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A Mothers Love

Guest Danni02

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Story Title: A Mothers Love

Type of Story: Long fic

Main Characters: Charlie and Ruby

Other Characters: Romeo, Brax, Bianca and possibly more

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama, Family

Spoilers: No

Any warning: (DR, SC, V/D)

Summary: Ruby is ill and Charlie is willing to do anything possible to ensure that her daughter makes a full recovery, no matter what that does to her relationship with Brax and those around her.

So here is another.....I can’t seem to stop writing now.....

Chapter 1

Romeo wrapped the blanket around Ruby, before he rubbed her back, keeping her warm. She was cold. It wasn’t a cold day, in fact it was the height of summer, but Ruby, well Ruby was cold. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead before exhaling lightly. “If you want to go inside you can tell me. I won’t be offended.” Romeo spoke softly as he kept rubbing is girlfriends back.

“No,” Ruby’s spoke quietly. “This is lovely. It’s our place. I want to be here.” Ruby and Romeo were sitting at a cliff top, overlooking the ocean, the deep blue colour glistening against the sunlight. It looked gorgeous. Ruby rested her head against Romeo’s shoulder and he placed a soft kiss on head. Her hair was soft and shining as he ran his hand through it gently.

“I’ve always fancied getting married on a cliff top just like this.” Romeo smiled.

“This you’re idea of a proposal?” Ruby gave a little laugh. “Because Romeo Smith I don’t find it that romantic. The setting, okay I’ll give you, but not the way you asked.”

Romeo laughed lightly. “Not sure your mum would be pleased if I brought you home engaged.”

“Yeah, well my mum doesn’t like the fact that I’ve got leukaemia either but she has to deal with that doesn’t she?” Ruby spat and Romeo looked down saddened. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to...” Ruby eyes went red and puffy. She hated living with leukaemia and wanted this all too end, she wanted to get better and get back to being a normal teenager again.

“It’s okay,” Romeo rubbed her back as she hid her head against his shoulder. He placed a soft kiss in the crook of her neck, before breathing in her sweet scent. “I love you so much Ruby. And you’re going to be fine, you’ll see, we’re going to beat this together. Me and your mum will be with you every step of the way.”

“I know,” Ruby answered. “And I really do appreciate it, you know that, right?”

“Of course I do,” Romeo smiled as he opened the picnic basket up. “Now, it wouldn’t be your birthday without some of your favourites.” Romeo said as he pulled out some treats.

“Tim tams, minties and sherbies,” Ruby smiled. “You know all my favourites.”

“Of course,” Romeo answered as he opened the tim tams and took one. “I’m your boyfriend; it’s my job to know,” Ruby gave him a smile as he reached into the basket one again and lifted out a box. “Happy Birthday, seventeen eh, you’re getting old.” Romeo nudged Ruby’s arm as he gave a little laugh.

“Says you,” Ruby laughed. “You’re 18.”

“Well yes but I.....” Romeo trailed off before handing the gift to Ruby. “Open this.”

Ruby took the box from him and gave him a smile before opening the box to see a charm bracelet with a little blue turtle charm on. “A turtle,” Ruby smiled. “Babe I love it.”

“Do you remember the turtle?” Romeo questioned.

“Of course I do,” Ruby answered. “We were at the aquarium and we were looking at the turtles and it was the first time we said we loved each other.” Ruby smiled, fondly remembering that day, that day at the aquarium when everything was perfect, when Ruby was just like any another teenage girl.

“Yeah,” Romeo placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s head. “And you just need to look at that to know that I love you.”

“I have you to tell me.” Ruby smiled as Romeo helped her put the bracelet on.

“I know, but just for when I’m not there to tell you, you look at the bracelet and see the charm and you’ll know.”

“Well thank you, it’s lovely and I love you.” Ruby smiled.

“I love you too.” Romeo exhaled lightly as he hugged Ruby tight. He did love her. He loved her so much and couldn’t bare that she ill and going through so much. He hated that he couldn’t do anything to help her, because he wanted to do anything he could to make her better, to keep her in his life, but all he could do was be there for her every step of the way like he promised he would.


Charlie pulled the cake out of the oven, with one hand as she waved away the smoke with other. “Damn.” Charlie muttered as she kicked the oven door shut with her foot as she threw the cake down on the worktop. She threw the oven glove down in anger before banging her elbows against the worktop and holding her head in her hands. She couldn’t even get a simple sponge cake right.

“Whoa, what’s happened in here?” Brax laughed as he walked into the kitchen waving his hands in front of him.

“I ruined the cake,” Charlie cried. “I can’t even get a birthday cake right for my daughter.”

“Hey hey,” Brax walked closer to Charlie and pulled her into a hug. “It’s okay it’s only a cake, she won’t mind. She’ll probably find it funny.”

Charlie shook her head as she pulled back. “Just this once I didn’t want to ruin the cake. I wanted this one to be special because....I hate thinking this but it might be her last birthday and....” Charlie trailed off unable to finish her sentence. It broke her heart that her daughter was sick and she wished so much she could take her pain away, take her place if she could, she’d do that in a heartbeat. “I just wanted to give her a good day.”

“She can still have that,” Brax said as he wiped Charlie’s tears from her cheeks. “And it will be a good day because she can bug you about burning her cake.” Brax said as he tried to hold back a cheeky laugh.

Charlie gave a small laugh. “I guess it wouldn’t be her birthday if I didn’t ruin the cake.”

“No,” Brax shook his head. “I seem to remember last year it was cremated.”

Charlie sniffed back. “At least it’s not that bad this year. I think it’s salvageable.”

Brax sniggered. “You think?”

“Hey,” Charlie hit his side. “The middle is just slightly over golden brown,” Charlie said. “I’m making it work.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Sure, I’m sure Ruby and Romeo will be polite enough.” Charlie cocked her head to the side.

“Shut up or there will be no cake for you.” Charlie said.

“Suits me fine,” Brax gave a cheeky grin as he raised his eyebrows. “Anyways, I need to go to work; I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled as she gave Brax a soft kiss on the lips. “See you.” Charlie exhaled lightly as Brax walked out of the house. She looked down to the cake, saddened that it seemed to go wrong again, before pulling the icing sugar from the cupboard, hoping that a generous helping of the stuff would make the cake taste at least half decent.

Romeo's gift to Ruby - Just so you can visualise the gift. :P

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Thank you :)

Chapter 2

Ruby and Romeo sat at the table, looking down at the cake. “Is she expecting us to eat that?” Ruby whispered to Romeo.

Romeo laughed. “I think so.”

Ruby screwed her face up as Charlie walked over to the table with the drinks. “So, are you going to tell me about where Romeo took you or is it a secret?” Charlie questioned as she sat down at the table.

Ruby exhaled as she looked to her mother. “Well he took me to the lookout point and had all my favourites, tim tams, minties and sherbies,” Ruby gave a grin. “And he gave me this.” Ruby lifted her left hand up onto the table, showing Charlie the bracelet.

“Aww Romeo, it’s lovely.” Charlie smiled as she ran her hand over the charm.

Romeo gave Charlie a smile. “I’m just glad she liked it.”

“I don’t like it,” Ruby shook her head and Romeo looked worried for a second. “I love it,” Ruby said resulting in Romeo giving her a grin. “So, you baked,” Ruby screwed her face up, unimpressed. “You really didn’t need too,” Ruby said. “Haven’t you learned from all your other failed attempts at baking?”

“I’ll get it right one day, you’ll see.” Charlie answered.

“I seem to recall you saying that last year after you cremated the cake,” Romeo laughed. “Now that cake was bad.”

Charlie glared at Romeo offended. “And last year wasn’t her worst; believe it or not she’s done worse.” Ruby laughed.

“I’d believe it,” Romeo laughed. “Poor Brax last year eating the cake and being so polite about it.”

“That’s because they’d only been dating a couple of months,” Ruby answered. “He wouldn’t feel brave enough to diss her cooking skills.”

“I try to do my daughter a nice thing and make her a cake on her birthday and this is how I get treated,” Charlie shook her head, mocking offence. “Really, I’m just shocked.”

“C’mon, it’s wouldn’t be my birthday if you didn’t get mocked over the cake.” Ruby answered before taking a drink of her juice.

