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Story Title: Torment
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Kyle and Phoebe
BTTB rating: A 15+
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content, Violence/death, child abuse references
Summary: After hearing about an old friends death, Kyle and Phoebe return to Melbourne where they have to face some ghosts from their past.



A cold night in Summer Bay was unusual, even for winter but Kyle wished he was wearing a jumper over his thin black shirt that he had to wear for work. He was outside wiping the tables down on the deck, it was busy all evening and now that Angelo's was closed he has a lot of cleaning up to do but it wasn't long before the winter sea-breeze got too much for him and he left the deck unfinished to head inside and put all the chairs on the table so that the real cleaner could vacuum in the morning.

Kyle could leave it all for the cleaner but he'd rather keep busy, he had been single for a few months and he'd rather be alone and busy than alone and missing Phoebe. 

The business phone started ringing and Kyle left the chairs to answer it quickly, though it was a few hours after the usual close of business time and he wasn't sure who would be ringing.

"Hello Angelo's?" Kyle answered in his soft yet handsome voice.

"Hello I was wondering if I could speak to Kyle Bennett?" A rusty woman spoke. 

Kyle took a second to respond, he knew he knew the voice but where from and as to whom it was on the other end he couldn't place.

"It's Kyle Braxton now..." He corrected, usually he wouldn't but he  was sure he knew the person on the other end. "I'm Kyle."

"Kyle?" As she spoke again Kyle could hear the sadness in her voice. "I'm not sure if you'd remember me, my name is Vanessa Wallace, my daughter Lucy..." She started to get choked up.

"Lucy?" Kyle remembered as soon as he heard the name, he almost forgot all about her. "I remember."

"I'm sorry Kyle, she died this morning..."

2. 2006

Kyle was at his locker with his best mate, Harry Thomson, they were joking about Mr Lee's heavy Asian accent in maths.

"No Muster BUnnutt... You did not carree over da five..." Harry joked as he tried to do his best elderly Chinese man voice. 

"Nooooo that fiiiiive you sillllllllleee boooy muster BUnnutt you silly sooooooo sooooooooooo silly " Kyle continued the joke before he had to stop, a girl had walked by him and he could smell a fragrance from her,a mix of berries and lavender not overpowering but alluring all the same. 

He ignored Harry's joke and followed the young girl with her long beautiful blonde locks into the tech wing, where she stopped at her locker. Kyle stopped and watched as the beautiful girl with pale white skin placed a few binders inside.

A few kids opened the door from the courtyard nearby and the beauty's gorgeous locks waved behind her like an angel spreading her wings and once she put her books away she turned back towards Kyle and she was even more a beauty from the front. She had ocean blue eyes, round full lips and the cutest arrangement of brown freckles on her nose and cheeks. She wasn't tall or cover-girl model like in any way but she was perfect all the same and while Kyle was looking at her, her eyes might have stopped and met his, even if it was for a second. "Who was this girl?"

But while she stepped closer and closer maybe even towards him he was grabbed by behind and thrown into a row of lockers.

"What the..?" Kyle was forced around by none other then Arnie Irvine, a 6 foot 2, one half of a gigantic tank pair of identical twins with perfect facial features and massive biceps. And then a punch in the stomach brought his attention to the other twin, Rocky, who Kyle could tell apart only by the fact that Rocky had a scar on his eyebrow. 

Kyle tried to look behind them but it was obvious the girl was gone, and then he heard it, a menacing laugh, so incorrigible it could give Jack Nicholson's Joker a run for his money. 

And then he appeared between the brothers, Kellan Wallace, with his shoulder length red locks, pale skin and so many red freckles on his nose he looked like Ronald McDonald in full make up. 

"What the **** Bennett?" He asked with his mouth so close to Kyle's nose all he could smell was his putrid breath and all He could see was his greening teeth. He didn't know why he scared him so much, he wasn't well built like the twins and he was only a little bit taller then Kyle who was only fourteen while Kellan was probably nineteen seeing he was in year twelve for the second time. Maybe it was the twins that scared him, that Kellan was never without them, maybe it was his menacing laugh or maybe just maybe it was the fact that Kyle really ****ing hated clowns. 

"Where is he?" Kellan asked in desperation. 

"Who?" Kyle asked but wish he hadn't when Rocky put another fist into his gut. 

"You know who..." Kellan laughed. "The faggot!"

Kyle looked towards where he last saw Harry and knew Harry saw Kellan before he and the Olsen twins could see him. Maybe he could make a run for it? No such luck as Arnie was holding him on one side and then Rocky grabbed his other side. 

"Well seeing as I can't find him..." All Kyle could remember after that was Kellan's fist coming towards his face in a vicious arc. 

3. Now


Kyle was so caught up in the flashback he forgot he was still on the phone to Lucy's mother.

"Yes, I'm sorry." Kyle was saddened. "How did it happen?" Kyle knew he wasn't suppose to ask but knew the answer before he was even told it. 

"She was depressed..." Lucy's mother stated strong. "Are you still in contact with..."

"Only Phoebe." Kyle cut her off. "I can tell her."

"The funeral's on Tuesday if you can make it down."

"I'll ask Phoebe." Kyle ended the conversation abruptly and when he realised the mistake he put the number on the caller ID screen into his mobile phone. 

He closed up Angelo's and headed towards Phoebe's on foot.


