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Dangerous Life (Re-Post)

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Story Title: Dangerous Life (Re-Post)
Type: M/L
Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Casey, Kyle, Heath, Bianca, Ricky
BTTB Rating: T
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Family, Drama
Spoilers: No
Warnings: Sexual Content, Language, Violence
Summary: Their loved ones are alive being held captive by a man, a dangerous man. One woman comes to the bay and suddenly the Braxton boys lives are in turmoil, they are suddenly enlightened to how bad their brothers life was. Can they get back those they lost?



Authors Note: I do NOT own Home and Away! All credit to the writers.



The italics are memories for the past!
This is a repost as I've changed later chapters and added other chapters as well as details. Enjoy!



Chapter One:

"You ain't my son!"

The words of his biological father echoed in his mind as he looked down at his adoptive father, Mason, he was leaning back in his black leather chair, stroking his chin as he accessed the girl in front of him.

"Why should I even consider a child, your child?" The voice of his adoptive father was stern, it was filled with authority but a low tone that sounded threatening, it was always there.

"She's young, innocent, she will do anything to please" The father was older, John, he stood a least a foot away from his daughter, he held a small hat in his hands and refused to let his eyes leave the oak desk.

"Daddy!" She was frightened, it could be heard in her tone, could be seen in her actions, the way she shifted but her eyes never left the side of her father's face.

Mason leaned forward in his chair and evaluated her reaction. "What is your name, child?"

She glanced at him startled at his the sound of his voice. "Lexi" She stammered, Mason glared.

"Full name?"

She trembled with fear under his gaze. "Alexis Grace"

"Fitting" Mason mused as he turned to look at his son. "What do you think?"

"Now I suddenly get a say?"

"Don't be ungrateful, do you think you can work with her? Tame her"

He rolled his eyes as he stepped out from the shadows, walking towards her, he watched as she tensed and held her breath. He stood in front of her and slid his smooth fingers under her chin and lifted until her eyes met his.


Lexi's voice was soft when she spoke. "Sixteen"

He raised an eyebrow as he raked his eyes over her body. "She's not legal"

"I'll make the arrangements, it won't be a problem" Mason told his son firmly as he picked up the phone.

"I suppose she'll do, Father" He let her go and turned to leave the office, he didn't want to marry, he didn't want to live the life he had.

He knew his father wouldn't understand, his father would call him ungrateful. He wasn't, they had given him the best of everything life had to offer, but what he truly wanted was to meet his biological brothers, to be a part of their world.
He'd kept track of them over the years, they were well known to the police, well known to the law community.
He wanted that life, the life of freedom, not the one he had, the life where he was forced to do this adoptive fathers bidding. Forced to obey, to do right because his father held people that were precious to his brothers, he kept them hidden, made his brothers think they were dead.

They would have been, if he didn't do as his father ordered.

He hadn't quiet closed the door when he heard his father's voice once more. "Where are you going?! Take her with you" Mason's voice was booming and he shuttered as he glanced back into the room.

"Come" He tried to be stern, like his father was with his mother, it would be the only way to please the old man.

Alexis kept her eyes on her father as she walked towards the door. "I hate you daddy"

"Teach her manners" Mason hissed at his son, he simply nodded as he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the office, shutting the door firmly.

"Watch how you speak around my father"

"Why? I don't want this! I don't want to marry you" Lexi told him angrily, it only made him sigh.

He knew if she continued down the path with an attitude it would anger his father, Mason's temper was one he didn't wish on anyone, the punishments that man dealt out were horrible.
He pulled her quickly up the stairs and into his large bedroom.

"I'm only going to relay this once; my father is a hard man, a dangerous man. I am his son" He stated it slowly and she looked at him with wide eyes. "This means he expects me to act like him, I'm going to say this very slowly, you play by my rules and I don't hurt you, you don't then I'm going to have to make sure you do otherwise you have to deal with my father"


"Don't! If my father finds out you don't do as you're told, that you speak like that to me, he willhe will find a way to make you listen; you don't want to know how. So I am going to say this once, listen to me, don't speak like that around my father, around my family, keep your manners in check, understand?"

