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Dangerous Life (Re-Post)

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Chapter Four:

Kyle smiled slightly as he watched Charlie and Lexi lay the children down on the couch covering them with a blanket, he sat at the kitchen table, leaning back in the chair, watching them intently.

He wanted to tell Charlie where he had been, but the thought of getting her hopes up and crushing them seemed to be too harsh. It was something his father would do.

"How long are you back for?"

Charlie's voice pulled him from his thoughts; he glanced up as she slid into a chair across from him.

Kyle smiled sadly. "Just today, I'll try and make it back more frequently" Kyle told her and Charlie nodded slightly.

"They miss their Uncle"

"I miss them" Kyle said as Lexi came to join them, he pulled her down onto his lap knowing the camera would pick the sudden movement, he needed his father to know he was still in charge.

"Kyle" Lexi shrieked at the sudden movement, as she tried to steady herself, Kyle's arms wrapping around her waist.

"Hush. I can guarantee my father is watching" Kyle told her and Lexi sighed in understanding.

"What's he got you doing, Kyle?" Charlie asked and Kyle rubbed a hand through his hair.

"If I could tell you, Charlz, I would" Kyle promised and Charlie nodded sadly.

"Are you at least safe?" Charlie asked and Kyle chuckled.

"Would my father allow anything to happen to his only son?"

Lexi shifted in his lap, muttering something under her breath. Kyle frowned as his grip on her tightened slightly. "Oww, Kyle!"

"Muttering, isn't good form, Lexi" Kyle reprimanded.

A chuckle could be heard, he saw the way Alexis and Charlie froze. "Still got a handle on your wife, son. That's rather reassuring" Mason said as he walked further into the room.

Kyle squeezed Alexis once, reminding her to remain silent. "Isn't that what you want, father?"

"It should be what you want, son" Mason chided lightly as he glanced at Charlie. "Are you going to calm down, now that you've seen him you have no reason to be destructive"

Kyle glanced at Charlie with a raised eyebrow, she looked at him sheepishly, and the once strong cop disappeared in front of Mason Bennett. "He asked you a question" Kyle spoke when Charlie didn't answer, he knew his voice seemed a little harsh but it was nothing compared to what his father would do, he hadn't such tolerance for disrespect.

"Yes, I'm calm" Charlie responded almost immediately, and Kyle nodded as he felt his father's hand on his shoulder.


"I want a report, I haven't heard from you Kyle, I do recall telling you to check in" Mason spoke, his voice was low and Kyle didn't react but he could feel the reaction in Lexi's body and see it in Charlie's.

"I have been rather busy, I have time now" Kyle informed him as he tapped Lexi's hip; she slid off his lap and took a vacant seat. "Your office?"

Mason grumbled as he stormed out of the guest house and Kyle rolled his eyes at his father's dramatic actions.

When the old man wanted something, it was clear he wanted it almost immediately. Kyle couldn't, he didn't want Charlie to hear what he had to say.

Standing up, he kissed Alexis on the top of her head. "Behave"

Lexi shuttered at Kyle's warning. "I always do"

Kyle snickered; she didn't behave, not when it counted. "And Charlie, we will talk about what happened when I was gone" Kyle said and Charlie laughed.

"I had to give him a taste of what I was like before" Charlie told him and Kyle smirked.

"You will be that person again" Kyle promised and Charlie shrugged, it was as though she had resigned to her fate. "Charlie"

"I know, Ky, just leave it, please"

Kyle sighed but nodded. "Alright, I'll be back"


Walking into this father's office, he saw the older man leaning back in his desk chair, whiskey in hand. Kyle couldn't remember a time when his father didn't like to drink, to taste the finest alcohol, the bottles that lined the glass cabinet by the bar.

"A glass?"

"No, thank-you, father" Kyle spoke as he took a seat in the black leather chairs in front of the desk.

"How is it going?"

