floss had told her that Bobby knew about what she did.

“Ok” Bobby said as she turned around and made her way back up the stairs to go and pack.

When Bobby got upstairs and entered the room, she picked up her overnight bag from the floor and started putting the things in that she had packed with the intention of staying a few weeks in her old room.  As Bobby opened the wardrobe door to get out some hanging shirts, she heard Carly come into the room and sit on her bed.

“Can I talk to you please”- Carly said as she put her head down and played with a piece of loose string on her bed sheet.

“What about?” Bobby said as she rolled up one shirt, threw it in the bag and reached for some shoes under the bed.

“Can you please stop packing for a second” Carly said as she threw away nothing in hand.

Bobby stopped, sat down facing away from Carly

“I know I should’ve told you that I called Frank, I am sorry. But you know how Pippa is, we need him here Bobby” Carly said as she got up from her bed and sat behind Bobby on Bobby’s bed.

“Yeah, that’s what Floss said” Bobby responded as she looked down at her shoe trying her hardest not to cry. She was angry with herself that anytime Frank’s name is mentioned, she felt like crying.

“Are you going back to Mr Fisher’s place? Carly said.

“Yeah” Bobby said just as she was about to get up, Carly put a hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you and Frank but we need to be united to help Pippa, so I am asking you to please think about Pippa first, I don’t want you to stay away because of Frank , that might make things worse for Pippa, we need to all be together” Carly said as she got off the bed. “Please think about it” Carly added as she walked towards the door and exited the room.


General Hospital- Summer Bay

“Tom, what do you want for your dinner tonight?” –Pippa Fletcher said in the direction of the empty chair that was positioned next to her bed

“ Maybe I will try a new recipe tonight, I have lots of chicken in the freezer, they were on special at the store”

she added, again, in the direction of  the empty chair positioned next to her bed.


Summer Bay


“Sorry love, I was miles away” Ailsa said to her husband Alf as he came into the kitchen with bags. She had been stirring the sauce in the pot.

“I got a few things for the spare room, I wanted to get it ready for Ruthy and Frank” Alf said as he began to unpack the new bedding and pillows he purchased.

Ailsa exhaled deeply, turned off the stove and crossed her arms

“What’s the matter love?” Alf said with a look of concern on his face for his wife.

“Its Bobby” Ailsa said with a sad look on her face

“Why? What’s wrong with Bobby? Alf said with a confused look on his face

“Take one guess” Ailsa said as she reached into the top cupboard and pulled out three plates

“.....oh, you mean because Frank and Ruthy are coming home?” Alf said as if he had just won first prize at the fair.

Ailsa just nodded in response. “Look Ails,  I know she is really close to you but Bobby has to face the fact that Frank made his choice, he left Summer Bay, he married Roo, he is happy with Roo, she has to move on”

“But..” Ailsa tried to interject but was cut off by Alf “ I like Bobby, she is my niece for crying out loud but Roo’s my daughter, your daughter, her happiness  is all that should matter in this house and I am not going to let anybody destroy that. Anyway,  I thought you said Bobby found someone else?” Alf said as he picked up the items he purchased and left the kitchen leaving Ailsa in even more state of confusion. Alf is right about something though, Ailsa thought…Roo is now her daughter and her happiness is a priority in this house. Ailsa sighed and leaned her head back, there will be rough times ahead she thought.


Summer Bay

“Bobby where are you going” Sally said as she followed behind her foster sister Bobby who was heading in the direction of her car.

“I am going back to Dad’s house Sal, but I will be here every day like I usually am”  Bobby responded after putting her bag in the car and shutting the door.

“Well if you are going to be here like you usually are, why do you have to go?

“I just do Sal” Bobby replied, touching the face of her young foster sister with one hand and wiping her face with the other

“Why are you crying? Sally said as she saw the tear forming in Bobby’s eye

“I’m not crying Sal, something is in my eye

“Yes you are” Sally responded. “You think because I am little that I don’t know things”

“Ok Sal, what do you know” Bobby bent over so she became face to face with her sister

“I know that you are sad because of Pippa but because you are big, you are hiding it”

“Bobby felt like the tears were about to fall so she pulled Sally close to her and gave her a hug, a chance to also wipe her face. “I’m fine Sal, Pippa will be OK”.

“Bobby, I know a secret, I can’t tell you, I promised Floss so I am not allowed to say but I know this secret it is going to make you really happy”

“Is that right Sal? Bobby said with a smile on her face

“Yes” Sally also began to smile “I promise it will”

Ok, Sal, go inside now, Ill see you tomorrow “Bobby said as she kissed her sister on her head and got into her car and drove off.

“See I told you Milko, I can keep a secret” Sally said as she ran back into the house.



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6 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Nice chats between all the characters, you've got a good grasp of them.I liked Carly kind of putting her foot down and I'm intrigued how this will go for everyone.


6 hours ago, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Great chapter

Liked the interactions between the characters :)

Looking forwards to the next chapter xx


39 minutes ago, KKB said:

Good chap


Thank you!

I am glad you are enjoying reading as much as I am enjoying writing!