“You have to admit though it doesn’t look as bad as last year’s cake, I would go as far to say this one was edible,” Romeo gave the side of the cake a little poke. “Maybe just.”

“I think it looks fine,” Charlie answered positively. “We just need to cut the ends off and the middle, the middle looks fine.”

“Sure,” Ruby exhaled. “Pass me the knife then and I’ll cut it and we can get this over with.” Ruby said as she held her hand out and Romeo passed her the knife.

“Wait,” Charlie held her hand out above Ruby’s as she was about to cut into the cake. “Let me take a picture,” Charlie disappeared out of the kitchen, returning with the camera in her hand. “Romeo, you can get in with her,” Charlie said and Romeo stood up and walked behind Ruby, placing his hands on her shoulders and he leaned down so his head was in line with hers. “Okay, smile.” Charlie clicked the camera a few times, as Ruby cut the cake.

“Well at least the knife got through this one relatively easy,” Ruby said as plated a piece up for everyone, before taking a bite. “And the icing is nice.” Ruby smiled.

“I second that,” Romeo said as he pulled the blacked ends from the sponge cake. “You made the icing well.”

“The icing? You’re giving me the icing?” Charlie sighed before taking a bite of the cake and screwing her face up. “Okay, it’s eh.....” Charlie trailed off as she chewed and chewed and chewed. “A little dry.”

“Yes, a little dry.” Ruby rolled her eyes as she broke off another bit of cake.

Charlie took a drink of her juice before picking up her plate of half-eaten cake, and looking to Romeo who was forcing the last piece into his mouth. “You’re such a gentleman Romeo.” Charlie said as he picked up his plate, putting it underneath hers.

Romeo gave her a smile as he swallowed before picking up his empty glass. “I’m just going to get another drink.” Romeo said as he walked over to the fridge and pulled out the orange juice. Charlie picked up Ruby’s plate of half-eaten cake and walked over to the bin, and throwing the cake away.

“You going to do that with that bit there too.” Ruby asked as she gestured to the cake what was left.

“Nah,” Charlie shook her head. “For all Brax complained about the state of the cake this morning, he’ll still eat it,” Charlie said as she disappeared from the kitchen before returning with a wrapped up present in her hand, re-joining Ruby and Romeo at the table. “So, Happy Birthday sweetie.” Charlie smiled as she placed a soft kiss on her daughter’s temple before handing her the gift.

“Mum,” Ruby looked down to the gift surprised. “You’ve already gotten me enough. I was happy with what I got this morning.” Ruby said, referring to the clothes, a new pair of shoes and the DVDs she’s been given by her mother that morning.

“Okay give me that back then I’ll keep it for myself.” Charlie held her hands out as she spoke but Ruby hugged the present close to her.

“No, no,” Ruby shook her head. “I did say I didn’t want it,” Ruby smiled lightly as she opened the present and gave a loud scream as she saw what it was. “You got me an iPad.” Ruby was completely surprised.

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled. “Well you’ve been wanting one for ages so now you have one.”

“Thank you so much.” Ruby stood up from the chair and wrapped her arms around her mother appreciatively.

“You’re welcome,” Charlie smiled as she held onto her daughter, not wanting to let go. She rubbed her back as she placed a soft kiss on the side of her head. “I love you so much Ruby.” Charlie mumbled.

“I love you too,” Ruby smiled as she pulled back and looked to Romeo excitedly before looking back to Charlie. “Can we go set it up now?” Ruby questioned, Charlie noticing her eyes light up for the first time in a while at her happiness of the day.

“Sure.” Charlie answered and Ruby took Romeo’s hand before they both left the kitchen and made their way up the stairs to Ruby’s bedroom.


“Hey, come in,” Charlie smiled as she gave her friend a hug. “How are you?” Charlie asked as Bianca walked into the house, parking the buggy at the back of the couch.

“Okay.” Bianca gave a weak smile and Charlie instantly knew that something was up with her friend.

“Doesn’t sound too positive?” Charlie questioned as she heard babbles coming from the buggy. She looked down to see Rocco staring up at her, his eyes all big and wide as he hit his hands against the front bar. “Hello Rocco I see you,” Charlie cooed as she unclipped his straps and lifted him out of the buggy. “I hope you haven’t been giving mummy trouble.” Charlie walked over to the couch with Bianca following and taking a seat next to her.

“No,” Bianca shook her head as she gently ran her hand over her sons head. “He’s a little star as always, it’s eh....” Bianca trailed off. “I brought a present for Ruby,” Bianca smiled as she pointed to the buggy. “It’s in the bottom of the buggy.”

“Ah thanks,” Charlie smiled. “I’ll call her down later and you can give it to her.” Charlie said as she moved Rocco on her knee.

“How is she this week?” Bianca questioned, concerned.

“She’s been great so far,” Charlie smiled. “She’s been feeling cold a lot, but that’s nothing compared to last week,” Charlie answered. “Whatever they’ve given her, she’s like a different girl this week.” Charlie gave a weak smile as she remembered the week before, with Ruby in hospital for the most of it, with fevers and severe sickness.

“That’s good,” Bianca smiled. “And it’s nice that she’s at home for her birthday and not in hospital.”

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “She didn’t let on but I think she’s really pleased about that too, and of course Romeo was pleased that they could do something together today and not just be at the hospital.”

“He’s great for her,” Bianca smiled. “Really keeping her spirits up.”

“I know,” Charlie answered. “He’s been great for me too,” Charlie exhaled as she pulled Rocco’s hand from grabbing on her hair. “Don’t get me wrong Brax is great, but with Romeo......he’s Ruby’s boyfriend and you can tell that he loves her so much.....I just find it easier taking to Romeo about Ruby than I do Brax.”

“I get that,” Bianca smiled. “But you’re not shutting Brax out completely are you?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “I just find it easier talking with Romeo about it. After me, he is hurt most by this and we’re just helping each other through.” Bianca smiled lightly understanding what Charlie meant. “So anyways, Miss Scott, you have distracted me for long enough. What’s up?”

Bianca sighed lightly as once again she ran her hand over her son’s head whose little hands were grasped around Charlie’s wrist as his eyes were glued to her watch. She pursed her lips together before she exhaled. “Heath left me.”

“Oh my God....when....why?” Charlie questioned, shocked at what he friend told her.

“Last week,” Bianca answered as she bit her lip. “Rocco and I got home and there was note saying he couldn’t take it anymore and he and Darcy were going to make a new life somewhere else,” Bianca sniffed back. “I thought it was just some stupid joke at first but all his clothes were gone. I went into Darcy’s room and all her things were gone too.”

“I’m sorry,” Charlie put her hand on Bianca’s knee and rubbed it in comfort. “Why didn’t you tell me when it happened?”

“Ruby was in hospital and you had enough to worry about.” Bianca answered.

“I would have been there for you too.” Charlie said. “What could he not take?” Charlie questioned. “Were you arguing a lot or?”

“Just silly little things,” Bianca answered. “Nothing major, but you know, the funny thing is, I....” Bianca pursed her lips together. “I think I mainly wanted us to work for Rocco and I guess Darcy,” Bianca exhaled. “I love him, but Heath and I, we are never going to work in the long term. I think I miss Darcy more than I miss him.”

“Oh,” Charlie was slightly surprised. She always believed Heath and Bianca were in this because it was what they both wanted, not just because they felt the need to for their son. “Well, still, I’m sorry and for Rocco’s sake I hope he does come back soon. Maybe he doesn’t want to be with you anymore but he should still be here for his son.”

“Yeah, well Brax has been paying his nephew extra visits,” Bianca smiled gratefully. “So he may not have his dad around but he’s got his uncle.”

“Brax knew?” Charlie questioned. “And he’s been visiting you?”

“Yeah.” Bianca bit her lip sensing she said something she shouldn’t have. Charlie raised her eyebrows as she once again moved Rocco on her knee as he was getting restless.

“Here,” Charlie placed Rocco in his mother’s arms. “I’ll go get the birthday girl.” Charlie stood up from the couch and made her way up the stairs to get Ruby.

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Thanks you all for the lovely comments. :)

Chapter 3

Charlie was sitting on the couch reading through a magazine. Romeo had gone back home and Ruby was already asleep. She exhaled lightly as she looked down to her watch. She expected Brax to have returned home from work half an hour ago, but he was yet to appear home. She exhaled lightly as she threw the magazine down on the coffee table and walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on to boil before grabbing a cup, and putting some coffee into it. That was when she heard the door open and looked into the living room to see Brax walking into the house. “Hey, sorry I’m a little late.” Brax said as he walked over to Charlie.

