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Sailor Moon in Summer Bay


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Story Title: Sailor Moon in Summer Bay
Type of story: Long Fic.
Main Characters: Serena Tsukino (Sailor Moon), Amy Anderson (Sailor Mercury), Raye Hino (Sailor Mars), Lita Kino (Sailor Jupiter), Mina Aino (Sailor Venus), Darien Shields (Tuxedo Mask) and 1992 H&A Cast.
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Comedy-Drama and Adventure
Does story include spoilers No spoilers.
Any warnings: Violence and mild language
Summary: The Sailor Scouts arrive in Summer Bay for a well-earned holiday, but their plans for relaxation are soon cut short when Summer Bay becomes the target of the evil Negaverse. Will the Sailor Scouts be able to save Summer Bay from evil?

Episode 1

At Crossroads Junior High, Serena Tsukino is reading a comic book in her class when her teacher Miss Haruna approaches her.

Miss Haruna: Serena!

*Serena looks around fast*

Serena: Uh, uh. Yes, Miss H? *giggles slowly*

Miss Haruna: Is that a comic book you are reading? *glares at Serena*

Serena: Um, you see...

Miss Haruna: Oh, Serena! I understand that this is the last day of school, but you must concentrate.

*Miss Haruna walks back to her desk as Serena resumes reading her comic book. Serena's best friend, Molly Baker notices this.*

Molly: Hey Serena. Got any plans for the school holidays?

Serena: Nothing much, I guess.

Molly: Mom and I are going to Hong Kong. You should come with us.

Serena: I don't know...

Molly: Come on. You'll enjoy yourself.

Serena: I'll think it over.

*the bell rings*

Miss Haruna: That's the final class for the day. Enjoy your summer break. See you guys in September.

*Serena and her classmates leave the room and head to the hallway*

(Outside, Amy Anderson and Lita Kino are waiting for Serena to show up.)

Amy: I just hope Serena hasn't got herself detention.

Lita: On the last day of school? You've got to be kidding.

*They notice Serena come out*

Serena: Hey guys!
*Serena races over to Amy and Lita, only to fall over in the process*

Serena: Ow! That really hurt. *starts to cry*

Amy: Serena, Mina contacted me on the communicator. She said we had to meet at her house urgently.

*Serena stops crying*

Serena: Right! Let's go!

Serena, Amy and Lita arrive at Mina's house a few minutes later.

Mina: Hey girls. Raye's on her way.

Serena: At least I'm not late for a change.

Amy: Don't start. *to Mina* What did you want to tell us, Mina?

Mina: I'm going to wait for Raye to come.

Lita: Just tell us now.

Serena: Yeah, Mina. Tell us.

Mina: Well...

*Before Mina can continue, Raye arrives with Luna*

Raye: Nice going, Serena! Leave poor Luna at the temple like that!

Serena: It wasn't my fault!

Amy: Stop arguing please. *to Mina* Go on, Mina.

Mina: Well, I was thinking that we should have a holiday.

Raye: What kind of holiday?

Luna: Girls, what about the Negaverse? Surely, you can't abandon your duties as Sailor Scouts.

Lita: Let's face it, Luna. Our victory over Queen Beryl has left us tired and in need of a holiday.

Serena: I know just the place! Las Vegas!

*Raye looks annoyed*

Raye: You only want to go there because they have a casino!

*Serena growls at Raye*

Amy: How about Switzerland?

Lita: Or France?

Mina: I was thinking of going to Australia.

Serena: Australia? *in an Aussie accent* G'day mate! How would you like a Vegemite sandwich?
*Serena, Amy, Mina and Lita crack up laughing. Raye just gives Serena a strange look.*

Raye: Why Australia?

Mina: I hear they've got great beaches over there.

Amy: Where will we be staying?

Mina: In a town called Summer Bay, New South Wales.

Serena: When do we leave? When do we leave?

Luna: Calm down, Serena.

Mina: Tomorrow morning.

Lita: But we haven't even got tickets for our plane.