Chapter 7


2:00am Manhattan- New York

Roo closed the front door to the studio apartment she shared with Frank and leaned on the back of the door. “Wow” she said out loud as she took a minute to catch her breath. Roo lost herself in the thoughts of the great night out she had, kicked off her heels and began to take off her coat. When she got to the couch, she threw the coat on the floor and dropped down hard onto the couch, landing with her feet in the air and giggling in the process.

Roo had spent the last seven and a half hours having dinner and cocktails at the upscale Cipriani’s restaurant in Soho as a guest of her new friend/ co-worker Nancy. Nancy had invited Roo out to celebrate the birthday of one of her high profile clients and with Frank gone, Roo jumped at the chance to spend some time in the city, while making new friends.  Cipriani’s was like nothing that Roo had ever experience before, Brett Macklin, her old boyfriend took her to a few nice places when they dated but nothing like this. The food was great and expensive and the best part is Roo didn’t have to pay anything towards the bill. This is how people lived in Manhattan, everybody had money and was doing great that they just loved eating and being merry.

Roo got up and walked towards the alarm clock on the other side of the bed 2:15am. Roo leaned her head back and moaned. She really didn’t intend to stay out so late, especially with work tomorrow but she was having too good a time…too good a time not to feel guilty that she was enjoying herself without Frank. If Frank was here, he probably would’ve wanted then to get home by 10:00pm because he had to be at work tomorrow and probably would’ve complained about the cost of the food. Tonight Roo enjoyed just being “ Ruth” and this reinforced her conclusion that New York is where she wanted to be. Roo began to take off her clothes and prepared to get as much sleep as she could.


Summer Bay

Knock at the door”

Carly put the magazine she was reading down on the couch next to her and looked in the direction of the door. She wasn’t expecting anybody at this time, Floss and Nev had gone for the evening, Bobby had left so it was just her and Sally, her foster sister in the house…well Sally was upstairs getting ready for bed.

Carly walked towards the door

“Who is it?” she said to the closed door

“Carly, its me, Matt”

“Matt”? she thought to herself. Matt went back to the city a few months back.

Carly slowly unbolted the door and turned the knob and pulled the door open.

“Hi” Matt said as he stood face to face with Carly “can I come in?”

Carly paused for a moment then stepped aside as Matt entered the house. Carly closed and bolted the door, then turned around to face Matt.

“What are you doing here” Carly said then crossed her arms.

“ I got back this evening,  and heard from Lance and Martin about Tom and everything else that has been going on here and I just had to see you…to see if you are ok” Matt said

“Thank you for your concern but I am ok” Carly said as she walked past Matt towards the couch.

“ Carly look” Matt said, spinning around and catching her arm just in time before she got out of his reach.

Carly stopped. Just as Matt was about to continue, Sally came through the door.

“Hi Matt” she said with a big smile on her face and walked towards Matt.

“ G’day Sal, how are you?” Matt responded as he bent down to give Sally a hug

“Ok” Sally responded,  Can you read me and Milko  a bedtime story?

“Matt looked up at Carly who didn’t say anything, she just went to sit on the couch.

“If its alright with Carly” Matt responded, looking at Carly whose only response was “Sure”

Sally excited grabbed Matt’s hand and they went to choose a story to read to her and Milko.


Summer Bay

Donald Fisher stood in his kitchen of his house  pouring his cocoa into the cup. He heard the front door close, his daughter Bobby was home. He walked into the living room with his cup and found his daughter going through her letters on the desk.

“I didn’t expect you back here tonight” Donald said as he sat his cup on the table then sat down on his chair.

“I won’t be staying at the caravan park, no need” Bobby said as she opened a letter offering her a 20% discount on soap powder.

“Oh, why is that?” Donald said as he reached for his cup to take a sip of his cocoa

Bobby looked up from the letter she was reading and gave her father a “you know why” look.

“It’s about Frank and Ruth coming home, isn’t it? Aisla told me this afternoon

“I am sure she did” Bobby said as she picked up her bag and was on her way to her room.

“Bobby wait, I want to say something” Donald said as he got up to stop Bobby from leaving

“Yeah, what is it” Bobby said as she turned around to look at her father with an idea of what he was going to say.

“I know you still love Frank” Donald said

“Dad, I really don’t want any lectures now” Bobby said as she turned to walk away

“ Bobby wait,  please” Donald said, Bobby stopped. “All I wanted to say is that I know you still love Frank and it will be hard seeing him and Ruth back here,  that is normal. I just want you to know that I love you and if you ever want to talk about it, I am here…that’s all” Bobby continued walking and got to her room as soon as she could…before the tears started to fall again.


2 Hrs Later

Bobby listened at her bedroom door, her dad had gone to bed. Bobby opened the door and headed to the kitchen where she made herself a coffee. She wasn’t tired because she had that deep sleep after crying this afternoon. Bobby walked towards the living room as she stirred the coffee in the cup.

As Bobby turned on the TV, she heard a knock at the door. Bobby put the cup down and went towards the front door.

“Who is it?” Bobby said to the door


Bobby opened the door and standing in front of her is her friend and business partner, Ailsa.

Bobby turned around and walked back towards the living room where she sat on the couch, fixed on the TV

“Sorry for coming round so late, I was hoping you wouldn’t be asleep” Ailsa said as she sat on the same couch next to Bobby.

“Bobby” Ailsa started to say then Bobby interrupted “I know why you are here” Bobby said as she took a sip of her coffee, still fixed on the TV.