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Phoebe was in her caravan making out with Chris on the bed when there was a knock at the door.
"Just ignore it," phoebe ordered the hunk who politely obliged by taking off his singlet top and continued to passionately kiss the beauty.
"phoebe, it's Kyle. Can I come in?"
"****!" Phoebe grabbed the singlet off the bed and gave it to Chris. "One second," she yelled to Kyle. "I need you to hide." She pushed Chris onto the bed.
"Why?" Chris asked looking a little down, he liked Phoebe, a lot, and was sick of being a hidden secret.
"Because you don't want a Braxton brother to know you're secretly dating his ex because you know what he'll do to you if he found out."
Chris nodded, he had a nice face and he didn't want Kyle Braxton to pummel it. Phoebe was about to close the curtain to the bed area when Chris stopped her. "Wait?" He smiled lovingly, "we're dating?"
Phoebe closed the curtain before opening the door for Kyle.
"Kyle, hi?"
"Hi," Kyle smiled politely, "can I come in?"
Phoebe nodded but blocked his way she looked over to the caravans bedroom then back at Kyle. "It's a nice night maybe we should go for a walk?"
"It's freezing," Kyle looked at what Phoebe was wearing, a white tank top and pink pyjama shorts, "were you asleep?"
"Yes," Phoebe grabbed her jacket from the sideboard beside the door and practically pushed Kyle outside.
They walked towards a fire a couple of young German tourist were using to roast their marshmallows.
"What's this about?" Phoebe asked, she could see in Kyle's eyes that it wasn't a casual visit.
"I don't know how to say this," Kyle held her shoulder, "Lucy died."
Lucys pretty face and those long blonde locks flashed in Phoebe's mind, she hadn't thought about her in so long.
"Are you ok?" Kyle could see her ex girlfriend was in shock.
"Yeah I'm... How?"
"suicide," Kyle replied bluntly. "At least that's what her mum said."
"Her mum?" Phoebe put her hands to her head, Kyle thought she was about to cry and was about to wrap his arms around her but Phoebe pushed him away. "I have to call her, do you have her number?" 
Kyle nodded, "Maybe wait for tomorrow." Phoebe nodded in agreement. "We can go travel down together if you want, to go to the funeral."
"Yeah..." Phoebe walked back towards her caravan Kyle went to follow but she gestured for him not to. "Talk tomorrow yeah?"
Kyle nodded before Phoebe walked back inside.
As she walked in she saw Chris smiling, standing there in nothing but her pink bathrobe. He did a sexy dance and threw the robe off, exposing himself. "Surprise!"
Phoebe shook her head. "My best friend just died."
"What?" Chris quickly grabbed the bathrobe to cover himself up, he knew it wasn't sexy time anymore.
"From school. She was in our band..."
2. 2005
Phoebe holding a whole bunch of pamphlets  and a staple gun walked up towards the notice board. She grabbed one of the pamphlets and stapled it to the board, not paying attention to where or how it stapled on.
"Whoah...wh... Wh...Whoah ..." Kyle ran over and ripped the paper that Phoebe just stapled off the board. "What are you doing?"
"Excuse me? What are you doing?" Phoebe fired back with attitude.
"You covered our poster!" Kyle pointed to a piece of paper with messy bold black writing on it. Phoebe laughed.
"Sorry, this is a little more important then a couple of year eight boys looking for some crappy singer in a stupid whiny emo cover boy band." Phoebe ripped the poster off and stapled another pamphlet in its place.
"Excuse me, year nine," Kyle ripped that poster off and read it out loud. "Vocal group, Monday. lunch. room nine." Kyle chuckled. "You guys are doing that again? after last years flat jingle bells rock at the Christmas concert?"
"It wasn't flat."
"Jingle bells jingle bells jingle belllllllllllllllllls roooooock" 
Phoebe stapled another pamphlet onto the board. "Good luck finding a lead singer. Not."
"Good luck with your sucky vocal group. A bunch of chubby year ten girls singing off key to..."
"Phoebe, did you put one over at D block?" Lucy interrupted with her sweet voice.
Kyle realised what he had said and hadn't known how long she had been there, he stood red faced.
"What are these?" Lucy picked up Kyle's poster
"Spaz wank here keeps pulling down the posters."
"Spaz wank?" Kyle gave Phoebe a look to kill.
"yeah because you're a spaz and a wank."
Kyle then ignored Phoebe and looked to Lucy who was reading his poster. "I'm Kyle."
"Lucy. what kind of music do you play?" Lucy asked softly and politely.
"Soft rock, we came second in music night last year."
"Yeah but you played a 'Wham!' Song Shirtless and Mister Berry was one of the judges."
"You're just jealous because you're stupid vocal group didn't place." He looked to Lucy. "Sweet Child oMine accapella." Lucy laughed. 
"There was nothing wrong with it."
"That song is all about the riff..." He tried his best with his voice to imitate the famous tune by Slash. No riff, no child."
Phoebe looked up at the notice board. "Well if you think you're so great, prove it."
Phoebe pointed to one of the posters. 'Karaoke, cash prizes,'
"Karaoke? What do I get if I win?"
"can't you read?" Phoebe shook her head in disbelief. "Cash prizes." She patronised.
"No no no... If I win I get a date."
"I don't date the prepubescent." Phoebe looked disgusted at the thought of a date with Kyle.
"No with Lucy."
Phoebe looked to Lucy who shrugged, "And if I win?"
"He has to join vocal group." Lucy replied. 
Phoebe didn't like the idea of the Spaz Wank joining vocal group but it would humiliate him to sing in front of the whole school with a bunch of chubby tenth grade girls and that thought made her smile. "Deal?" She held her hand out for Kyle to shake.
Kyle shrugged. "Deal," he reluctantly shook her hand.
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