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God Parents


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I know I have only just finished 'work it out' but I'm just too excited to get this fanfic out there! I hope everyone enjoys this story :)



Title of story:  God parents
Type of Fic: medium/long
BTTB Rating: G/T
Main Characters: Evelyn and Matt
Genre:  Drama and Family, Romance, Friendship,
Does it contains spoilers: Nope
Warnings:  No
Story beginning read-proofed?: No
Summary: Maddie and Oscar died in a tragic car accident, leaving all their friends and family devastated. Everyone assumed that their one year old son Arlo would be under the care of Roo or Zac and Leah but no, the pair had requested that Matt and Evie do the job.


Chapter one




Evelyn's phone woke her up by buzzing loudly on her bedside table, uni had taken it's toll on Evie all she ever did was study and sleep meaning being woken up at two in the morning didn't impress her one bit. She felt for her phone and squinted at the screen as the light shined in her eyes. Her phone stopped buzzing in her hands before she read who was calling her. Her phone suddenly started ringing again and this time Evie was able to see that it was Zac calling her. Evelyn dragged the answer button across and blindly pressed the speaker phone button. Evelyn rubbed at her eyes and sighed.
"Zac's it's two in the morning and I have a major exam tomorrow, this better be important," Evie mumbled as she laid back on her bed. There was a loud sniff from the other side of the phone call. Evie furrowed  her eyebrows together. "Zac are you there?" Evie mumbled again. Zac took a shaky breath.
"It's Maddy and Oscar, they were in a car crash driving back from the city. They died on impact, they say it was a drunk driver. Roo had Arlo for the night so he's okay, except for the fact that he's parentless now," Zac choked out. Evie suddenly wasn't tired anymore. She jumped up out of bed and chucked on a jacket and slipped a pair of shoes on. She grabbed her suitcase and shoved various items of clothing in their, she wasn't too fussed anything she forgot she would just buy when she got back to the bay. "Evie are you there?" Zac asked her. Evie stopped packing and ran her fingers through her hair and pulled.
"Yeah I'm here. I'm just about to leave, I should be at yours in like an hour. Is Roo still with Arlo? Does Roo even know? Why were they in the city in the first place? Has the drunk driver been arrested? Zac what is going on?" Evie fired questions at him. As she spoke a tear rolled down her cheek. Stuff the exam she was meant to take tomorrow, stuff uni, stuff the degree she had worked so hard to get. None of it mattered if Oscar and Maddy weren't going to be there to celebrate with her. Oscar was gone, the one person who had been there since day one was going to miss out on so much. He wasn't going to be able to be there on her wedding day to walk her down the aisle because their father can't. He was never going to meet his future niece or nephew. They didn't even get to celebrate their 20th together. Maddy was her best friend, there wasn't anything that Maddy didn't know about Evie. Neither of them were going to be able to watch their son grow up. They were only 18 when Arlo was born, their whole world was turned upside down but it didn't matter because they had each other and little Arlo. They loved Arlo with everything they had. Evie sat down on the bed beside her packed suitcase.
"Evie you need to calm down, I don't want you driving tonight, it's dark and raining and it's not like you're five minutes away. Roo is still with Arlo and she knows. They were visiting Maddy's mum, Oscar called me and said they were leaving because Maddy and Tanya got into a fight and Maddy didn't want to stay any longer. Maddy didn't want to take Arlo because she knew that they would end up driving back in the middle of the night. Evie, please don't leave tonight," Zac told her. Evie scoffed loudly causing Zac to sigh. Evie got off her bed and lifted the suitcase off and onto the floor with her phone up to her ear. Evie wheeled it out of her tiny dorm and locked the door behind her.
"You know I'm going to be there in an hour or two right? My twin brother just passed and you expect me to stay at school and grieve by myself? Zac I know you aren't that daft. I need my family right now, I need to see Arlo right now. I am not going to be able to last a night with just me and my grief , I'll go insane. I'll drive as carefully as I can and I'll pull over if I need to, but I am going and I'm going right now. I've already left my dorm and I'll explain everything to school in the morning, I don't really care if I fail anymore. I'll see you soon Zac, okay?" Evie whispered as she walked through the halls. Zac was silent on the other line, he could a woman talking in the background that must have been Leah. Evie walked past a girl she knew from one of her classes who was coming out of the toilets, she gave Evie a quizzical look but Evie just shook her head.
"I guess I can't stop you, but please be safe I can't lose you too," he said before the line went dead. Evie sighed shakily and continued to wheel her suitcase out of the dormitory that was on campus. Living on campus was the only way Evie could afford to go to uni away from the bay and she was regretting it. If she lived in an apartment some where near by she could  have just left with no questioning looks sent her way by half asleep girls. Evie found her car in the car park and unlocked it. She chucked her suitcase in the boot and then she got in. She was going home but not for a reason that she would have liked. She didn't know what was going to happen, Evie wanted to be strong for the others who were hurting just as much she was but she knew she wasn't going to be able to. She kept thinking of Arlo, he was too young to have any memories of how wonderful his mum and dad were. Whoever was left in charge of that baby would have the responsibility of making sure he knew where came from and that his mum and dad loved him very much. Evie wiped the tears from her eyes and started the engine.