Alexis nodded slowly to show her understanding; the way her hands quivered showed him she was too scared to do otherwise. "Yes"


Kyle woke up with a start, breathing heavily as he bolted upright running a hand through his thick brown hair.
He didn't understand why he was suddenly dreaming of his past, he'd lived it once, he didn't need to again.


Hearing Brax's brought him back into the moment as he tried to shake the memory away, he hated what he was doing in Summerbay, he was escaping from his father but also doing his bidding in hopes of keeping those his brothers loved safe.
He knew his father wouldn't hurt them as long as he did as order, as long as he played his role as the son of Mason Bennett.

"Kyle! You got work" Brax thundered and Kyle frowned.

Running his restaurant was what he meant, Kyle did find his brothers interesting, he classed them as family but they didn't see him that way, they saw him as a convenience, he was there to run to the restaurant and follow their orders.

Following orders seemed to be his life.


"Alright! I'm coming" Kyle shouted as he laid back and sighed, closing his eyes once again.


Kyle stood up from the living room couch as his father's most trusted men came through the door, William carrying a woman's body.

His father wasn't far behind as he smiled sadistically, Kyle frowned as he glanced at the woman running his eyes over her, he wondered where he had seen her before.


"You seem to be incapable of following orders, she is here to ensure that you do, don't want to cause your brothers any pain now do you?" Mason taunted.

"You sick bastard" Lexi's voice rang out from behind Kyle on the couch; he simply turned and glared at her before his father had a chance to do something.

"Shut it Alexis" Kyle chastised and Lexi frowned as she stared at the woman with wide innocent eyes.

"Do something about your wife, son, or I will have to"

"Don't concern yourself with her father, Alexis won't be a problem" Kyle ensured his father, as he grabbed Lexi and pulled her towards him, his hand gripped hers painfully reminding her to be silent, his father had been hounding him for the past month to rain her in.

"Good, I do hope she learns to behave soon. I will not tolerate her bringing shame to our family name" Mason told him as he motioned for William to take the woman away. "Here"

Kyle took the file from his father's hand, discreetly pushing Alexis behind him as he did.

"Everything you need to know about the woman, you'll make sure she is comfortable, but you don't follow orders Kyle and I'll make it my business to bring a world of pain onto your brothers" Mason said as he turned for the stairs. "After all she means everything to one of them"


Authors Note: Please Review! Let me know what you think, worth continuing?

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Sorry but I'm abit confused. Does this mean you won't be posting any more chapters in the original thread for this story?

No sorry, I posted a chapter on my original thread and then got writers block. By going back and changing the chapter I then begun to write more and proceed to write another 5 chapters which I will post on this thread :)

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Chapter Two:

Brax groaned when he heard the knocking at the front door, rolling off Ricky, he couldn’t help but poked her lightly in the stomach as she grinned at him.

“That person isn’t going away” Ricky teased and Brax swore under his breath as he stood up and pulled on his board shorts, Ricky just smirked as she followed his lead and slipped on a robe and followed him into the lounge room.

Opening the door they saw a brunette woman with her back to the them, she had long dark brown hair that was flowing down to the mid of her back, dressed well in a black maxi dress with black strappy sandals, a clutch in her hand.

“Can I help you?” Brax’s voice was soft as he noticed the way she startled and spun around to face him.

“Uh…I’m looking for Kyle”

Brax glanced at Ricky as she came into view; the girl was no more than nineteen and looked quiet freaked out.

“Who are you?” Ricky asked kindly and she noticed the girl shift nervously.

“Alexis, Alexis Bennett” Lexi answered politely, Brax and Ricky shared a look.

“Sister?” Brax asked and Lexi shook her head, holding her hand out to show off the diamond ring.


“Your Kyle’s wife?” Brax asked suspiciously and Alexis glanced at him.

“Yes Sir, I am” Lexi answered and Ricky raised an eyebrow as she heard her address Brax.

