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Terror Amongst the Corn (by pembie) - comments

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AWESOME 1st chapter !!!!!

LOOVED the zombie in the cornfield ……especially Sid’s reaction to it.

Also, REALLY loved this ………

“Hmm with great power comes great responsibilities I get it, but may I ask what kind of responsibilities are we talking about here? Are we talking about me having to wash my own underpants? Or cleaning my room? Listening to Indi whine or watching Sasha paint her nails?”

Dex watches as Sid shifts himself in his seat looking lost for words for a few seconds.

“No I’m talking about the important responsibilities like looking after the farm, tending to the animals making sure the vegetables grow that kind of thing.”

“Oh is that all that’s easy.” Dex says seeming to relax back into his chair and seeming to wave the chores of farm life off with his hand. Sid can only laugh at this motion.

“Well I’m glad to see you think it will be so easy.”

“Yeah like how hard can owning a farm be Dad really? I mean give me a real challenge please.” Dex says shaking his head.

“In that case I will come on put that comic down.”

Dex looks up looking shocked.

“What why?”

“Because we are going outside.” Sid says with great pride in his voice.

Dex starts to pale, never in a million years had he expected to venture outside on to the actual farm.

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FANTASTIC chapter !!!! ………especially …..

- simple because he was being held back by his annoying little sister Annie. Even in death and being a dead walking corpse Annie Campbell was still the goody two shoes she had always been while she had been alive.

- Dexter oh thank you, you could have stayed indoors and read your comics. But noooooooooo you wanted to explore the farm didn’t you?” Sid says watching as the net of zombies close in on them.

“Err no Dad I think you’re maybe remembering that wrong. You’re the one who wanted to venture outside and show me the wonders of the corn field. And I must say even though its turned out to be a very frightening experience, at least it hasn’t been boring like I was half expecting it to be.

- “They killed him Dad, they killed Justin the scarecrow. They are ripping him apart.”

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LOOOOOOVED it !!!!! ........especailly ......

Annie still somehow remembering that she's a God fearing child [and trying to get Geoff to do the same] .....and ....

Sasha calling Chris [who I sooooooooooo don't like] a pussy !!!!!!

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