The sun still hadn't risen when Evie pulled into the driveway of the very familiar house. She could see the majority of the lights were on, she knew everybody was up. She got out of the car and walked around to the boot of the car to get her suitcase. The front door of the house slammed shut and Evie could the gravel crunch underneath whoever was walking to meet her's feet. She grabbed hold of the suitcase handle and went to pull it out of the boot but somebody grabbed her arm causing her to stop. Evie looked up to see Matt looking down at her.
"I'll get your suitcase for you," Matt told her. She shook her head and grabbed the handle and heaved the suitcase out of the boot. "Or you can do it yourself," Matt added awkwardly. The two of them walked into the house side by side in silence. Matt and Evie had never been really close, Evie was always with Josh who got jealous really easily. She and Josh ended when Evie left for uni and Josh stayed behind to do whatever he pleased without the pressure of school holding him back. Josh wouldn't know about the accident and Evie wasn't excited for when he did know. Evie had moved on from Josh, she had dated a few different people while at uni but from what she heard Josh went a little crazy with the girls as soon she left town. Evie jumped when Matt's hand landed on her shoulder. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to ask how you were? I'm here if you need to talk," Matt told her. Evie stopped outside of the front door. Matt cleared his throat. "I don't think they know you're here if you want to just sit and wait until you're ready to face them," Matt said. Evie nodded her head and sat down on the front step, Matt sat beside her.
"It hasn't quite sunk in yet I don't think, I don't want it to be true. I hope that when I go in there Zac says that it was just a joke and then Maddy and Oscar would around the corner laughing with Arlo between them. That's not going to happen though is it? I'm going to walk in there and find out that it is all very real and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, not now, not ever," Evie said. Tears welled in her eyes but she wiped them quickly so Matt wouldn't notice them. Matt cleared his throat and put his arm Evie and pulled her into a hug. It hadn't really hit Evie that Matt would be hurting too, Oscar was his best friend, the two of them were inseparable. Evie was too caught up in her own grief to see that she wasn't the only one hurting at that point in time. "How are you holding up? I know you loved them just as much as I did," Evie asked finally. Matt blinked a couple of times and took a shaky breath.
"Oscar was my best friend and I adored Maddy too, it's just hard to believe that they're gone, for good this time. I know you probably don't want to go in but Zac is probably really worried about where you are so we should go in," Matt said. Evie took one last look at the early morning sky and nodded her head. She stood up and waited for Matt to do the same. Matt grabbed hold of her suitcase and waited for her to walk inside first. Leah was by her side instantly. She threw her arms around the middle aged woman who held her close for what seemed like forever. They finally let go of each other only for Zac to pull her for a hug this time.
"What took you so long I've been worried sick," Zac said. Despite everything Evie rolled her eyes at her uncle. Evie looked around at who else was in the room, VJ was there sitting on the couch on his phone, not talking to anybody. Roo was there with Arlo obviously trying to distract herself from what was going on. Mr Stewart was there by Roo, clearly trying to get a read on how his daughter was really feeling. Then there was Leah, Zac and Matt who obviously had been waiting for Evie to arrive. Evie looked around at all the different sorts of grief in the room and decided that it was just too depressing. Evie turned to face Zac and gave him a small smile.
"I drove slowly. I think I'm going to go to bed, goodnight everyone," Evie said as she grabbed her suitcase from the bottom of the stairs where Matt and put it. Evie lugged it up the stairs and she could feel every single pair of eyes on her as she did so. It was like they were wait for her to crack. She kept it together until she entered her old room. She slid down the door and placed her head in her hands and began sob. She cried for Maddy, she cried for Oscar, she cried for Arlo who wouldn't know his parents, she cried for Zac and Leah who just lost their nephew, she cried for Roo who lost someone she considered a daughter, she cried for Matt who lost his best friend and she cried for herself who had just lost her twin brother and her best friend. Nothing was ever going to be the same and she knew it. She lost Oscar, which in turn meant that she lost a big part of herself.

