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  1. Episode 29 May 29, 1985 On Wednesday morning, Anahera is hanging out with her friends outside the quad before roll call. Anahera: I need help guys. Leo: Help with what, Ana? Anahera: I’m going to find Jordan, but I need help in case Mum and that welfare lady find out. Jennifer: What do you want us to do? Anahera: I’ve already got Michael and Grace onside. I want you guys to make out that we’re going to the city for the day. Jennifer: Well, I doubt that a bunch of Year 7 students like us would be allowed to go into the city. Leo: Not if we’re in a big group. *Brigitte enters* Brigitte: What are we talking about? Anahera: Hey, Brigitte. I’m glad you’re here. Brigitte: I’m glad. *laughs* Anahera: No, I’m serious. I’m going to find Jordan and I’m going to do it this Saturday. Leo: What time shall we meet at Yabbie Creek station? Anahera: 8:30 in the morning. So, you’re in, Leo? Leo: Sure am. Brigitte: Count me in too. Anahera: Jen? Jennifer: Yeah, I’ll come as well. Anahera: I need to let Shirley know as well, but she’s got the flu. Jennifer: I’ll let her know this afternoon. I have to take her some butter menthols anyway. Anahera: I appreciate this, guys. *they all hug Anahera* That afternoon, Bonnie is on her lunch break when she overhears Grace and Jennifer talking about the situation with Anahera at the milk bar. Jennifer: Ana seems more happier than she was last week. Grace: I agree with you, Jen. She really needs our support right now. Jennifer: I’m just glad that all of us are going with her to find Jordan. Seeing them reunited will bring tears to my eyes. Grace: Oh, please. I can’t bear any waterworks. *laughs* *Bonnie has a shocked look on her face as she takes a bite of her sandwich* Jennifer: I’ll phone Shirley tonight and let her know what’s going on. Grace: Good idea. We can’t keep her in the dark. *Bonnie leaves the milk bar with her sandwich in hand!* Bonnie: *to herself* Oh my god, Anahera. (When Anahera arrives home from school later, she’s surprised to find Bonnie standing out the front) Anahera: Bonnie, what are you doing here Bonnie: Anahera, you are taking a huge risk going with your friends to find Jordan. *Anahera does a double take* Anahera: How did you… Bonnie: I happened to overhear your friends talking about it while I was at the milk bar on my lunch break. Now, we have to think about this properly. Anahera: I will be finding Jordan on Saturday Bonnie: I’ll come with you. Anahera: But Bonnie: You have to be realistic, Anahera. I will be accompanying you and your friends for your own safety. Anahera: I suppose you have a point. *Anahera sees Moana walking from a distance* Anahera: Oh no! Mum’s on her way home. Quick! You better go. Bonnie: What time Saturday? Anahera: 8:30. Bonnie: See you then. *Bonnie gets in her car and drives off* Anahera: That was close! NEXT TIME - Anahera lies to Moana - Bonnie decides to get a measure of revenge on Miss Talbot WHEN YABBIE CREEK HIGH: ANAHERA’S STORY CONTINUES
  2. Episode 28 When Anahera returns home that afternoon, she finds Moana standing in the kitchen smirking at her. Moana: Did you really think that you were going to get over the top of me, Anahera?! Anahera: I just want to know where Jordan is. He’s MY brother after all! Moana: I’m not telling you s*** and you thought that the nice welfare lady was going to tell where Jordan is? FAT CHANCE! *laughs* Anahera: You’re a bitch! You and that Miss Talbot are in cahoots! Moana: Accept the fact that you’ll never see your brother again! Now, I’m going out and don’t you DARE leave this house! *As Moana leaves the house, Anahera smirks!* Anahera: I got your number, Mummy Dearest! *Soon the phone rings* Anahera: Hello? Bonnie: Anahera, it’s Bonnie. I’ve just managed to get the info on where Jordan is. Anahera: So soon? Wow! That’s awesome! Bonnie: The address is 39 Yalta Street, Sadleir. Anahera: Thank you so much, Bonnie. I really appreciate it. Bonnie: No worries. I’ll arrange for us to meet up with Jordan sometime this weekend. Anahera: Thanks again. *Anahera hangs up the phone before smiling to herself* Anahera: Sucked in, Mum! Meanwhile at the FACs office in Yabbie Creek, Bonnie is working on the computer when Miss Talbot walks over to her. Miss Talbot: Miss Hacking, were you on the phone to Anahera Brown just now?! Bonnie: *lying* No, Miss Talbot. I was talking to another woman named Anahera. Miss Talbot: I see. Let me make this perfectly clear, Bonnie Hacking! Anahera Brown is NOT to be told the whereabouts of her brother, Jordan! That was a request from their mother and I intend on keeping it private! Do we understand each other?! Bonnie: Yes, Donna! Miss Talbot: Good! Now, I’ll let you get back to your work. *As Miss Talbot walks off, Bonnie pulls a sarcastic face behind her back!* Bonnie: Tyrant! (Anahera meets up with Grace and Michael to inform them of the latest development regarding Jordan) Michael: Ana, that’s fantastic! Anahera: I’m so happy! I finally get to reunite with Jordan! Grace: How are you going to pull it off and not let that bitch find out? Anahera: I have a plan, but I need to get some people on board. Michael: Well, you can count me in. I’ll do anything to help you. Grace: Count me in too, Ana. Anahera: I just have to get Shirley, Jen and Leo onside as well. Grace: I could ask Brigitte. Anahera: Get her in on the idea as well. We’ll meet at the Yabbie Creek train station at 8:30 on Saturday morning. Michael: We’ll say we’re going to the city for a day out. Anahera: Just what I was going to suggest. *smiles* *Michael and Grace hug Anahera* NEXT TIME - Leo, Jennifer and Brigitte agree to help Anahera - When Bonnie gets word that Anahera is going with her friends to find Jordan, she decides to accompany them WHEN YABBIE CREEK HIGH: ANAHERA’S STORY CONTINUES
  3. Episode 16 Blanche arrives home with Sue. Blanche: This is my house, Sue. Sue: It looks very nice. Blanche: I’m glad you think so. Sue: No, really. I think it’s very nice. *Blanche smiles* Sue: Where are your roommates? Blanche: They should be home soon. *Sophia arrives home at this point and notices Sue* Sophia: What is this? Teen Moms Australia? Blanche: Oh, Sophia! *to Sue* Don’t take any notice of that little old lady. Sophia: Little? At least I’m wise like Yoda from Star Wars. *Sophia walks away* Sue: She always like that? Blanche: Once you get to know Sophia, you’ll discover that she’s a sweet lady deep down. *Dorothy enters* Dorothy: Great news! Alison Patterson has left town! Blanche: Really? What happened? Dorothy: She’s going to be living with her Aunt in Armidale. Blanche: Good riddance! That girl was nothing but a troublemaking little bitch. Summer Bay is well rid of nasty people like her! *Dorothy notices Sue staring at her* Dorothy: And who are you? Sue: Sue Carter. Dorothy: I’m Dorothy Zbornak. *they shake hands* Blanche: Dorothy, Sue will be staying with us for a while. Dorothy: Blanche, where is she going to sleep? Blanche: She insisted on sleeping on the couch. Dorothy: That will not be happening, Blanche. *to Sue* Sue, you can sleep in my room. Sue: Are you sure? Dorothy: No problem. I’ll sleep with Ma in her room. Sue: Thank you, Dorothy. *Rose enters* Rose: Can you believe the nerve of that Alison Patterson? Blanche: Oh, what’s she done now?! *rolls her eyes* Rose: She wanted to buy a cappuccino from the store and I refused to serve her after the way she treated Dorothy. She then gave me an attitude and stormed out! Blanche: Rude bitch! Dorothy: How about we go out for dinner tonight? Rose: What's the occasion? Dorothy: *sarcastically* To celebrate the release of 'Beaches', Rose! Blanche: You know I actually don't feel like cooking myself. Why don't we go down to the RSL and have dinner there? Rose: That's a great idea, Blanche. Dorothy: Ah, I just realized that I forgot to get the milk. I'll be right back. *leaves* Sue: Are you women like sisters or something? Blanche: I guess you could say that. *smiles* Rose: I’m Rose Nylund by the way. Sue: Sue Carter. *smiles* At the general store, Judith and Alyce are hanging out when Helen storms over to them. Helen: Well, I hope you girls are proud of yourselves! Alyce: I’m sorry? Helen: You girls were meant to be Alison’s friends and yet you threw her under the bus to that wrench from the Education Department, causing her to get expelled from Summer Bay High! Judith: Alison brought this on herself, Mrs Patterson! She’s nothing but a mean, disrespectful bitch! Helen: You….you….YOU! *Helen slaps Judith as Dorothy enters!