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Paradise Beach Meets Summer Bay

Guest Bretto

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Story Title: Paradise Beach Meets Summer Bay

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Kirk Barsby, Cassie Barsby, Sean Hayden, Tori Hayden, Ken Hayden, Joan Hayden and 1994 H&A cast

Recurring Characters: Lisa Whitman, Loretta Taylor, Roy McDermott, Chris Quinn and Pam So Oy

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence and language

Summary: Determined to make a fresh start after the recent death of their father, siblings Kirk and Cassie Barsby along with their new foster family, the Hayden's move to Summer Bay. Set in 1994.

Feedback is appreciated :)

Episode 1

Siblings Kirk and Cassie Barsby are still coming to terms that the scheming Lisa Whitman murdered their father Tom in his hospital bed. After his funeral, Ken and Joan Hayden decided to foster them as their children Sean and Tori were long-time friends of Kirk and Cassie. With Lisa now charged with Tom's murder, the Hayden's decide to move away from Paradise Beach for a new life in Summer Bay.

*The Hayden's pull up at a the Beach House, previously owned by the recently deceased Bobby Simpson.*

Ken: Here we are kids. Our new home.

Tori: It looks fantastic Dad.

Sean: Just hope the surf here is as good as the one back in Paradise Beach.

Joan: Don't get ahead of yourself.

Kirk: I can't wait to get inside.

*The Hayden's along with Kirk and Cassie enter their new home*

Joan: It's just beautiful! *to Ken* How did you find a good beach house on the market, darling?

Ken: It was the cheapest house in Summer Bay.

*Tori approaches Cassie, who is rather quiet*

Tori: Cassie, are you okay?

Cassie: Yeah. I'm just thinking that's all.

Tori: Mum? Can Cassie and I go outside?

Joan: Sure darling.

*Tori and Cassie head outside*

Sean: Which one is my room?

Ken: You'll be having the downstairs bedroom, while the other three will have the upstairs bedrooms.

Kirk: Cool! I can't wait for the new school year to start.

Sean: Lamebrain! We finished school ages ago.

Kirk: Oh right. We did too. *laughs*

Joan: *to Ken* So, how do you think Tori and Cassie are going to adjust their new school?

Ken: I'm sure they'll be fine.

Joan: Cassie's been awfully quiet.

Ken: Well, Tom's murder has had a huge effect on Cassie. She was quite close to her Dad.

Joan: I know. I'm sure Tori is comforting her right now.

Outside, Cassie is crying to Tori.

Cassie: I loved him so much, Tori. Why did he have to die?

Tori: Because Lisa Whitman is a scheming, money hungry bitch!

Cassie: Kirk and I warned Dad about not marrying Lisa, but our pleas fell on deaf ears. And look what's happened as a result. *wipes away her tears*

Tori: At least Mum and Dad gave you and Kirk a home to live in. We didn't want you guys to live in a refuge for the rest of your lives.

Cassie: It's just overwhelming for me at the moment. We had to say goodbye to all of our friends and knowing Lisa, I'm sure she'll get off the murder charges due to her rich status.

Tori: That's highly unlikely. The good thing is that we'll be able to make friends once the new school year starts.

Cassie: Thanks Tori. I'm glad I've got such a good friend in my life.

Tori: Best friends always. *smiles*

*Cassie and Tori hug*


- The Hayden's get to know some of the locals

- Cassie falls for Blake Dean, much to Finlay Roberts's chagrin


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Episode 2

January 17, 1994.

A few days after settling into their new home in Summer Bay, Ken and Joan decide to meet some of the Summer Bay locals.

Joan: You know we haven't introduced ourselves to the locals since we moved here?

Ken: You're quite right about that Joan. We've just been really busy trying to get this whole house organised that we haven't had the chance to get to know anyone.

Joan: Just hope the kids are okay with meeting new people. You know what Tori is like.

Ken: Yeah. She can be insecure sometimes.

Tori: Hey!

Ken: Sorry love. I didn't realise you were there.

Tori: Well, now you do. *smiles* I'm going to beach with Sean and Kirk.

Joan: They've already left.

Tori: *to herself* Go figure! Where did Cassie go?

Joan: She said she was going to take a walk.

Ken: Did she say where?

Joan: I think she was going to that eat-in place.

Tori: I know where! The Bayside Diner!

