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Bingo heard banging on his caravan door

"Yeah yeah" he called as he walked got out of bed and walked slowly toward the door

Brax pushed his way in when Bingo started to open the door

"You're gonna stay sway from Ricky, okay" he said wrapping his hand tightly around Bingo's throat

Brax felt punches go into his chest stomach and side

"Boys, boys" Roo called pulling them part

Brax looked at Bingo who was in his underwear and Roo who was wearing nothing but a sheet. It didn't take a genius to know what had gone on between them.

Brax smiled

"You're a joke, you know that, mate" Brax told him

Bingo went to lurched forward for round two but Roo grabbed his shoulders to hold him back

"Brax, I think you should leave" Roo said

"If you and Ricky have problems, don't take it out on me" Bingo told Brax

"We didn't have problems until you showed up" Brax told him

"Then what does that tell you?" Bingo smirked

"That kid and Ricky are way better off without you" Brax said as he walked out

Bingo stared at Brax as he walked away before he turned and wrapped his arms around Roo.

"I'm sorry" he said to her


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Bingo knocked on Brax and Ricky's door

"What do you want?" Brax asked

"I want to talk to Ricky" Bingo told him

Brax just stood there

"Just Ricky" Bingo added

Ricky walked outside and Bingo followed

"Listen, if me being here is uncomfortable or causing touble between you and Brax, I can leave nothing's tying me down here" he told her

"What about Roo" Ricky asked

"We both agreed it was a one off" he replied

"You're the only one I want" he added

"Hey Ricky" Jett called as he walked past

Bingo looked at him noticing a lot of similar features.

He turned back to Ricky

She recognised the same mixture of hurt devastation anger and betrayal in his eyes that he had all those years ago

"Please don't say anything" she begged quietly

"How long?" He asked

She didn't say anything

He grabbed her arms tightly squeezing his fingers into the insides of her arms

"How long have you known that our son lives next door to you" he roared

"A couple of months" she answered

"Please" she said tugging at him as he walked to his car "don't say anything" she added

He shook his arm free of her grip and turned and and back handed her across the face.

He stopped both were shocked by what he'd just done


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Bingo stood at the edge of the water letting the water crash into to his ankles.

"Can we talk" Ricky asked behind him

"And say what?" He asked

"Look, I know this is hard for you" she started to say

"That's an understatement" he cut in

"Don't you think it hurts to see him and not tell him he's my son" Ricky said

Bingo folded his arms

"Gary, talk to me" she said

"I didn't how to handle things when you showed up, deep down although I knew it was wrong, I was still I love with you"

"Ok, you need to stop telling me that, it's cruel, not just for me but for Darryl too" he snapped

She jumped back when he turned around

"Why did Adam choose that couple" he asked

"He didn't, I chose your mum, Liz, I thought he should stay in your family"

"She never said anything" he told her

"Why would she?" She said wrapping her arms around him

He kissed her hard on the lips. Both their mouths would be bruised later but neither one cared right now they were just glad to have each other


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