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Paradise Beach Meets Summer Bay

Guest Bretto

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  • 5 weeks later...

Episode 6

At school on Wednesday, Tori approaches Leonie Walker near the lockers.

Leonie: What do you want?

Tori: I just want to talk to you.

Leonie: About what?

Tori: Lay off my best friend Cassie Barsby!

Leonie: And what if I don't?

*Tori closes her fist and threatens Leonie with it*

Tori: You'll receive a punch in the face. Do we understand each other now?

Leonie: Okay, okay.

Tori: Good. Off you go then.
*Leonie dashes off in a hurry*

(Meanwhile, Cassie is about to head to the girls room when Donna approaches her. Alongside her is a woman of Maori appearance with long black hair.*

Donna: Cassie?

Cassie: Oh hi Miss Bishop.

Donna: Cassie, I'd like you to meet Rachel Hughes. She's the other school counsellor that's in on Wednesday mornings, Thursday and Friday.

Rachel: Hi Cassie. It's nice to meet you.

Cassie: Likewise with you Rachel.

Rachel: If you ever want to talk to me, you can. You're on mine and Donna's caseload, that means you can talk to either of us.

Donna: Don't forget. We have our first session after lunch.

Cassie: I won't.

*Donna and Rachel walk off*

At the beach house, a familiar face enters the house.

Pam So Oy: I'm here!

*Joan comes downstairs*

Joan: Pam! How lovely to see you. *gives Pam a hug*

Pam: I thought I'd take up on your offer and come stay with you guys. Where are Tori, Cassie, Kirk and Sean?

Joan: Well, Tori and Cassie are at school and Kirk and Sean are probably doing something together.

Pam: Okay. Mind if I watch TV?

Joan: Sure.

*Pam turns on the TV to find a Seven Nightly News update air*

TV: News update is brought to you by the new Colonial.

Female newsreader: Good afternoon. A murder trial is set to get underway next month for a woman who murdered her husband on the Gold Coast. Lisa Whitman is accused of killing Tom Barsby while lying in his hospital bed in October last year.

*Pam looks shocked*

Later that afternoon, Cassie is having her first counselling session with Donna.

Donna: What do you want to talk about today?

Cassie: I want to talk about Lisa Whitman.

Donna: Who is that?

Cassie: She is the bitch that killed my father!

*Donna gasps in shock*

Cassie: It all started in November 1992 when they met at a dinner party. Kirk and I knew right from the start that Lisa was after one thing and one thing only - Dad's money!!! So, anyway they got married six months later and we slowly welcomed her into the family. Then last October, Dad had a heart attack after a heated argument with Lisa and ended up in hospital. Two days later, he was dead. The nurses thought he had another heart attack, but as soon as the police put it all together, they charged Lisa with murder. I can't believe she murdered my father! But why? WHY!?! *starts sobbing*

Donna: She was after his money from what it seems.

Cassie: I hate her Donna! I wish she was dead!

*Donna consoles a sobbing Cassie by hugging her*


- Leonie calls a truce with Cassie

- Pam's arrival sees Kirk and Sean vie for her affections

- Pippa lays down the law with Sally


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Episode 7

At school the next day (Thursday), Leonie approaches Cassie near her locker.

Leonie: Can I talk to you?

Cassie: *in a slightly annoyed tone* About what?

Leonie: I just want to apologise for being mean to you. I had no idea about your father until Tori told me what happened.

Cassie: Well, I forgive you. *smiles*

*A boy walks past Cassie*

Boy: If it isn't the weirdo!


Boy: I said that Cassie Barsby is a weirdo!

*Leonie pins him to the lockers*

Leonie: You leave my new best friend alone! Otherwise, I'll give you a fist to the face!

*The boy nods his head and quickly races off*

Leonie: What a jerk!

Cassie: I reckon.

*Leonie and Cassie both start laughing*

At the beach house, Pam is getting ready to go to the beach when Kirk and Sean come downstairs.

Kirk: You look nice today, Pam.

Pam: Thanks Kirk.

Sean: More like...gorgeous!

Pam: Oh Sean. *laughs lightly*

Kirk: Where are you off to anyway?

Pam: To the beach.

Sean: We'd come with you, but we have to go to the diner.

Pam: How unfortunate. Well, I'll see you when I get back. *blows kisses at both guys as she leaves*

Kirk: She is so cute!

Sean: Well, I saw her first mate. She's mine!

Kirk: You already dated her when we were still on the Gold Coast. I think it's time I dated her.

Sean: Whatever. *walks out of the house*

Kirk: Hey Sean! Wait up! *goes after Sean*

After school, Cassie decides to hang out at the diner with Tori and Leonie.

Cassie: I just hope Pam spends time with us.

Leonie: Who's Pam?

Tori: Pam So Oy is one of our friends up the Gold Coast. She's really sweet.

Leonie: I see. *smiles*

*Sally enters the diner, still wearing punk clothes*

Leonie: She is such a loser!

Tori: Oh, you mean Sally? She must certainly is.

Cassie: Girls, I think she's just rebelling at the moment.

Sally: Got something you want to say ladies?

Leonie: No Fletcher, we don't!

Sally: Good! Now, shut up! *goes over to the counter*

Tori: Good thing I'm not her mother. She needs a smack to the face.

(When Sally returns home from the diner however, Pippa is fuming.)

Pippa: I just had a call from Mr Fisher, Sal! What's this he tells me about using obscene language during English class?!?

Sally: He was being annoying!

Pippa: Really? Well, I will not tolerate any kind of disrespect from you! You are grounded for the next week! That means no school disco!

Sally: But that's not fair!

Pippa: I'm not prepared to argue about this, Sal! You're not going to the school disco and that's that!

*Sally glares at Pippa*


- Sally refuses to talk to Pippa, while she and Kerry call a truce

- Cassie continues to bond with Leonie

- Kirk and Sean ask Pam on a date, separately of course!


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