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Jess Lockwood - Georgia Chara

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What a shock when she came with a bump. Heath's face was legendary. feel so bad when she cried at him for keeping it from his wife. She wasn't expecting him to be married which she knows will destroy him and his marriage. She is in a bad situation right now and has no idea where she stands when she is going to have a baby.

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I was determined not to like her when I thought that she knew that Heath was with Bianca when she slept with him, but it's obvious now she had no clue he was cheating on someone. I quite like her, she seems pretty level-headed considering the situation she's in.

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I'm pretty sure she knew he was on his Buck's night in Melbourne, but whether or not she was under the impression that they'd just split up after Zak answered Bianca's phone when Heath tried to call her from in the bar, I don't know.

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