Mina: Yes, we do. Dad bought them in advance.

*Artemis, Mina's cat, looks down*

Artemis: Oh great! It looks like we're going inside a cat cage, Luna.

Luna: Don't remind me, Artemis. *looks annoyed*

Raye: That means I have to pack all my things.

Luna: Sailor Scouts, take your equipment with you in case of an emergency.

Artemis: Luna's right. The Negaverse might follow us here.

Sailor Scouts: Got it!

That night, Serena finishes packing her suitcases before getting ready for bed.

Serena: That's it. Everything is packed for tomorrow.

Luna: *sarcastically* I'm surprised you to got everything.

Serena: And what's THAT supposed to mean, Luna?!?

Luna: Nothing, Serena. *yawns*

Serena: You know, I'm awfully tired myself. We should go to bed.

*Luna looks at the clock*

Luna: But Serena, it's 9 o'clock?

Serena: So, I'm going to bed early for a change. Good night, Luna.

*Serena turns away from Luna and goes to sleep*

Luna: *to herself* I just hope Serena doesn't screw up on our holiday. *sighs*


- The Sailor Scouts make a quick detour to Sydney before they arrive in Summer Bay


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Serena: "Today on Sailor Moon, my friends and I leave our hometown bound for Australia. We decide to make a quick detour to Sydney and visit the popular tourist spots before heading to Summer Bay. However, Raye and Mina get into trouble with a group of bikers outside a club and it's up to me, Amy and Lita to save them. Stay right there and watch what happens."

*Sailor Moon theme song plays*

Episode 2

First thing on Saturday morning, Serena and her friends arrive at the Haneda Airport waiting for their plane to arrive.

Serena: Oh, this is so exciting! I can't believe we're going to Australia!

Amy: Where are we getting off at?

Mina: We're heading to Sydney. I was thinking that we could do a little sightseeing before we headed to Summer Bay.

Raye: I hear the bridge in Sydney overlooks the ocean.

Amy: You must be talking about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Raye.

Raye: I sure am.

Lita: I hope there are hot guys in Australia.

Serena: *in an Aussie accent* I don't know, Lita. You'll have to wait and see, mate.

*Raye rolls her eyes as Serena cracks up laughing*

Lita: You are too funny, Serena.

Raye: More like immature. *smirks at Serena*


Amy: Don't start. We're supposed to be on holidays.

Serena/Raye: HMPH!

*Serena and Raye turn away from each other angrily*

Mina: I wonder what time it is over in Sydney.

Amy: According to my computer research, we are one hour behind Australia.

Lita: Sounds cool!

*Serena looks at the arrival/departure screen*

Serena: Come on girls. Our plane should be departing in three minutes.

Luna: Can they at least let us out of this cage?

Artemis: It stinks in here.

Serena: Quiet, Luna!

*Luna hisses angrily*

Raye: I see the plane.

*The Sailor Scouts go through the departure gate*

Woman: Excuse me? Who own the two cats?

Serena: I own the black cat.

Mina: And I own the white cat.

Woman: We'll put them in the carriage for you.

Mina: Thanks.

*The girls board the plane. Serena sits next Amy, Lita next to Raye and Mina sits in front of them at a window seat*

Pilot: (on speaker) Good morning passengers. Flight 490 from Tokyo to Sydney is now due to depart.

*The plane takes off*

When Serena and her friends get off the plane at Sydney Airport, it's 12:35pm (Australian Time)

Serena: What a boring flight.

Raye: Well, you're snoring didn't help matters, Serena.



Lita: Someone give me an aspirin.

Amy: I'm with you on that one. *to Serena and Raye* Now stop arguing please!

Mina: What can we do now?

Amy: According to my computer research, there are two train terminals that take us to the city.

Mina: The International and Domestic Airport stations! Well, we're on the International terminal. Let's take the train from that platform.

All: Right!

*The girls get on Platform 1 of the train station*

Raye: It's so isolated.

Lita; Tell me about, Raye.