“That’s okay,” Charlie said as she walked back over to the fridge and took the milk out, laying it on the worktop. “I’m sure you had something important to do.”

Brax exhaled lightly as he rubbed his forehead. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah,” Charlie pursed her lips together as she turned to face Brax. “So were you held back at work tonight or were you visiting Bianca and Rocco?”

“I eh....” Brax opened his mouth a little shocked by her questioned.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Charlie questioned. “She’s my best friend and I wasn’t there for her when her boyfriend left.”

“I’m sorry,” Brax exhaled as he stepped forward and rubbed Charlie’s arm. “It was last week when Ruby had been taken to hospital and I didn’t want to put anything else onto you. You were worrying enough and you should have been there for her so I thought I’d handle it for a while and let you concentrate on Ruby.”

Charlie gave a gentle nod of understanding. “I get that,” Charlie spoke softly. “But don’t keep anything from me again okay?”

“I promise, I won’t.” Brax said as he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Charlie and pulled her into a hug, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

“I’m shocked by it,” Charlie answered. “I thought he loved being with Bianca. And they were a great little family.”

“Yeah, I think he’s just a bit overwhelmed,” Brax answered. “Eighteen months ago he was a single guy with no kids, and now he’s got Bianca, Rocco and Darcy turns out to be his.”

“So then why take Darcy?” Charlie questioned. “Why not leave her too if he was overwhelmed?”

“I dunno, its Heath eh,” Brax shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve been trying to get in touch with him and so far it’s been unsuccessful but I’ll keep trying. He needs to be here for Rocco and Bianca.”

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled. “I’m just not sure Bianca will welcome him back if he did come back though.”

“Oh?” Brax questioned. “She said something?”

“Just that she’s not sure they would work in the long term anyways.” Charlie answered.

Brax raised his eyebrows. “Well we’ll just have to wait and see what happens,” Brax said. “So how was Ruby tonight?”

“Yeah, she’s been fine,” Charlie smiled. “Romeo was here with her most of the night. I think being around him keeps her smiling,” Charlie said. “But he went home a couple of hours ago and she’s been sleeping ever since.....so can I get you a coffee?”

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “I’ve got a better idea,” Brax raised his eyebrows as he tucked Charlie’s hair behind her ear. “How about we have an early night too,” Brax smiled before placing a soft kiss on Charlie’s lips. “Hmm, what do you say?”

Charlie pursed her lips together as she looked down. It had been a while since she and Brax had been intimate. She nodded lightly as she took his hand into hers and rubbed it gently. “I’d like that.”

Brax smiled as he led her through the house and made their way up the stairs to their bedroom, but stopped as they saw the bathroom light was on. “Rubes, sweetie are you okay?” Charlie questioned.

“No.” Charlie heard the quick reply before she opened the bathroom door to hear her daughter vomiting into the toilet.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Charlie bent down beside her and held her hair back with one hand while she rubbed her back with the other. “Oh baby.” Charlie muttered under her breath. Brax stood back and watched with his hand over his mouth. He still wasn’t used to this.

“Is eh...” Brax cleared his throat, snapping himself out of it. “Is there anything I can do?”

“Get her a drink of water.” Charlie instructed and Brax gave a gentle nod before leaving the bathroom.

Ruby spat in to the toilet before she flushed her sick away and sat back, leaning in to her mother. Charlie rubbed her daughters back as Ruby rested her head against her chest. “I think...I think it’s the tablets.” Ruby said.

“The chemo tablets you have?” Charlie questioned and Ruby gave a slight nod in reply. Charlie exhaled lightly as she rubbed her daughter’s brow.

“A side effect,” Ruby sniffed as she cleared her throat, the sick taste in her mouth making her want to throw up again. “Mum, I don’t want to take the tablets anymore,” Ruby shook her head as her eyes went all red and puffy. “That’s why I was so sick last week and being sick now, please don’t make me take them anymore.”

“Oh sweetheart,” Charlie exhaled as she did her best not to break into tears in front of Ruby. She knew she needed to be strong in front of her. “I wish you didn’t have to take them either but it’s what’s going to help you get better.”

“There might be another way.” Ruby looked up to Charlie as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Charlie bit her lips as she wiped under her daughters eyes with her thumbs. Her heart was breaking more each day as she was helpless to the fact her daughter was slowly dying.

“Okay,” Charlie nodded. “How about I talk to Sid about it for you?” Charlie said as Brax walked back into the bathroom, handing the glass of water to Ruby.

“Thanks,” Ruby smiled up at Brax. “And yeah, that would be good thanks,” Ruby gave Charlie a smile before taking a drink of the water. “Can you...can you lay with me tonight please?” Ruby asked shyly and Charlie nodded her head as she gently ran her hand through her daughter’s hair, her gorgeous brown locks that Charlie feared would soon fallout from the chemo.

“Of course I can,” Charlie smiled lightly as she rubbed her daughters am. “You ready to go back through?”

“Yeah.” Ruby stood up from the bathroom floor.

“Okay, you go through to your room and I’ll be through in a minute.” Charlie said and Ruby gave a gentle nod before she walked out of the bathroom. Charlie looked up to Brax before walking out of the room and into their bedroom with Brax following her through.

“So much for our night then eh.” Brax exhaled as he watched Charlie taking her pyjamas from underneath her pillow.

“You saw Ruby just now didn’t you?” Charlie questioned as she pulled her t-shirt off, followed by her bra.

“Yeah,” Brax nodded. “And it’s awful that she’s sick but I’m still your boyfriend Charlie, we need to spend time together too.”

“Sorry that we’re not going to have sex tonight, Brax, but right now Ruby’s feelings are more important,” Charlie said as she put her pyjama top on. “We’ll spend time together soon, I promise.”

Brax exhaled as he watched Charlie change into her pyjama bottoms. “Okay.” Brax sighed.

“I really am sorry and I know I’ve been ignoring you a bit lately, but I just need to be with Ruby right now, you must understand that?” Charlie walked closer to Brax as she spoke.

Brax exhaled as he folded his arms across his chest. “Yup.” Brax answered quietly and Charlie knew he was mad with her.

“I’m so sorry,” Charlie said as she rubbed the sides of his arms. “I love you.”

“Yeah,” Brax exhaled. “Love you too.” Although Brax said the words, Charlie didn’t hear it in his voice, and felt he only said it because he felt he needed to, not because he wanted too. Charlie sighed sadly as she looked up into his eyes. She smiled lightly before placing a soft kiss on his lips and leaving their bedroom and going into Ruby’s bedroom.

“Hey, sweetie, you alright?” Charlie questioned as she walked over to the bed and got in next to her daughter.

“I still don’t feel great but I feel better.” Ruby answered as she cuddled close to her mother, Charlie wrapping her arm around her and gently rubbed her back.

“Remember when you were younger, oh 7 maybe 8, there was a time for a while when you’d always come into my bed.” Charlie smiled as she remembered their past.

“That’s because you scared me by letting me watch that scary movie.” Ruby answered.

Charlie laughed lightly. “Rubes, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was not a scary movie.”

“Well the child catcher man....woman.....person scared me,” Ruby screwed her face up. “So it was scary for me then.”

“What made you come into my room and not mum and dad’s?” Charlie questioned as she continued to rub her daughters back ever so slightly.

“Well back then I thought you were this cool hero big sister,” Ruby answered. “I knew you’d protect me.”

“And mum and dad wouldn’t have?” Charlie scrunched her nose up.

“Well yeah, but as I said, you were my big sister and I thought you were the coolest ever. I just wanted to be with you.” Ruby answered quietly before she yawned.

“That’s sweet,” Charlie smiled. “And I so would have kicked anyone’s ass for you by the way. And still would.”

“I know,” Ruby laughed. “You still this cool hero in my eyes,” Ruby answered. “Just my cool hero mum instead of big sister.”

“Cool hero mum,” Charlie grinned. “I like the sound of that.”

“Well what you’ve had to put up with lately, you deserved that title.” Ruby smiled.

