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A World Alone

Guest Lucii

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Title: A World Alone
Type of Story: Long fic
Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ricky, Ruby, Heath, Bianca
BTTB Rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Spoilers: sometimes I guess
Warnings: None
Summary: Charlie has been living in Witness protection over in London for two years after leaving her life in Australia behind. When Brax spots her in London how will Charlie explain her secret life she was forced to hide from him?

(Okay that sucks I'm no good at Summary's! New fic - it's been a while and I had this idea. Hope you enjoy. Btw it's been a while since I've watched home and away religiously so I'm going to make up a lot throughout)

Chapter One

“Where am I supposed to go?” Charlie stammered as her boss stood over her hospital bed.

“Jake Pirovic is still out there, trouble is even if we get him it doesn’t mean his friends won’t get you. My brother works in the police force in London he said he’d give you work”

“And Ruby? Brax?” Charlie asked.

“They think you’re dead” The inspector bowed his head. “Charlie I’m sorry but it’s the only thing we could do. Jake Pirovic has a vengeance against you. If he found out you were still alive, god knows what he would do”

“You told my daughter I was dead?” Charlie leant back against the bed numb.

“I’m sorry Charlie, we need them both here with us. If Ruby and Darryl think you’ve passed, it will give us a better chance to find Pirovic”

“So how long do I do this for? A few weeks, a few months?”

“As long as it takes. Good luck Sergeant”



Charlie wiped away a tear from her eye as she picked up an old photo of her Brax, Ruby and Casey out to dinner. That day seemed like a lifetime away, especially now it was approaching nearly two years since she’d been in London. 2 years since her boss convinced her witness protection was a good idea. Charlie had kept onto her boss about when she could return, each time her boss gave a shorter answer and now Charlie doubted she’d be back in Summer Bay ever again.

“Mama” One year old Emily gurgled in her high chair. She grinned showing off her tiny baby teeth and kicked her legs out for Charlie’s attention.

“Where’s my good little girl” Charlie cooed running her fingers through her daughter’s wispy brunette curls. She placed the photo back on the fireplace and took Em out of her high chair as the doorbell rang.

“That will be you’re auntie Jen” Charlie said excitedly. “She’s going to take you to the park to spend some time with your cousin Daniel while mummy works. Yes she is, yes she is” she giggled, opening the door to Jen.

Jen was about the same height as Charlie, a pale skinned woman with a good figure. She had the personality of Leah and a similar look to Bianca. Charlie was glad she at least knew someone especially with a baby especially with the prices of babysitters in London.

“Hey Charl” Jen grinned wheeling the double buggy into Charlie’s living room. Daniel was fast asleep in the back as Charlie could make out. Charlie put Em into the front of the buggy and strapped her in before kissing her on the forehead.

“Be good Em” she smiled before turning to Jen. “Hey Jen thank you for this”

“Charl don’t be silly, Em’s a sweetie and you look after Daniel and the girls a fair bit as well” Jen grinned, referring to her older children.

“I just really appreciate it, babysitting here costs a fortune if Em was at home Ruby would have done it for nothing” Charlie smiled, although she was pretty sure she felt her heart breaking. Originally when she’d met Jen she said her and Ruby were living in a different part of London after Charlie landed a job promotion in London. But then Ruby decided to go back to Sydney to study Music. Luckily Jen brought the story the first time round and never questioned Charlie to any extent. She never questioned Charlie too much about Brax after Charlie stated it wasn’t meant to be. But Charlie guessed with Jen being a single mother herself she didn’t appreciate being questioned on the father of her children.

“Well we’re going to the park, then we’ll pick up the girls from school, go back to mine for dinner and then it’s bath time” Jen grinned at Em. “Then mummy will pick you up on the way back from work after a day of fighting the bad guys” she laughed.

“Yeah anything to get away from Tom” Charlie groaned thinking of her colleague. He reminded her of Angelo when she first met him only about ten times more annoying”

“He fancies you Charl” Jen grinned. “Give it a go”

“And you can tell that from never meeting the guy?” Charlie asked, a bemused look on her face.