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Oh, such a good start to this story. I'm actually in floods reading it so you certainly got a reaction! Well done! I feel so sorry for everyone. How very sad that Arlo will never get to know his parents and everyone has lost something important to them, (brother, nephew, daughter, friend...) So very very sad. Loved Matt in this. He was so kind to Evie. Really looking forward to the next chapter and seeing where you take this x

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Thank you everyone for the comments! They're really appreciated! :)


Chapter two

Evelyn woke up the next morning not recognising where she was. She wasn't laying in her bed at uni, the room she was in was spotless unlike her room at uni where the floor was covered in clothing and scrap pieces of paper, and then she heard VJ yell goodbye to Leah and everything came rushing back to her. She was in her old room at Summer Bay because she had just lost two of the most important people in her life. She sat up and ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. She wasn't ready to go out there and face them all, part of her was kicking herself for not staying at uni while she could. Evie was dealing with her own grief, she didn't want to deal with anyone else's as well. Evie's stomach grumbled loudly, she hated eaten a thing since lunch time the day before and she was starting to pay for it. Evie wiped at her eyes and threw her legs over the side of the bed. The air hit her arms and legs immediately caused goosebumps to litter her skin. She wrapped her dressing gown around her tightly and walked down the old creaky stairs of the house, the creaking steps alerted everyone that she was up. Zac was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her. He stood with his hands on his hips and his eyebrows furrowed together, his usual stance. Evie didn't say a word as she walked past him with her head down. She nodded to Matt and Leah as she placed two bits of bread in the toaster and boiled the kettle. Evie stopped associating the house with Oscar and Maddie once the two of them had moved out when Maddie was a bit over six months pregnant with Arlo, she was grateful that she would around and not immediately be hit with a memory. It also helped in the sense that she wasn't expecting one of to jog down the stairs and yell out good morning. Evie still had a lot of memories in the house with Maddie and Oscar, she and Oscar had spent many afternoons playing board games or studying together in the lounge, she and Maddie use to sit on the couch every night and watch their favorite TV show together, even after they moved out. Evelyn tried to push it all out of her mind and just focus on the things she needed to do. Evie unlocked her phone and dialled the number of the university she was attending, it rang three times before a young sounding woman answered.
"Hello Melbourne University how can I help you?" The woman said happily. Evelyn sighed and closed her eyes, she could feel everyone's eyes on her and she didn't like it.
"Hi it's Evelyn MacGuire I'm calling to let the school know that I won't be attending the University anymore this year due to circumstances that have caused for me to be needed at home. I will be by to pack up my things from my dorm this weekend after that I won't be back maybe for at least a year. I'm sorry that this is such short notice but it really could not be helped," Evie said just as her toast popped. She wedged her phone between her shoulder and her ear and began to spread the butter on her toast. The girl on the other end of the line cleared her throat loudly and sighed.
"You'll need to disclose the reason as to why you won't be attending, for the books," the girl didn't sound as friendly as she did when she first answered the phone. Evelyn started to regret making the call, she should have waited a few days, maybe even a week, she wasn't ready to be telling people what had happened. She wasn't ready to admit that Oscar was gone, she hadn't even admitted it to herself yet. Evelyn gulped and closed her eyes again.
