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Trip of Love


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Story Title: Trip of love
Type of story:  Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Phoebe, Brody, Justin 
BTTB rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content 
Summary- When Phoebe and Brody go to America for work that get to know each other more and start to fall for each other. What happens when Justin finds out? Will Phoebe and Brody get together? What are they hiding from there friends?


Chapter 1 

(Brody walks in Salt and sees Phoebe and Justin talking)

Brody: Hey guys sorry to interpret but Phoebs can i have a word

Phoebe: Yeah sure

Justin: You can say this to both of us 

Phoebe: Justin it could be work stuff which have nothing to do with you

Brody: Can we talk outside

Phoebe: Sure let's go

(Brody and Phoebe walk outside and Justin watches them)

Phoebe: Brods what up

Brody: Well there a restaurant conformance in America and they are shouting me and one staff member flights to America, Accommodation a week at this event then i week to do what we would like

Phoebe: Wow that amazing for you and the person who goes with you 

Brody: Phoebs i choose you to come with me i choose you to go on this trip no staff member as skilled and talented as you 

Phoebe: Are you serious i get to come with you to America 

Brody: Yes i wouldn't want to do this with anyone else 

(Phoebe hugs Brody)

Phoebe: Thanks you are the best


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