Kyle sighed. "They don't trust me, sending Alexis didn't help, they now know I'm keeping things from them. You for example"

Mason chuckled. "You didn't tell them about us, your mother shall be disappointed"

"And tell them what, father, you know it isn't simple" Kyle said as he leaned forward in his chair. "I need time; I'm going to have to find a way to explain why I've kept you hidden"

"Then don't keep us hidden, we'll take a day trip" Mason told him and Kyle fought to react, the last thing he wanted was for his father to officially meet his brothers.

"I don't think that's a good idea"

Mason glared. "Well I do, it's settled, your mother and I will schedule a trip for Wednesday"

Kyle nodded, but the rage within his body was evident in his eyes. "Whatever suits, father"

"Alexis, will be staying with you. That girl is trouble" Mason told him firmly and Kyle fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"What has she done father?"

"The question you should be asking yourself is; why does she believe that she can do as pleased" Mason paused as he looked Kyle in the eyes, a deadly expression playing within them. "You need to be harsher"

Kyle glared back, defiantly. "I can handle my wife, father. I'll deal with her as I see fit"

"As you've made it clear to me before, son, just don't go letting her run around Summerbay. I want her on a tight leash"

Kyle felt the disgust at his father's words but nodded. "I understand"

"Well then, I shall see you Wednesday" Mason told him as he turned to his computer, Kyle knew those words were final and he was dismissed.

The most important thing on his mind was how to warn his brothers about his father's arrival, how to refrain them from asking too many questions without raising suspicion.


Kyle knew returning to the house, in the dead of night would cause suspicion in its own way but he was too tired to think about the outcome as he ushered Alexis through the front door.

He'd spent the last few hours, trying to calm Charlie down enough that she wouldn't cause any trouble, a promise that he would return next week seemed to make her more compliant. The children were something else altogether; it took three stories later, a dozen hugs and three special promises before they released him and allowed him to tuck them into bed.

He understood their desire to keep him close; he was the only father figure they had ever known. They wanted him to stay and care for them; at times he knew it would be much easier, much safer.

"Where the hell have you been, Kyle Braxton?"

Kyle felt Alexis jump backwards into him at the sound of Ricky's voice as she and Brax emerged from the hallway.

"I had something to deal with" Kyle muttered as he glanced down at Lexi, rubbing his hands over her arms. "Go on, get to bed babe" Kyle told her and Alexis nodded.


"You've got some explaining to do" Brax told him and Kyle nodded.

"I know, can it wait til morning, I'm tired"

Ricky laughed slightly. "Is that pink texta?" Ricky asked as she tilted his chin to take a look at his next.

"Stella" Kyle grumbled under his breath and Brax raised an eyebrow.

"Another wife of yours?" Brax asked sarcastically and Kyle looked disgusted.

"God no! I don't date kids, Brax" Kyle spat at him as he moved away from Ricky's hand. "I'm going to bed"

Brax turned to Ricky with a raised eyebrow, a dark expression and Ricky sighed. "I know, we'll find out what he's hiding Brax, just leave him for tonight"

"Fine, let's get to bed. Ruby's coming home tomorrow; I'd like to look presentable, instead of dead to the world"

Kyle crawled into bed and pulled Alexis's small frame against his body, he felt her shutter and he dropped a light kiss to her head in comfort. "Sleep baby"

"I'm sorry, Ky"

Kyle sighed. "I know, fathers pissed that you've been causing trouble. I thought I told you to behave"

"You did"

"Lexi, I can't protect you when I'm not there"

Lexi sighed as his grip tightened. "I know. Did you see your mother?"

Kyle shifted uncomfortably. "I caught a glimpse. Fading bruises, it will be why fathers waiting til Wednesday to make his appearance"

Lexi squirmed. "He's coming here? Kyle"

"Stay still and stop your whining" Kyle grumbled as his grip tightened again to enforce his words.

Lexi froze and he released his tight hold. "Sorry, I justI hate him"

Kyle groaned. "Lexi, he's coming, it's not up for discussion. I have to find a way to calm my brothers down before he gets here"

"I know"

"Go to sleep, I'll be here when you wake" Kyle told her gently, reminding her she wasn't alone as that was her greatest fear, him not being there for her.