“I’ve not been through as much as you,” Charlie gently ran her hand through Ruby’s hair. “You’re the hero.” Charlie said. “The amount of courage your showing. You’re so strong and you’re dealing with all of this amazingly.”

“I don’t have the choice but too,” Ruby answered. “I want to get better so I need to fight with all I have.”

“And you will get better,” Charlie said hopefully. “Because I’m not letting you go. We’re going to get through this.”

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “I hope your right,” Ruby said before giving a yawn. “We’ll I’m going to try to sleep now. Love you mum.”

“Love you too Rubes.” Charlie placed a soft kiss on her daughters temple before they both closed their eyes to sleep.

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Thanks everyone for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 4

Charlie was finishing applying her mascara when Brax walked up the stairs and into their bedroom. “Hey,” Charlie smiled as she turned her head to face him. “How was your surf?”

“Alright,” Brax sighed as he walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of combats and a blue checked shirt. “You look nice today, by the way,” Brax smiled as she looked to Charlie who was wearing a red sundress, her long hair flowing loosely down passed her shoulders. “Going somewhere nice with Ruby?”

“No,” Charlie sighed as she stood up from the stool at her dresser. “Ruby is out with Romeo all day,” Charlie answered. “I eh...you’re not working today right?”

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “I’m always off on a Wednesday.”

“Thought so,” Charlie smiled lightly. “I thought we could spend the day together.”

“I’d like that,” Brax smiled. “Did you have anything in mind?”

“Uhm, I thought maybe a picnic on the beach?” Charlie said questioningly. Brax gave a little smile.

“Not going to prepare the food though, are you?” Brax pulled a face.

“Oi,” Charlie stepped forward and hit his bare chest. “I can put a few sandwiches together. It’s just if it involves the oven that things go a bit wrong for me.”

“A bit?” Brax laughed as he poked her side, causing her to pull to the side as she gave a girlish squeal.

“Yeah yeah, you don’t love me for my cooking, I think we all established that long ago,” Charlie laughed. “Now you go get washed and dressed and I’ll go sort us something.” Charlie said and Brax smiled as he gave a nod of the head.

“Sure, and maybe after the picnic we could come home and eh...”Brax cleared his throat. “Get close.” Brax raised his eyebrows suggestively.

“God is that all guys think about?” Charlie asked.

“Well it’s been a while,” Brax sighed. “So you know I just.....want to.”

Charlie laughed lightly. “I know it has, sorry,” Charlie said softly. “And if you’re lucky you won’t be saying it’s been a while by the end of today,” Charlie gave Brax a cheeky grin before she placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Now, you go get washed.” Charlie said and Brax exhaled as he walked to the bathroom, with Charlie walking on and down the stairs to the kitchen to prepare a picnic.


Charlie and Brax were sitting on the beach, Charlie resting her head against his chest as his arm was wrapped around her, rubbing her upper arm. “Thank you,” Brax smiled as he placed a soft kiss on her temple.

“Thank you for what?” Charlie questioned as she stared up at him.

“For today,” Brax answered. “Just spending it with me.”

“Well like I said Ruby had plans with Romeo so I’d be bored otherwise,” Charlie laughed as she looked up to the look of hurt on his face. “Nah, I’m just kidding, I wanted to spend time with you.”

Brax smiled. “Good, I’m glad you still do,” Brax said. “I know you’re having a hard time with Rubes, but you know that I’m here for you every step of the way, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Charlie answered. “And I really appreciate that.” Charlie smiled as she looked up to him and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“Mmm,” Brax smiled as he pulled back. “Maybe we -”

Brax stopped talking as Charlie’s mobile started to ring. She looked down to the screen and felt slightly alarmed to see that Romeo was calling her. Romeo never called her these days unless it was something about Ruby. “Hello,” Charlie voice was trembling as she answered. “What, where are you now?” Charlie stood up from the sand in a panic. “Yeah, okay I’m on my way,” Charlie said before hanging up her phone and looking down to Brax, feeling her heart beating a hundred miles to the hour. “We need to go to the hospital.” Charlie started collecting all the picnic stuff together.

“What’s wrong?” Brax asked as he helped put away the stuff.

“I have to go. I have to get there now,” Charlie shouted. She was panicking for her daughter. “She’s collapsed. Brax we need to get there quick.” Charlie pulled on his arm as they ran up the beach and made their way to Brax’s Ute, where they drove off towards the hospital.


“Romeo,” Charlie ran down the corridor and grabbed onto his arm. “How is she, what’s going on?”

“She collapsed,” Romeo answered. “Sid is in there with her now. They’re making me wait here.”

“Oh God,” Charlie ran her hand through her hair as she bit her lip nervously. “What were you doing with her?” Charlie shouted. “You’re supposed to be looking after her.”

“We weren’t doing anything,” Romeo answered. “We were just vegging on the couch and the next thing I know she’s out of it.”

“Brax,” Charlie cried as she turned to face him. “I can’t lose her.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Brax pulled Charlie into a hug and held her tightly as he placed a kiss on her head. “She’ll be alright. She is a Buckton after all.” Brax held onto Charlie, gently rocking her as they waited on news. Romeo paced back and forward as he held his hands over his mouth.

“Charlie.” Sid spoke softly as he walked out of the room.

“How is she?” Charlie ran close to Sid with Romeo and Brax coming up behind her, Brax taking Charlie’s hand into his.

Sid looked to Brax then Romeo before looking back to Charlie. Sid exhaled lightly. He hated this part of his job. “Do you want to come through to somewhere more private to talk?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “You can eh.....Romeo and Brax need to hear this too.” Charlie squeezed Brax’s hand hard and she waited on the news. Her palms went sweaty and she could feel her heart beating in her chest.

“Ruby is declining quicker than we first expected.” Sid exhaled. Charlie pursed her lips together as she felt Romeo’s hand go onto her shoulder in comfort. A lone tear rolled down her cheek.

“So what.....” Charlie trailed off as she choked back, she tried to talk again but no words came out.

“What does that mean?” Brax questioned, feeling his heart beat faster at the news.

“She’s getting to the stage where we may need to start thinking about a bone marrow transplant as our best option to take.” Sid spoke softly as he told his friend the hard news. Charlie turned her head into Brax’s shoulder and he put his arm around her comfortingly.

“How does she....when can she get this?” Romeo questioned. “Does she go on a waiting list or?” Romeo sniffed back as he felt his eyes stinging with the tears that wanted to fall.

“She’ll go on a waiting list,” Sid answered. “And we’ll check the donor list to see if we can find a match for her also.”

“How long will it take to find a match?” Brax questioned. “How long is safe for Ruby to wait?” Brax rubbed Charlie’s back as she stayed cuddling into him, wanting his comfort.

“She could be fine for years, maybe just months,” Sid said. “We don’t know how quickly things will continue to deteriorate for her.”

“So can I get tested?” Romeo questioned. “I could be a match right? Then she wouldn’t need to wait as long.”

“Yeah,” Sid nodded. “You can get tested to see if you are a match.”

“Test me right now then,” Charlie answered. “What do I need to do?” Charlie questioned as she looked at Sid, wiping her hand across her eyes.

“And me,” Brax spoke up. “You can test us all right now.”

Sid nodded understandingly. “If you want to go see Ruby just now and we’ll get stuff sorted.” Sid said before walking away from them. Charlie exhaled before looking up to Brax.

“Bone marrow, Brax,” Charlie cried. “This is getting really serious now isn’t it?”

“Hey, c’mon,” Brax rubbed her arm in comfort. “It’s going to be fine.” Charlie looked up to Romeo and took his hand into hers and gave it a gently squeeze as she looked into eyes. She could see he was trying so hard to keep his tears from falling. He gave her a thankful smile before they walked into the room to see Ruby.

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Thank you everyone. :wub:

Chapter 5

Charlie, Brax, and Romeo walked into the house and Charlie walked through to the kitchen and threw the house keys down on the worktop. “Why can’t they tell right away if we are a match?” Charlie questioned. “It’s ridiculous.”

“They just need to make sure.” Brax answered as he went to rub her back but Charlie shrugged away.

“Make sure what?” Charlie questioned. “They can’t just keep testing until it comes up one of us is a match,” Charlie raised her voice. “We either are or we aren’t, they should be able to tell us right away.”