“I just wanted to see if you are alright, you rushed off earlier after your phone call, you didn’t give me a chance to speak to you” Aisla said as she put a reassuring hand on Bobby’s leg.

“I am fine” Bobby said, still focused on the TV

“So why are you running away to visit Narelle if you are fine?”

“I am not running away, I just wanted to see her that’s all”

“Bobby, I know you better than that, talk to me” Ailsla leaned forward

“What do you want me to say Ailsa?” Bobby put the coffee cup down, still fixed on the TV

Aisla stood up and turned the TV off. “Bobby, I know it’s going to hurt seeing Frank and Roo but you have to remember that being upset isn’t going to change the fact that they are married by choice. Running away isn’t going to change that”

Bobby still fixed on the TV “I know Ailsa, that doesn’t mean I have to be here to see it. My heart hurts Ailsa, do you understand that? My heart hurts” Bobby’s voice broke as if she was about to start crying but she didn’t.

“I know love” Ailsa said as she began to rub Bobby’s arm, then took a deep breath "don't be hard on Roo, you accepted that she didn’t break up your marriage so maybe it’s a good idea to remember that.

“What?” Bobby said as she moved Ailsa’s hand off her leg

“All I am trying to say is don’t blame Roo for anything, you gave her your blessing  to go and be with Frank..remember” Ailsa said

 “I can’t believe you are saying this to me Ailsa", Bobby said in disbelief "so now that Roo is your daughter her feelings come first? How I feel doesn’t matter anymore? I am not allowed to be upset that my cousin didn’t even wait for the divorce papers to be signed to start sleeping with my husband?”

“Bobby, he wasn’t your Husband anymore” Ailsa said

 Bobby stood up “ Please leave” then went to stand over by the fire place in the living room.

Ailsa stood up “Bobby” she said as she attempted to move towards Bobby

“Just go Ailsa” Bobby said, her voice cracking, on the verge of tears.

Ailsa obliged, walked to the front door opened it, closed the door and stood outside. Ailsa didn’t intend for things to end this way with Bobby, maybe it was a mistake coming here and a mistake listening to Alf. How am I going to fix this?” Ailsa said as she walked over to her car.


Bobby stood silently in front of the fireplace then reached up and grabbed the Bear that was in front of her. Alan Fisher gave her this Bear. Even though he didn’t say it, Frank wasn’t happy having “Alan” around, especially after Bobby made the mistake of letting him read the letter Alan left with the bear so she decided to keep  the bear at Donald Fisher's house for safe keeping .Anyway, none of that mattered now, what mattered now is she needed a friend tonight, she walked towards the light switch, turned it off and went to her room.



“The City”- Australia

Narelle opened the front door quietly so as not to wake Steven but when she opened the door, Steven was awake, sitting on the couch and reading a book.

“Steven, hows it going? Narelle said as she took off her jacket and shoes.

“Ok” Steve said not taking his eyes of the book

“Did you call your family” Narelle  said as she sat down on the couch next to Steven

“ No” Steven said still not taking his eyes off the book

“Look Stevo, I want to help you here, please talk to me. What is going on” Narelle said as she inched further towards Steven”

Steven put the book down, was silent then he started to cry

“Steveo, what is going on with you?” Narelle said as she cradled Steven in her arms. Steven didn’t respond, he just cried. Narelle comforted Steven as best she could until he calmed down. Steven wiped his eyes with his sleeve, looked at Narelle and went in to kiss her

“No Steve, come on” Narelle said as she pushed Steven away

“Steven began to cry again “I am so sorry Narelle, I didn’t mean to do that. I just feel so alone right now, nobody cares”

“That’s not true” Narelle said as she put her arm around Steven. Your family love you, call them, talk to them, tell them you are here”

“I cant Narelle” Steve said wiping his sleeve across his face.

“Do you want me to talk to them? I will if you want me to but I need to know what happened” Narelle said and she lifted Stevens face up with her hand

“Ok, Steven said, wiping his face again, exhaling and began to empty his heart to Narelle.


Summer Bay

Carly opened her eyes, 6:00am the clock read, Matt was asleep behind her with his arms wrapped around  her, she felt so safe. He volunteered to stay the night to look after her and Sally after Carly poured her heart out to him about how she was feeling about everything.

 Carly gently ran her finger along Matt’s arm “Matt, wake up” Carly said quietly. Matt started to stir. “Good Morning’ he whispered into her ear. Good Morning” Carly responded, smiling shyly to herself.

 “I don’t think it’s a good idea for Sally to still see you here” Carly said as she turned around to face Matt who was now rubbing his eye to wake himself up.

“Yeah” Matt said as he started to sit up

“Thank you” Carly said “I really needed a friend last night and as if by magic you turned up to save me”

“Carly, I will always be here for you, regardless of what we go through” Matt said as he put on his sweater.

They both stood up at the same time faced each other and held hands then Matt leaned down and kissed Carly on her forehead. “I better go” Matt said. “Ill see you later”. Carly smiled and watched as Matt opened the bedroom door slowly and left.


2:00pm Hong Kong

“Excuse me, is there a phone I can use around here” Frank said to one of the airport assistants. He arrived in Hong Kong a short while from New York and was on a lay over but wanted to check in with Carly and let her know what time he would be getting home.