* Dorothy: What the hell is going on here?! Helen: Mind your bloody business, Zbornak! Dorothy: I will not! How dare you slap a minor! Helen: But… Dorothy: OH BUT, BUT, BUT! IF YOU SAY ‘BUT’ ONE MORE TIME, I’LL PERSONALLY THROW YOU OUT THAT DOOR! UNDERSTOOD?! *Helen just nods her head* Dorothy: I think I now know why Alison behaves the way she does! Like mother, like daughter! *Helen looks flabbergasted as Judith and Alyce try not to laugh!* Helen: How…but…uh… Dorothy: Just go home and accept the fact that you have a troublemaking bitch for a daughter! *Helen leaves the shop in a hurry!* Alyce: You sure told her, Mrs Zbornak! Dorothy: You girls, alright? Judith: We’re fine. Thanks for sticking up for us, Mrs Z. Dorothy: No problem. *Dorothy leaves Judith and Alyce to it before going over to the fridge and getting the milk* COMING SOON - The girls have dinner at the RSL - Sue has a row with her mother over the phone, which sees Blanche tell Mrs Carter off! - Dorothy wins the respect amongst the Summer Bay High students STAY TUNED
  4. Blake said that Karen had married an accountant and started a family.
  5. Episode 30 The next morning is Friday and today is the day Sandra gets ready to leave Summer Bay to start a new life in Newcastle. First, she’s signing off from Summer Bay High Donald: I’m saddened to see you leave, Sandra. You’ve been a great asset to the school community. Sandra: Thank you very much, Donald. Donald: I hope Merewether High welcomes you with open arms. Sandra: I’ve really come to like the students at this school. Just a shame that Hannah Francis and Melanie Holmes are no longer with us. Donald: They’ll be remembered always. Sandra: I bet Pam and Joanne are suffering in prison. All I can say to that is good riddance to bad rubbish. Donald: Good luck. *extends his hand* *Sandra shakes it* Sandra: Thanks again. (After signing out of Summer Bay High for the final time, Sandra makes her way to the Bayside Diner) Ailsa: Ah, Sandra. I thought I missed you. Sandra: I thought I’d come and say goodbye to you, Ailsa. I mean, I wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye to the woman that helped me find a foster home when Mum was killed. Ailsa: Make sure to always stay in contact. Sandra: Always. *smiles* *Ailsa and Sandra hug as Blake and Karen enter* Karen: There she is. Blake: Karen and I wanted to give you these. *Blake hands Sandra a bunch of flowers* Sandra: Oh, they’re beautiful! Thank you so much. Karen: Good luck in Newcastle. Blake: We’re going to miss you heaps. *Sandra hugs Blake* Sandra: I’ll miss you guys as well. *Sandra then hugs Karen* (Later, Sandra finds Sarah outside the Surf Club) Sarah: Just the person I wanted to see. Sandra: Sarah, I’m so glad that you decided to go back to school. Sarah: I just want to say thanks for always believing in me. If it wasn’t for you exposing Pam and Joanne and changing Fisher’s mind, I’d probably still be expelled from Summer Bay High. Sandra: My pleasure. *smiles* Sarah: I’ll miss you. Sandra: And I’ll miss you too, Sarah. Now, come give us a hug. *Sarah and Sandra hug* That afternoon, Sandra puts her suitcases into the boot of Lynn’s car. Sandra: Well, I guess this is it. Irene: Now have you got everything, darl? Sandra: Yes, I’ve got everything I have. *smiles* Irene: Remember that you’re always welcome here anytime, Sandy. Sandra: Thanks for everything, Irene. Irene: My pleasure, love. *Sandra and Irene hug and kiss on the cheek* Sandra: I’ll call you when I get to Newcastle. If another woman answers, that’ll be Nickie, my cousin. Irene: Got it. Lynn: We better get a move on, Sandy. Sandra: Okay, Lynn. *to Irene* I’ll always love you like a mother. Same goes for Ailsa as well. Irene: Good luck in Newcastle, love. *Sandra gets in the passenger’s seat and waves at Irene before Lynn drives away* Irene: I’m really going to miss her. *As Irene goes inside, she hears the phone ring and answers it* Irene: Hello? Yes, this is Irene Roberts. May I ask who’s calling? *Irene looks shocked* Irene: Really? Well, thanks for letting me know. Okay, bye. *hangs up* *Daniella and August return home from the Surf Club at that moment* Daniella: We’re home, Irene. Irene: Oh, that’s nice. *Daniella and August can tell something’s wrong* August: Irene, what’s wrong? Irene: I just had a phone call from Blackmoor. Pam Wilson hung herself inside her prison cell this morning. *Daniella and August look at each other in shock* (At Yabbie Creek Train Station, Sandra is saying goodbye to Lynn) Lynn: We better stay in touch, Sandy. You’re my best friend. Sandra: We will be best friends forever, Lynn. Just because I’m moving to Newcastle doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch and remain best friends. Lynn: I know that. Sandra: Look after Irene for me. Lynn: I will. *Sandra’s train arrives* Sandra: There’s my train. Lynn: Goodbye, Sandy. *Sandra and Lynn hug* Sandra: Bye, Lynn. When I get settled in, come for a visit. Lynn: For sure. *smiles* *Sandra boards the train before sitting down and looking out the window* Lynn: Take care and I wish you all the best! *Sandra and Lynn wave at each other until the train drives off* Sandra: Here’s to new beginnings, Sandra Barlow. *Sandra holds up her bottle of Pepsi Max before taking a sip of it. She then looks out the window and smiles* THE END Comments