Serena: Here comes the train!

*The train pulls up and the girls get on it*

Raye: Hey! I thought this train was packed!

Mina: I think it's not so busy on the weekends.

*Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina (along with Luna and Artemis in their cages) go to the top carriage and sit down*

Serena: The seats are so comfy.

Mina: Nothing like the trains back home.

Amy: Which station are we getting off at, Mina?

Mina: We're getting off at Central.

All: Cool!

*The train moves*

Serena: So, did you watch that new romance movie?

Amy: I was too busy preparing for my final exams.

Raye: It was so boring.

Lita: I sat through it twice. I cried both times.

Raye: Lita, that is so you!

*The girls start laughing*

(When they arrive at Central railway station, Serena and the girls make their way through the crowd.)

Serena: Talk about crowd control.

Raye: We have to find a hotel to stay the night.

Mina: I thought we were catching the bus to Summer Bay. I'm confused.

Raye: Well, with all the sightseeing that we're going to do, I thought we would stay the night at a hotel because we would so tired when we have finished taking photos and everything.

Serena: Good point, Raye.

Amy: We have to find a cheap hotel. We're on a tight budget, remember?

Lita: Amy's right. We don't have much money.

Serena: I'm sure Raye can arrange something for us. *smirks at Raye*

*Raye glares at Serena before sticking out her tongue*

After touring the whole of Sydney that afternoon, Serena and the girls arrive back at their motel room exhausted.

Serena: That was fun, but tiring at the same time.

Luna: At least I got out of that stupid cage!

Artemis: The town is so great. It's got heaps of things to offer. But remember Sailor Scouts, the Negaverse might come chasing after us, so be on high alert.

Mina: Why don't we go out to dinner tonight?

Raye; Actually, I was thinking that we should all go to a nightclub.

Amy: Raye, you can't be serious!

Raye: Come on, Amy. You only live once.

Amy: *looking annoyed* Don't play the YOLO card with me, Raye. I'm not going to some dangerous nightclub.

Lita: Come on, Amy. It'll be fun.

Serena: I'm not sure about this...

Raye: Don't be such a wimp, Serena! Oh wait! You are! *laughs*

Mina: Knock it off, Raye.

*Raye smiles*

Raye: So, who wants to go to a nightclub?

Serena: We might as well give it a try.

*Amy and Mina look unsure but they nod their heads in agreement*

Luna: Artemis and I are coming too. For security purposes of course.

Lita: Cool! Let's go!

(That night, Serena and her friends arrive at the Gypsy Nightclub)

Raye: I can't wait for it!

Lita: Me neither.
*Amy looks nervous*

Serena: Amy, are you all right?

Raye: She'll be fine.

Serena: I wasn't talking to you! *to Amy* Stay with me.

Amy: Will do.

Mina: I might stay with you and Lita, Raye.

Raye: Good idea. Let's leave Amy with the crybaby. *laughs*


Amy: We are in a nightclub, don't start arguing now!

*Raye, Lita and Mina walk away*

Amy: This is too crowded for my liking.

Serena: So many bright lights.

*Two women laugh and point at Serena*

Woman 1: Her hair looks like meatballs!

Woman 2: Hey meatball head!

*Serena becomes incensed!*


Woman 2: What's the matter, meatball head? Did we hurt your feelings?

*As the women laugh, Lita storms over to them*

Lita: Is there a problem here?

Woman 1: And who are you? *looks at Lita in disgust*

Lita: Leave my friends alone! Got it?!?

Woman 1: Whatever loser!

*The women walk away*

Lita: You okay?

Amy: Lita, stay with us please.

Lita: I will.

*Lita sits with Serena and Amy*

(Later that evening, Raye and Mina are having trouble with some bikies outside the nightclub)

Bikie 1: Come on sweetheart. You know you want it.

Mina: You are disgusting! Get away from us you creeps!

Bikie 2: Now, now. That's not being friendly.

Raye: Leave us alone!

