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  1. Episode 29 May 29, 1985 On Wednesday morning, Anahera is hanging out with her friends outside the quad before roll call. Anahera: I need help guys. Leo: Help with what, Ana? Anahera: I’m going to find Jordan, but I need help in case Mum and that welfare lady find out. Jennifer: What do you want us to do? Anahera: I’ve already got Michael and Grace onside. I want you guys to make out that we’re going to the city for the day. Jennifer: Well, I doubt that a bunch of Year 7 students like us would be allowed to go into the city. Leo: Not if we’re in a big group. *Brigitte
  2. Episode 28 When Anahera returns home that afternoon, she finds Moana standing in the kitchen smirking at her. Moana: Did you really think that you were going to get over the top of me, Anahera?! Anahera: I just want to know where Jordan is. He’s MY brother after all! Moana: I’m not telling you s*** and you thought that the nice welfare lady was going to tell where Jordan is? FAT CHANCE! *laughs* Anahera: You’re a bitch! You and that Miss Talbot are in cahoots! Moana: Accept the fact that you’ll never see your brother again! Now, I’m going out and don’t you DARE leave this h
  3. Episode 16 Blanche arrives home with Sue. Blanche: This is my house, Sue. Sue: It looks very nice. Blanche: I’m glad you think so. Sue: No, really. I think it’s very nice. *Blanche smiles* Sue: Where are your roommates? Blanche: They should be home soon. *Sophia arrives home at this point and notices Sue* Sophia: What is this? Teen Moms Australia? Blanche: Oh, Sophia! *to Sue* Don’t take any notice of that little old lady. Sophia: Little? At least I’m wise like Yoda from Star Wars. *Sophia walks away* Sue: She always like that? Blanche: Once you get to know Sop
  4. Blake said that Karen had married an accountant and started a family.
  5. Episode 30 The next morning is Friday and today is the day Sandra gets ready to leave Summer Bay to start a new life in Newcastle. First, she’s signing off from Summer Bay High Donald: I’m saddened to see you leave, Sandra. You’ve been a great asset to the school community. Sandra: Thank you very much, Donald. Donald: I hope Merewether High welcomes you with open arms. Sandra: I’ve really come to like the students at this school. Just a shame that Hannah Francis and Melanie Holmes are no longer with us. Donald: They’ll be remembered always. Sandra: I bet Pam and Joanne are
  6. Episode 29 SIDE NOTE: It’s May 13, 1994 Sandra is grading work from her Year 11 students when Luke walks in. Luke: Hello. Sandra: Oh, hi Luke. I didn’t see you come in. Luke: What are you up to? Sandra: I’m just grading some work my Year 11 English class did today. Luke: So, what’s this I hear about you thinking of getting a transfer to a high school in Newcastle? *Sandra gulped* Sandra: Who told you about that? Luke: I overheard Mr Fisher mention it to you. Sandra: I haven’t made a final decision yet. Luke: Why do you w
  7. Episode 37 The next day (Friday), Stephanie, Tiegan and Casey have taken Nivea out to Pacific Fair in an attempt to cheer her up. Stephanie: We're really sorry that you had to find out about Nathan the hard way, sis. Nivea: Doesn't matter. Tiegan: We care about you heaps, Nivea. Nivea: I know. *smiles* Casey: Don't look now, but look who I see. *They see Nathan and Megan come down the escalator, holding hands* Stephanie: You know what? Let's go. Tiegan: Wait! Where'd Nivea go?! *Nivea storms over to where Nathan and Megan are!* Nathan: Oh hey there, Nivea. Nivea: YOU TWO-T
  8. Episode 36 The next day (Thursday), Stephanie and Tiegan are on the bus to Robina Town Centre. Stephanie: I wonder if Phyllis is okay. Tiegan: Her mother's reported her missing to the police. Stephanie: But where could she be? Tiegan: That's the tough question. *They listen to the radio and hear the 11 o'clock news* Female newsreader: It's just hit 11 o'clock. Good morning, I'm Cathy Niven. Gold Coast police hold grave fears for the safety of an 18 year-old woman, who hasn't been seen since Tuesday night. Phyllis Chen, of Southport, was last seen at the Surfers Paradise Tavern whe