“Why don’t you come in, I’m sure Kyle will be home soon, he’s working” Ricky said and Lexi nodded slightly as Brax held the door open.

“How old are you?” Brax asked and Alexis glanced up as she slid onto a dining chair across from Ricky.

“I just turned nineteen”

“You got married young then, Kyle has been here a year. Did you get married right on eighteen?” Ricky asked as she glanced at Brax. “Make coffee, would you like a cup?” Ricky asked and Alexis shook her head.

“No, thank-you” Lexi said glancing at Brax before turning back to Ricky. “It’s a rather long story”

“Oh, how long have you known Kyle?” Ricky asked and Alexis grimaced slightly.

“Since I was sixteen, three years”

“Quick marriage then” Brax observed, Alexis smiled slightly; she knew this was going to happen, had been warned that they would ask questions.

“Hey guys” Casey called as he entered the house with Heath and Bianca, carrying pizza.

“Who that?” Heath asked and they stepped closer and Alexis looked up from the table feeling slightly uncomfortable.

“I’m Alexis”

“She’s Kyle’s wife” Brax offered them, enjoying the disbelieving looks on their faces.

Heath scoffed as he opened the pizza box. “Kyle’s married? Damn”

“You’re married to that psycho?” Casey asked and Brax hit him over the back of the head causing Alexis to flinch.

“Thought you settled your differences?” Brax asked and Casey held up his hands in surrender.

“We have, doesn’t mean I can’t tease”

“So, how come we haven’t seen you around?” Bianca asked nicely as she sat down on the table smiling as she took a slice of pizza. “Would you like one?”

“I shouldn’t” Alexis said politely refusing. “I’ve been living in the city with his parents; it would be why you haven’t seen me”

“His parents? You mean they are alive?” Brax asked and Lexi paused, looking at him with confusion.

“Very much alive” Alexis confirmed and Brax looked at his brothers.

“How come we ain’t ever heard of them?” Heath asked and Lexi glanced over her shoulder at him.

“Kyle doesn’t like to talk about them” Lexi offered as the front door slammed, nobody missed her reaction, the way she jumped in her seat.

“I see you haven’t learnt anything” Kyle observed as he walked into the kitchen chucking his jacket on the beach, he didn’t look at her. “You know Alexis, a year with my dad I thought you would have learnt something” Kyle commented as he turned around and advanced towards her, leaning down he gripped both sides of her chair, he didn’t bother to look at his family.

“Kyle” Ricky called, it was clear she thought he was going to do something to her, but he simply kissed Alexis’s cheek.

“Don’t talk about matters that don’t concern you, understand?” Kyle asked and Alexis nodded. “Good” Kyle said as he pulled back and grabbed a piece of pizza. “Let’s go” Kyle told her as he watched her stand up.

“Hold up!” Brax shouted making everyone freeze. “You’re married?”

“How come you never told us about your family?”

“What are you hiding Kyle?”

Kyle stared at him, rubbing a hand across his forehead. “See what happens when you can’t abide by rules!” Kyle chided, Alexis just smiled weakly.

“Your father sent me”

“Do I look like I care?” Kyle snapped and Alexis flinched as he pulled out a chair and sat down. “Get out of here, third door on the right”

Lexi sighed but turned around and left the room, Kyle simply groaned as he leaned back.


“It’s none of your business Brax” Kyle told him and Brax rubbed his head.

“Not my business, what the hell was that just then? Treat her like she’s your property” Brax accused him and Kyle glared at him.

“You think I like that? You all think I like that?” Kyle asked as he looked at each of them individually. “I do that so she doesn’t have to deal with my father, you have no idea what he would do if he saw her speaking about matters that aren’t her concern, about my business” Kyle said as he looked at Brax. “If I had it my way I wouldn’t even be married. Now keep out of it” Kyle said firmly as he stood up and headed towards his bedroom slamming the door behind him.


Kyle glanced up as his father entered his office without knocking; the angry expression on his face was enough to let Kyle know that something was wrong with Mason.