“From what you’ve told me. He likes you!” She winked as she wheeled the buggy out of Charlie’s door. “And you like him too!” she called out, closing the door before Charlie could begin to protest.


Hey” Brax smiled at Ruby as he placed his coffee order. “Home for Christmas break?”

“Yeah” Ruby shrugged. “Although it’s not much of a Christmas without her” she sighed.

“I miss her Rubes, every day” Brax cleared his throat. “And just because I’m with Ricky doesn’t mean I didn’t love your mum-“

“Hey you deserve to be happy Brax. Charlie, she would have wanted that” Ruby smiled as Leah came through from the kitchen with Ruby’s coffee. “I er better go” she made her excuses and left.

“How you doing Brax?” Leah asked.

“She’s speaking to me now” he tried to laugh. “I can’t complain”

“She’s come a long way Brax, Charlie was her life. I’d never seen someone spiral as much as she did” Leah admitted.

“I’m just glad everyone made her see sense and made her go to uni. She’s a bright kid Leah she deserves the best”

“I know Brax” Leah smiled, handing him his order. “Can’t believe it’s nearly been two years” she bowed her head, remembering her friend.

“I miss her Leah. Every day”

“We all do Brax, we all do”


“G’day” Charlie called out to her boss, the brother of her previous boss in Australia. He was nice, much nicer than his brother seemingly and he appeared to enjoy having another Aussie on his police force.

G’day Sergeant Buckton” he smiled back before heading into his office. Tom who was nearby began to mimic.

“G’day how bout another shrimp on the Barbie?” he drawled in the worst Australian accent before bursting into laughter.

“Every day without fail you say that line. It’s not funny and it never will be” Charlie replied, her tone annoyed.

“Oooooooh someones touchy” Tom grinned poking her in the stomach. Charlie winced.

“Don’t touch me!” she growled. Tom took a step back and placed his hands in the air although he was under arrest.

“Someone needs to chill out” he widened his eyes and took a seat at his desk to do some paperwork.

Charlie sighed taking a seat at her own. “Well how would you feel if you were approaching the anniversary of your two year death” she muttered under her breath, so no one could hear.

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Thanks for the comments! It'll take a bit to get into the swing of things but hopefully people enjoy! Lucy x

Chapter Two

“Hey how was she?” Charlie asked, stepping into Jen’s to find Holly and Evie nursing over Em. They were Jen’s other kids, Holly was seven, Evie four. Holly was a shy timid girl who adored Charlie and wanted to grow up to be a cop. Evie was more boisterous, although both were fond of Emily and mothered her whenever she visited.

Angel as always. Can’t say the same for my three though” Jen laughed, the worry lines deepening on her forehead. Charlie pulled her friend into a hug.

“They’re great kids and you’re a great mum Jen” she reassured her friend.

“It’s just been a long day, always is” she muttered.

“We need to find you a guy” Charlie grinned.

“What guy wants a woman with a two year old, a four year old and a seven year old?” Jen laughed. When Charlie first got to known Jen she was engaged to Matt, that was until he ran off with another woman when Daniel was a few weeks old. Since then Jen practically raised all three kids by herself, with Matt and his new woman having them the odd weekend.

“You’re a catch Jen, any guy would be lucky to have you”

“You’re my friend, you have to say that!” Jen replied, punching Charlie playfully in the arm. Charlie smiled.

“We definitely need to get you out there” Charlie teased. “One of the girls, Tamara, at the station is training right now and seems keen to babysit Em so I could persuade her one weekend when the kids are visiting Matt and we’ll fix you up”

“I don’t know Charl” Jen bit her lip. “I just don’t have the time, I work part time, got the kids all week and most weekends, most guys don’t want that”

“Well at least say yes to a night out. We both deserve it” Charlie put on her puppy dog eyes until Jen caved in.

“Fine I’m in” she grinned.

Charlie went over and picked Em up from Holly. She was dressed in her pj’s ready to be put straight to bed when they arrived home. Em gave Charlie a toothy smile before snuggling closer to her.

“I better be off, she’s really tired” she smiled down at her daughter.