Joan: That's the one.

Tori: I'm off to find my brother and Kirk. I'll let you know if I see Cassie.

Joan: Bye darling.

*Tori leaves*

Cassie is walking towards the surf club when she sees Blake Dean sitting on a ledge.

Cassie: Hey. I'm trying to find the Bayside Diner. Can you tell me where it is?

Blake: Just through there. *shows Cassie the direction to the diner*

Cassie: Thanks.

Blake: Are you new in town?

Cassie: Yes, I am.

Blake: I'm Blake Dean.

Cassie: Cassie Barsby. Nice to meet you. *shakes Blake's hand*

Blake: Whereabouts are you from?

Cassie: I'm from the Gold Coast. You a local?

Blake: Yeah, I am. *smiles*

Cassie: Would you like to hang out at the diner sometime?

Blake: How about now?

Cassie: Okay.

*Blake and Cassie walk to the diner. As they do, Blake's girlfriend Finlay Roberts watches them.*

Finlay: *to herself* Why is Blake with that girl? She's so ugly.

At the caravan park, Ken and Joan are introducing themselves to Peter Farnham and his wife Kerry, who happens to be Pippa Fletcher's sister.

Peter: Hello. Are you here to rent a caravan?

Ken: No. We came to introduce ourselves as we are new in town. I'm Ken Hayden and this is my wife Joan.

Joan: Hi.

Kerry: I'm Kerry Farnham and this my husband Peter. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Joan: Likewise. I must say Summer Bay is a great place to live in.

Kerry: Peter and I moved here from Newcastle five years ago.

Ken: Got any family that live in Summer Bay?

Peter: Kerry's sister, Pippa lives in an apartment not far from the beach. Sally, Pippa's daughter, also lives with her.

Kerry: Pippa used to own the caravan park until Peter and I decided to buy it. Any children?

Joan: We have four, two biological and two fostered.

Peter: Are you foster parents?

Ken: We are.

Peter: Kerry and I are foster parents as well. *smiles*

Ken: How many currently living with you?

Kerry: We've got five living with us at the moment.

Joan: That's great. *smiles*

Kerry: Would you and your family like to come over for dinner one night?

Ken: I'm sure we'd like that. What do you say, Joan?

Joan: Sounds great. *smiles*

Kerry: Perfect. I'm just glad that you've made friends. *smiles*

At the beach, Tori is watching Kirk and Sean surfing.

Sean: Watch this sister! *shows Tori his surfing skills*

Tori: Show-off! *smiles*

Kirk: Tori! *waves at Tori*

Tori: Awesome!

*After a few minutes, Kirk lets out a painful yell*

Sean: Kirk?

Tori: What's happened? *races into the water to help Sean carry Kirk*

Kirk: My ankle hurts!

Sean: Where mate?

Kirk: It stings!

*Tori sees Kirk's ankle and gasps in shock*

Tori: OMG! He's been stung by a jellyfish!

*Cassie races over to the group*

Cassie: I heard Kirk scream and...*sees Kirk's jellyfish sting* Oh no!

Tori: Cassie, go find Mum and Dad.

*Cassie races to the beach house*

Sean: It'll be okay mate. Stay strong.

*Tori wraps Kirk's ankle with a wet cloth.*

Tori: Hang in there mate. *looks at Kirk sympathetically*


- Kirk is taken to hospital to get treated on his jellyfish sting

- Finlay Roberts decides to befriend Cassie instead of being enemies

- Pippa becomes concerned when Sally comes home with a new image


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Episode 3

Kirk is immediately rushed to Northern Districts Hospital, where he is getting treatment for his nasty jellyfish sting.

*Dr Kelly Watson is treating him*

Kelly: This will only sting for just a few minutes. *rubs some cream on Kirk's ankle*

Kirk: Argh!

Kelly: You're doing really well, Kirk.

Joan: Will he have to be admitted?

Kelly: No. The sting is not as severe as first thought.

Kirk: Thanks Dr Watson.

Kelly: Try and rest up as much as you can. *to Joan* Rub the cream on his ankle three times a day.

Joan: I will. Thank you.

*Kelly leaves*

Kirk: That was very lucky.

Joan: I know love. *hugs Kirk*

At the diner, Cassie is upset about Kirk when Finlay enters and sees her.

Finlay: Hi there.

Cassie: *sadly* Hi.

