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The Right To Stay In Summer Bay

christine king

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Story Title: The Right To Stay In Summer Bay

Type of story: Long

Main Characters: current cast but mostly the teens

Other Characters: Clare, John

Genre: Family/Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Drama

Does story include spoilers: yes

Any warnings: yes

BTTB Rating: T

Summary: The teens of summer-bay are going through hardships, relationship drama, finding love, lust and everything in between but when a new girl arrives, she match-makes, falls for the wrong guy and finds love with the right one but her family life is anything but stable when she realizes everything she wants is in jeopardy, what will she do? Is she a danger to herself or a friend to others, just who is this new girl?


The going back in time thing


A girl is seen standing in the computer lab at the school, she lights a match and drops it to the ground, she flees the room and rushes outside watching, she see's in the distance a couple of people walking towards the school, she starts running away from the school, the people are approaching the school but don't see the girl run off, the people get close enough to the school to smell smoke and they spot the flames, they quickly call the fire department to tell them a fire is developing at summer bay high school and also ask what they should do, the fire department advise them to stay clear of the fire until they get there, the people watch the fire burn while waiting for the fire department, The fire department arrive and put out the fire, thankful it only burned down three classrooms and the computer lab. The fire department begin their investigation over who started the fire and why.


Seven months earlier

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Chapter 1


A Road

A car is driving on a road, we see a father and his daughter, the daughter is asleep, the father smiles at her before focusing on the road again, the girl starts to stir and opens her eyes, she asks where they are? her father tells her they are about an hour away, the girl says it feels like forever since they left, the father says that its only been a 6 hour drive, the girl thinks its been too long already, the father turns the radio station while the girl nods off back to sleep.


Leah's House
Zac, Evelyn and Oscar are eating dinner. 

Zac: so what did you guys do today?
Oscar: I went to see Maddy
Zac: and how did that go?
Oscar: fine
Zac: just fine?
Oscar: yeah, Evie can you past the peas?
Evelyn gives Oscar the peas
Evelyn: so what did you do?
Zac: caught up on some paperwork
Evelyn: why its not like school has started yet?
Zac: you might get school holidays but teachers work all year round
Evelyn: but your principal this year not a teacher
Zac: yep which means I have my work plus making sure all the teachers have their work done
Evelyn: that sounds like a lot of work
Zac: hopefully the kids will be good this year and I'll keep sane
Evelyn: haha, very funny
Evelyn, Oscar and Zac laugh together

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Chapter 2


Andy enters and finds Josh studying at one of the tables.
Andy: hey
Josh: hi
Andy: why you studying here and not with that girl of yours?
Josh: I need to study and I keep getting distracted
Andy: yeah I know the feeling
Josh: I'm sure you do
Andy: so how is your relationship?
Josh: were getting there, there was a lot of hurt and pain that we need to get through
Andy: yes that you caused
Josh: I know that
Andy: just saying, I have a stable relationship for once and yours isn't at the moment
Josh: yep it feels like the universe is falling
Andy: oh, ha-ha
Josh: just kidding I know you've changed and its for the better, Hannah's lucky to have you
Andy: you know at one point, us as brothers were dating from the same family
Josh: I remember 
Andy: but you'd like to forget
Josh: I messed up with Evie and lost Maddy and shes only just given me another chance
Andy: you know she was only dating Oscar to make you jealous
Josh: well it worked and I realized I still loved her and shouldn't of let her go
Andy: don't worry, you guys will be fine
Josh: since when have you liked Maddy
Andy: since I want you to be happy plus shes not that bad
Josh: I'm going to tell Maddy you said that
Andy: I'll just deny it
Josh: of course you will, you cant face the truth
Andy: yeah yeah, whatever
Josh: but thank you
Andy: what for?
Josh: for being on my side
Andy: I'm your brother, I'm always on your side
Josh: sometimes a little too much
Andy: hey!

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