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After The Crash


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Librarian Note to members:

There is no need to post multiple times to an author about updating their fiction - ONCE is more than enough. It is up to the author to decide if and when they are going to post the next chapter/s of their fiction.

Persistent asking when the next update will be is classified as badgering and can also be known as spamming, which is an offence and comes with a warning.

Below are the forum rules, please read them carefully and adhere to the rule in regards to spamming:

Forum Rules - found here

All members must follow these simple rules if they wish to continue posting on the forum. If you break them, you may find your account suspended or banned. The rules are easy to follow, and they're here to help maintain a high quality experience for all members.

14) No spamming is to be tolerated in ANY part of the forum. What we define spamming as:

* It is a post(s) that does not pertain to the subject of the thread.
* Posts that are less than a sentence are spam, too. Don't do it. We don’t like posts just agreeing with someone. If you don’t have anything to add then don’t post it, PM it!
* Posts that for some reason don’t add anything to the ongoing discussion (i.e. posts that express the same opinion repetitively in various topics)
* Also please note that double posting is spam, we have an edit post option if you forgot to mention something.
* Starting duplicate threads is spamming.
* Posting in what's known as text language (i.e. 'i luv adelle, dus any1no ho dies?) is horrible and is considered spamming



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