"My twin brother passed away last night, I'm needed back at home," Evie whispered. The girl on the other end of the line was silent, she wasn't expecting that. She must have been use to people dropping out because they didn't like it or because they're going away to chase some crazy dream that most likely wouldn't turn out right. Evie's reason was acceptable and it shocked the girl. The girl might have just been shocked because death isn't a spoken about thing, especially the death of someone so young. The girl didn't speak for quite a long time and Evie was fed up. "Look I have to go just let whoever needs to know that I won't be coming back, thank you," she said before hanging up the phone. Evie took a bite of her toast and winced, it was stone cold. She chucked it in the bin and put two more pieces in the toaster.
"Evie..." Zac said quietly. Evelyn turned to face him and an annoyed expression on her face.
"The toast went cold I'm sorry," Evie said snarkily. Zac sighed and shook his head.
"I'm not talking about the toast, I could have called the school for you. You didn't have to do that so soon," Zac said. Evie sighed and buttered her second lot of toast once it had popped. Evie was 19 almost 20, she could make phone calls herself. Evelyn took a bite of the toast and wiped the crumbs away from her mouth. Zac stared at her expectantly and furrowed his eyebrows. "Evelyn talk to me," he pleaded. Evie rolled her eyes and finished off her second piece of toast.
"I'm almost 20 I can make my own phone calls Zac," she said bitterly. Matt looked over at Evie like she was a small child throwing a tantrum. "Can you please not look at me like that? I don't need everyone walking on eggshells around me, I'm not going to have a breakdown and if I do you can bet it's going to be in private. Oscar and Maddie would not want us to wallow around like this, they would want us to get on with our lives instead of dwelling on it," Evelyn told them all. Matt started shaking his head at her, like a parent does when their small child is throwing a tantrum. Everyone else looked at her like she was speaking some foreign language that they don't understand. Evelyn looked at Matt and furrowed her eyebrows. "What?" She asked.
"What you just said is ridiculous. That line about them not wanting us to be upset is the most cliche thing I have ever heard and is only ever said in movies, you know that Evelyn. It isn't normal for you to act like it doesn't bother you, none of us are buying it anyway. I know for a fact that Oscar hated it when you bottled up your feelings so what you're doing now would have frustrated him like nothing else. I know that keeping to yourself is your way of being strong but it's just hurting you Evie. So stop snapping at everybody because they care, stop telling everyone that you're fine and stop acting like nothing has happened because something life changing has happened and you need to find a way to accept it and you need to do it soon," Matt said. Evie walked to the couch and sat down in silence. Nobody said a word, Matt had said everything they all had wanted to say since Evie walked through the door the night before. Matt cleared his throat and sat down awkwardly next to her. "I only said all of that because I care about you, you know that right?" He said. Evelyn snorted.
"And you said I was cliche. I understand what you're saying I just don't want to admit that Oscar is gone, he was the best friend I had ever had and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do without him in my life. I'm scared of what's going to happen, I'm scared that because Oscar is gone everything is going to fall apart before my eyes and I won't know what to do to stop it. I just want Oscar back and it hurts that there is nothing I can do to bring him back. He's gone, I am never ever going to be able to see him again," Evelyn said. Matt wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to his side. Everyone was looking at her again, but this time she didn't mind so much.


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Loved this chapter! :wub: You portray Evie so well. I can imagine her behaving exactly like that. Loved Matt's speech, and he's right, Oscar would have been circling round her trying to get her to express her feelings, like poking a bear with a stick. He'd have hated this. Looking forward to the next chapter x

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