“Look, I hate this wait too,” Romeo said. “But you heard Sid. He’ll let us know as soon as he does.” Romeo stepped forward and rubbed Charlie arm.

“I just want her to be okay,” Charlie replied. “What if we aren’t a match? What if we don’t find her a match in time?” A tear started falling down her cheek. “She’s my little girl Romeo. She needs to be okay.”

“I know,” Romeo rubbed Charlie’s arm. “And Sid is going to do everything he can to make sure that she gets better,” Romeo answered. “And Ruby is strong; she’s not going to give up without a fight.”

“Yeah I know,” Charlie nodded. “I just wish that I could take her place,” Charlie sniffed back. “She shouldn’t have to be going through this.”

“No one should,” Romeo answered. “It’s just really bad luck.”

“Yeah,” Charlie wiped her hand across her eyes, wiping away the tears. “I need a drink,” Charlie exhaled. “Do you two want a beer?” Charlie asked as she opened the fridge and pulled out three beers, handing one to Brax and one to Romeo.

“Thanks.” Romeo took the drink from Charlie and unscrewed the cap off as Charlie did the same. Brax looked down to the beer before looking to Charlie. He placed the beer down on the worktop as he exhaled.

“I’m going for some air,” Brax said before walking out of the house. He kicked a few stones from the path as he made his way out of the house and started walking along the sidewalk, and he just kept walking until he ended up at her house. He exhaled as he knocked on door, before walking in to find Bianca trying to settle an unhappy Rocco. “Now that’s no way to look after a baby.” Brax gave a little laugh as he walked closer to her and looked down to Rocco who was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Bianca groaned as she handed Rocco to Brax. “Maybe uncle Brax will can calm you down.”

“What a voice he’s got today,” Brax said. “What have you been doing to him?”

“I think he’s cutting a tooth,” Bianca sighed. “He’s been a right grump all day.”

“Cutting a tooth already?” Brax questioned. “He seems too young for teeth.”

“He’s 5 and a half months,” Bianca answered. “He’s not too young.”

“Goodness doesn’t time fly,” Brax answered. “Doesn’t seem like that long.”

“Probably because of what’s been happening with Ruby these past few months,” Bianca answered. “You’ve not exactly been on top of things.”

Brax sniggered as Rocco settled in his arms. “I’ve not been that involved,” Brax answered as he sat down next to Bianca on the couch. “Charlie doesn’t really let me in much. She’s a bit hot and cold in that respect.”

“Don’t take it to heart, Brax,” Bianca exhaled as she gently rubbed her son’s head. “She doesn’t mean to shut you out,” Bianca said. “She does love you so much and you’re probably helping her deal with this more that you think.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Brax exhaled. “So have you heard from Heath yet?”

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “Doesn’t return my calls.”

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with him too,” Brax hold her. “So far it’s not been great but I do believe he’ll come back soon. His head down and his tail between his legs begging for forgiveness.”

“I’m not going to hold my breath,” Bianca sighed. “I just....I get he doesn’t want to talk to me right now but surely he’s missing Rocco. I’m missing Darcy like crazy and she’s not even my daughter. I just want to be able to talk to her.”

“Look, I know Heath,” Brax said. “He’ll be back.”

Bianca smiled weakly at his positivity. “So, what’s brought you around here this time? Just a Rocco visit?”

Brax exhaled as he shook his head. “Ruby’s eh....she’s getting worse. They’ve test Charlie, Romeo and I for a bone marrow match.”

“Oh God,” Bianca put her hand over mouth. “And what if.....if none of you are a match?”

“It becomes a waiting game to find a match from the donor list,” Brax answered. “Charlie’s in bits but it’s seems she’d rather listen to Romeo’s support that mines right now so I’ve left them too it.”

“Like I said, don’t get too upset. She will need you too,” Bianca answered. “And can I get tested?” Bianca questioned. “If none of you are a match. I’ll help if I can.”

“Eh, yeah,” Brax answered. “I’d just imagine you’d go talk to Sid.” Bianca smiled lightly, if Summer Bay was anything it was a tight-knit community and she had the feeling she wouldn’t be the only one willing to help Ruby if Charlie, Romeo or Brax wasn’t a match.


Charlie, Romeo and Brax were sitting in the room, waiting on Sid to come to tell them the news. Charlie was shaking her leg as she bit her nails worriedly. “Charlie.” Brax spoke softly as he put his hand on her knee squeezing it gently. Charlie looked up to him before putting her hand on top his and squeezing it gently.

“It feels like we have been in here forever,” Romeo exhaled as he looked up to the clock on the wall where the second hand seemed stuck from moving. “Maybe he wants to delay telling us bad news.”

“Doctors are busy people,” Brax answered. “He’ll get here as quickly as he can.”

“You just don’t understand,” Charlie answered. “She’s not your daughter, she’s not your girlfriend.” Charlie shook her head.

“Hey, I care so much about that girl,” Brax raised his voice. “I’m offering my bone marrow to her Charlie,” Brax exhaled. “I -”

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Sid said as he walked into the room and took a seat opposite them. “I’ll just get right to what you want to know,” Sid gave a soft smile of sympathy as he opened the notes before him and looked to Romeo.

“Romeo, unfortunately you are not a match, I’m sorry mate.” Romeo took a deep breath as he felt his heart breaking a little. He wanted to so much to be a match. He wanted so much to help the woman he loved get better.

“Brax.” Sid looked up to him and shook his head lightly and immediately Brax knew the answer. He wanted to be a match, not only did he want to be a match for Ruby’s sake, but for Charlie. He wanted to be a match for her. Brax exhaled as he felt Charlie’s hand slip away from his.

“I’m sorry Charlie.” Brax mumbled.

“And Charlie,” Sid said softly as he looked to her. Charlie looked up to him and could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t have good news for her either. “I’m afraid it’s not good news.” Sid said as Brax took to Charlie and saw the tears immediately roll down her cheeks. She covered her head with her hands and the sounds of her tears filled the room. She felt she’d let her daughter down even more, not being a match. She was supposed to protect her, supposed to be able to help, and she felt like she’d failed because she couldn’t do so.

“So what...what happens now?” Romeo questioned as Brax rubbed Charlie’s back in comfort.

“Bianca said she’d like to be tested,” Brax answered. “Can she?”

“Yes, she -” Sid stopped as there was a knock at the door and it opened to show Nurse Julie standing at the other side.

“We have some people out here wanting to see you.” Julie said.

“Well can’t it wait?” Sid said. “Can’t you see I am in the middle of something here?”

“It’s about Ruby Buckton, Doctor,” Julie answered. “Some people are here wanting to be tested to see if they are a match.”

Sid rubbed his forehead as he stood up from the chair, gesturing for Julie to open the door wider. Charlie, Romeo, and Brax followed Sid and walked out to the corridor. “What the...” Romeo trailed off as he looked at the crowd to see Bianca, Irene, April, Dexter, Leah, Miles, Roo and Marilyn, all standing there waiting, wanting to be tested.

“We’re all here to be tested,” Bianca said before looking to Charlie. “We all want to help.”

Charlie broke down into tears as she walked forward and pulled Bianca into a hug. “I eh...I....” Charlie was speechless. “I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything love,” Irene rubbed her arm. “We’re all here to help if we can.”

“Okay then,” Sid smiled at all his friends. “Julie, let’s get to work.”

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Thanks everyone. :D

Chapter 6

Brax turned around in the bed and put his hand out, expecting to find his hand touch Charlie, but there was nothing there. He exhaled as he sat up in the bed and put the side light on before looking back to Charlie’s side of the bed to see it was empty. He got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom and across the hall and down the stairs where he could see the glare from the TV. He walked over to the couch and took a seat next to Charlie. “Couldn’t sleep?” Brax questioned.

Charlie shook her head. “No one, Brax, no one was a match.” Charlie wiped her hand across her eyes as she immediately felt them stinging with tears. “11 people tested and we couldn’t get a match.”

“I know,” Brax exhaled as he wrapped his arm around Charlie, letting her rest her head against his chest. “But they’re going to look on the register and someone out there will be match, there has to be someone.” Brax rubbed he arm in comfort.

“I know someone who might be,” Charlie pursed her lips together as she put her eyes up to look at him. “But I didn’t want to have to get in touch with him.”

“Grant?” Brax questioned and Charlie nodded lightly.