“Yes, over there Sir” The airport assistant pointed in the direction of a payphone and took out money from his pocket and offered it as change for Frank to use. Frank exchanged the $5 dollars he had in his pocket, he didn’t know how much change he got back, probably got ripped off but that didn’t matter. He thanked the assistant and walked over to the pay phone


Summer Bay

“Phone Ringing”

“Hello, Summer Bay Caravan park, how can I help you”

“G’day Floss, its me, Frank”

“Frank, how are you lovey ?” Floss said with a smile on her face, happy to hear a friendly voice

“I’m good, is Carly there”?

“No, she is not back from school yet love, its just me and Christopher” Floss said as she turned back to look at Christopher happily playing with his toy

“Ok, well please tell Carly that I am in Hong Kong, I have a five hour layover here before I get a plane to Australia. I should get in early tomorrow morning and be at the house sometime late morning “Frank said

“That is wonderful love”

Frank tapped his fingered a few times on his leg, “Floss the other morning, I called and Bobby answered the phone, I thought I called the wrong number ”

Yes love”  Floss responded “ she was staying here with all the stuff going on but she has gone back to Donald’s now”  There was a silence on the phone “Anyway, Carly and Sally have done up the van really nice for you and Roo, you’re gonna love it.

“Floss, I am coming home on my own, Roo couldnt make it” Frank replied looking down at his wedding ring.

“Oh, I see” Floss said

“Anyway I got to go, Ill see you all tomorrow” Frank said

“Ok lovely, you want me and Nev to come and pick you up at the airport?

No Ill be fine” Frank responded, see you tomorrow” his money ran out before he could say goodbye.

As Floss was putting the phone down, her eye caught the photograph on the desk, the photograph Nev took of the Fletcher family when Bobby joined them. Floss picked the photograph up and with her finger, she felt promoted to circle around Bobby’s face and then around Frank. “Forever entwined” Floss said then she put the photo back on the desk and walked away.



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13 hours ago, KKB said:

Loved this chap particually the Carly and Matt stuff pls make them get together please Im begging u. Looking forward to more


9 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Lots of nice stuff in here, like Sally interrupting Carly and Matt, and Donald's speech to Bobby.Looking forward to more.


6 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapters

Liked Sally interrupting Matt and Carly

Update again soon :)

Thank you :)




Chapter 8

Manhattan –New York

“Hey, wake up” Nancy whispered as she gently tapped Roo on the shoulder

Roo immediately rose up and rubbed her eyes “I’m so sorry Nancy,  Can’t believe I fell asleep” Roo said as she immediately picked up the “to-do” list on her desk and began running through what she needed to do for the event next week.

“Didn’t get much sleep huh? Nancy said with a smile as she stood back and folded her arms

“ I didn’t realise that we stayed out so late” Roo said as she stood up and walked over towards the water cooler, took a plastic cup from the top of the water bottle and poured herself some water.

“Wasn’t that late Ruth” Nancy laughed as she walked around to sit at her desk, directly opposite Ruth. “You're going to have to get used to the late nights, entertaining clients and being sociable if you want to make it in this business”

Yeah, I really want to” Roo said as she took a few sips of water from her cup and returned to her seat.

“Good” Nancy said as she smiled. “I am glad. You made a really good impression last night, David was really impressed with you.

“Roo took a few more sips of her water “David, who is David?” Roo thought to herself.

“Really? That’s great, thanks” Roo responded, still not remembering who David is

“He mentioned he would like you to come on board and work with me on his new Ad campaign, if you are interested” Nancy said as she made some notes in agenda.

Roo’s eyes grew wide with excitement. She couldn’t believe it, all these opportunities coming out of nowhere just for her

“Yes, I would love to” Roo said like an excited five year old

“Good” Nancy said “ Ill clear it with the Boss  when he gets in and we will be good to go. We need to take a quick trip out to Los Angeles on Monday to meet with David at his home there so we can iron out some details and work on the plan, we will be back on Tuesday if that is Ok with you?”

“That’s ok with me” Roo said as she wrote down all the details Nancy was giving her. Next week was going to be very busy. A free trip to Los Angeles then her own PR event later in the week. Life was just perfect .


Summer Bay

Flashback to Episode 106

Bobby “Roo’s left town”

Frank “Left? When?

Bobby - Yesterday, good thing too, don’t you reckon? I mean now you know what shes really like”

Frank – But I still love her Bob, after everything she s done, I still love her.….Cant think of ever not loving her…. Stupid. …You saying you love me, I would’ve laughed”

End of Flashback

Bobby opened her eyes, the house was quiet, she reached out to her watch on the bedside table, 10:00am, later than usual for her but she didn’t get much sleep last night.

By now she would usually be at the Diner but today, she didn’t care, she wasn’t going in. Ailsa would just have to deal with it herself. Bobby got up from her bed and roughly made it up to look presentable.  She picked up the Bear Alan left her, “I know you will never leave me” she said as she gave it a hug then put the bear down in the middle of her pillow.  She walked over to the bathroom and just before she brushed her teeth, she noticed herself in the mirror.  She pulled all her hair back and held it in place with an elastic band that was sitting on the side and stared at her reflection, the reflection of someone she didnt recognised.