  6. Episode 29 SIDE NOTE: It’s May 13, 1994 Sandra is grading work from her Year 11 students when Luke walks in. Luke: Hello. Sandra: Oh, hi Luke. I didn’t see you come in. Luke: What are you up to? Sandra: I’m just grading some work my Year 11 English class did today. Luke: So, what’s this I hear about you thinking of getting a transfer to a high school in Newcastle? *Sandra gulped* Sandra: Who told you about that? Luke: I overheard Mr Fisher mention it to you. Sandra: I haven’t made a final decision yet. Luke: Why do you want to leave Summer Bay, Sandra? *Sandra sighs* Sandra: I feel like there is nothing for me here anymore. Luke: I see. Sandra: Don’t get me wrong, Luke. You’ve been super cool but, in all honesty, I really don’t want to work at this school anymore after what happened last year with Pam and Joanne. Luke: You don’t have to worry about them anymore. Sandra: I know. I just need some thinking before I make a final decision about my future. Luke: Whatever decision you make, I’ll fully support it. Sandra: Thanks, Luke. *smiles* *Luke smiles back before he walks out of the room, while Sandra resumes grading papers* (Sandra finally makes her decision that night and decides to tell Irene and Lynn about it once they’ve finished eating dinner.) Irene: Are you alright, darl? You seem a bit down. Sandra: I need to talk to you about something important. Lynn: Do tell us, Sandy. Sandra: You know how I got offered a teaching position in Newcastle? *Irene and Lynn both nod their heads* Sandra: Well, I’ve decided to take it. Irene: Oh love, that is great news! I’m really happy for you. Lynn: When do you leave? Sandra: Tomorrow. Lynn: Why so soon? Sandra: The principal at Merewether High wants me to start as soon as possible. I’ll be staying with my cousin Nickie until I get a place of my own. Irene: Well, it’s been great having you here. We’ll miss you, love. *Sandra smiles as tears start to form in her eyes* Sandra: I’ll miss this place too. This was my childhood home until Mum got killed. *Lynn hugs Sandra tight as does Irene* COMING SOON - Sandra farewells Summer Bay for good
  7. Episode 37 The next day (Friday), Stephanie, Tiegan and Casey have taken Nivea out to Pacific Fair in an attempt to cheer her up. Stephanie: We're really sorry that you had to find out about Nathan the hard way, sis. Nivea: Doesn't matter. Tiegan: We care about you heaps, Nivea. Nivea: I know. *smiles* Casey: Don't look now, but look who I see. *They see Nathan and Megan come down the escalator, holding hands* Stephanie: You know what? Let's go. Tiegan: Wait! Where'd Nivea go?! *Nivea storms over to where Nathan and Megan are!* Nathan: Oh hey there, Nivea. Nivea: YOU TWO-TIMING PIECE OF WORK! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WANTED ME TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND YET I FIND OUT THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME! Nathan: Listen... Nivea: YOU USED ME! Megan: Honey, Nathan doesn't love you! He loves ME! Nivea: And you've got a spare tire! *Megan looks aghast!* Megan: How dare you! Nivea: Have fun with that cheap s***, Nathan! I don't want to know you anymore! *Megan ends up grabbing Nivea by the hair!* Megan: Say it again, bitch! I dare you say that again! *Nivea elbows Megan in the stomach before beating her up!* Casey: Nivea! Tiegan: She's not worth it! *Stephanie and Tiegan end up getting Nivea off of Megan, who is now crying* Nivea: And as for you... *Nivea goes over to Nathan and punches him in the nose!* Nivea: You both deserve each other! (Meanwhile, Roxy is at the Carrington Cafe when Tiffany walks in and goes to the front counter) Tiffany: Excuse me?! *A waitress, Kath Livingston, approaches her* Kath: And what do YOU want now, Tiffany?! Tiffany: Raspberry shortcake Kath: We don't have that on the menu! Tiffany: Uh, yes you do! Kath: The raspberry shortcake is no longer available! Tiffany: This is absolute bull! All I wanted was a piece of f****** raspberry shortcake! Kath: WELL WE DON'T HAVE IT! AND EVEN IF WE DID, I WOULDN'T GIVE YOU ANY, YOU JUVENILE DELINQUENT! *Tiffany pushes Kath over, which is the last straw for Roxy!* Roxy: JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! *Tiffany glares at Roxy* Roxy: ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO RASPBERRY SHORTCAKE ON THE MENU! NOW DO US A FAVOUR AND LEAVE! Tiffany: Get nicked, bitch! *Roxy slaps Tiffany!* Roxy: You have until the count of three to leave the premises! ONE! TWO! TWO AND-A-HALF! TWO AND THREE-QUARTERS! Tiffany: Alright, alright. I'm going! Jeez! *walks out* Roxy: *to Kath* Are you okay? Kath: Thanks so much, love. That girl is nothing but trouble! Roxy: You don't say. Later that afternoon, Stephanie and Tiegan phone Pippa and Ian to let them know how they’re going. Pippa: Hi girls. How’s the Gold Coast? Tiegan: We’re having a really great time up here, Pip. We miss you guys so much. Pippa: And we miss you too. Put Steph on. Stephanie: How’s Mum? Is she okay? Pippa: Your mother’s great. She actually went down to the community centre today and is taking up an aerobics class. Stephanie: Oh, good. She can make new friends that way. Pippa: It’s pretty chaotic at the house at the moment, what with Madge Bishop staying and Melissa also staying. Tiegan: Melissa’s staying? That’s great news for Ian. Pippa: I’ll put him on for you. Ian: Hello girls. Having fun up the Gold Coast? Stephanie: You bet we are! Ian: That’s great. Tiegan: So, how’s Melissa been going? Ian: We’ve been taking it slowly, but we’re starting to get along. Tiegan: And how are Cherie and Jeremy? Ian: They’re good. Cherie misses her two foster sisters and Jeremy is trying to find his two brothers. Stephanie: I hope it goes well for him. Ian: Well, we better let you go. Call us tomorrow. Tiegan: We will, Ian. Alright, bye. *They hang up before looking at Nivea, who is watching TV* Stephanie: Nivea, are you okay? Nivea: Yeah, I’m okay. I’m not going to worry about that loser anymore! Tiegan: He’s not worth it. Stephanie: He’ll be sorry because Casey’s telling Amber and everyone in that group not to talk to him. Nivea: All I can say to that is “sucked in, loser”! Tiegan: And we’ll always have your back, girlfriend. *Nivea hugs Stephanie and Tiegan* NEXT TIME ON LIFE AFTER SUMMER BAY - Pippa receives an important phone call, regarding Jeremy - Nivea falls for Aidan Reweti, much to the chagrin of Nathan! - Tiegan and Stephanie organise a party after seeing some of their old friends on the Gold Coast - Keisha spends time with Roxy WHEN LIFE AFTER SUMMER BAY CONTINUES
  8. Episode 36 The next day (Thursday), Stephanie and Tiegan are on the bus to Robina Town Centre. Stephanie: I wonder if Phyllis is okay. Tiegan: Her mother's reported her missing to the police. Stephanie: But where could she be? Tiegan: That's the tough question. *They listen to the radio and hear the 11 o'clock news* Female newsreader: It's just hit 11 o'clock. Good morning, I'm Cathy Niven. Gold Coast police hold grave fears for the safety of an 18 year-old woman, who hasn't been seen since Tuesday night. Phyllis Chen, of Southport, was last seen at the Surfers Paradise Tavern where it's believed she left in a distressed state. *Tiegan feels a lump in her throat* Stephanie: Tiegz? Tiegan: I have a gut feeling that Phyllis has been done in. Stephanie: She could've run away. Tiegan: Think about it, Steph. She owed people heaps of money and everyone in Sydney hated her guts because of it. Stephanie: You were telling me that people up here hated her too because of her using and abusing ways. Tiegan: Casey can confirm it too. Stephanie: I just feel so sorry for Phyllis's mother. She doesn't deserve this. Tiegan: No mother should have to go through the agony of their child going missing. *When they arrive at Robina Town Centre, Stephanie and Tiegan are amazed at how big the shopping centre is* Stephanie: This place is huge! Tiegan: And I thought Surfers was big. *As they walk around and look at the stores, they happen to see Nathan with another girl* Stephanie: Nathan! *waves* *Nathan sees the girls and waves at them* Nathan: Hey girls. How are you? Tiegan: Good. Nathan: Nivea with you guys? Stephanie: No, she's with Casey today. Tiegan: Is that your sister? *looks at the girl* Megan: No, I'm Nathan's girlfriend. The name's Megan. *Stephanie and Tiegan's facial expressions change* Tiegan: Girlfriend? Stephanie: It's nice that you have a pretty girlfriend, Nathan. Nathan: She's a hottie, isn't he? *Stephanie is trying very hard not to lose her cool, but she is absolutely boiling on the inside!