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Brax came out of his house in the morning and saw Bingo leaning against his ute

"What do you want" Brax asked

"Two things, both I can't have because of you" Bingo replied

"Come again?" Brax asked sunned how forward this guy was

"You see, after Ricky said Adam took my kid off her, I decided to call some old mates do a bit of research. Guess what I found?" Bingo taunted

"No idea" Brax said

"Who's kid did you think you gettin rid of Darryl?" Bingo asked

Brax looked shocked

"And there it is" Bingo smiled

"What do you want?" Brax asked

"Oh I just wanna meet my kid" bingo told him "you see you're track him down, just so you remember he'd be 16 by now"

"If I do will you leave" Brax asked

Bingo smiled

"Jealous much Darryl?" Bingo asked

"I just don't like threats" Brax replied

"Neither do I" Bingo told him


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Bingo walked along the beach when he saw Roo and Alf walking the other way

He smiled at her he thought whoever she was with didn't look as friendly.

"Hey, how was the van?" She asked

"A beds a bed" he replied "nah, really it was great, thanks again" he added

They both smiled at each other which Alf noticed and he wasn't happy about it.

"Any with your son" Roo asked

"No, I have someone helping me with that though" he replied

"That's great" she said looking him up and down

"Hey" Ricky called

"Can't you leave Brax alone, he hates the fact that your here" she said angrily at Bingo

"What?" He replied

"I saw you two this morning, it was like you were taunting him" she said

"What you saw was Brax offering to help look for my son" he replied "our son" he added

"Why would he do that?" Ricky asked

"Because he clearly knows it'll make you happy, i think it's the only thing he and I agree on"

"What if our sons happy where he is, do you really wanna take away from him" she said

He looked at her for a moment

"You know where he is" Bingo finally said

"He's safe and he's happy. That's all you need to know" Ricky told him

"You are the most..." He started to say something but stopped himself

He took a deep breath and went to say something else but didn't

"I love you, Erica, I don't why but I do, and that's what kills me" he told her and started to walk away

Ricky turned to Roo and Alf.

"I'm sorry you had to whiteness that" she said

"Oh, don't worry about it" Roo told her

Ricky watched Bingo sit down in the sand in the distance

"Excuse me" she to Alf and Roo and walked over to him

"I love you, too" she said standing beside him

He looked up at her and frowned

"What?" He asked

"I always have, and probably always will" she told him

"But nothing can happen between us, we both need to move on" she told him

"Love sucks, hey" he replied

"And as for our son, I think it'll only hurt him to find out about us" she said resting her head on his shoulder

He rested his head against hers

"Sorry that I took your life away" she finally said

"I don't blame you" he said


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Bingo knocked on Roo's front door

"Oh hey" she said noticing he was only wearing a pair of tight jeans torn a the knees, god could he get any hotter she though

"Hey listen I just wanna apologise for this morning you should've had to have seen that" he told her

"That's fine, so Ricky's your ex" she replied

"You know her?" He asked

"She dating a Braxton, everyone in the bay knows that family" Roo told him

"Right" he replied

"Oh, I'm sorry" she said realising he stopped smiling

"It's cool, we made an agreement to move on" he said

"What about your son?" She asked

"I dunno, don't think I'm ready to give up on him yet"


Ricky walked into the flat

"Hey" she said

"So how was ya little love session with ya ex?" He asked

"What?" Ricky asked

"Saw you two together on the beach"

"It wasn't what you think" she snapped angry that he had jumped to conclusions

"You told him you loved him" Brax snapped back

"I do" she told him

"I will always love him" she added

Brax grabbed his keys and headed towards the door

"Where are you going?" She asked

"Clear my head" he snapped


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