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Time To Bring Back Libby... For Good?

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Interesting article and thanks for sharing it!

I can certainly understand why some Neighbours fans are eager to see Libby return on a full-time basis especially with her connection to Karl and Susan as their daughter but I think the days of bringing back Libby on a full-time basis are long gone for the time being. She was a full-time character between 2007 to 2011 and she was heavily involved in the show as her marriage with Dan made up the forefront of the show along with their eventual breakup and of course Steph's downfall in 2010 revolved largely around Libby and Dan again at that time. Anyway what I'm saying is I'm not sure how the writers and producers could utilise Libby effectively without seeming repetitive in the types of storylines that she may have.

One thing to take into account is that Libby was a big character during the Susan Bower era and we know what many viewers think of Susan's time of the show so maybe new producers and writers may re-invent Libby's character and make her an interesting character again. She seemed to become stale as a character especially after her and Dan split up and divorced.

I wouldn't be against bringing back Libby on a full-time basis but I do feel like we've already gone down that path once in 2007 and I'm not sure if it would work again in the future without seeming repetitive for her. On the one upside for Libby is that Ben has been SORAS'ed and is therefore more likely to be involved in storylines more prominently which in turn could make her more involved as well.

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While the article made a few good points, on the whole I disagreed with it strongly and it mostly came across as someone wishing it was still 1994.I actually found the Karl/Summer/Natasha dynamic very watchable and, although it came to a natural end when the girls left, I found moving Susan back in was a safe and unimaginative move and making her headmistress again with no mention of the criminal record that caused her to give it up was even more safe and unimaginative.So what's the safest, least imaginative move they could have next?Have Libby move back in with them too.I was against moving Libby back into No.28 when she broke up with Dan, it felt like a backward step in a character who'd outgrown living with her parents, especially when she had a family of her own.As someone of the same age, I can't even imagine living with my parents again.Karl and Susan have a tendency to still treat Libby like a child and Libby has a tendency to act like one around them.If they wanted to do something decent with Karl and Susan, they should have had Karl beat Paul in the election and explore the new dynamic of that, rather than looking for more ways to have characters fill the same stock roles.

Libby didn't progress very well at all during her previous stint, ending up filling the same stickybeak role that Susan and often Sonya fill these days, and I don't see her bringing anything different to the current show.Despite a few flaws, her most recent stint was about the right length, letting her leave without wearing out her welcome.Having her return would just turn her into another tired character, as the rather unimaginative list of storyline possibilities the article showed demonstrated.(Marrying a Canning?Really?No doubt he'd leave a year or so later and the black widow would claim another victim.There are some characters who really should stop getting married because it's getting ridiculous.)And I find it slightly amusing that a lot of people don't seem to have noticed Ben was the same age as he was during his previous stint, he just looked old enough to be Libby's younger brother.

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Greeting although I been off forums here for awhile I check now and then and found this topic of interest.

I agree with you that Kym could return for guest stops now and then, The days of having her back full time has passed.

I know fans had mixed feelings about her return.

Like many of you I would love to go back to the old days and Bower been really treated as a villain by many yet having inside Info I know she tried to do a lot of god things and she did some characters wrong and others she couldn't beg to stay?

Yes they things they can always do with old characters as long as you don't treat them like fools or destroy them like Dan Ex Bipolar wife.

Breaking her and dan up and ruining the steph/Libby friendship kind of said something.

Ill take up for Bower on certain issues and IF things had been better Dan and Libby would have been Ramsey Street It couple and had his Ex as a yearly visitor?

As I told someone on another forum Libby return depends on the ratings IF they improved during her visit she can make the case she helps the show if they didn't then the show can say its time to move on?

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