“See you soon Charl, let me know about going out” Jen smiled as she waved her friend off


Charlie sank back on the couch and let out a sigh. Em was easy enough tonight, straight asleep in the car and straight to bed. Charlie poured herself a glass of wine, and logged into her laptop onto facebook. While in Australia she’d never have even bothered with social networking, but now she was constantly on it, and she found that mostly everyone in summer bay was too. Ruby’s profile was unlocked, meaning Charlie could see her posts, and practically everything that was going on in her life. While she wished her daughter would be more careful online, under the circumstances she was glad to be able to check her daughter from time to time. She’d known Ruby had split from Casey, dated a guy named Sam briefly before getting with a guy named Ben who she was still seeing now. She knew Ruby was at Sydney university studying music, so what she told Jen wasn’t a total lie. She’d cried herself to sleep over Ruby’s posts on how much she missed her mum, and felt guilty she couldn’t tell her the truth. She got to see newer photos of Ruby, photos she’d never seen before, videos of her singing, including a song she’d wrote dedicated to Charlie. Charlie had never been more thankful for social networking sites.

She’d also found Bianca. Saw that she was engaged to Heath Braxton, had adopted Darcy as her own child and that they’d got their own family house. Leah still worked at the diner and her posts about Colleens quote of the day, always made Charlie smile and reminisce. While Charlie was thankful for Jen, she ached for Em to know her aunties, her sister her daddy. Hopefully she’d get the chance, although getting that chance certainly wouldn’t be easy.


“Hey beautiful, I missed you” Ricky smiled jumping of the couch and wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Hmm did you” Brax smiled cupping her face with his hands and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I guess I missed you too”

“How was your day?” Ricky asked taking Brax’s hand to sit down on the couch.

“Yeah it was good, work was slow. Oh I seen Ruby today, we had a conversation”

“That’s good, so she’s home for Christmas?”

“Yeah Leah says she’s spending Christmas with her at Summer Bay house, although it’s still not much for her, not without her mum”

Poor thing” Ricky sympathised. “And you as well I can’t imagine how hard it was for both of you”

“I’m going to see her tomorrow, Charlie. As it’s two years tomorrow” Brax replied, thankful that Ricky understood and was sympathetic for him.

“Yeah I thought you might” she smiled kissing Brax on the cheek. “I love you Brax”

“I love you too Ricky” he replied, pulling his girlfriend closer to him. “You made me realise that Charlie would want me to stop moping and get on with life, and to move on and be happy”

“She’s looking down on both you and Ruby, Brax. She’d want you both to be happy and do what you can in life”

“How did I get so lucky?” he smiled, cocking his head to the side.

“I think the bigger question is, how did I get so lucky?”


“Thanks for letting me stay here Leah” Ruby smiled as she sat next to Leah.

“Don’t be silly Rubes this is your home” Leah smiled patting Ruby on the leg.


“Course it is, you lived here for a long time it is your home. Besides you’re like a niece to me, you’ll always have a place to stay” Leah smiled.

“Thanks Leah” Ruby smiled curling into the couch. “I can’t believe it’s been two years tomorrow”

“I can’t either Rubes, but your mum she’d be so proud of you right now getting into Uni doing what you always wanted to do. I know you were delayed but I know she’s watching over you smiling proudly”

“You really think so?”

“I know so” Leah smiled. “I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be by yourself tomorrow or..”

“I think I’m going to go a few times, in the morning on my own if you don’t mind”

“Of course I don’t” Leah smiled.

“Then in the afternoon I was going to go up again but we can all go then. Me, you, Bianca, April, Vj…Brax” Ruby stated “I don’t mind, I just want a bit of time through the day with her on my own”

“Rubes it’s understandable” Leah replied. No ones going to judge you for wanting to chat one on one with your mum”

Ruby smiled extending her legs, before yawning.

“Well I’m pretty beat I’m going to go to bed. Night Leah”

“Night Ruby” Leah called after her before switching the tv off and going to bed herself.

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Another good update

It's interesting seeing Charile in her new life away from the bay. It's kinda of good but sad that she only catches glimples of what Ruby is upto through Facebook.

This is going to be a great story I think. I can see it having plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Look forward to your next chapter.

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