“What happened father?”

“What happened? Your stupid wife is what happened, if I lose my business deal with Japan…” Mason threatened and Kyle internally cursed.

They’d been married nearly six months and according to his father he was failing to tame her, she was constantly getting into his father’s business.

“I’ve told you once Kyle, if you can’t make her behave, I will. I won’t have word getting out to our rivals that shame is coming to my family”

Kyle knew what his father was threatening, he’d witnessed his old man with his mother, it was horrible, he vowed to save Alexis from that fate. “I’ll deal with it, what did she do?”

“What didn’t she do…make her pay Kyle”

“I got it, father, she’ll be in your office soon apologizing” Kyle promised as Mason left.

Kyle banged his fist on his desk as he alerted the housekeeper to find his wife, he’d been able to avoid it for six months, he didn’t want to punish her, but he’d seen his mother bloody, he’d seen her bruised, so he wouldn’t let his father deal with it.

“You wanted to see me”

Kyle shook his head and motioned to the door. “Close it, come here” He watched as she did as instructed, she had no problem following his direction but his father was another topic. “We’ve avoided this so far Lexi but you went too far, my father takes pride in his business”

“I didn’t…”

“I am not finished” Kyle told her loudly, enforcing his authority. “Now I have to deal with you, you want to know what my father does to my mother if she disobeys him, he beats her. He’s the ****ing mafia, Alexis. He always gets what he wants; if you push him much more I won’t be able to protect you”

“Kyle I…”

“I have to punish you, you can’t go around ruining his business deals, I have lives depending on me. A woman…a little boy…a little girl” Kyle informed her and Alexis nodded sadly.

“I know”

“Then stop pulling your stupid stunts” Kyle growled at her and Lexi nodded.


“No Lexi not okay, yes sir, say it”

Lexi trembled but looked him in the eye. “Yes Sir”

“Better, god, you’re going to get yourself killed” Kyle grumbled, he wouldn’t put it past his father. “Now, how am I going to do this?”

“You don’t have to”

“I don’t have to? Alexis, are you insane? You can’t get out of this one, my father will make them pay if I don’t man up” Kyle grunted as he banged his fist against the table. “Come here”

He saw the way she trembled as she moved towards his, her face white as she stood in front of him, eyes wide with fear.

“It’s meant to hurt but I’m only doing this so father won’t kill anyone, I vowed to protect you Lexi, I’m stuck in a position”

“I know, it’s okay Kyle, I’d rather you then him” Lexi said shuttering with fear at the mention of his father and Kyle sighed as he tugged on her hand pulling her face down over his lap.

Kyle lead her towards his father’s office, holding her hand in his; he could see the tears flowing down her cheeks. Kyle tried not to be swayed, he couldn’t be, his father had to believe he did what was needed.

“Father” Kyle called knocking on the door.

“Come in”

“Apologize and then I’ll take you upstairs for a warm bath and then we will go out for dinner” Kyle told her as he leaned down and kissed her forehead, Lexi smiled weakly as they entered the office.

“Ahh, I see you dealt with the problem”

Kyle looked down and nudged her and Lexi glanced up at the man sitting behind the desk. “I’m sorry for my behaviour; I hope I haven’t ruined your chances with Japan, Mr Bennett”


Alexis recoiled as she looked up to meet Kyle’s gaze, it was clear he was angry as he leaned against the back of the bedroom door.

“What are you doing here Lexi?”

“Your father sent me, he wants a progress report but you’ve been dodging his calls” Alexis said quietly and Kyle chuckled.

“I’m aware, couldn’t wait, could he. How are they?” Kyle asked and Lexi smiled slightly.

“Their fine” Lexi told him. “He wants me to stay for now, wants you to remember who you are. I’m here so you do, I’m at your disposal again” Lexi grumbled and Kyle frowned.

“Watch it! Father wants you here so I suppose you’re staying, which is ****ing fantastic” Kyle said as he smacked the desk sending cds crashing to the floor, it made a large bang. “How’s he been treating you?”