*The bikies make noises on their bikes as Raye and Mina look terrified as it's 5 people against 2*

(Back inside...)

Serena: I can sense trouble.

Lita: I think Raye and Mina are in danger.

Amy: Quick. Let's transform.

*Serena, Amy and Lita leave the nightclub*



*Amy and Lita transform into Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter respectively*

Sailor Jupiter: Let's go.

*Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter go to find Raye and Mina*

Luna: Serena, transform into Sailor Moon!

Serena: Right! MOON PRISM POWER!

*Serena transforms into Sailor Moon*

Bikie 4: So, what's the answer going to be?

Sailor Moon: Hold it right there gentlemen!

Bikie 2: Who said that?!?

*Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter appear on the roof*

Sailor Moon: I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice!

Sailor Mercury: And I am Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Jupiter is the name!

Sailor Moon: We will right wrongs and triumph over evil and on behalf of the Moon...

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter!

Sailor Mercury: And Mercury...

Bikie 1: *sarcastically* Nice speech.

*The bikies notice that Raye and Mina are gone*

Bikie 3: OI! Where'd they go?

Sailor Venus: Looking for us?

*The bikies look up to see Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus*

Sailor Mars: Prepare to suffer the wrath of the Sailor Scouts! MARS FIRE IGNITE!

*Sailor Mars unleashes her attack on the bikies*



*Both attacks startle the bikies*

Bikie 1: CHASE THEM!

*As the bikies chase them, Sailor Mercury launches her attack*


Bikie 4: I can't see!

Sailor Mars: Sailor Moon, use your tiara on those losers!

Sailor Moon: Got it!

*Sailor Moon takes her tiara off which becomes a disk*


*The tiara slashes the bikies tyres*

Bikies: OH NO!

*The bikies run off screaming*

Sailor Moon: Moon dusted!

Luna: Great job Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Mars: I don't think I'll go to a nightclub anytime soon.

Sailor Venus: Me neither.

The next morning, Serena and the rest of the girls are at the bus terminal waiting for a bus to take them to Summer Bay

Raye: Despite that incident at the nightclub last night, I really enjoyed it here in Sydney.

Mina: Same here.

Lita: What colour is the bus that goes to Summer Bay?

Amy: I think it's like a normal bus.

Serena: Here it comes!

*The bus bound for Summer Bay arrives*

Luna: The bus is here.

*Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, Luna and Artemis board the bus*

Serena: Summer Bay here we come!

*The girls cheer*


- The Sailor Scouts arrive in Summer Bay and meet some of the locals


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Serena: "Today on Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts and I finally arrive in Summer Bay. We get to meet some of the locals and see what this town has to offer. However, the Negaverse send out a monster in order to avenge Queen Beryl's death. Will the monster become moon dust? Stay right there and I'll show you.

*Sailor Moon theme song plays*

Episode 3

Serena and the girls are on the bus bound for Summer Bay.

Serena: *singing* Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight. Never running from a real fight.

Raye: *to Lita* Serena sings like a broken record.

Lita: She's been singing since we left the bus terminal. I think she sounds great.

Serena: *singing* She is the one on whom we can depend. She is the one named Sailor...

Luna: Serena, lower your voice. No one on the bus wants to hear that atrocious singing of yours.

Serena: Be quiet, Luna!

Raye: At last! I gotta say that you are one terrible singer, Serena. *smirks*

Serena: Keep your opinions to yourself, Raye!

Amy: Don't start arguing on the bus please!

Mina: Give me a headache tablet. *sighs*

*Serena and Raye stick their tongues out at each other*

Amy: Will they ever stop arguing?

Lita: I guess not.

(An hour later, they finally arrive in Summer Bay.)

Mina: Here we are girls.

Serena: Summer Bay.

*The girls get off the bus*

Raye: Eww! What did I step in?!

*Raye takes her left shoe off and sees she's stepped on dog faeces*

Raye: YUCK!

*Serena and Mina start giggling*


Amy: Have we got everything?

Lita: I think so.