* Tiegan: How long have you guys been going out for? Megan: About nine months. Tiegan: Oh, that is awesome! Nathan: Well, we better let you girls go. Megan: It was nice meeting you both. Stephanie: *fake* Likewise. *The minute Nathan and Megan leave, Stephanie and Tiegan vent!* Tiegan: That two-timer! Stephanie: And to think he wanted to ask my sister to be his girlfriend! What a pig! (Meanwhile, Jeremy is saying goodbye to Alicia) Jeremy: It was so good seeing you, my beloved sister. Alicia: Will you come see me again? Jeremy: I'll be down next weekend. Alicia: Promise? Jeremy: I promise. *they hug as Pippa and Heather watch on* Heather: I'm so glad they're reunited. Pippa: Amazing what Family and Community Services can do sometimes. Heather: How long have you fostered for? Pippa: 10 years, maybe. Heather: Around 5 in my case. Pippa: Thank you so much for bringing Alicia. I'll send Jeremy down first thing next Saturday. Heather: It'll be so good for them to see each other every weekend. Pippa: I agree. *Once Heather and Alicia leave, Jeremy hugs Pippa* Jeremy: Thank you, Pip. Pippa: You're welcome, sweetheart. Jeremy: I'm now more determined than ever to find my two brothers. I want the whole family back together. Pippa: Ian and I will support you all the way. Always remember that. Jeremy: Thank you. *smiles* *Pippa smiles back* Back on the Gold Coast, Nivea is gushing about Nathan as Tiegan and Stephanie arrive home. Nivea: Oh, Nathan is just so cute. I hope to be is girlfriend. Stephanie: Nivea? Nivea: Hi, girls. Stephanie: Can we go talk in private please? There's something you need to know. Nivea: Okay. *Stephanie and Nivea walk off as Casey approaches Tiegan* Casey: What's going on? Tiegan: You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you, Case. Casey: Spill the beans. Tiegan: Nathan has a girlfriend. *Casey nearly spills her can of Sprite on the floor!* Casey: What?! Tiegan: Steph and I found him with this Megan girl at Robina Town Centre. Did you know about this?! Casey: Of course not! I always thought Nathan was single. Sure he flirts a lot, but I thought he was single! Nivea: *crying* DON'T SAY THAT! IT'S NOT TRUE! Stephanie: I don't want to see you get hurt, Nivea! *Nivea runs out of the house devastated* Tiegan: Nivea! *tries to go after her, but Stephanie stops her* Stephanie: Let her go, Tiegz. She needs to be left alone. Casey: This is stuffed up! Tiegan: Not your fault Nathan's a slimy piece of work! Stephanie: I hope she comes back. *they all look sad* (Tiffany is rolling a joint outside the Carrington Ranges 5-Star Supermarket when she sees Madge crossing the road) Tiffany: Didn't they let Priscilla Queen of the Desert back into her cell with the rest of the drag queens? *Madge ignores her and keeps walking* Tiffany: I'M TALKING TO YOU, YOU OLD CROSS-DRESSING BITCH! *Madge turns around and smacks Tiffany very hard across the face!* Madge: Maybe next time, you'll think about respecting your elders! *walks off* *Tiffany is LIVID!* Tiffany: *to herself* I'll get you for this! NEXT TIME ON LIFE AFTER SUMMER BAY - Nivea gets into a fight with Nathan's new girlfriend - Stephanie and Tiegan phone Pippa and Ian to let them know how they are going - Roxy yells at Tiffany for causing public mischief! WHEN LIFE AFTER SUMMER BAY CONTINUES
  9. Episode 67 The next day (Sunday), Tracey and Jacob are getting ready to go to the beach. Tracey: Have we got everything we need? Jacob: I think so. Tracey: Great. Then, let's get to the beach. I'm really excited that it's just the two of us. Jacob: Well, I wanted to make it up for not taking you out last night. Tracey: You are just too sweet. *Jacob and Tracey kiss before heading out the door* Tracey: Which beach are you taking me to by the way? Jacob: Fairy Meadow. Tracey: Nice. *Meanwhile, Sarah Coleman gets out of bed and gets out her phone book* Sarah Coleman: Mark Andersen.... *Sarah then dials the number* Sarah Coleman: Hello, Mark? It's Sarah. Listen, I was wondering if you could do me a favour? *Sarah smirks* (Meanwhile, Janae is at the Bellambi train station waiting for one of her friends to meet up with when she sees Tyra getting off the train.) Janae: *to herself* Ugh! *Tyra happens to see Janae and immediately goes over to her* Tyra: Get the hell out of Wollongong, bitch! Janae: F*** off, Tyra! I'm not in the mood for your s***! Tyra: Why? You're the reason me and Sabrina don't talk anymore! Janae: YOU DID THAT YOURSELF BY BEING A COMPLETE F***WIT! Tyra: Oh my god! *holds her hands over her forehead* I swear, you're really asking for it. Voice: Asking for what exactly?! *Tyra jumps and looks over to see Jessica Malaulau walk over to her and Janae* Jessica: She picking on you, Janae?! Janae: It's all good, Jess. Tyra was just leaving! *Tyra literally runs off like a coward* Jessica: That's right, you better run bitch! *to Janae* Who the hell was that druggo? Janae: Sabrina's cousin, Tyra. Jessica: Funny she walks off when people confront her, aye? Janae: Yeah, she can't fight her own battles! *Jessica and Janae look at each other and then start to laugh* At Fairy Meadow Beach, Tracey and Jacob are having a romantic moment. Tracey: You have truly made me the most happiest girl ever. Jacob: You think so? Tracey: Out of all the guys I've dated, you're the one that's treated me with the most respect. Jacob: Wow, babe. I can't believe you said that after all the stress I gave you when I fled to Samoa without telling you. Tracey: That's all water under the bridge. You've treated me more respectfully than most of my other ex's. Jacob: Well, that's nice of you to say. *blushes* Tracey: You're blushing. Jacob: Can't help that my own girlfriend makes me blush. *Tracey and Jacob start to kiss passionately* Tracey: Love you. Jacob: Love you too, babe. *they kiss again* (Back at their flat, Sarah Coleman is starting to get impatient.) Sarah Coleman: What is taking him so long?! *Suddenly, the phone rings* Sarah Coleman: Hello? Oh, Mark! What the hell is taking you so long? Look, I just want Jacob kidnapped so I can have him all to myself! How long do you think THAT's going to take?! *Little does Sarah know that Sabrina has arrived and has heard everything from the front door!* Sabrina: *to herself* I better call the police! *Sabrina gets out of the building and phones the police on her mobile* Sabrina: Yes, I like to report a kidnapping attempt. NEXT TIME - Sarah Coleman vows revenge upon hearing that her plan got foiled, yet denies everything when confronted by Tracey and Jacob - Cam and Abby worry about the safety of Nathan's girlfriend after she comes to the gym with two black eyes - Sabrina confides in Janae and Imoska about what she did WHEN THE TRACEY TURNER STORY CONTINUES
