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Title: Bingo

Type of story: long Fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Cast: Bingo, Ricky, OC'S

Spoilers: no

Warnings: violence, language, adult themes

Plot: Ricky's ex boyfriend shows up in Summer Bay


Roo and Marilyn watching as he stood at the diner counter

His blonde hair, his deep blue eyes, he cheekbones his day old facial hair, his black jim beam singlet, his torn jeans, his army boots his tattoo across his shoulder which she noticed when he first walked in. She liked everything about him, however she thought she was too old to have a crush on someone especially this guy.

"He's cute" Roo said quietly to Marilyn

"We'll take charge, go over there and hit on him" Marilyn whispered

"What no, like he's gonna be interested in a woman twice his age" Roo told her

"Fine" Marilyn said

"Wait Marilyn, where are you going?" Roo asked

"To do it for it" she replied

"No no no" she said pushing infront of Marilyn

"Hi, what can I get you" she asked the guy

"Just a latte to go thanks" he replied

"So you just passing through or you planning on staying" she asked

"Hopefully I won't be here long, just here to get my girl and my kid and I'll be gone" he told her

"Oh, so they live around here then, I may know them" she said a little crushed

"I wanna surprise her" he said

"So do you need a place to stay, cause I have a bed if you do" Roo told him embarrassed that it came out wrong.

He frowned

"What?" He asked

"I mean I run the caravan park" Roo said

He smiled at her

"I'll keep that in mind" he told her and walked out

She turned to Marilyn

"If I ever act like that again shoot me" Roo said

"It was sweet" Marilyn said

"I Felt like a school girl"


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Bingo stood at the fence at the top of the beach drinking his coffee when he noticed his old red jeep parked in the car park, she'd kept it that had to mean something he though but he also thought he was getting his hopes up.

He turned and looked toward the water remember she was a keen surfer

That was when he saw her walking along the beach with another mans arm around her to make things worse she was pregnant.

Anger and devastation flowed through him, he felt his hands turn into fists he'd waited for another chance to be with with her this guy was not gonna ruin that and what about his kid, was he calling this guy dad?

This was all too much he thought he brain would explode if he thought about it too much


Ricky and Brax both joked and laughed as they walked to her jeep

She stopped the moment she saw him

"Miss me?" He asked her

"Bingo" is all she could get out

"Erica" he replied

Erica, that was what called her when he was mad at her so knew he was still angry at her for what she did, she didn't blame him she hated herself for it.

"Who the hell are you?" Brax asked

He glared at Brax and then Ricky's pregnant stomach

"Competition" Bingo told him.


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Brax and Ricky pulled up at their house, Ricky had been quiet all the way home.

"You ok?" Brax asked

"Yeah" she smiled unconvincingly

"You'll have to try harder than that" Brax replied

"What do you want me to say" she snapped getting out of the car

"Who was he?" He called following her

"Well I thought it was obvious, he was my ex" she said walking into the flat

"Ex?" Brax said surprised

"What you thought you were the first guy I was in love with" she replied opening the fridge

"How long ago?" Brax asked

"Does it matter?" She replied

"Well, when you're ex tells me he's my competition and you seem to hiding things then yeah" Brax said

"You don't need to worry" she told him walking towards the door

"Where are you going" Brax asked

"To see if they've got milk in the house" she answered clearly annoyed by all his questions

She reached the fridge and felt someone grab her arm and cover her mouth

"Ssshhh, it's just me" Bingo told her

"What are you doing here?" Ricky quietly snapped

"What can't a guy see his girl?" Bingo replied not seeming to care where he was

"You have to leave before Brax finds out you're here" she told

He sighed

"Fine I wanna see my kid, first" he told her

"I don't have him" Ricky replied

Bingo frowned

"What?, why?" He asked

Ricky didn't answer

"Answer me or I'll call out to your boyfriend" he said

"Adam took him off me, that was my punishment for sneaking around with you" Ricky told him

"So I went to jail for nothing?" He snapped

She started cry

"I'm sorry" she cried

"Hey Ricky" he called a he came around the corner

"Get out of my house" Brax said

"Or what, Darryl" Bingo replied


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Bingo sat alone at a table at Angelo's staring at a glass a glass of beer.

"Pizza night, huh?" He said to Roo as she walked towards the exit carrying two pizzas

"Yeah, don't really feel like cooking" she replied

He smiled at her

"So did you find your wife and child?" She asked

"We're not married, and it's slightly complicated" he told her

"Sorry" she said

"Ah, it's nothing we can't get past" he replied seeming optimistic

"I didn't get your name" Roo said

"Bingo" he told her

"Bingo?" She asked

"Gary, but only my dad calls me that" he told her

"I'm Roo, short for Ruth" she said

"So why did you get separated from your ex and child" she asked

"Prison" he told her

"Oh, what did you do?" She asked trying not to sound judgemental

"Would you believe me if I told you I was innocent" he asked her

"Yeah" she said

He grinned at her and she could feel herself starting to blush she knew she had to get going. She didn't want embaress herself again.

"I should get these pizzas home before they get cold" she said

"I might take you up on your offer, seeing as though I'm gonna be here longer than I though" He said

"What offer?" She asked

"The van" he replied

"Oh, right" she said


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