Mina: We've got our belongings. Now, if only I knew where the youth hostel is located in this town.

Serena: Are you telling me that you don't know where the youth hostel even is?

Mina: Chill Serena. I can find it.

Raye: Talk about a worrywart. *laughs*

Amy: Raye, that's enough. Don't wind Serena up.

*Raye scowls*

Lita: I think it's located near the RSL.

Serena: Let's go.

*Serena and the girls head off to the youth hostel*

In a dark place called the Negaverse, Zoycite is plotting her revenge against the Sailor Scouts.

Zoycite: Those Sailor brats have murdered Queen Beryl! Now that I have been resurrected, I will avenge Queen Beryl's death and destroy those Sailor brats once and for all! But first...

*Zoycite closes her eyes and raises her hands in the air*

Zoycite: I, Zoycite, would like to bring back Jedite back. I wish to break the Eternal Sleep spell that Queen Beryl used on Jedite. Please answer me, Negaforce!

*A few seconds later, a loud noise can be heard*

Zoycite: It's working!

*Jedite becomes unfrozen and awakens from his Eternal Sleep spell*

Jedite: What happened? Where am I?

Zoycite: Jedite, I have broken the spell cast on you by Queen Beryl.

Jedite: Where is that bitch?!

Zoycite: She was killed by Sailor Moon and her pathetic Sailor Scouts. Now Jedite. A reliable source is telling me that they have left their hometown for a holiday in Australia. I want you to send out a monster that can suck the energy out of them.

Jedite: Got it, Zoycite.

Zoycite: That is all. You may proceed with your plan.

(Meanwhile, Serena and her friends have arrived at the Summer Bay youth hostel)

Serena: We made it at last!

Lita: Aww! This place has bunk beds!

Artemis: Most of these places do, Lita.

Raye: I call top bunk!

Serena: No, I want the top bunk!

Raye: Too bad meatball head!

Luna: Another argument. What bliss! *sighs*

Amy: Girls, don't start!

Mina: Yeah, let's not spoil our holiday.

Voice: Excuse me?

Girls: Huh?

*The Sailor Scouts turn around to find a long brown haired girl standing at the doorway*

Amy: Can we help you?

Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm sharing this room with you.

Lita: Oh cool! We have a roommate.

Sarah: What are your names?

Serena: I'm Serena.

Amy: I'm Amy.

Raye: I'm Raye.

Lita: I'm Lita.

Mina: And I'm Mina. And these cats over there are Luna and Artemis.

Sarah: My what adorable kittens.

*Luna purrs*

Serena: Say, we were about to go out and meet the locals. Did you want to come with us?

Sarah: No thanks. I think I'll stay here and watch TV.

Lita: Suit yourself. Come on girls.

*Serena and the girls leave*

Sarah: Ha, ha, ha! Those Sailor Scouts are history! *smirks*

Serena and her friends are having some food at the Bayside Diner.

*Serena is eating her food quickly*

Raye: Serena, you eat like a pig!

Lita: You must be real hungry, Serena.

Luna: Serena always eats like a slob.

Serena: *mumbling* I do not!

Raye: And swallow your food too. We don't want to see what's inside your mouth!

Mina: Leave her alone, Raye.

Amy: Yes, Raye. Leave Serena alone.

*Raye scowls*

Serena: This food is delicious!

*Irene Roberts hears this*

Irene: Thanks love. I cooked all that food for you and your friends.

Lita: Man, that was good food.

*Irene smiles*

Irene: You can also thank Ailsa Stewart and Bobby Simpson, who happen to work here as well.

Serena: Tell them Serena Tsukino and her friends say thank you.

Irene: Will do love.

*Irene heads into the kitchen*

Raye: She's such a nice lady.

Serena: She sure is.

(When they have finished eating, the Sailor Scouts decide to go for a walk.)

Lita: What did you think of Sarah?

Luna: I could feel strange vibes coming from her. I think she's from the Negaverse.

Serena: Luna, you say that about everyone.