Finlay: You're the girl that was hanging out with Blake this morning right?

Cassie: What's it to you?

Finlay: I'M his girlfriend!

Cassie: Sorry. I didn't know.

Finlay: That's okay. I really wanted to befriend you anyway. I'm Finlay Roberts.

Cassie: Cassie Barsby. *shakes Finlay's hand*

Finlay: So, why are you depressed?

Cassie: My brother got stung by a jellyfish. Even worse, is that my father was murdered by that bitch of a stepmother of mine! *starts to cry*

Finlay: Oh no. I'm so sorry.

Cassie: The hospital reckoned he died of a heart attack, but the police knew and charged Lisa with Dad's murder. I'll never forgive her for what she did! EVER!

Finlay: Come here.

*Finlay hugs Cassie*

In an apartment complex not far from the beach, Pippa Fletcher is ironing clothes when her adoptive daughter Sally arrives home with a new image.

Sally: *slowly* I'm home.

*Pippa looks at Sally and is horrified at what she is seeing*

Pippa: Sally?

Sally: Like the new me?


Sally: But Pippa, I've always wanted to wear punk clothes.


Sally: I AM SO!!!

*Sally just walks off*

Pippa: Where are you going?

Sally: To my bedroom.

Pippa: I haven't finished talking to you, young lady!

Sally: Well, I have! *slams her bedroom door shut*

*Pippa sighs angrily*

At the beach house, everyone is about to get ready for bed.

Ken: Not ready to go to bed sweetheart?

Cassie: No. I just want to stay up and watch LA Law.

Ken: Fair enough. Well, good night. *heads upstairs*

Sean: Night Cassie. *heads to his bedroom*

Tori: I'll join you Cass.

Cassie: *tensely* Don't bother!

Tori: What's up?

*Cassie suddenly starts to cry*

Tori: Oh Cassie. I understand that you miss your Dad. Everyone in the family does.

Cassie: Why did Lisa kill him? Why? *sobs*

Tori: Shush.... *holds Cassie and rocks her gently*

*Cassie continues to cry as Tori comforts her*


- Cassie and Tori begin Year 12 at Summer Bay High

- Joan gets a job at the Bayside Diner


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Episode 4

January 31, 1994

Two weeks later, Tori and Cassie are beginning Year 12 at Summer Bay High.

Cassie: I'm so nervous right now.

Tori: Me too. An all new high school with lots of new friends to make.

*Cassie just smiles at Tori*

Tori: You seem withdrawn.

Cassie: No, I'm not withdrawn.

Tori: You sure?

Cassie: *snappishly* Of course.

Tori: Just wanted to make sure. *looks offended*

Cassie: I'm sorry. It's just that I'm nervous about starting at a new school and not seeing our friends.

Tori: I understand.

*Cassie puts her arm around Tori as the bell rings*

Tori: We have to go to Mr Fisher's office.

Cassie: Why?

Tori: To get enrolled.

Cassie: Oh right. *laughs weakly*

At the diner, Joan is having a coffee when Irene Roberts comes out.

Irene: G'day Joanie. How are you love?

Joan: Not too bad thanks Irene.

Irene: Listen, have you found a job yet?

Joan: Still looking. Why do you ask?

Irene: I was wondering if you'd like to work at the diner.

Joan: You really want me to work there?

Irene: Of course I do love.

Joan: Well, when do you want me to start?

Irene: Tomorrow.

Joan: I'd like that. *smiles*

Irene: Excellent.

*Joan continues to drink her coffee*

Later that day, Cassie is sitting in the canteen waiting for Tori to arrive when the Year 12 bitch Leonie Walker approaches her.

Leonie: Well, well. If it isn't the crazy mental!

Cassie: Just leave me alone! I'm not crazy! I'm going through a lot of personal stuff right now!

Leonie: Really? Well, I still think you're a freak!

*Cassie looks like she's about to cry*

Leonie: Are we going to cry about it? Oh, I feel SO sad for you!

*Cassie gets up and smacks Leonie in the face*

Cassie: I HATE YOU!!!! *starts choking Leonie as Mr Fisher sees*

Donald: WHAT IS GOING ON?!? *separates Cassie and Leonie*

Leonie: That bloody bitch is crazy! She just attacked me!

*Donald looks at Cassie who is absolutely devastated at what she has done*

Donald: Are you all right Miss Barsby?