“You’ve made it clear only you deal with me in a physical manner, he accepted it. He hit me twice, I reminded him, and he hasn’t since. In saying that, he wants you to make sure I know my place”

“Twice is too many” Kyle said as he glanced down at her. “Alexis, it’s better for you if you behave and follow my lead. I don’t like punishing you, got it?” Kyle asked and Lexi gave a slight smile.

“Yes Sir”

Kyle cracked a slight grin. “Let’s go, my father wants an update, I’ll give him one” Kyle said as he held out his hand. “Come, and keep your mouth shut, alright?”


Authors Note: Please Review! Let me know what you think

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Chapter Three:

Kyle stood outside the guest house, his hand gripping Alexis's as he thought about the first time he entered the place. He hated seeing her so broken, but some of the fight was there, just buried.

It was the first time he saw her, the first time Alexis had been allowed a friend, the first time he had made his own decision, the decision to protect her.


Kyle walked through the door ignoring the two guys guarding the door. He wasn't surprised to see her sitting on the bed crying, her eyes red.

He didn't approach her; he stayed on the far side of the room waiting for her to speak.

"What do you want from me? Who are you?"

He could tell by her tone that she was afraid, he felt sorry for her, she was usually a strong character from what he knew from the file.

"I'm Kyle"

"Why am I here?"

"You're here because you are Darryl's love interest. Aren't you Charlie?" Kyle asked, she frowned, her back straightening upright.

"How do you know that? Who the hell are you people?" Charlie's voice was loud and he immediately walked over to the bed, his steps were loud and large, it quietened her enough just watching him advance.

"Shh. I'm not going to hurt you, okay?" Kyle asked and she nodded, her facial expression showed she wasn't convinced. "I'm going to tell you something's and you have to keep them to yourself, in return I will protect you. Understand?"


"My name, my birth name, is Kyle Braxton"

Her face was full of shock but she was shaking her head slightly.

"No. No! There is only three brothers" Charlie said firmly, Kyle just stared at her for a minute, he saw the bruise forming on the side of her face and he sighed.

"I'm their half brother, I was put up for adoption hence why I am here" Kyle told her and Charlie's unbelieving facial expression didn't change. "My father, you met him, yes?"

"Well he gave me this, so I suppose that classifies as meeting him" Charlie said brushing her fingers along her cheek.

"He won't touch you again" Kyle promised as a knock came from the door. "What?!"

The door opened to reveal Alexis; she was standing holding the door handle, looking at him weakly.

"Need something babe?"

"I heard you were home" Alexis said softly, he'd been gone a week on business, a long week for her being stuck in a house with his father.

"Shut the door" Kyle told her as he turned back to Charlie, she was watching them curiously. "Charlie, this is my wife Alexis"

"You're not old enough to be married" Charlie exclaimed and Kyle smirked slightly at Alexis's bright red face.

"My father made arrangements. Come here Lexi" Kyle ordered, she moved quickly and was by his side in a moment. "Charlie, where does Brax think you are?"

"I don't knowdead I think" Charlie muttered, tears were springing to her eyes again and Lexi huffed.


"Alexis!" Kyle reprimanded, the girl was driving him insane. "If I hear another word like that out of your mouth, I'll have to punish you. If father hears you calling him such names he will be furious"

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry" Alexis sighed, shifting from foot to foot as he watched her.

Finally he nodded. "Good"

"You don't own her" Charlie told him firmly and Lexi rolled her eyes.

"According to Mr Bennett he does, Kyle and I have an understanding Charlie, whatever you hear him say to me, do to me is only for my protection. If Mr Bennett thought Kyle wasn't doing what was expect the consequences would be unthinkable"

"I don't understand, who is your father? What does he expect from you?" Charlie asked frustrated.

"My father" Kyle paused to find the words. "My father is part of a criminal organisation, high end, basically untouchable because nothing traces back to himI'm being groomed to take over from himAlexis is my wife, she was chosen for me"


Alexis shrugged as she made herself comfortable on the bed. "He means I was chosen because I was innocent, young, native and his father thought I would be easy to tame"

"He was wrong" Charlie observed and Kyle scoffed.

