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Drew Curtis - Bobby Morley

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I've been watching HAA since 2006 and Drew Curtis is my favorite character of all time. 


I was wondering what other members though about his general character, story-lines, personality, relationship with Belle Taylor etc. 


He was often described as selfish and immature but I didn't see it.  

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I think there's probably a very old thread for Drew in the archives, but since you brought him up, perhaps you would like to know that he will be at Supa Nova in Sydney next weekend :) Also Aden! I meant Home and Away Aden - Todd Lasance - but I've just remembered that Bobby Morely's character in Neighbours was also named Aiden :P

Drew was never my favourite character but he was among a heck of a lot of brilliant ones, and he definitely held his own. I think he probably was selfish and immature, but sometimes those are the best characters to watch. Amanda was pure selfishness and spite she was awesome. There was a lot of hate for Jazz too I think, but I genuinely liked her. It's blowing my mind a bit right now to remember that Amanda and Jazz were Belle and Drew's mothers. What talented and charismatic families!

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Drew's stint on the show was short, but he was on the forefront for most of 2007 so a lot of storylines were given to him in a short space of time.

It started with his introduction as Peter's long-lost son.

Then, a pyromaniac was trying to frame him for a series of arson attacks around the town to force Peter out of witness protection (unbeknownst to Draw).

He started a relationship with Belle and later cheated on her with Amanda (Belle's mother). Then Peter "returned from the dead".

In 2007, he got together with Lisa Duffy but he always had aspirations to get back together with Belle which he did eventually but this meant a huge strain was created with Lucas who was dating Belle at the time.

Then his old boarding school friend, Jules arrived in the Bay.

Then, Drew dropped out of High School which caused Jazz to arrive in Summer Bay. Jazz's arrival sparked Jules' departure after a long-held secret between the two, and eventually Drew moved out of Leah and Dan's place to move in with Jazz.

Drew then purchased a car and started modifying it with stolen car parts courtesy of Dom Moran.

This in turn then got him into the drag racing scene which caused him further problems.

After the drag racing scene was over, things calmed down for a little while for Drew until Dom was released from jail and started stalking Belle. 

In 2008, Drew decided to go back to High School, but soon after Dan died off-screen and he subsequently had a massive fight with Belle ending their relationship permanently.

Drew then decided to move to the city to live with Peter and Amanda and that's the last we've heard from him.

It's odd that most of this happened nearly 10 years ago, yet I remember it so well. I must admit, I was pretty addicted to the show at that time.

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My opinion:

I don't fully remember Drew in all honesty, but compared to the other people from that Teen's Group, I think he was the worst character. Like I know the writers made him prominent by giving him lots of storylines in 2007 but just the guy's attitude and other stuff I personally found annoying. Like when I think of Drew I think of a guy who is miserable, he obviously had his happy moments but also had plenty of moody/sad moments. I think that if he never wanted to leave the show and stayed on, the writers would have never made Aden a regular and he probably would have continued the annoying relationship he had with Belle to the point where they eventually get married and probably had a happy ending. To me that would have been so boring compared to what actually happened where he left the bay and Aden and Belle ended up becoming a couple and got married, then she sadly died. So in all honesty, I don't believe he was a massive loss from the show when he left because I just didn't think his character was that great. I also can't imagine him being very popular either, I doubt he would have created much of a legacy considering his time was short and the way he departed was in a lost and miserable way.

Despite me not really liking him, one thing that does interest me is what actually happened to him. It was never really mentioned from memory, the last we heard of him was that he was living with Peter and Amanda but was depressed. Considering he never returned to the bay again for significant events such as Belle's wedding and funeral where he was supposedly still living with Amanda who did end up going it does intrigue me as to what happened to him. I'd like to hope for his sake that he found happiness in some way (mainly because people deserve to be happy) and hopefully has a good relationship with his mother who I believe left to try and patch things up with him. If her being around was the reasoning of his absence in later years then I reckon that's a good thing because it probably means that they are happy.

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