“I need to do it for Ruby though, don’t I?” Charlie questioned and Brax nodded lightly.

“I think so,” Brax answered. “Or I could go talk to him if you feel you can’t.”

“You’d do that for me?” Charlie questioned and Brax nodded.

“Of course I would,” Brax answered. “Anything to make this a little easier for you.”

Charlie smiled lightly. “I eh, I think I need to go,” Charlie answered quietly. “But maybe you could come with me?”

“Of course,” Brax answered. “We can go first thing in the morning if you want. Just whenever you are ready to go, we will.”

“Yeah,” Charlie answered. “And I’m sorry for how I’ve been with you lately. I don’t mean to do it, I really don’t but I just can’t seem to help it. It’s just so hard trying to cope with this.”

“I know it’s hard for you,” Brax answered. “And I don’t like how you are with me lately, but if you need this, if you need someone to lash out at then I dunno, I guess I deal with it.” Brax sighed. He wanted to make things easier for Charlie and maybe letting her continue with how she’d been with him lately was a way to help her through.

Charlie exhaled lightly. “That’s kinda sweet that you’d put up with it, but I’ll really try better not to continue like that. It’s not fair on you. It’s not as if your too blame.”

Brax smiled lightly as he placed a kiss on her forehead. “Well you can try.” Brax said softly.

“Brax,” Charlie exhaled as she sat up on the couch and looked up to him. “Do you think she’ll be okay?” Charlie questioned her face full of worry.

“She’s a strong girl Charlie,” Brax answered. “She’s going to give this a good fight.”

“Not really a straight answer,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “I guess we just need to stay positive though, right?”

“Yeah.” Brax smiled as he wrapped his arm around Charlie and she rested her head against his chest once again.


April walked into the room at the hospital and smiled down at her friend. “Hey,” April smiled lightly as she took a seat on the chair next to the bed. “How’s it going?”

“Oh brilliant,” Ruby answered. “Best days of my life.”

“Sorry,” April pursed her lips together. “Bit of a stupid question wasn’t it?” April said.

“No, I’m sorry,” Ruby exhaled. “You’re just trying to be nice, normal...” Ruby trailed off. “How was school today? Ruby asked.

“School,” April rolled her eyes. “It’s not the same without you there Rubes.” April answered.

“Well of course not, April, I make your life, never mind your day.” Ruby said and April gave a little laugh.

“Yeah,” April answered. “Oh, Gonk set the fire alarm off today,” April told her friend. “We all got evacuate and missed a whole lesson because the fire engines had to come and check the building was safe and stuff.” April gave a little laugh. “He got in so much trouble when they found out it was him. We were supposed to have an English assessment so Miles wasn’t best pleased.”

“So that’s why Gonk set the alarm off then,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “I doubt he’d have been prepared for his test.”

“Yeah,” April answered. “So we’ve got an extra day to study for it which most of the class were happy about.”

“Yeah I bet they were,” Ruby answered. “So anymore school goss?” Ruby asked. “Who’s hooking up with who? Who dumped who?”

April gave a little laugh. “Eh....Sadie and Aaron hooked up at Shaun Hills party a few weeks back, and Ashley B and Graeme spilt up.”

“No way,” Ruby’s eyes widened in shock. “They were the couple everyone thought was going to be together forever. They’ve been together since Year 7. What happened?”

“Ashley was caught kissing William Henderson at Shaun’s party.”

“Must have been some party,” Ruby exhaled. Hook ups, break ups....”

“Yeah,” April laughed. “It was okay. Would have been better if you and Romeo were there though.”

“I did tell Romeo to go to that,” Ruby answered. “It was one of my bad days or I would have been there. I want to keep my life as normal as I can.”

“Yeah of course you do,” April answered. “Mines and Dex’s 6 month anniversary tomorrow,” April said. “I think it might be the night we.....you know.” April raised her eyebrows.

“Aww my little April is growing up,” Ruby grinned. “The only thing I am going to tell you is to be safe and have fun of course.”

“We will,” April answered. “Did they tell you that a whole bunch of us got tested yesterday?” April asked as she looked down to her friend. She looked different to the Ruby Buckton she used to know. She was paler than usual, her lips were chapped, her eyes look drawn into her face. April hated seeing her best friend like this.

“Yeah, mum said this morning,” Ruby answered. “You didn’t need to.”

“Of course we did, Rubes,” April rubbed her friends arm gently. “We all wanted to help you.”

“Shame none of you were a match,” Ruby said saddened. “Especially with what I’ve made mum have to go and do now.”

“What do you mean?” April questioned.

“Grant,” Ruby answered. “She’s gone to talk to Grant.”

“Oh wow,” Aprils eyes widened. “But I guess.....biologically he is your dad so.....he could be a match.”

“Well you’d think someone on this earth was.” Ruby said before she gave a little laugh.

“There will be,” April answered. “You’ll get the transplant and everything will be fine. Next year we’ll be stressing about starting Year 12 and the HSC, but we’ll be excited about the big formal at the end of the year. Me and Dex, you and Romeo, we’ll get our pictures taken together, and it’ll be a great night.”

“But Romeo is in year 12 now,” Ruby answered. “He’ll be finished school by then.”

“And since when would you let a little problem like that stop you?” April questioned. “You’ll have Romeo as your formal date.”

“Yeah,” Ruby laughed once again, before letting it turn to tears. “April, I’m so scared I’m going to die. I don’t want to die.” Ruby cried as she hid her head in her hands.

“Hey, hey, Ruby,” April stood up from the chair and stepped forward, wrapping her arms around her friend. “It’s okay. You’re going to fight this and you are going to get better. You’ll see.” April said before placing a soft kiss on Ruby’s temple, hoping and praying that she was right.

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Thanks everyone. :wub:

Chapter 7

Charlie was sitting in the Ute, staring at the house. She was biting her nails nervously. Brax put his hand on her shaking leg. “Sorry,” Charlie said. “We’ll go in soon, I promise.”

“It’s okay,” Brax answered. “Take as long as you need.” They’d been waiting outside the house for around 20 minutes, Charlie saying she needed a little more time before going in.

“What if he says no?” Charlie questioned as she looked up to Brax. “He wouldn’t be that cruel, would he?”

“I wouldn’t think so,” Brax shook his head. “But there’s only one way to find out.”

Charlie exhaled as she opened the car door and got out. “Let’s go.” Charlie pursed her lips together as Brax got out the car, and locked it shut. He walked over to her and took her hand into his before they walked up to the house, the kids’ bikes sitting in the garden, a baby doll lying next to a toy drum. Charlie took a deep breath as she looked up to Brax, who gave her a comforting smile as he rang the doorbell.

“What the hell do you want?” Tracy’s voice was defensive as she stared at them, almost angrily that Charlie was standing before her.

“I eh....” Charlie went to talk, but stopped as she took another deep breath.

“We’d like to talk with Grant,” Brax answered. “If it’s not too much trouble.”

Tracy sniggered. “After what she did to us last year? You must be joking.”

“It’s about Ruby,” Charlie spoke quietly as Brax felt her grip on his hand tightening. “Please, it’s important.”

“Trace who is it?” Grant questioned as he appeared in the hallway, some flour on his brow, wiping his hands in a tea towel. “Charlie.” Grant was shocked.

“Needs to talk to you about Ruby apparently,” Tracy answered as she looked up to him. “And wipe your brow, it’s covered in flour.” Tracy took the tea towel from him before walking back towards the kitchen.

“Baking with the kids,” Grant said as he wiped his brow. “Eh come in, I guess,” Grant said as Charlie and Brax walked into the house and followed Grant through to the lounge room, taking a seat on the couch as Grant sat on the chair to the left as silence filled the room for minute. “I’m Grant by the way, don’t believe we’ve met.” Grant held his hand out for Brax to shake.

“Darryl,” Brax answered. “But call me Brax.” Brax gave his hand a quick shake, before pulling away.

“Right well what have you come to accuse me of now?” Grant questioned. “Or Ruby?”

“Ruby is ill.” Charlie just said it. It was the easiest way.

“Oh well I am sorry to hear that but what does it have to do with me?” Grant questioned.

“She eh....she....” Charlie trailed off as she looked up to Brax.