Flashback to Episode 144

Bobby- So, what do you reckon Bretty will make of this then?

Frank- Do you think he will recognize you?

Bobby- “Get lost!”

Frank “Don’t  get me wrong, its just, well, you do look different”

Bobby “How?”

Frank “Well you look more feminine I suppose”

Bobby “Ahh thanks for nothing!”

Frank “You know what I mean, its just ive never seen you dressed up like that before. You look beautiful, you know that?”

“You look beautiful, you know that?”

You look beautiful, you know that?”

You look beautiful, you know that?”

End of Flashback

As Bobby came back to reality, the reflection looking back at her now had puffy red eyes and tear stained cheeks. She exhaled hard and sat down on the closet toilet and let the rest of the tears come out as they wanted.


General Hospital – Summer Bay

“Hello Pippa” Mrs Malloy said as she entered the hospital room

“Hello Mrs Malloy, how are you?” Pippa said with a frightened look on her face as she motioned for Mrs Malloy to have a seat.

“The real question is, how you are doing?” Mrs Malloy said with a concerned look on her face as she sat in the empty chair.

“As well as can be expected” Pippa said attempting to smile. I was expecting your visit”

“Yes” Mrs  Malloy said “I have been meaning to come by but I wanted to give you some time. I am really sorry about the loss of your husband”

“Thank you” Pippa said as she played with a strand of her hair

“I don’t mean to be insensitive but I really need to know what your plans are”

“My plans?” Pippa said looking confused

“Yes, do you intend to keep fostering now that you are a widow? Sally and Steven are still under your guardianship, I need to know if you would like me to place them with another foster family” Mrs Malloy said, trying not to sound too authoritative

“They are my children, I have no intention of giving them up” Pippa said almost on the verge of tears

“I am sorry to have to tell you this but we had a report that Steven and Sally are having some difficulties at school now that your Husband has gone, apparently Steven hasn’t been to school for a few days, did you know that?

“No, I didn’t know that” Pippa said as one tear dropped from her eye.

“Our priority is always for the welfare of the children, I hope you understand this Pippa. I know that you are a great foster mother but I am concerned, especially with you being here, your mental state. I really need to think about what is best for the children, maybe putting them in a temporary home until you are better, what do you think?”

“NO” Pippa shouted, you are not taking my children away from me". “NO you are not taking my children away from me. GET OUT, GET OUT!” Pippa shouted as she burst into tears.

 “Tom, they want to take our children away”

Mrs Malloy got up from her seat and slowly gave Pippa a hug as she cried into her arms. Mrs Malloy looked up to the ceiling, she really didn’t know what to do.


Summer Bay

“Alf do you mind if I leave Duncan with you,” Ailsa said as she place the young boy on the counter of his Father Alf’s store

“Sure love” Alf responded as he picked up and hugged his son

“Bobby didn’t come in today, I want to go over to Donald’s to see if she is alright. Especially after last night then pop over to the hospital to see Pippa” Ailsa said as she put Duncan’s bag on the counter too.

“Ails, its not your fault that she got upset, you were only telling her the truth…a truth that Bobby needs to realise and move on” Alf said as he pushed his sons bag to the far end of the counter.

“Hello Alf, two gallons of milk please” Floss said as she walked up towards the counter.

“Hello Floss, how is everything going at your place?” Ailsa said

“Nev is on babysitting duty while I rushed out to get the milk but We are coping” Floss said as she took the money out of her pocket to pay for the milk. "Bobby moved back in with Donald so its just Carly and Sally now. Still no word from Steven".

“I think that was the right move by Bobby” Alf said as Ailsa gave him a look that Floss didn’t see.

“Anyway, you will soon have a house full to help you out, Frank and Ruthy should be here soon” Alf said with a smile on his face

“Frank called yesterday from a layover in Hong Kong, he is getting in sometime today but I am sorry love, he said Roo isn’t with him”

Alf stopped playing with Duncan and stared at Floss. Ailsa silently said a prayer of thanks and thought to herself, “maybe things won’t be so bad after all”


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31 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

things seem to be going well for Roo in New York.

Poor Bobby 

Update again soon :)



2 hours ago, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Great chapters :)

Liked the interaction between Carly and Matt

Liked how Sally asked Matt to read a storybook to her and Milo

Oh dear. Poor Pippa. I hope she does feel better soon

Update soon please xx


6 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Hmm.Well, things seem to be going well for Roo in New York, not so well for anyone in Summer Bay.Hopefully they'll manage to hold things together until Pippa gets better.


Thank you, I am glad that you are enjoying my story. . When Frank returned, he mentioned on a few occasions that Roo really loved living in New York so I am using that as my template. :)



Chapter 9

Summer Bay

“If he’s left her Ails,  I’ll flammin kill him” Alf said as went to the back room of his store to get the phone book where he kept Roo’s number.

“Come on Alf, stop jumping to conclusions” Ailsa said trying to calm him down while entertaining Duncan with his toy.

“Ill get to the bottom of this “Alf said he returned to the counter and angrily turned the pages attempting to find Roo’s number.

"Well you do that" Ailsa said as she handed Duncan back to Alf. I am off to Donald's then to the hospital. Give my love to Roo when you speak to her. Ailsa said as she walked towards the door.

"Alright love" Alf said while still looking in the book. 