  10. Episode 119 That afternoon, Riggot and Leon are spending time with Cameron at the shops. Leon: You enjoying yourself, bro? *Cameron holds up a flashcard that says "I sure am"* Riggot: That's good, bro. Leon: What do you want to do next, Cam? *Before Cameron can reply, Natalie Evans happens to see him as she walks past* Natalie: Well, look what we have here! The deaf boy and his new friends. How cute! Riggot: Take a hike, Natalie! Natalie: Oh, I was just remarking on how wonderful it is that Cameron has such great friends. *to Cameron* You're just a retarded mute. Leon: Back off! *Cameron holds him back before holding up a flashcard in Natalie's face* Natalie: What?! *When Natalie reads it, her face turns red!* Natalie: HOW DARE YOU?! Riggot: Looks like you got served! *laughs* *Natalie storms off* Leon: That was pretty good, man. *Cameron smiles* (Meanwhile, Alexis is talking to Kay as they are watching the other girls on the cha-cha ride.) Alexis: So, how did you meet Sumara? Kay: We met on the bus one day and we've been friends ever since. Alexis: That's nice. Kay: How did you both meet? Alexis: We went to the same primary school. I've known Sumara since I was in Year 2. Kay: Lovely. Alexis: Ironically, I got transferred to the same high school just a few months ago after my mother and I moved to the city. Kay: Nice. Alexis: Where do you go to school? Kay: I go to Cabramatta High. While I'm with Rachael, I'm catching the bus and train there and back. Alexis: Lucky for you. Kay: There's these group of boys that catch my train on the way from school that call me really mean names. Alexis: Really? Kay: They say things like I should go back to China and other racist stuff. Alexis: You know what, Kay? I've been called worse names than that. Best thing to do is ignore them. Kay: I try, but they keep following me whenever I move seats on the train. Alexis: That's pretty tough. Let me know what time you get to Cabramatta station on Monday afternoon. I'll meet you there and catch the train back to the city with you. Kay: You would do that? Alexis: I'll get Sumara to come as well. Kay: Thanks for that. *Sumara approaches them* Sumara: Ready to go on the super slide? Alexis: Ready when you and the girls are! *Alexis and Kay follow Sumara to where the super slide is* The next day (Sunday), Alison meets up with her new friend Rhonda Broughton at Harleys. Alison: Rhonda? *Rhonda turns around and sees Alison* Rhonda: Alison, how nice to see you. Alison: You're looking well. Rhonda: I've only had about four hours sleep. Alison: Been clubbing in the city again? Rhonda: No, I was singing karaoke at the Rooty Hill RSL with friends. Alison: That's cool. Rhonda: So, tell me about yourself. Alison: Well, I'm re-doing Year 12 at TAFE and I'm hoping to get into uni next year. Rhonda: So good. Alison: What about you? Rhonda: I'm single at the moment, but I love partying with friends and I work at a cafe. Alison: Nice. Rhonda: I'll have to take you clubbing one weekend. Alison: We might end up at the same nightspot in the city. *laughs* *Rhonda laughs as well* Alison: I love shopping also. Rhonda: So do I! Alison: We should go on a shopping spree one Saturday. Rhonda: I prefer to go on a Thursday night. Late night hours! Alison: I'm in! *Alison and Rhonda give each other a high-five* (At Melissa's house, Dina comes downstairs looking really tired as Delilah is heard crying in the background.) Nina: Dina, you need to rest. Dina: How can I rest when that new baby of mine keeps crying all the time! Nina: It'll be a few days before you come to grips with everything. Dina: I don't even know how to make the baby formula. I'm just so lost at the moment. *Delilah's crying gets louder* Dina: I'm coming, Delilah. Hang on! *closes her eyes and rubs both hands on sides of her temple* Nina: I'll give you a hand. *Nina heads upstairs to check on Delilah as Dina collapses on the sofa* Dina: *to herself* I never thought being a new mother would be this hard. *Dina then dozes off to sleep* ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF ALISON PATTERSON'S JOURNEY - Dina continues to struggle with Delilah's sleeping pattern, but does get some help on how to look after her newborn from Sylvia's mother. - Alexis confronts the boys who give Kay a hard time on the train - Mareta receives a phone call from Donna - Alison's newfound friendship with Rhonda has some of her friends suspicious WHEN ALISON PATTERSON'S JOURNEY CONTINUES
  11. Episode 35 That night, Madge and Pippa are having a heart-to-heart. Pippa: It's so great that you could come and visit us, Madge. Madge: It's my pleasure, love. Pippa: I just wish Mum was still here. Madge: What happened to her again, love? Pippa: She died three years ago from a stroke. Madge: Oh, that's right. I remember that I went to her funeral. Pippa: She would've loved it that you were staying with the family for Christmas. Madge: I'm sure she would. Is your father coming down? Pippa: No, he's spending Christmas with Kerry and her family this year. Madge: How is your sister going? Pippa: She's doing well. Danny is also doing well. Madge: That's good to hear, love. I wanted to give you something. *Madge hands Pippa a gold necklace* Pippa: What's this? Madge: It's my old gold necklace. I want you to have it. Pippa: But, wouldn't it be more appropriate if you gave it to Charlene? After all, she is your daughter. Madge: She has plenty of jewellery, but I want you to have this special piece because you're my surrogate niece and I love you like my own family. *Pippa's eyes well up* Pippa: Thank you, Madge. *Madge and Pippa hug* (The next day [Wednesday], Casey is trying to get a hold of Phyllis.) Casey: Answer the phone! *Tiegan and Stephanie walk in* Stephanie: Problem, Casey? Casey: I've been trying to get hold of Phyllis, but she's not answering her phone. Tiegan: She's probably still asleep. Casey: It's almost midday. Stephanie: She could be at a friend's house. Casey: You're right. *Casey rings Amber and the rest of the gang. They haven't seen Phyllis either* Casey: Now, I'm starting to worry. Tiegan: Me too. Stephanie: None of the gang have heard from her? Casey: Not at all. Tiegan: Try calling her tonight. Hopefully, she'll answer. *They all look worried* Back at Pippa and Ian's house, Pippa is putting the dirty clothes in the washing machine when she hears the doorbell. Pippa: Coming. *Pippa opens the door to find a middle-aged woman with a girl around 11 years-old standing at the door* Heather Tranter: Pippa Routledge? Pippa: Yes? Heather: I'm Heather Tranter. I believe that you are fostering Jeremy Bryant. Pippa: That's right. Heather: Well, this is his sister Alicia. My husband and I are currently fostering her, but we received a call from that lady from Family and Community Services requesting if we reconnect Alicia with Jeremy. A request that we've accepted. Pippa: That is fantastic. Alicia: Where's Jeremy? Pippa: He's not home at the moment, sweetheart. But he should be home very soon. Heather: Can we come in? Pippa: Of course, Heather. You must've had a long drive. Heather: All the way from Forster. Pippa: Cuppa? Heather: Sure. *When Jeremy arrives home, he's unaware that Alicia is here* Jeremy: I'm back. Pippa: Sweetheart, I'm glad you're home. Jeremy: What's going on? Pippa: Someone is really looking forward to seeing you. *Alicia comes out* Alicia: Hi Jeremy. *Jeremy gets teary* Jeremy: Alicia! *Alicia races over to Jeremy and hugs him tight* Alicia: I've missed you so much. *Jeremy doesn't say anything. He just cries with happiness* Jeremy: *whispering* I love you. Alicia: I love you too. *Pippa and Heather watch on smiling* Heather: I was thinking that they should spend time together every weekend. Pippa: Sounds good. But how will it work? Heather: One weekend Jeremy can stay at Forster and the other weekend Alicia can stay at your house. Pippa: I like that arrangement. (That evening, Tiegan tells Stephanie and Nivea some important news) Tiegan: I won't be coming home until the middle of January. Stephanie: Why? Tiegan: I have to go to