Luna: Trust me Serena. Sarah's bad news.

Voice: Bad news, am I? *cackles*

Amy: That's Sarah!

*The Sailor Scouts turn to look at "Sarah", who happens to be a monster from the Negaverse!*

Dark Witch: Wrong! My name is the Dark Witch! Sarah was just a disguise!

Serena: But I thought Queen Beryl was dead?

Dark Witch: You incompetent Sailor brat! Zoycite and Jedite have been resurrected and are now a fighting force to get rid of you Sailor brats! Meet me on the beach at midnight! I will collect the energy from you brats and avenge Queen Beryl! *laughs evilly*

Serena: We will punish you!

Dark Witch: Bye Sailor brats! *laughs evilly*

*The Dark Witch leaves*

Artemis: Sailor Scouts, you have a huge fight on your hands. Are you ready?

Sailor Scouts: Yes!

At midnight, the Sailor Scouts arrive at the beach to confront the Dark Witch.

Amy: Where is she?

Luna: This could be a trap, Sailor Scouts.
*Suddenly, the Dark Witch appears*

Dark Witch: Prepare to be blown away, Sailor brats!

*The Dark Witch throws a hurricane at the girls, which blow them away*

Serena: Ugh! Now you've done it!

Luna: It's time for Sailor Moon!


*Serena begins to transform into Sailor Moon*


*Amy begins to transform into Sailor Mercury*


*Raye begins to transform into Sailor Mars*


*Lita begins to transform into Sailor Jupiter*


*Mina begins to transform into Sailor Venus*

Sailor Moon: I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice!

Sailor Mercury: I am Sailor Mercury!

Sailor Mars: I am Sailor Mars!

Sailor Jupiter: I am Sailor Jupiter!
Sailor Venus: And I am Sailor Venus!

All: Together, we're the Sailor Scouts!

Dark Witch: How touching! It's a shame I'm going to destroy all of you!

Sailor Moon: Think again, Dark Witch! We will right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you!

Dark Witch: Enjoy being zapped, Sailor Moon!

*The Dark Witch zaps Sailor Moon!*

Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Moon!

*Sailor Jupiter prepares to attack*


*The attack has no effect Dark Witch*

Sailor Jupiter: It didn't work!

Dark Witch: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm resistant to lighting and water!

Sailor Venus: Let me try! VENUS CRESCENT BEAM SMASH!

*The attack hits the Dark Witch perfectly*

Dark Witch: ARGH! That's it, Sailor brat! You're gone.

Sailor Mercury: Not on my watch! MERCURY BUBBLES....BLAST!!!

*The Dark Witch begins to get flustered*


Sailor Mars: Sailor Moon, let's defeat this evil witch!

Sailor Moon: Got it!

*Sailor Moon takes her tiara off which becomes a disk*



*The disk soon becomes dark red*

Dark Witch: NOOOOO!!!!

*The Dark Witch soon dies from the attack*

Sailor Moon: Moon dust!

Sailor Jupiter: If Zoycite and Jedite want to unleash more monsters, let them! The Sailor Scouts will destroy them all!

*The Sailor Scouts high five*

The next morning, Serena and the girls are in their room at the youth hostel.

Serena: I hope we're prepared for Zoycite and Jedite's next attack.

Luna: We definitely will be prepared, Serena.

Raye: Let's just hope that you don't screw up.

*Serena growls at Raye*

Molly: Hey you guys.

Amy: Molly?

Molly: The one and only.

Serena: I thought you were going to Hong Kong.

Molly: Mom decided to let me spend it here with my friends. That is if it's okay with you guys.

Lita: Totally!

Mina: At least we've got another friend joining us.

Serena: We have to show you around town, Molly. You're going to love it.

*Molly smiles*

Raye: Let's just hope it's not another nightclub.

Luna: Not the nightclub story again, Raye. That was too much.

*Raye laughs weakly*


- As Molly settles in, the Sailor Scouts receive word that a thief is on the loose in Summer Bay


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