Summer Bay

Sally took a bite out of her sandwich as she watched the other children in her class play in the school playground. Normally she would be playing with them but today, she sat alone on the steps near the entrance to the classroom door.  Sally took another bite of her sandwich, at that moment, Kim Patterson walked over.

“Do you know when you are leaving?” Kim said as she sat down next to Sally on the step “My sister Allison said now that your foster father is dead, your foster mum is going to send you away.

“That’s not true, Pippa would never send us away” Sally said as she tuned angrily and faced Kim.

“My sister also said Pippa isn’t coming home from the hospital anyway and the hospital are giving her medicine to fry her brain”

“Your sister is a horrible pig who doesn’t know anything” Sally cried as she ran off and out of the school.


Manhattan- New York

“Everything is fine dad, I promise” Roo said as she underlined a sentence on the document she was reading. She had come home late from work not expecting to hear from her Father. “I  couldn’t come to Summer Bay with Frank because I just got this job and didn’t want to take some time off. Frank understands anyway” Roo said as she made a note to herself on the corner of the document.

“Alright love” Alf said on the other end o the phone “ I just got excited thinking ill be seeing you soon that’s all. But as long as everything I alright. Are you safe over there on your own love?” Alf said with concern.

“Dad! Im fine, don’t worry.” Roo said as she put down the document she was reading and picked up another. “How are Duncan and Auntie Celia?”

“Duncan is good, growing everyday” Alf said with a smile on his face. “Celia is still Celia” this made both Roo and Alf laughed.

“How is Bobby?” Roo asked out of the blue, surprising herself with that question.

“Shes’s doing alright, the diner is doing good. Alf paused “Yeah Ailsa said she might be getting serious with a young man she met recently, Danny I think his name is” as Alf responded, he was reminded of what he said to Ailsa “Roo’s my daughter, your daughter, her happiness is all that should matter”

“That’s great” Roo said as her eyes looked around the apartment, I am happy that things are working out for her” There was a pause “Dad I have to go, its getting late here and I want to go to bed soon. Ill will give you calls soon, don’t worry” Roo said as she put the document she had in her hand on the bed.

“Alright love, Ailsa sends her love, take care”

“Bye dad. Roo said as she put the receiver back on the phone, got up and walked over to the table where her and Frank’s wedding photo sat in its frame. Roo picked up the photo, looked at it for a few seconds, put it down and went back to reading her notes.

Summer Bay

“G’day Sal, why aren’t you in school?” Matt said as he looked up from wiping the Diner table and saw Sally standing by the door.

“Is Bobby here” Sally said as she wiped her  face and walking over to Matt. Matt stopped wiping the table “No she didn’t come in today”

“Have you seen Lance” Sally said just as she burst into tear s“ Matt put the cloth he was holding on the table and bent down in front of Sally. “ No, its just me here” Matt said as he wiped Tears from Sally’s face to comfort her. “You can talk to me if you want..do you want to?” Sally shook her head no.

Ok how about I make you a milkshake and when Ailsa gets back, Ill take you home? how about that”? Sally stopped crying and nodded her head. Ok, go and sit over there and ill be right over with something special” Matt said as he winked to a smiling Sally.


General Hospital- Summer Bay

Pippa opened her eyes, she must have fallen  asleep. She doesn’t remember Mrs Malloy leaving but somehow she was tucked into her bed. 

Mrs Malloy- the meeting didn’t go well but nothing is going well Pippa thought. Pippa felt like drinking some water, I guess crying makes your throat dry she thought to herself as she turned to to the other side of the bed to reach the water jug and cup. Just as Pippa turned over, she got a huge surprise. Sitting in the empty chair with a smile, her son, Frank.

“Frank, you’re here” Pippa said as she burst into tears. “ Hey what’s all this?” Frank said as he got up from the chair and went over to his foster mother and comforted her as she cried into his arms.

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On 29/12/2017 at 11:46, Kristen said:

Great chapter

Alf jumping to conculsions.

Poor Sally that girl was mean to her.

Frank surprising Pippa

Update again soon :)


On 29/12/2017 at 12:40, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Great chapter

Loved the part how Frank surprised Pippa

Aww hated how the girl was so mean to Sally

Update soon please xx


On 29/12/2017 at 15:36, KKB said:

Liked both chapters felt sorry for Sal when Kim was being mean to her but loved her and Matts interaction

Thank you :)



Chapter 10



Fisher Residence – Summer Bay

Bobby folded the last shirt and pushed it into the corner of her overnight bag then zipped the bag up. She picked up the bag and headed to the living room, closing her bedroom door behind her. As Bobby arrived in the living room, she put the bag on the couch and reached for the cup on the table to drink the last mouthful of coffee. As Bobby swallowed the coffee, she heard a knock at the door and stood still. The door knocked a few times.

“Go away”  Bobby silently said to herself

“Bobby!”- Bobby sighed, it was Ailsa outside. Ailsa knocked a few more times then Bobby heard her walk off back to her car and drive off. Bobby walked over to the phone and began dialing Narelle’s number again, again was met by the answering machine

“Hey Narelle its me again, I really need to come up and see you. I hope you don’t mind, I’m making my way over to your place, Ill just see you later” Bobby put the phone down, picked up her jack and her bag and headed for the front door.