"Goodnight Ky, I love you"

"I love you too, babe" Kyle whispered against her neck, he remember the first time he ever spoke those words to her.


"I'm sorry"

Kyle hurried up the stairs at the sound of Alexis desperate plea, his eye darkening at the sight of his father towering over his wife, his wife of eight months.

"Sorry? That's all you can say for yourself, you selfish brat"

Kyle cautiously step forward as he saw his father starting to raise his hand. "Father, what is going on?"

Mason spun around at the sound of his son's voice, his eyes dark with anger, face flushed. "I expected you to tame her, you can't then I am going to get rid of her" Mason growled and Kyle's eyes flashed to Lexi who pressed back into the wall, she was terrified and Kyle couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"Alright, father, I'll deal with her" Kyle told him and Mason nodded.

"Make sure you do, I'll find you another wife if you can't keep this one in line"

"I will" Kyle promised and Mason stormed off, Kyle let his eyes linger after his father until his bedroom door slammed. Kyle couldn't help feeling weak at the thought that his mother could be in there, about to deal with his father's anger, he wanted to protect her but he remembered the last time he tried and it made him cringe.

"I'm sorry, Kyle"

Alexis's voice brought his focus back to her. "Come on, let's go to our room" Kyle said as he motioned for her to follow him.

Once they were in the safety of the bedroom Alexis let the tears escape her eyes, and Kyle wrapped his arms around her. "I'm so sorry; I don't want you to hit me"

"I'm not going to slap you" Kyle told her as he rubbed her back, he couldn't bring himself to strike her across the face no matter what she did, he couldn't bring himself to mark her that way.

"Promise?" Alexis whimpered and Kyle nodded as he pulled her over to the bed, sitting her down on his lap he nuzzled her neck affectionately.

"Do you remember what I promised you, baby?"

Lexi nodded slightly. "You are always going to protect me from your father, only punish me when you deem it's unavoidable" Lexi murmured and Kyle nodded.

"That's right. Do you think I have to punish you? Do you think father will know if I don't?" Kyle asked and Lexi let the tears roll down her cheeks.

"He's so angry with me Kyle, I didn't mean to" Lexi cried and Kyle sighed as he hugged her.

"Stop, baby, stop"

"Don't let him kill me" Lexi wailed into Kyle's chest and he felt his grip tighten on her.

"He won't lay a hand on you, your mine" Kyle told her firmly as he pulled her slightly away from his body. "You're going to apologize to him, and you're going to mean it Alexis. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" Lexi responded immediately and Kyle leaned his forehead against hers.

"I love you, I might not say it, but I do" Kyle murmured as he kissed her softly.

"I hate that I love you too" Lexi told him through her tears and Kyle chuckled.

"Come on baby, I have to punish"

"Go light" Lexi begged and Kyle smiled.

"Don't I always?"

"Yeah, you do" Lexi murmured as she kissed him and stood up; he pulled her face down across his lap.

"I love you, Lex"

"I love you too, Ky. I'm really sorry, I made him angry"

Kyle smiled. "I didn't marry you so you could lie down and be treated like a dog, I like your fight Lex, you just have to realise when to stop"


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Chapter Five:

Kyle walked out of the bedroom, down the hall dressed in a pair of dark black denim jeans, black shirt and black globes. He'd had just slipped out of the shower, he was irritated, he didn't know what he was going to do about his father wanting to meet his brothers, what he was going to stay to them to keep them from asking questions.

"You're not working today"

Kyle jumped startled at the sound of Brax's voice and turned to face him, he wasn't surprised to see them all sitting at the table, watching him and waiting for answers.

"Why not?" Kyle asked, but he already knew, it was hard not to.

Brax at him. "We want answers"

Kyle nodded as he opened the fridge and pulled out the carton of orange juice. "I know" Kyle muttered.

"Breakfast is here" Bianca said as she pointed to the table, Kyle glanced over and nodded. "Where's Lexi?"