Brisbane and film the new series of Gladiators. Nivea: Sounds cool. Stephanie: Have you told Pippa and Ian? Tiegan: I plan on doing so tomorrow. *Casey enters looking rather concerned* Casey: No answer again! Stephanie: This is really weird. *Suddenly, the front door knocks. Casey opens it to find Mrs Chen standing there* Mrs Chen: Have you seen Phyllis? Casey: We've been trying to contact her all day. She's not answering her phone. Mrs Chen: Oh no! I knew something like this was going to happen one day! Nivea: What's happening? Mrs Chen: Phyllis didn't come home last night. I've called everyone that she knows, even those in Sydney. They haven't seen her. *Casey, Tiegan, Stephanie and Nivea look at each other, worried* Mrs Chen: I just hope she comes home safe. *Mrs Chen also looks worried* NEXT TIME ON LIFE AFTER SUMMER BAY - Phyllis is officially registered as a missing person - After being reconciled with his sister, Jeremy is more determined than ever to find his two brothers - Madge has another confrontation with Tiffany - Nivea continues to fall for Nathan as Tiegan and Stephanie discover that he has a girlfriend! WHEN LIFE AFTER SUMMER BAY CONTINUES
  12. Episode 66 When Tracey returns home later that afternoon, she finds Jacob cooking dinner. Tracey: I'm back! Jacob: How was the city? Tracey: It was amazing. The girls and I had a great time. *Tracey puts her shopping bags onto the floor before heading into the kitchenette and hugging Jacob from behind* Tracey: And you're cooking dinner, too! Jacob: I just thought I'd whip up a stir-fry with some grilled chicken. Tracey: Looks delicious. Where's Sarah? *Jacob gets tense* Jacob: I think she's in the shower. *At that moment, Sarah Coleman comes out wearing a leather skirt and black jacket* Tracey: You going out? Sarah Coleman: Yeah, I am. There's a live band playing at the Towradgi Beach Hotel and one of my girlfriends invite me out there. Tracey: Jacob and I can come too after dinner. Jacob: Babe, I'm feeling really bummed out after the car show. I don't feel up to going to see a live band play. *Sarah Coleman and Jacob exchange dirty looks. Tracey is quite oblivious to the tension* Sarah Coleman: We'll go next weekend, Trace. Tracey: What time will you be back? Sarah Coleman: Probably midnight. Tracey: Have a great time. Sarah Coleman: I will. *Sarah and Jacob exchange one more dirty look before she heads out the door* Tracey: Babe, she didn't seem to happy that you turned her invitation down. Jacob: Who cares? I wanted to have dinner with my princess. That's more important. *smiles* Tracey: Aww, that's so sweet. *blushes* Jacob: Love you. Tracey: Love you too, babe. *they kiss* (Meanwhile, Sabrina herself arrives home to find her mother in the kitchen) Sabrina: I'm back. Anne: Hi, darling. How was the city? Sabrina: It was a lot of fun. Glad to be home, though. What's to eat? *Anne notices the shopping bags on the floor* Anne: Hope you didn't spend too much of your allowance, miss. Sabrina: I needed some new clothes. Plus, I got a new pair of shoes 50% off. Anne: Nice. Sabrina: So, what's to eat? Anne: I was thinking of getting pizza. I'm a bit tired from work and I don't feel like cooking anything. Sabrina: Pizza sounds nice. Anne: Oh, I almost forget to tell you. Your friend Alana rang while you were out. Sabrina: Alana? *looks confused* Anne: Alana Hillman. Sabrina: *realising* Oh, you mean Alaina Hillman. Anne: It sounded urgent. Sabrina: I'll go around and see her after dinner. Anne: I'll phone up and order the pizza now. *Anne leaves* (Elsewhere, Imoska and Jackson are at a Chinese restaurant on their first date) Imoska: This place looks nice. Jackson: I agree. Imoska: Shall we order? Jackson: I think so. *Once they order, Imoska and Jackson start talking* Jackson: How was your day? Imoska: It was good. Went to the city with some of the girls. What about you? Jackson: Just rode on my skateboard at the skate park with mates. Imoska: Nice. Jackson: I was a bit nervous about this date, but I think we're hitting it off. Imoska: I agree. *When the food arrives, Imoska and Jackson start eating* Imoska: We need to go on another date soon. Jackson: Already jumping in so quickly. Imoska: Hey, another date won't hurt. *laughs* Jackson: True. *After dinner, they decide to head home* Imoska: Thanks for tonight. Jackson: No worries. See you at school on Monday. *they hug* Imoska: Bye. *As Jackson leaves, Imoska lets out a sigh* Sabrina arrives at the Hillman's and immediately sees Alaina out the front. Alaina: Sabrina, I'm so glad you came. Sabrina: You look worried. What did you want to talk about? Alaina: Can we talk upstairs in my bedroom? I just want it between us two. Sabrina: Sure. *Alaina and Sabrina head upstairs and into the bedroom* Sabrina: What's up? Alaina: I'm such an idiot. Sabrina: Why? Alaina: Every time I have an anxiety attack, I feel like an absolute idiot. *tears start to well up* Sabrina: Come here, sweetie. *Alaina hugs Sabrina tight* Alaina: I have major anxiety issues. Ever since I was nearly abducted. Sabrina: What happened? Alaina: I was 10 and walking home from school when this creep tried to get me in his car. I ignored him and kept walking, but he got out of his car and grabbed by arm and tried to drag me in his car, but two teenagers yelled out and he sped off in his car. Sabrina: That had to be so traumatic for you. *looks sympathetic* Alaina: I've never recovered from it and I've been diagnosed with anxiety since I was like 11. It sucks because I don't want people knowing I've got this mental illness. Sabrina: Never be ashamed to admit you have anxiety problems. I, myself, have a bit of anxiety. If people want to judge you for having anxiety, they're not worth your time. Alaina: I'm sorry that I'm rambling on, but I needed to open up to someone. Sabrina: I'm always here for you, Alaina. Tracey and the others are here for you too. Alaina: Thanks, Sabrina. I really appreciate it. *Sabrina hugs Alaina* (When Sarah Coleman arrives back from her night out, she finds Jacob in the kitchen.) Sarah Coleman: Well, well. I see your by yourself. Jacob: *coldly* What's it to you? Tracey's in bed asleep. Sarah Coleman: I don't see why we can't have a fling. *She tries to flirt with Jacob, but he pushes away* Jacob: I said I'm not interested! Now, back off! Sarah Coleman: Fine then! *looks annoyed* *Jacob walks off to his bedroom* Sarah Coleman: *thinking* I will have you, Jakey Boy. Even if it means kidnapping you, I will have you as my potential lover! NEXT TIME - Sarah Coleman decides to put her plan into action, but will her plans be foiled? - Tracey and Jacob share a romantic moment on the beach - Janae has another confrontation with Tyra WHEN THE TRACEY TURNER STORY CONTINUES
