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Hi, I have been watching The Early Years from the Start as well as 1993, 2006 and 2014/15 and I have created a spreadsheet that has the following information. The following information is from Episode 4167:

* EPISODE NUMBER (Episode 4167)

* EPISODE TITLE (Leah Embarks On a Relationship With Hugh)

* ORIGINAL AIR DATE (18/04/2006)

* WRITER (Fiona Bozic)

* SCRIPT EDITOR (Phil Lloyd)

* DIRECTOR (David Gould)


* SERIES PRODUCER (Julie McGauran)


* MAIN CAST APPEARANCE (Alf, Leah, Irene, Kim, Robbie, Jack, Martha, Tasha, Matilda, Lucas, Cassie, Peter, Dan)


* RECURRING CAST (Macca, Hugh)

* CLIFFHANGER (Martha's fingerprints are found on the gun used to kill Josh)

If this is any use to you, just let me know - I'm happy to help (I have the information for about 500 episodes, but I have in excess of 1000 more to do :) )

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Cheers Matt, I do actually have a spreadsheet along the same lines (great minds), with Writers/Directors/Script Producers/Series Producers etc. noted down for various years of the show which I've been adding to sporadically. I've just been working out how best to incorporate this information into the site, but they'll most likely go into a revamped Year Summaries section. Obviously we do already have airdates & guest cast info already on the site - with Writer & Director credits and other missing info added when when the long summaries are added.

Looking at the years you've got, there probably are ones where I haven't started with TPTB credits yet, and the cliffhanger information could well be useful as I know that was something that was started on the site but then got neglected when those particular staff members moved on.

If you could PM/email it over so I could have a look then that would be much appreciated, and we'll continue discussion there :wink:

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