"She's gonna get me murdered one day at this rate, doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut"

"I try, I really try Kyle" Alexis muttered and Kyle smirked.

"He'll kill you?" Charlie asked suddenly frightened for not only her safety but his as well.

"Who knows, my job is to keep you two safe" Kyle told her and Alexis giggled. "Be quiet, I'm still deciding what to do with you"

"Over what?" Lexi asked suddenly straightening up, an emotion Charlie couldn't place passing through her eyes.

"Am I mistaken or did I hear you have been sneaking around the compound grounds without your bodyguard, you know how father feels about that and I know you've been lurking around here, waiting to see Charlie" Kyle mused and Alexis huffed under her breath.

"I'm sorry, forgive me?" Alexis asked innocently as she battered her eyelashes, Kyle chuckled.

"Oh I'll forgive you, once I figure out what do to with you" Kyle told her as his phone beeped. "I have to see father" He sighed as he checked it. "Come on Lexi"

"Can I stay, I'll keep Charlie company" Lexi pleaded as she glanced up at Kyle, a pout on her lips.

Kyle sighed as he reached over and put his slim fingers under her chin gripping lightly and pulling her chin down to release the pout. "I'll come and get you after my meeting with father, don't pout Alexis, you're not a child"

"Technically she is" Charlie added and Kyle glanced at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You're going to be interesting to have around" Kyle mused and Charlie frowned.

"I want to go home"

"You willI'll find a way to get you home" Kyle promised as he squeezed her hand lightly, before he turned and gave Lexi a pointed look. "I'll be back then you and I are going to talk"

"I said I was sorry"

"What have I told you?"

"Sorry doesn't cut it" Alexis grumbled and Kyle nodded.

"Babe, you know how father is" Kyle said as he leaned down and kissed her head. "Behave, I'll be back soon"


She was just an innocent bystander who got caught up in his father's war against the Braxton's. Unlocking the guest house he walked inside only to be greet by silence, followed by a loud giggling laugh, Kyle grinned as he recognized the sound.


"I know, don't speak about where you have been" Lexi muttered and Kyle nodded.

"Speak clearly, Father wouldn't appreciate you muttering" Kyle told her as they headed down the hallway into the living room.

"Uncle Kyle! Uncle Kyle!"

Kyle smiled as a pair of little arms wrapped around his stomach. "Hey little man"

"I'm not little, I'm three an half"

Kyle pretended to whack himself of the head. "How could I forget? You're so big now"

"Auntie Lexi, Uncles being silly"

Lexi knew where the cameras in the house were so she turned her back to them, it kept whoever was watching the feed from reading her lips. "He's always silly" Lexi teased as she scooped him up into her arms.

"Where is your Auntie Charlie?" Kyle asked.

"Upstairs with Ella and Hayde"

"Well let's go see Stella and Hayden, how about it"

"No need, we are here" Charlie said quietly as she entered the room. "Hey Ky, Lexi"

"Uncle Kyle!"

"My little angel" Kyle said as he scooped Stella up into his arms, kissing her cheek.

"I missed you"

"I missed you too, angel"

"Auntie Lexi, why you go away like Uncle?" Hayden asked as he tugged at Alexis's dress. "You no come see me"

Lexi cringed, Kyle didn't know she had been coming to see them often, she was only meant to check on them. "I had to go see your Uncle. I'm back now" Lexi promised as she leaned down and hugged him.

"Squishing me!"

"Me sorry Rocco" Hayden said innocently as he reached around and patted him on the back; Kyle smirked at their behaviour as he walked over and wrapped his arms around Charlie.

"How you been?" Kyle asked as he kissed her head.

"As well as I can be, missed having you around, these kids have been driving me insane. Uncle, Uncle, Uncle all they wanted was Uncle Kyle. Where have you been, it's been a few months, you don't visit as often" Charlie accused.

