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After The Crash


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Title - After the crash
Type of story - long Fic
Genre - drama
Cast - Kyle, OC'S
Rating - A
Spoilers - yes
Warnings - language, adult themes
Plot - set after the bus crash the story follows Kyle's recovery.


Brax, Phoebe, Ash, Josh and Andy sat in the hospital waiting room there had been no news about Kyle since the accident site, Brax had heard Ricky had a broken wrist some cuts and bruises and they were keeping her overnight for observation because of the baby

"I can't lose him, Brax, I cannot lose him" Phoebe broke the silence

"He'll be fine, he's a Braxton, after all" Brax said putting his arm around her

Nate walked in behind then and cleared his throat, Brax quickly jumped up and Phoebe just as quick behind him.

"He's stable" Nate said "there's swelling around the brain we're keeping an eye on that to make sure it doesn't continue to build up, he has broken ribs which caused a punctured lung, a broken collar bone and a broken arm" Nate told them

Brax went to say something but stopped when he saw Sophie.

"The accident, it was her fault wasn't it" Brax said

"You can see him if you like, he not awake though" Nate said

They walked towards Kyle's room. Ash grabbed Phoebe on the shoulder she flinched

"Are you gonna tell Brax what happened?" Ash asked

"No" Phoebe told him

"Brax will deal with it" Ash told her

"All Brax will do is tell Kyle and Kyle will do something stupid and get himself arrested, do you really want that?" Phoebe snapped


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Brax and Phoebe walked into Kyle's room. Andy, Ash and Josh decided to give them some privacy.

Brax looked how vulnerable and innocent Kyle looked and held back tears. Phoebe held his hand

Brax sat beside Kyle's bed.

"Hey, Phoebs, can you go grab us drink please" Brax asked

Phoebe nodded

Brax waited until Phoebe left the room

"Mate, you gotta wake up, I can't lose you as well as Case. Phoebs also needs you mate" Brax said

Brax closed his eyes

"Kyle you're a strong kid" Brax said

Brax sat there staring at her brother

"Jesus Christ Kyle, don't make me shake you" Brax added

Brax grabbed Kyle's hand a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Kyle I am begging you" Brax said crying

"Brax" Brax heard Kyle say groggily

Brax smiled

"Swallow a cup of concrete and harden the hell up" Kyle tried to joke but it backfired when when he realised he was sore all over


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