"Shower" Kyle said as he took the vacant seat at the end of the table, just as Lexi stepped into the room in one of his oversized shirts, Heath scoffed and Kyle glanced over.

"I don't have any clothes, your father was in a hurry to get me here" Lexi said softly and Kyle nodded.

"We'll go shopping later, raid my closet, you'll find something" Kyle told her. Alexis nodded and turned around to leave the room, she barely made a sound, her feet light and Kyle raised an eyebrow as he picked up a piece of toast. "Manners, Lex"

"Thank-you, Ky" Lexi murmured as she slipped into the hallway.

Casey glared at Kyle. "She's not a child"

Kyle glanced at him. "I'm aware; my father would take her not using manners as a sign of disrespect"

"Always do what daddy tells you?" Heath asked and Kyle sighed.

"It's a lot more complicated than you might think, Heath" Kyle said as he held out his hand to Lexi, she returned to the room in his shirt and a pair of white shorts, hers, which surprised him.

"I found them in the back of your drawers, must have got mixed up with your things when you moved" Lexi explained as she slid onto his lap, Kyle nodded as he handed her a piece of toast. Lexi glanced at him, kissing his cheek. "Good morning"

"Morning baby"

"Alright, so how long have you two been married?" Ricky asked and Kyle dropped his hand to Lexi's thigh.

"Three years" Kyle told them and Brax coughed.

"That's not legal, she was whatsixteen?" Brax told him and Kyle glance at him, he knew it wasn't, but his father had friends in high places, as well as her parents signing a waver form made the marriage legal.

"Yes she was, and you can see the papers if you don't believe it" Kyle offered and Bianca held up her hand.

"We believe you, but how?" Bianca asked, it was clear she was confused.

Lexi shifted uncomfortably on Kyle's lap. "My parents agreed to the marriage, thought it was best"

"Best? You were sixteen, who lets a teenager get married?" Brax asked, his voice was loud and Lexi visibly flinched. "Sorry, it's justwe didn't know Kyle was married or that his parents were alive, it's a lot to take in" Brax muttered and Alexis nodded.

"So your mother is married?" Ricky asked and Kyle shook his head.

"I'm adopted"

Heath chuckled. "Do we know you at all?"

"Who the **** are you Kyle?" Brax asked, his voice was low and dangerous.

Kyle frowned as he glanced at Lexi, he wasn't sure what to tell them and what to keep to himself. If his parents who indeed coming to meet them then he knew certain secrets had to be maintained. "I'm one very long story" Kyle muttered and Lexi looked at him.

"We'll let's start with the basic questions" Bianca said and Casey raised his eyebrow.

"She's going all principal on us" Casey teased lightening the mood and everyone let out a small chuckle at the offended look on Bianca's face.

"Shut it, Casey Braxton, this principal/sister in-law, got you through school" Bianca teased and Casey nudged her shoulder. "What are your parents' names Kyle?" Bianca asked and Kyle exhaled.

"Mason and Juliet"

Brax frowned, to him they sounded like proper names. "What are they like?" Brax asked, he followed Bianca's lead but in his mind it sounded easier to pound it outta him. He had let Kyle live in his house but yet he knew nothing about him.

"Uh, my mother is well" Kyle glanced at Lexi and looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Shy" Lexi offered and Kyle nodded.

"My mother is shy, and my father isuhloud" Kyle told them, Ricky looked at Brax; it was clear to them all that Kyle was telling them half a truth. "You'll actually meet them, tomorrow" Kyle said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Their coming here?" Heath asked curiously.

Kyle nodded slightly as he shifted nervously. "Yeah, uhmy father wants to meet you"

"Well I'd like to meet him to" Brax said, he had to admit he was curious about Mason Bennett and why Kyle had kept him a secret, hearing Lexi scoff, made him look up.

Kyle glared at her. "Don't start. We've spoken about this, he's coming, we aren't discussing it Lex, am I understood?"

Lexi blushed as she realised everyone was staring, so she nodded. "Yes"

Brax glared at his younger brother. "Are you going to explain what the hell gives you the right to speak to her like that?" Brax asked sternly and Kyle frowned as he heard his phone ringing from the bedroom, the ringtone he had given his father.