He gave her hand a gentle squeeze and gave her a comforting smile before look round to Grant. “She has leukaemia.” Brax told him, the smirk on Grant’s face falling to concern. Even though they didn’t have a relationship, at the end of the day Ruby was his daughter and you wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone.

“Oh,” Grant spoke quietly. “I eh...sorry,” Grant cleared his throat. “Why are you telling me this? I appreciate it but I have nothing to do with her.”

“She needs a bone marrow transplant,” Brax answered. “We’d really appreciate it if you could get tested.”

“Oh wow, eh....” Grant was speechless. He didn’t know the girl, but felt he had a duty to help. For if it was one of his kids, he knew that he’d do anything he could to make sure they were helped. “Right eh, yeah, I’ll eh, I’ll get tested.”

Charlie breathed a sigh of relief, thinking she could have heard a very different answer. “Thank you,” Charlie gave him a weak smile. She still didn’t like being in his presence, but knew for Ruby’s well-being she needed to do this. “Really you don’t know how much this means to me.”

“I’m only doing what anyone else would,” Grant answered. “When do I....where do I....” Grant trailed off as he rubbed his forehead.

“Northern Districts,” Brax answered. “That’s Ruby’s hospital so if you just go there and ask for Dr Sid Walker. He will deal with you.”

“Right,” Grant nodded. “I’ll try and get there first thing tomorrow.”

“Why not come back right now?” Charlie questioned. “Ruby needs this and it’s the least you can do after what you did to me.”

Grant sniggered. “Don’t start with the accusations again,” Grant shook his head. “I’ll go tomorrow.”

“Well we appreciate it,” Brax replied as he stood up from the couch, with Charlie standing up after him. “Thank you.” Brax said.

“Don’t need to thank me yet, I may not be a match.” Grant said as he walked back with them to the door, showing them out.


“Hey,” Romeo smiled as he walked into the room, carrying a dish of something, with oven gloves on. “Wow, that’s still hot with the gloves.” Romeo put the dish down on the bedside table before leaning down and placing a kiss on Ruby’s lips.

“What’s this?” Ruby questioned.

“Well I know you love Leah’s moussaka, so I spoke to her today and she’s made some for you,” Romeo smiled as he took to the lid off and Ruby saw the steam escaping the dish. “Better than the food in here, eh.”

Ruby laughed lightly as Romeo pulled two forks from his back pocket. “How did you get this in?”

“I’m clever,” Romeo grinned as he took a seat on the chair, as Ruby pulled the covers from her body and swung her legs around to the side so they were dangling over the edge of the bed. “Smells so good.”

“I know,” Ruby smiled. “I’m not used to smelling cooking like this at home.” Ruby laughed.

“Nope,” Romeo also gave a little laugh. “She tries though.”

“I wish she wouldn’t,” Ruby said before she put her fork into the moussaka. “So, how was school today?”

“Alright,” Romeo exhaled as he swallowed his mouthful. “Got some big math test coming up,” Romeo sighed. “So, need to do some studying I guess.”

“You guess?” Ruby questioned. “Make it sound like you want to do well at school.”

“I do,” Romeo sighed. “I guess I’ve just found the last few months at school hard. I can’t really concentrate on my work.”

“Oh God I’m going to make you fail your HSC aren’t I?” Ruby bowed her head down. “I’m just destroying everyone’s life eh.”

“No, of course not,” Romeo leaned forward as he rubbed her side. “No one thinks that Rubes.”

“I bet Brax does,” Ruby answered. “Mum’s been so off and on with him lately, and it’s my fault. She pushes him away because of me. What if she loses him then I....if I....she’ll have no one,” Ruby eyes got puffy as she felt them stinging with tears. “I can’t do that to her.”

“Rubes, Brax isn’t going to leave her, he loves her so much and he knows she doesn’t mean to do it, she’s just trying to cope with all this,” Romeo said softly. “And Brax went with your mum today didn’t he?” Romeo questioned. “He’s still supporting her through this no matter what.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Ruby nodded lightly. “I hope mum got on okay there today. I’d hate having to see him again.”

“She has Brax there with her so she’ll be fine.” Romeo rubbed Ruby’s arm lightly.

“Yeah, I’m sure she will be,” Ruby gave her boyfriend a thankful smile. “Thanks Romeo.”

“For?” Romeo questioned.

“Everything,” Ruby answered. “Sticking by me when I’m like this, making me feel better about mum and Brax and mum going to Grant’s. Just thanks.”

Romeo smiled before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips. “I love you and I’m not going anywhere.”

“I love you too.” Ruby smiled and she looked up at Romeo, who was smiling down at her.

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Thank you everyone. :)

Chapter 8

Charlie walked into the door of the hospital room where her daughter was. “Hey, sweetie,” Charlie smiled as she sat down on the chair. “How are you feeling?”

“Good,” Ruby smiled. “I feel good.”

“That’s good then,” Charlie smiled. “I just bumped into Sid outside and he said you can come home tomorrow.” Charlie ran her hand softy through Ruby’s hair as she spoke.

“Yeah he was just in to say,” Ruby answered. “Wish I could just go home now though, I feel fine.”

“It won’t be long,” Charlie answered. “Sid tells me Romeo and you have been feasting on Leah’s moussaka?” Charlie gave a little laugh.

“Yeah,” Ruby laughed. “Said he’d looked the other way though. Hospital food is well, eugh and he knows that the food at home is uhm.....I guess eugh too.”

“Oi cheeky.” Charlie lightly hit her daughters shoulder.

“Sorry but it’s true,” Ruby answered. “So, how did it go at Grant’s today?” Ruby questioned.

Charlie exhaled. “Alright,” Charlie answered. “I think having Brax there helped me a lot, but I got through it.”

“Is he going to get tested?” Ruby questioned and Charlie gave a gentle nod. “Is it wrong that I feel weird about him helping us?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “I hate having to go to Grant, but for you we needed too. Right now he isn’t the guy who hurt me, the guy who scared me, traumatised me...” Charlie trailed off. “He’s the man that could be a match and save your life.”

“Feels like if he were a match, I’d owe him a hell of a lot.” Ruby said before biting her lip.

“You’d owe him nothing sweetheart,” Charlie answered. “He owes this to us.”

“To you,” Ruby said quietly. “If he can save me after what he did.”

“Yeah,” Charlie exhaled. “Anyways, he’s coming to the hospital tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get better news from the rest of the tests.”

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “But you know that we need to prepare ourselves for what might happen, don’t you.” Ruby said tentatively.

“I know,” Charlie nodded. “But Rubes, there must be hundreds of thousands of people, millions even on that register over the world. There’s going to be a match somewhere.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Ruby gave a half-hearted smile. “So, where is Brax? Am I not getting a visit from him today?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “Bianca called and needed help with something.” Charlie answered.

“Seems like he’s been spending a bit of time with Bianca lately,” Ruby questioned. “Is everything alright? I know I’m sick but you can still talk to me.” Ruby said.

“Everything is fine,” Charlie smiled weakly. “Bianca has just been struggling with Rocco and stuff since Heath left so he likes to help out. I think she said there was something wrong with the water or something.”

“Oh,” Ruby said sounding surprised. “Well I guess it’s nice that she has someone and Rocco has his uncle.”

“Yeah,” Charlie replied. “And it’s not really visiting hours anyways so I shouldn’t even be here.”

“You being naughty then Sargent Buckton?” Ruby laughed.

“Well I want to see my daughter so I’m going to come here,” Charlie answered. “Beside Sid said it was fine for me to be here.”

Ruby smiled lightly as she looked down to the bag. “What did you bring?”

“Ahh, little miss nosey are we?” Charlie laughed as she reached into the bag. “I have tim tams, orange soda, the portable DVD player and some Friends DVD’s.” Charlie smiled as she put everything out onto the bed.

“Ohh, party in room 204 tonight,” Ruby rubbed her hands together as Charlie set up the DVD player, before Ruby opened up the tim tams, she gave her mother a smile before Charlie got up onto the bed next to her daughter and Ruby rested her head against her mother’s chest and they sat together eating the tim tams and watching Friends.


Brax was lying with his head under the sink as Bianca was standing looking down at him. “So, you think it’s clogged then?”

“Yeah,” Brax’s voice was quiet. “I thought you would have known that from the fact the water isn’t going down the sink.”

“Shut up,” Bianca kicked his leg. “Just unclog it then.”