  13. Episode 118 When they arrive back home, Dina's contractions are getting more painful. Dina: Nina, where's the midwife?! Nina: She's in the bathroom. *Nina leads Dina into the bathroom, where Melissa and the midwife are waiting* Midwife: Hop into the bath, Miss Caliente. *The midwife and Nina help Dina into the bath* Melissa: Will the baby be alright being in the water? Midwife: I reassure you that the baby will be safe and sound once Miss Caliente gives birth to her. *Dina is gasping in pain* Midwife: Push, Miss Caliente. *Dina groans* Nina: Did you want us to leave? Midwife: No, not at all. Dina needs all the support that she needs. *Dina screams in pain* Nina: She'll be here soon. *pats Dina's hand* Dina: *painfully* I hope so. *Dina lets out another painful scream* (Meanwhile, Vicki is in the kitchen when Tevita comes downstairs.) Tevita: Hello. *Vicki turns around and looks at him* Vicki: *frostily* Hello. Tevita: Can we talk? *Vicki sighs* Vicki: I should be the one to ask that question. I'm sorry I got mad. Tevita: It's fine. You just have to accept my decision. Vicki: I do. But like I said, I don't have to like it. Tevita: I don't want to argue anymore. I'm tired of arguing. Vicki: Me too. Forgive me? Tevita: I suppose so. *smiles* *Tevita and Vicki then hug* Vicki: Cameron's in his room sleeping. I suppose I better wake him up for dinner. Tevita: What's on the menu? Vicki: Nothing special. Just making some turkey sandwiches. *goes upstairs* *Tevita sighs to himself* (Back at Melissa's house, Dina is continuing to push.) Midwife: Keep pushing, Miss Caliente. You're doing really well. Dina: *groaning* How much longer to go? Midwife: Try and push for a few more seconds. *Dina continues pushing while screaming in agony* Nina: Dina, come on. She's on her way out. Midwife: Make that final push. *Dina continues to push and scream in agony. Soon, the midwife pulls out Dina's new baby girl out* Midwife: Here she is, Miss Caliente. *Dina is now crying with happiness* Dina: She is just beautiful. Melissa: She's so gorgeous. Nina: My niece. *wipes away a tear* Midwife: Congratulations, Miss Caliente. Have you decided to name your little girl? Dina: Yes. Her name is going to be Delilah Maesi Caliente. Nina: That is such an awesome name for my niece. Dina: Welcome to the world, Delilah. Mummy loves you so much. *Dina hugs Delilah before kissing her forehead* Nina: Can I hold her, twinnie? Dina: Sure. *to Delilah in a cooing voice* I'd like you to meet your Aunty Nina. *Nina takes Delilah from Dina* Nina: Hello, Delilah Maesi. Aunty Nina also loves you. Melissa: She's a very cute baby. She's got her mother's eyes. Dina: You think so? Melissa: Of course. *Nina continues to coo at Delilah* Nina: You want Mummy? Yes, you do. *gives Delilah back to Dina* Midwife: Good luck with motherhood, Miss Caliente. Dina: Thank you. *smiles as she rocks Delilah in her arms* The next morning (Saturday), Alison is at the local shopping mall. Rhonda Broughton: Excuse me? Alison: Yeah? Rhonda: You got two dollars? Alison: Maybe. *Alison gets out a two dollar coin from her wallet and gives it to Rhonda* Rhonda: Thanks. I needed it for the bus ride home. Alison: You look spent. Rhonda: When you're partying until 4:00am and can't get home because there's no public transport for another two hours, it takes a toll. Alison: Ah, the clubbing lifestyle in Sydney. Rhonda: What's your name, darl? Alison: Alison. Yours? Rhonda: The name's Rhonda. *extends her hand* Alison: I'm actually glad we met because I've been wanting to meet new people on the town. Rhonda: Listen, I better get the bus. But if you're not doing anything tomorrow, meet me at the coffee shop. We'll talk then. Alison: See you then. Rhonda: It was nice meeting you, darl. *leaves* Alison: *calling out* Likewise! *Alison then heads into Woolworths* Alison: *thinking to herself* It's about time I met some new people in the city. *As Alison enters aisle 4, she accidentally bumps into a teenager* David Watters: Watch it, lady! Alison: Sorry. David: Nah, it's okay. I know you didn't mean it. *Alison laughs lightly* David: I'm David. Alison: Alison. *they shake hands* Alison: You're the second person I've befriended today. David: Really? Alison: Yeah. David: Hey, wait a minute. Don't you go to the TAFE City campus? Alison: I sure do. David: Yeah, I'm actually friends with one of your classmates. You know Michael Nettleship? Alison: He's a cool guy. David: He is. Alison: Well, it was nice meeting you. David: I'll see you around. *winks and smiles before walking off* *Alison blushes* Alison: *thinking to herself* He's cute. (At 11 o'clock, Kay arrives at Luna Park and meets up with Sumara, Alexis, Catherine, Hayley and Madison at the front entrance) Sumara: Kay, you made it! Kay: You did say meet up at eleven. How are you? Sumara: Good. *Kay and Sumara kiss each other on the cheek* Alexis: Hello, Kay. I'm Alexis Thorpe, Sumara's bestie. Kay: Lovely to meet you, Alexis. Sumara: This is Catherine Tofilau, Madison Williams and Hayley Martin. Kay: Great to meet you. Catherine: Aren't the boys coming? Hayley: Leon and Riggot wanted to spend time with that new kid at school. The others are busy. Madison: I guess it's just going to be a girls day out. Alexis: Let's have some fun! Kay: Yeah! *The girls then go on the rides. After a while, they decide to have lunch at the cafe* Kay: Thanks for inviting me, Sumara. Sumara: You're most welcome, Kay. Kay: Do you think I blend in with you girls? Catherine: Of course. Hayley: You seem like a nice girl to hang with us. Madison: You should hang with us more often. Kay: You think so? Alexis: Of course. Anyone that's a friend of Sumara is a friend of mine. *Kay smiles* ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF ALISON PATTERSON'S JOURNEY - Riggot and Leon spend time with Cameron - Alexis has a heart-to-heart with Kay - Dina realises that being a new mother isn't as easy as she thinks! - Alison meets up with her new friend, Rhonda WHEN ALISON PATTERSON'S JOURNEY CONTINUES
  14. Episode 27 May 27, 1985. On Monday morning, Anahera arrives at school feeling very depressed. Her mother had done a runner after the big fight at dinner on Friday night and didn't come back until early yesterday morning. She just wanted her brother back. Grace had kept her company that weekend, but she had to go home the previous day. *Grace meets up with Anahera near the lockers* Grace: Ana, how are you? *Anahera hugs Grace tightly* Anahera: I feel like absolute rubbish. Grace: You'll get to see Jordan again. I promise. Anahera: I hope so. This is killing me, Grace. Grace: I know. Anahera: Is Michael anywhere to be found? Grace: The last I saw, he went to the oval. Anahera: Can you come over this afternoon? Grace: I should be able to. Anahera: Thanks, sis. I really appreciate it. *Grace smiles at Anahera* Grace: You're welcome. *Anahera then heads to the back oval and sees Michael sitting on the metal bench* Anahera: Hey there. *Michael turns around and faces her* Michael: Hey. *gets up from the bench and gives Anahera a hug* How are you feeling? Anahera: Empty. I just feel absolutely empty now that my brother isn't here with me anymore. Michael: Your mother is such a mean-spirited cow! Anahera: Tell me about it. I just hope that I get through today. Michael: You have me, Grace, Shirl and a few of the others. Anahera: I'm going to find my brother, even if it kills me. *Michael hugs Anahera tight* Michael: You will find him. I just know you will be reunited with him. Anahera: I hope so. After school, Anahera decides to visit the Yabbie Creek office of the Family and Community Services. She is determined to find out what happened to her brother. *Anahera is in the waiting room when a social worker approaches her* Miss Talbot: Can I help you, young lady? Anahera: Yes, I need help locating my brother. Miss Talbot: Name? Anahera: Jordan Brown. Miss Talbot: I am afraid I cannot tell you where your brother is. He is in a permanent foster home at an undisclosed location. Anahera: I need to know where he is! Miss Talbot: If you are unhappy about living with your mother, then I suggest you find alternative