*Cassie runs off crying as Tori approaches her*

Tori: Cassie! Wait up! *goes after Cassie*

Donald: I think we'll have a talk in my office Walker!

*Leonie rolls her eyes as she follows Donald to his office*

Donald is in his office doing some work when someone knocks on the door.

Donald: Come in.

*The school counsellor, Donna Bishop enters the office*

Donna: You wanted to see me Mr Fisher?

Donald: Ah yes Miss Bishop. Sit down.

*Donna sits on a seat*

Donna: What seems to be the problem?

Donald: I was going to recommend on you seeing the new Year 12 student, Cassie Barsby.

Donna: How come?

Donald: Well, she physically attacked Leonie Walker during lunch today and the way she looked after I broke up the fight was just a girl that was devastated. I think that girl has problems that we don't know about.

Donna: When do you want me to see her?

Donald: Sometime tomorrow.

Donna: I'll do my best to help her.

When school has finished, Cassie just walks home and locks herself in her bedroom.

*Cassie starts crying uncontrollably*

Cassie: Oh Dad. I miss you so much.


- Donna Bishop introduces herself to Cassie

- Tori, Kirk and Sean vow to help Cassie

- Kerry has a heated argument with Pippa


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Episode 5

When Cassie and Tori arrive at Summer Bay High the next day (Tuesday), they are approached by Donna Bishop.

Donna: Cassie Barsby?

Cassie: Who are you?

Donna: I'm Donna Bishop, the school counsellor. *goes to shake Cassie's hand*

Cassie: *shaking Donna's hand* Hello.

Donna: Would you like to come into my office for a chat? *to Tori* She'll only be five minutes.

Tori: Okay. See you in class Cass.

*Donna and Cassie enter the counsellors office*
Donna: Take a seat.

*Cassie sits on a chair*

Cassie: What's up?

Donna: Mr Fisher called me into his office yesterday and he told me about the fight you had with Leonie Walker.

Cassie: I just snapped Miss Bishop.

Donna: Call me Donna.

Cassie: Okay...Donna.

Donna: Are there any problems at home that you wish to talk to me about?

Cassie: *lying* No.

Donna: You know you can talk to me about your problems at any time you want. I'm here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Cassie: So, why are you here this morning when it's Tuesday?

Donna: I'm in all day Monday and Tuesday. As for Wednesday, I'm only here for the afternoon.

Cassie: Ah, got it now. *smiles*

Donna: There's another counsellor that comes in on Wednesday mornings as well as Thursday and Friday. Her name is Rachel Hughes.

Cassie: Okay.

Donna: So, keep in mind Cassie that you're more than welcome to make an appointment and talk to me on the days that I'm in. *shows Cassie out*

Cassie: I will.

Donna: Enjoy your day.

*Cassie leaves as Donna closes the door*

At the Bayview Apartments (formerly named Bridgewater Apartments), Pippa is ironing her clothes when Kerry storms in.


Pippa: What on earth is wrong, Kerry?


Pippa: I'll sort her out.

Kerry: That's it?!?

*Pippa feels her temperature rise*




*Kerry leaves in a huff*

Pippa: Stupid woman! *rolls her eyes*

That afternoon, Tori arrives home without Cassie.

Sean: Where's Cassie?

Tori: I don't know. She had another bad day at school. Leonie Walker just kept making fun of her!

Kirk: You mean she didn't walk home from school with you?

*Tori nods*

Kirk: Well, did you look for her?

Tori: Throughout the whole school. No trace of her.

Kirk: She's taken Dad's death really hard, but I didn't know her mental state would suffer as a result.

Sean: I don't know how Lisa Whitman will go in the court, but I reckon she'll get off scot free!

Tori: That's so not fair!

Sean: All three of us have to be there for Cassie.

Kirk: She needs to talk to a counsellor.

Tori: Donna Bishop is going to organise a session with Cassie sometime next week.

*Cassie bursts in and runs upstairs*

Kirk: CASSIE!!!

Tori: Let her go. She needs her space.

*Kirk looks sad*

(Inside her bedroom, Cassie leans against the door and starts to sob.)

Cassie: Oh Dad. *wails*


- Cassie has her first counselling session with Donna

- Tori gives Leonie an ultimatum

- An old friend from Paradise Beach arrives in the Bay


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