  9. Episode 67 The next day (Sunday), Tracey and Jacob are getting ready to go to the beach. Tracey: Have we got everything we need? Jacob: I think so. Tracey: Great. Then, let's get to the beach. I'm really excited that it's just the two of us. Jacob: Well, I wanted to make it up for not taking you out last night. Tracey: You are just too sweet. *Jacob and Tracey kiss before heading out the door* Tracey: Which beach are you taking me to by the way? Jacob: Fairy Meadow. Tracey: Nice. *Meanwhile, Sarah Coleman gets out of bed and gets out her phone book* Sarah Coleman: Mark A
  10. Episode 119 That afternoon, Riggot and Leon are spending time with Cameron at the shops. Leon: You enjoying yourself, bro? *Cameron holds up a flashcard that says "I sure am"* Riggot: That's good, bro. Leon: What do you want to do next, Cam? *Before Cameron can reply, Natalie Evans happens to see him as she walks past* Natalie: Well, look what we have here! The deaf boy and his new friends. How cute! Riggot: Take a hike, Natalie! Natalie: Oh, I was just remarking on how wonderful it is that Cameron has such great friends. *to Cameron* You're just a retarded mute. Leon: Back
  11. Episode 35 That night, Madge and Pippa are having a heart-to-heart. Pippa: It's so great that you could come and visit us, Madge. Madge: It's my pleasure, love. Pippa: I just wish Mum was still here. Madge: What happened to her again, love? Pippa: She died three years ago from a stroke. Madge: Oh, that's right. I remember that I went to her funeral. Pippa: She would've loved it that you were staying with the family for Christmas. Madge: I'm sure she would. Is your father coming down? Pippa: No, he's spending Christmas with Kerry and her family this year. Madge: How is your
  12. Episode 66 When Tracey returns home later that afternoon, she finds Jacob cooking dinner. Tracey: I'm back! Jacob: How was the city? Tracey: It was amazing. The girls and I had a great time. *Tracey puts her shopping bags onto the floor before heading into the kitchenette and hugging Jacob from behind* Tracey: And you're cooking dinner, too! Jacob: I just thought I'd whip up a stir-fry with some grilled chicken. Tracey: Looks delicious. Where's Sarah? *Jacob gets tense* Jacob: I think she's in the shower. *At that moment, Sarah Coleman comes out wearing a leather skirt and
  13. Episode 118 When they arrive back home, Dina's contractions are getting more painful. Dina: Nina, where's the midwife?! Nina: She's in the bathroom. *Nina leads Dina into the bathroom, where Melissa and the midwife are waiting* Midwife: Hop into the bath, Miss Caliente. *The midwife and Nina help Dina into the bath* Melissa: Will the baby be alright being in the water? Midwife: I reassure you that the baby will be safe and sound once Miss Caliente gives birth to her. *Dina is gasping in pain* Midwife: Push, Miss Caliente. *Dina groans* Nina: Did you want us to leave? M
  14. Episode 27 May 27, 1985. On Monday morning, Anahera arrives at school feeling very depressed. Her mother had done a runner after the big fight at dinner on Friday night and didn't come back until early yesterday morning. She just wanted her brother back. Grace had kept her company that weekend, but she had to go home the previous day. *Grace meets up with Anahera near the lockers* Grace: Ana, how are you? *Anahera hugs Grace tightly* Anahera: I feel like absolute rubbish. Grace: You'll get to see Jordan again. I promise. Anahera: I hope so. This is killing me, Grace. Grace:
  15. Episode 34 That afternoon, Madge is getting out the ingredients for what she's going to cook that night for dinner when Pippa comes downstairs. Pippa: What's on the menu for tonight's dinner? Madge: I'm cooking a delicious beef stroganoff with rice. Pippa: Sounds delicious. Madge: Harold loves it. Charlene wasn't a big fan of it when she was a kid, but she couldn't wait to eat it once she grew up. Pippa: How is Charlene by the way? Madge: She's good. She's got her own mechanics business and her and Scott are still living happily ever after. Pippa: How old are their children now?
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