"That's my father, Lex, go and get it" Kyle said as he helped her up. "And try to be polite, I'm not ready for another one of his lectures" Kyle muttered and Lexi raised an eyebrow.

"Hmm, was it you said to me yesterday? Muttering isn't good form" Lexi teased and Kyle smirked, at her smile as she skipped towards the bedroom. "Do you think he'll appreciate me hanging up on him?"

"Alexis" Kyle warned and all he heard was her giggle from the bedroom.

Brax crossed his arms and glared at the brother before him. "Just what makes you so obedient?" Brax asked and Kyle glared at him.

He wouldn't tell them, because he knew if he did then Brax would go after his father and most likely end up dead. "None of your business" Kyle told him as Lexi emerged out of the hallway, her face was flushed as she glared at Kyle. "What now?" Kyle asked exasperated.

"They're at Angelo's"


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Chapter Six:

Kyle held onto Lexi's waist as they walked into Angelo's, to say he was suspicious was an understatement, he knew his father would never change his plans for anything. Kyle knew for Mason to voluntarily travel to Summerbay a day early meant there was something of value that would come from the trip; Kyle just wasn't sure what that was.

"Is that them?" Brax asked as he jerked a thumb to the couple that was seated in a booth, sharing a bottle of the finest champagne Angelo's had.

Kyle nodded nervously. "Uh yeah, listen, just follow my lead. And please don't ask any questions about my childhood" Kyle told them as he glanced down at Alexis, he had asked Brax for some of Ruby's clothes, he couldn't allow Lexi to see his father if she wasn't dressed nicely. It wasn't to say Lexi wanted to see them at all; she was rather adjitated that she had to appear. "Remember the rules, and please behave"

Alexis bit her lip as she nodded slightly. "I will"

Heath nudged Kyle as he stepped forward. "What rules?" He asked curiously.

"Just please do as I've asked" Kyle repeated and Brax could see the slight distress in his younger brothers eyes making him wonder.

"Alright mate, but when we get home you're going to tell us everything" Brax told him, his voice was threatening and Kyle nodded slightly, though he knew he could never tell them what they needed to know.

Approaching the table, Kyle masked his emotions and glanced down at his parents. "Mother, Father" Kyle greeted as he leaned down and kissed his mother's cheek lightly. He noticed the bruises were covered with a layer of makeup and a long sleeved coat, tricks he could remember her using since he was a toddler.

"Kyle, I've missed you" Juliet murmured as she stood up, hugging her son tightly but it didn't last long.

"Juliet, you'll suffocate him"

Kyle glanced at his father as he released his mother from the hug; he knew what the words meant. His father didn't allow hugging of a child, especially of him, Mason had always been afraid it would turn him weak.

Brax noticed the exchange, but didn't say anything as per Kyle's wish. "Have you decided what you want to eat?"

Mason glanced over at him. "You're not getting it for us are you?" Mason asked. "You have your staff for that, yes?"

Brax nodded slightly. "Yes I do, I was just going to take the order" Brax started to say but Mason waved his hand dismissively.

"Sit down, staff is hired for a purpose" Mason instructed.

Brax sighed, running a hand through his hair as he glanced at Ricky. "I can get Lucas" Brax finally agreed. "Excuse me"

"Better" Mason commented as he turned to Kyle. "Shall you introduce your mother and I?"

Kyle involuntarily tightened his grasp on Lexi as he glanced at his brothers. He wasn't sure what his father was playing at as he knew exactly who they were, but he knew better than to argue with his father. "These are my brothers, Heath and Casey, you just spoke to Darryl" Kyle was careful to use proper names, not nicknames. "Heath's wife, Bianca and Erica is Darryl's girlfriend" Kyle introduced as he gestured towards his parents. "My mother Juliet and father Mason"

"Pleasure" Mason said, picking up a menu and briefly scanning it before putting it down. "Pizza is the majority of the menu; do you have anything different perhaps?"