General Hospital- Summer Bay

“Pippa why didn’t you call me? Tell me what is going on here?” Frank said as he stood up from the bed where his foster mum lay. Why I did I have to hear about you being in hospital from Carly? You know I would’ve come straight home”

“Frank” Pippa said as she looked down into her lap, you are starting a new family now, you don’t need to be burdened with what is going on here, I’m fine, I just need a bit of time to get myself together”

“Pippa , youre not fine, why are you in hospital then?” look, you are my family” Frank said, “nothing will ever change that, please tell me what is going on”

“I suppose I am going to have to” Pippa said as she sighed

Frank walked back over to the chair he was sitting on and looked directly at his foster mum, preparing himself for what he was going to hear.


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay

“Great” Bobby said to herself, she had attempted three times to start the engine of her car but today of all day’s, the engine didn’t want to start. Bobby tried one more time then got out of the car. She looked at her watch, she had 15 minutes to get to the bus stop before the bus arrived for the city so she reached into the car, picked up her bag, locked her car and began walking fast to the bus stop.


Caravan Park Summer Bay

Summer Bay Caravan park, how can I help you? Floss said when she answered the phone

“Can I please speak to the Guardian for Sally Copeland, the voice said on the other line

“Yes this is floss McPhee I am looking after Sally, can I help?

“Yes, Mrs McPhee,  this is Mrs Patterson, Sally is absent from school this afternoon, we didn’t receive a request excusing sally from school “

“Umm yes” Floss had to think quick “ She had an appointment with the dentist, I am taking her, silly me, I forgot to let the school know” Floss was hoping Mrs Patterson believed her

“Ok, in future all requests need to be noted by our administrator Mrs McPhee” Mrs Patterson said

“Right, will do, thanks for calling” Floss said as she put the phone down

“Who was that” Nev, her husband said as he polished the table

“Nev, that was Sallys teacher, I think she has run away” Floss said looking concerned

“You stay here with young Christopher, Ill go out and see if I can find her” Nev said as he stopped polishing and headed to the door  then stopped to say “Don’t worry love, I am sure she is alright”

Floss smiled, not sure if she believed her husband.


General Hospital -Summer Bay

“Until now, I couldnt admit to myself what was happening, what I had done, why I am here” Pippa said “ I feel like this is a bad dream and I am going to wake up tomorrow and Tom is going to be here, all my children will be living in the same house and we will just be happy, really happy”  A tear fell from Pippa’s eye. Frank got up and went to sit on the bed, holding his mum's hand “ We will get through this, just like we have gotten through everything else” Frank said as he smiled.

Ailsa slowly opened the hospital room door “Pippa?” she said

“Oh Hello Frank, I didn’t expect to see you here”

G’day Ailsa” Frank said as he walked over to give Ailsa a hug

“Its good to see you, not like I didn’t see you a few months ago at the wedding” Ailsa said

Frank smiled and looked awkwardly at his feet

“Pippa how are you love?” Ailsa said as she walked over to the hospital bed and put her had on her friends shoulder

Pippa exhaled, “My son is here, things are going to be ok” Pippa said as she smiled for the first time since Tom died.


Summer Bay

“Hey, wait!” Bobby said as she ran after the bus that was pulling away from the bus stop. “ThIs is just great” she said as she kicked a stone on the ground and sighed. She felt a bit hungry so decided to go to the diner which was nearby grab something to eat and wait for the next bus.


General hospital Summer Bay

“Here you go Mrs Fletcher” the nurse said as she handed Pippa two tablets and a cup of water

“Thank you” Pippa said after swallowing the tablets and drinking the water. She gave the cup back to the nurse who made a note on Pippa’s hospital chart then left the room

“So how is Roo?” Ailsa said when the nurse left the room

“Good” Frank responded “She just started a new job and couldn’t get the time off that is why she didn’t come with me” Frank looked awkwardly at his feet

“Right” Ailsa said “Alf was jumping to all sorts of conclusions when Floss told him that you were coming alone. Frank smiled and as he lifted his head Pippa was looking directly at him

“I’m going to head off my Pippa, give you and Frank some time to catch up”

“Actually, if you don’t mind Pippa, ill head off too,  I want to go take a shower and change, maybe have a nap, I am a bit tired” Frank said as he stood up

 Ailsa said “Can I give you a lift Frank?

“Yes please, that will be great” Frank said as he reached for his jacket on the back of the chair

“Alf made up the spare… ” Ailsa didn’t finish the sentence  “I am staying at my home” Frank interjected.

“Right” Ailsa said and smiled

“Please come back” Pippa said as she reached her hand out to Frank

“Of course, Ill be back later to see you” Frank bent down and kissed Pippa on the forehead, now get some rest”

“Bye Pippa love” Ailsa said as she walked over to give Pippa a kiss on the cheek “, Ill be back over tomorrow” Ailsa said as she walked over to the door

Pippa smiled to herself as the hospital door closed

 “Tom, Frank is here, I think I am going to be alright” Pippa said to the empty chair next to her bed then gently lay back on the pillow and closed her eyes.


Summer Bay

“Thanks for giving me a ride home Ailsa” Frank said as he shut the door of Ailsa car.