"I know, father has me away on business. Lexi's been here for you, correct?"

"Yes, but she broke rules to be in here all the time. We all know what happens when rules are broken" Charlie shivered and Kyle gave her a sympathetic look.


"Lexi, please talk to me" Charlie begged as she grabbed Lexi's arm, Lexi looked down at Charlie's hand and sighed.

"I can'tI don't know what I'm allowed to say" Lexi told her.

Charlie frowned. "Why not?! Please, how do I leave? I want to go hometo my family"

"Are you insane, Charlie you are stuck here. Like me. Charlie I tried to leave once and I was caught" Lexi shuttered at the memory. "You're here until Mr Bennett sends you home"

"I can't stay, you don't understand" Charlie looked frantically around the room. "Can I tell you something, can I trust you?"

"Of course, what is it?"

"I have to leave becauseI'm pregnant" Charlie quivered. "Please tell me that I'll be allowed to keep my baby"

Lexi sighed. "I don't know, Charlie. If you are caught, you will never leave their sight again"

"Are you allowed out of their sight?"

"No. hence why I'm in trouble, I have an assigned "Bodyguard" he isn't really a bodyguard, he is just there to make sure I don't do anything stupid"

Charlie gasped. "Isn't that a bit extreme?"

"Not for them it isn't" Lexi told her and Charlie scowled.

"Who are they?"

"The Mafia" Lexi said with a shrug.

"The Mafia? Oh my god, oh my god. What do they want me with me?" Charlie breathed heavily and Lexi sighed as she rested a hand on top of Charlie's.

"Breathe" Lexi commanded as she watched her take deep breaths. "You are Darryl Braxton's love. It means you are of interest"

"Why? What do they want with Brax; please say they won't hurt him"

"No. Kyle is the reason they are safe, you are just here as an insurance policy, Kyle will keep you safe as well"

"I don't understand. Why are you being so cryptic, why is he?"

"ListenKyle has wanted for a long time to be free of this family, free from his father; he wants to be with his brothers. You're here so Kyle is forced to stay; if he leaves Mason will no longer have a use for you so Kyle must protect you for the sake of Brax. If he doesn'twell he'll have no chance to be a part of that family because they'll hate him for leaving you here"

"What's he gonna do to you Lexi? Aren't you scared?"

"Of course I'm scared Charlie, but as long as you follow their rules, you'll be fine. Just be careful"

"What rules?!"

"Remember your manners, don't speak out of turn, and keep your nose out of their business"

"You've broken a lot of rules" Charlie observed and Lexi blushed.


"What happens when you do?"

"I don't want to talk about it"

"Lexi, I want to know"

"I can't Charlie; Kyle's much lighter than his father. He finds creative ways to punish me, most of the time the old fashioned way. His father is more brutal"

"Lexi spit it out, say it"

The door shut loudly and Alexis jumped up from the bed, Kyle just smiled. "Alexis, answering questions is part of life" Kyle told her gently and Lexi nodded.

"She doesn't need to know"

"She does" Kyle grunted as he sat down in a large chair. "I went from a life of one, to three. I have to take care of both of you"

Lexi gave him a soft smile, but Charlie glared. "You're not punishing me"

Kyle gave Lexi a look and she leaned down, putting her mouth close to Charlies ear. "There are cameras, they have people watching, they lip read. Be polite. Trust me when I say you don't want Mr Bennett in here, he's ruthless"

Charlie groaned, as a tear slid down her cheek. "I want to go home"

"I know" Lexi touched her shoulder in comfort.

"Alexis, I have to deal with you" Kyle said as he stood up. "Charlie, someone will bring you food and I will drop by later"

"Can't you stay?" Charlie asked, she really didn't want to be alone.

"I can't, I'll be back. Lexi"

"Okay, okay" Lexi muttered as she walked towards the door, Kyle smacked her firmly on the ass as she walked past causing her to gasp.

Charlie sunk back into her pillows once they left, tears running down her cheeks as she thought of home.


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