Kyle turned to his father with a frown. "Father, please" Kyle sighed; he knew his father expected the finest things in life but Kyle was certain that he knew he wouldn't get it at Angelo's.

Juliet noticed her son's discomfort, she knew she would pay for speaking but did so anyway. "Mason, treat yourself. You'll enjoy a slice of pizza or perhaps the chicken schnitzel?" Juliet offered.

Mason turned to her, and Kyle noticed the look in his father's eyes. "Juliet"

"Father, the pizza is made fresh by our chef" Kyle said, he hoped by speaking it would cause the obvious discomfort to fade.

Ricky noticed it; she glanced at Kyle and then Mason. "What do you do for a living Mr Bennett?"

Kyle breathed sharply, as he waited to hear how his father would explain the mafia, he'd heard many different descriptions over the years.

"I work in law enforcement" Mason spoke, he never missed a beat.

Ricky smiled. "Law enforcement, interesting. Are you a police officer?"

Mason chuckled lightly. "No, my dear. I simply work in the industry. What do you do for a living, Erica?"

"I help Darryl out here, mostly with the books and I have been made partial owner"

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief when Ricky called him Darryl not Brax, his father didn't care for a name like such.

Mason nodded slightly as he lifted his glass of champagne. "Intriguing. How long have you owned Angelo's, Darryl?"

Kyle glanced at his father, he knew Mason was fishing for information and the more he did, the more questions Brax would have. "Father"

"Darryl is capable of answering a question, Kyle" Mason said sternly, Kyle nodded slightly as he turned his eyes to Brax.

"Close to four years now" Brax answered, he did think it was odd that Mason was asking so many questions, but he was able to put it down to him being curious about his son's family.

"Impressive. I do own a restaurant or is it two restaurants, darling?" Mason asked his wife, Juliet looked away from Alexis.

"Four, dear"

Mason nodded. "That's correct, though I do have staff that take care of them. Do you have someone taking care of this place while you are busy?"

Brax inclined his head towards Heath and Casey. "I have my brothers and there are certain other staff that I trust"

"Your brothers, Heath and Casey, they work here as well?" Mason asked, the distaste could be heard in his voice as he glanced at Kyle, it was clear he didn't like the thought of his son working at Angelo's. "Is it a family business?"

Lexi glanced over at Kyle as she saw him shift in his seat, his father's gaze was heavy and it was clear Kyle was adjitated.

Brax noticed his middle brother's slight discomfort and it confused him slightly. "It was originally mine, then I stated giving shifts to my brothers, so yeah, you could say that"

Mason nodded as he tilted his head in slight respect. "I admire a man that has a foundation, family business is the backbone of a fortune" Mason told him.

Casey nudged Kyle. "You right, bro? You look a little pale there" Casey said quietly as to not attract attention and Kyle nodded.

"Fine" He muttered as he turned to his father. "You weren't due to arrive til tomorrow"

Mason glared for a moment before remembering his surroundings and a mask feel back into place. "You're my son, Kyle, other business can wait"

Kyle knew that Mason's business had always been more important; it caused the tension in the air to rise between the father and son.

Lexi saw what was happening; biting her lip she knew what she said next would land her in trouble. "So, Mr B, you kill anyone lately?" Lexi joked; it was to ease the tension but also to let a secret slip to the brothers in the process.

Brax's eyes widened, enough for Kyle to notice, he kicked Brax and Lexi under the table. Thankful that his father didn't notice Brax's reaction.

Lexi glanced down, her hands folded neatly in her lap; she could feel the anger coming from Kyle as well as Mason.

"Lexi. Outside. Now" Kyle demanded as he stood up, his chair flew back a little.

"That might be a good idea" Mason said, glaring at Kyle, hinting to Kyle that he wanted a bigger punishment for Lexi this time.

Kyle nodded slightly as he pulled Alexis toward the stairs. Brax frowned at the exchange and glanced at Mason, the older man was glaring daggers at his son's wife as she was pushed towards the stairs.

