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Dan Ewing - Red Billabong


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I've heard some people around here saying that Dan Ewing's got nothing going on at the moment, and I thought, don't you know about "Red Billabong"?? And today it occurred to me that, actually, people probably don't. I was at Supanova Sydney (having literally the best time of my life, literally) and the guys were doing a panel for the movie, answering questions and such, but also urging the people who know about the movie to tell the people who don't, so that's what I'm doing! I've been excited for this movie since I found out about it last year, and it's finally being released in August!! :D All the details are on the Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/RedBillabong/ If you scroll down the page, there's a video of the Supanova panel from today, where Dan also mentions some other projects he's been doing, including one with Jess Tovey! :o 



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I will watch it and pretend that it´s Heath Braxton :D I can´t wait to see him return to the show :)

A part of me wants Dan to become a big star in the US but the other part just wants him to come back to Home and Away and stay there for years :P

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