accommodation! I am NOT going to tell you where your brother is and that's final! Anahera: Bitch! *Miss Talbot looks angry* Miss Talbot: And that sort of language will NOT be tolerated! Anahera: You are corrupt! Do you hear me? The whole system is corrupt! You don't care about anyone but the paycheck you bring home! Miss Talbot: Young lady, I think you should leave. Anahera: I want to know where my brother is and I want to know NOW! Miss Talbot: If you don't leave this building, I'm going to call security and have you escorted from the premises. *Anahera flips Miss Talbot off before walking away* Miss Talbot: *to herself* So, Moana was right about her after all. *As Anahera prepares to leave the building, another social worker named Bonnie Hacking approaches her* Bonnie: Come here. Anahera: Who are you? Bonnie: Just come here. *Anahera does* Anahera: What? Bonnie: I can help you find your brother. Anahera: You will? Bonnie: Yes, but we have to keep the meetings between us a secret from your mother and Miss Talbot. Anahera: Is that who the bitch is? Bonnie: *nodding her head* Do we have an agreement? Anahera: You bet. *Bonnie and Anahera shake hands before smiling* NEXT TIME - Moana gloats to Anahera about her failed meeting with Miss Talbot, but is unaware of what her daughter has in store - Bonnie gives Anahera the details on Jordan's whereabouts WHEN YABBIE CREEK HIGH: ANAHERA'S STORY CONTINUES
  15. Episode 34 That afternoon, Madge is getting out the ingredients for what she's going to cook that night for dinner when Pippa comes downstairs. Pippa: What's on the menu for tonight's dinner? Madge: I'm cooking a delicious beef stroganoff with rice. Pippa: Sounds delicious. Madge: Harold loves it. Charlene wasn't a big fan of it when she was a kid, but she couldn't wait to eat it once she grew up. Pippa: How is Charlene by the way? Madge: She's good. She's got her own mechanics business and her and Scott are still living happily ever after. Pippa: How old are their children now? Madge: Daniel is 6 and Madison is 3. Pippa: Next time you see Charlene, tell her that Pippa says hello. Madge: I'll more than happily do that, love. By the way, I ran into that former foster kid of yours while I was at the supermarket. Pippa: Tiffany? Madge: That's her. I must say she's got a mouth on her like a hoodlum. Called me a transvestite and every name under the sun. *Pippa looks shocked* Pippa: Oh no. Madge: I'm just glad you and that Ian kicked her out before she caused even more trouble. She reminds me of that pest Sue Parker. Pippa: I'm so glad you're here, Madge. Madge: Me too, love. *Madge and Pippa hug* (In Surfers Paradise, Stephanie is in the guest room when Nivea enters.) Stephanie: Hey. Nivea: Hey there. Stephanie: How was your outing with Nathan? Nivea: It was okay... Stephanie: Okay? So, it wasn't great? Nivea: He wants to be my boyfriend. *Stephanie looks shocked and surprised* Stephanie: Get out! Nivea: No, I'm serious. When we were playing basketball, every time I got the ball in the hoop, he would always hug me and squeeze... Stephanie: I think I know where you're going with that. *smiles* Nivea: Has a guy ever... Stephanie: Squeezed my behind? Yes. Nivea: I feel awkward. Stephanie: Don't be. You're 14 years-old. It's normal for girls your age to be awkward about things like that. Nivea: Do you go to church? Stephanie: I used to go to Hillsong in the city. Since I moved to Carrington Ranges to be with Pippa and Ian, I'm thinking of going to C3. Nivea: What about Tiegan? Stephanie: Tiegan used to go to Hillsong like me. Nivea: Cool. Mum and I went to the Hillsong over in Cape Town. Stephanie: Nice. *Tiegan walks past wearing a tight black dress* Stephanie: You off somewhere, Tiegz? Tiegan: I'm going to hang out with Phyllis down at the tavern. *Casey walks in, having heard this* Casey: What? Tiegan: I said that I'm going to the tavern with Phyllis. Casey: Tiegan, she's bad news. Just don't do something I would regret. Tiegan: I'm going to confront her. Stephanie: About? Nivea: I think I know why. Over those mysterious phone calls Phyllis is getting. Tiegan: Bingo! Nivea: While I was out with Nathan, I heard Phyllis screaming at someone down her mobile phone. Casey: She probably owes some poor person money. Nivea: That's exactly what she told whoever it was on the phone. Stephanie: Do you need back up, Tiegz? Tiegan: I think I can handle this on my own. Wish me luck. Stephanie: Bye. *Tiegan leaves* Casey: I hope she knows what she's doing. Stephanie: Me too. Anyway, you had some news for us? Casey: Yes, I did. I was thinking of throwing a party. Stephanie: Where and when? Casey: Saturday night. I was thinking of having it here. Stephanie: I'm in. Nivea: So am I. I'm sure Tiegan would be too. Casey: I'll organise it tonight. I'm hoping to get a few of the Sydney folk up here and rage. Stephanie: That would be so cool! *Casey smiles* That evening, Tiegan and Phyllis are at the Surfers Paradise Tavern. Tiegan: Phyllis, I'm worried about you. Phyllis: Why? Tiegan: I'm worried about those phone calls you've been receiving. *Phyllis tries to brush it off* Phyllis: It's nothing. Tiegan: Cut the crap, Phyllis! It's quite obvious that someone is harassing you. Phyllis: I've got it under control, Tiegan. Relax. *A bulky woman with red hair storms over to where Tiegan and Phyllis are sitting* Ivy: Just the person I want to see! Where's my $300, bitch?! Phyllis: Ivy, I told you that I would give it to you when I got paid! Ivy: You said that two weeks ago, Phyllis! Not only that, you said it last week too! Phyllis: I'm flat broke as it is! Ivy: No one likes you, Phyllis Chen. You're nothing but a dirty user! *to Tiegan* I'd be careful of her, love. She'll go and use you too! *Ivy then walks off* Phyllis: I'm out of here! Tiegan: Phyllis, wait! *Phyllis walks out of the tavern, upset* Tiegan: *to herself* Right. Time to find out the truth. *Tiegan walks over to where Ivy is* Tiegan: Have you got a minute? *Ivy turns around and faces Tiegan* Ivy: Come to stick up for Phyllis, have you? Tiegan: No, no. I just want to talk with you. Ivy: Sit down, love. *Tiegan and Ivy sit at a table* Tiegan: If you don't mind me asking, why does Phyllis owe you so much money? Ivy: That ungrateful bitch used me to buy her meals at the tavern, tickets for the train and bus as well as other stupid things. She owes thousands of dollars to people she claims are her 'friends'. Tiegan: I can't imagine what she was like back in her old hometown. Ivy: Everyone despised her in Sydney. That's the reason why Phyllis moved up to the Gold Coast. I just feel so sorry for her poor mother. Phyllis treats her so badly! Tiegan: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Ivy: No worries, love. *smiles* (When Tiegan arrives back at Casey's holiday house, she spills the beans to the girls.) Casey: I told you that Phyllis was no good! Tiegan: She just walked out the tavern. She looked upset. Stephanie: I know one thing. Nivea: What's that? Stephanie: Phyllis has dug herself into a hole that she just can't seem to get out of. *Tiegan, Stephanie, Nivea and Casey all look concerned* NEXT TIME ON LIFE AFTER SUMMER BAY - Concerns grow amongst Tiegan, Stephanie and Casey as Phyllis doesn't answer their calls - Is Jeremy about to be reconnected with his younger sister? - Madge and Pippa have a heart-to-heart about Coral WHEN LIFE AFTER SUMMER BAY CONTINUES
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