Brax could see he had to say something to ease the tension. "Jokes, sometimes aren't that great. Uh..." Brax turned to look at the family for help.

"How long are you staying in town?" Bianca asked.


Kyle tugged on Alexis's arm as he pulled her down the side of Angelo's, she glanced up at him meekly and he glared.

"I'm sorry"

Kyle shook his head. "You're always ****ing sorry, do you have any idea what you just did in there?" Kyle fought to keep his voice from rising and Lexi stiffened as she leaned against the wall, Kyle moved forward and placed his hands on either side of her, trapping her between him and the wall. "He's going to be furious, you're damn lucky we aren't in the comfort of his home" Kyle whispered lowly and Lexi nodded.

"I'm sorry, Ky" Lexi whispered as she hung her head, he groaned.

Kyle had to admit, it was the first time he had been beyond angry with Lexi, in a few words she had leaked a rather important secret to his brother, he was thankful Brax had been the only one to take any notice.

"Sorry, isn't good enough Lexi, that was outright dangerous. Father, doesn't like his private life being exposed" Kyle said as he lifted her chin with his smooth fingers. "What are we going to do about this?"


Mason looked at Bianca, allowing any emotions of anger towards Alexis to fall behind the mask. "Not too long, we just wanted to see Kyle"

"So, not a long visit then?" Casey spoke.

"No, not this time"

"A shame" Brax murmured, he was undecided if he wanted them to stay, it was clear there was a lot of secrecy regarding the family.

Mason nodded slightly. "Perhaps we'll stay the night as well" Mason said as he glanced at Juliet.

Brax followed his gaze and saw the worried look in her eyes, the fear that held them as she stared at the entrance of Angelo's, it was obvious that was waiting for Kyle and Lexi to return.

They emerged moments later, Kyle was firmly guiding Lexi towards the table, her face flushed, it was evident that tears had been falling, but she didn't make a sound as she slid into the chair beside Brax.

"What are we talking about?" Kyle asked gruffly as he rested his hand on Lexi's thigh and squeezed, Brax glanced down when he noticed her back stiffen.

"We were discussing how long your mother and I were going to be staying for?" Mason answered as he met Kyle's gaze.

"Uhhow long are you going to be staying for?" Kyle asked nervously and Mason smirked slightly.

"The night, shall we do dinner together?"

"Of course, whatever suits, father" Kyle spoke cautiously.

Brax glanced at Ricky for help; he didn't partially want Kyle alone with Mason until he worked out what was going on, he wanted more information.

"Dinner at our house?" Ricky offered.

Mason glanced at her. "Thank-you for the invitation, Erica, but I might decline this time"

Juliet looked away from Lexi, her eyes portraying an emotion unknown to most. "Don't be ungrateful, Mason, of course we accept" Juliet spoke softly; the family was shocked at the way Kyle when ridged in his seat, Brax noticed his grasp on Lexi's leg had tightened considerably.

"I can cook your favourite" Lexi offered and Mason nodded stiffly.

"See that you do, Alexis" Mason responded sharply.

"She will, won't you Lexi?" Kyle asked, Heath kicked his brother at the forceful sound of Kyle's words, it was clear he was ordering her to.

"Yes" Lexi said softly.

Brax frowned at the exchange as food was delivered to the table; everyone took interest in the plates in front of them, instead of the conversation until Mason spoke.

"Kyle, I trust you took care of the issue" Mason said referring to Lexi.

Kyle looked over at his father as he lifted the slice of pizza from his plate. "Yes"

"Mrs Bennett, what do you do career wise?" Bianca asked and Lexi giggled slightly, Kyle went to kick her under the table but mistakenly got Brax who glared at him.

"Dad, Ricky"

Brax glanced up to see Ruby making her way over to the table, smiling brightly. Kyle's eyes flashed to his father, Mason wore a sly grin and Kyle physically felt sick. It was evident why his father had come to the bay; the reason was making their way to the table.



Authors Note: Please Review!

The next chapter is a continuation, hope you enjoyed this.

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