"My pleasure" Ailsa said as she started the engine and began pulling out of the car park

There was silence in the car as Ailsa drove away from the hospital

“Ailsa, you know what Pippa did?”

“You mean the overdose?” Ailsa responded, keeping her eyes on the road. “Yes” Frank said

“Yes love, I know. Only you and me know, she didn’t want the kids to know anything. Steven found her on the floor” Ailsa Said, focused on the road “ Must have been terrible for him, poor boy, He doesn’t know that Pippa is ok, now he has run off, we don’t know where he is or how he is coping” Ailsa said as she slowed down her car and stopped at the traffic light

“Sorry but I need to pop over to the diner just for a second, I need to pick up the books then ill take you home, if you don’t mind” Ailsa said

“Sure no worries, I could do with a coffee, its been a heavy few hours” Frank said

They both smiled and rode in silence for a seconds.

Frank exhaled “Ailsa,?”

“Hmm?” Ailsa responded

How is she?” Frank said as he tapped his finger on his leg

“ …..Who”? Ailsa responded as she the light changed and she began to drive off.

“I think you know who” Frank said as he turned to look at Ailsa

“I was wondering when you were going to ask” Ailsa said as she smiled to herself


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“G’day Bobby” Matt said as Bobby came walking through the door

“Matt! What are you doing here?” Bobby said surprised to see him

“I got into town, I came in here for a coffee, Ailsa said you wasn’t coming in and offered me a job”

Bobby smiled “Right, anyway, I am going out of town for a few days so you came back at the right time. I just came in to get some food, I missed the bus going up to the city” Bobby said as she put her bag on the counter

“Bobby, can I talk to you about something?” Matt said as he picked up an empty plate from the counter

“Sure”  Bobby said as she picked up a letter and began to open it.

“I stayed at your place the other night…with Carly” Matt said. Bobby looked up from the letter “but before that, you got a visitor” Matt pointed over to where Sally had fallen asleep with her head on the booth table

“How long as she been here” Bobby said as she turned around to see Sally

“Not long, she wanted to see you, I kept her here with a milkshake. I was waitng for Ailsa to get back so I can take her home. She said she was going to see Pippa at the hospital. Lance and Martin told me that she isn’t well, sorry about all of that” Matt said

“Thanks” Bobby responded “so you were telling me about the other night” as she turned towards Matt “We can talk later” Matt said and he headed towards the kitchen with the empty plate

“Sal” Bobby gently whispered as she tried to wake up her sleeping sister. Sally began wake up, when she saw Bobby she sat up. “Sal, why are you not in school?”

“Kim Patterson said her sister said Pippa was sending us away because Tom died and the hospital is frying her brain” Sally said with a scared look on her face

Bobby had to stop herself from laughing at the last part. Bobby was aware that there was town gossip that Pippa had a breakdown but that is all it was. “ Aww come on Sal, don’t believe Kim Patterson, she doesn’t know what she is talking about” I know, Sally said, "I told Kim her sister is a horrible pig and I left school".

“Sal, you know you’re not supposed to talk like that and run away from school” Bobby said, being the overprotective sister.  “I'm heading up to the city for a few days" Bobby said as she stroked Sally's hair.

"Why? Sally said looking sad at Bobby.

"I'm going to see Narelle"

"Can't you just talk to her on the phone?" Sally said.

'Sal" Bobby said as she held her sisters hand, "I can't, I need to go, I need some time away to think about some private stuff. Do you understand that?"

Is the private stuff  why you were sad and went to Mr Fisher's house?"

Bobby didn't respond, she just looked down at her hands.

" Let me get some food then ill take you home first, ok” Bobby said as she stroked Sally's hair

“Ok, only if I can have some chocolate cake” Sally said as she tried to smile Bobby kissed her sisters head and went to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich for the bus ride.

Bobby walked back towards the kitchen, she picked up another letter on the counter. She had a craving for pickles so when into the pantry to see if they had any. Bobby picked up a jar of pickles from the shelf put it under her arm and opened the letter in her hand.

“I won’t be long love” Ailsa said said to Frank as they both walked into the diner

“G’day mate” Matt said as he saw Frank. “G’day Matt” Frank responded and shook hands with Matt.

“Ailsa, Sally is here, I need to take her home” Matt said to Ailsa as they both looked in the direction of Sally who was still seated at the same booth.  Frank put his finger up to his lips to indicate to Matt and Ailsa that he as going to surprise Sally and slowly walked over to the booth and sat down

“Hello Sal” he said. Sally turned around, surprised,  she immediately began crying then jumped into Franks arms

“Bobby, Bobby look, the secret I told you about!”

“What Sal? Bobby said as she came out of the kitchen and looked up from the letter she was reading”

Her Heart skipped a beat as she saw him sitting there, holding Sally who had her arms wrapped tight around his neck. As if time stood still, for that split second there was nobody in the room but him and her.Their eyes locked,  Bobby wished the ground would open up and swallow her up right now.  She wanted to cry, scream, laugh, smile, shout, her heart was beating really fast and loud so many emotions where running through her mind....then the bottle of pickles under her arm fell crashing to the floor.

Ailsa walked over to where Bobby was, just as she was about to say something, the scene was broken by the sound of “Hello Bobby” Ailsa turned around, Bobby looked over in the direction of the person who just walked through the door……Danny.

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