“I’m trying,” Brax replied. “Ahh,” Brax moved his head to the side as Bianca heard the water, amongst other things falling down. “Pass the basin,” Brax held his hand out as Bianca passed it over to him. Brax came out from under the sink, the water and muck from the sink over his t-shirt. Bianca pursed her lips together trying to hold in a laugh before letting it escape. “Shut up,” Brax said as he held his hand out. “Darcy plays with lego then does she?”

“Yeah she has done,” Bianca said still laughing. “Don’t know what would make her put it down the sink though.”

“Just be an accident eh,” Brax said as she placed the lego on the worktop and wiped his hands on the towel. “I let all that crap drain out then put the pipes back in.” Brax said as he wiped the towel over his t-shirt, getting rid of some of the dirt.

“That’s my good towel.” Bianca glared at Brax.

“This was my good t-shirt,” Brax answered. “So, one for one eh.”

“I’ll go get you a clean one,” Bianca said before she disappeared up the stairs and retuned moments later with one on Heaths t-shirts. “Was in the wash when he left otherwise it would be gone too.” Bianca exhaled.

“He’ll come back Bianca,” Brax said as he took the dirty t-shirt off and put Heath’s on. “So I guess you still haven’t heard from him?”

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “I’m so angry at him for Rocco. If you’re not happy then fine, leave me, but not your son.”

“Like I said he’ll be back,” Brax smiled lightly at Bianca. “You don’t need to take him back if you don’t want too but he’ll be here for Rocco.”

“I just want him to have his father,” Bianca exhaled. “I know what it’s like not having your father around much growing up then an equally rubbish step-father. I don’t want that for him.”

“Yeah, well Heath knows what that’s like too,” Brax exhaled. “Our dad wasn’t around much either.”

“Maybe he’s learned from bad example then.” Bianca sniggered.

“Well Rocco will always have his uncle Brax if his daddy isn’t around.” Brax smiled lightly.

“I know he will,” Bianca gave him a thankful smile. “Maybe you can give him some cousins soon too.”

“Well I don’t think that will happen soon,” Brax shook his head. “You know with Ruby being ill. I am sure a baby would be the last thing on Charlie’s mind.”

“Of course,” Bianca smiled lightly. “But one day you two will make some gorgeous babies.”

“Yeah, well I hope so,” Brax smiled just as Rocco’s cries could be heard from the baby monitor. “I’ll let you get to him,” Brax exhaled. “I’ll finish this sink.” Bianca and Brax share a smile before Bianca left to see to Rocco.

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Thanks beebee, Kristen, Sarah and Zoe.

Chater 9

The next morning Charlie arrived at the hospital early, hoping Grant would already have been. She walked down the hall and into her daughter’s room, to see he was in fact standing there, looking down at his daughter as she slept. “What are you doing in here?” Charlie questioned.

“I came to see my daughter,” Grant replied. “After all I might be giving her my bone marrow; I think it’s only fair I can talk to her,” Charlie pursed her lips together. She didn’t want him anywhere near her daughter. In her eyes all he was, was a sperm donor, he didn’t deserve to say he was the father of such a lovey sweet caring girl. “You wouldn’t want me to pull out if I were a match, would you?”

She looked down to Ruby, before looking back up to Grant, pushing any feelings aside for the sake of her daughter’s health. “You wouldn’t do that.”

“No,” Grant shook his head. “But I don’t want to be treated like some disgusting villain,” Grant told her. “So, leave all the accusations at the door now.”

Charlie nodded lightly in reply as the door opened and Brax walked into the room. “Had to park the car across the street. I don’t why how the car park is as busy today.” Brax said as he looked to Charlie, who he’d dropped off at the door so she could go see her daughter as he found a parking space.

“There’s some coffee morning fundraiser on for the NICU or something,” Grant replied. “Took me ages to find a space as well.”

“Right,” Brax nodded lightly. “You been tested yet or are you still waiting?” Brax questioned as Charlie walked closer to him, standing beside but slightly behind in.

“I’ve been tested but I am waiting on the results,” Grant replied as Brax, noticing Charlie’s behaviour, slipped his hand into hers and gave it a gently squeeze. “Don’t think they’ll be much longer.”

“Hope they bring us good news this time hmm,” Brax spoke into Charlie’s neck before he kissed it softly. Charlie just stood there staring out in front of her, looking towards Grant who hand his hand on Ruby’s bed, staring down at her. “Charlie.” Brax spoke again, louder this time.

“Eh, yeah,” Charlie answered. “Good news I hope.”

“So does your wife know you are here doing this?” Brax questioned, asking him something to fill the silence that was in the room.

“No,” Grant shook his head. “No, she’d not allow this if she knew.”

“Really?” Brax questioned. “Your own daughter and she wouldn’t let you do it?”

“Well Charlie and Ruby both put us through a lot....oh....18 months ago now,” Grant gave Charlie a smirk. “So she’s not their biggest fans.”

“But the kid is really sick,” Brax pulled a face in confusion as he pointed to Ruby’s bed. “Surely she couldn’t be that cruel? I mean what if it was one of your two?”

“Then I guess it would be a different story for her then.” Grant answered.

“And you know if you are a match that you’ll probably need to spend a night in hospital? What are you going to tell her then?” Brax questioned.

“I’ll think of something if it comes to that.” Grant replied.

Charlie looked over to the bed as Ruby stirred, before her eyes fluttered open. “Mum?” Ruby questioned quietly as she looked to the side.

“Yeah, I’m here,” Charlie said as she walked over to Ruby, lightly pushing Grant out the way, and she bent down and took her daughters hand. “You alright?”

“Everyone was in black,” Ruby spoke quietly as she avoided eye contact with Charlie. “And everyone was there but Brax...” Ruby shook her head. “You were crying and Romeo and Bianca....” Charlie saw a tear fall from her daughter’s cheek. “Was it my funeral?”

“Hey it was just a dream,” Charlie rubbed her daughter’s forehead. “It’s okay.”

“Brax,” Ruby looked over to where he was standing. “You’re going to stay with mum, right?” Ruby questioned. “Why were you not in the dream?”

“Maybe I’d gone out for the milk.” Brax laughed as he walked over to the other side of Ruby’s bed.

“You’re not leaving her?” Ruby questioned.

“Not in a million years,” Brax answered. “I intend on spending the rest of my life with your mum, and you, and maybe a few mini Brax’s, a mini Charlie or two...” Brax smiled as he looked up to Charlie who was raising her eyebrows at what he was saying.

“Good,” Ruby smiled before looking up to Grant. “I guess I should say thank you for getting tested.”

“Don’t have too,” Grant shook his head. “And we don’t know if I am a match or not yet so don’t get your hopes up too much.”

“Well like mum says someone has to be,” Ruby answered. “Have eh....have you thought about testing William and Mila?”

“Tracy wouldn’t allow it,” Grant shook his head. “I won’t can’t bring them.”

“But they could save me,” Ruby said. “They’re my half siblings.”

“I’m sorry but I won’t bring my kids into it.” Grant shook his head just as Sid walked into the room, with the results in his hand.

“Well I won’t keep you waiting,” Sid said. “I’m sorry I don’t have good news.”

Charlie pursed her lips together as she felt her eyes stinging with tears. He was now the 12th person to be tested. Charlie couldn’t believe that it was so hard to find a match for her daughter. “Excuse me.” Charlie walked out of the room and started making her way down the corridor in tears as Brax chased after her.

“Charlie....Charlie.....Charlie,” Brax shouted as he put his arm out and grabbed onto her upper arm, causing Charlie to spin around into his arms. “What you doing running off like that?”

“I can’t hear another no match,” Charlie shook her head. “Every time I hear it if I feel like I am losing a little more of Rubes, and I can’t hear it again Brax, I can’t,” Charlie put her head against his chest as he held her in his arms. “Every time I hear it I feel like I am right back there when we first found out about her having leukaemia and I hate it Brax I hate it.”

“I know,” Brax rubbed her back as he placed a soft kiss on her head. “But Sid is going to talk to us about what the next option is, okay?” Charlie nodded lightly as Brax pulled back from the embrace and tucked her hair behind her ear. He gave her a smile before leading her back into the room, for Sid to explain what happens now.

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Thanks everyone. :) Hope this one is okay...

Chapter 10

Charlie, Brax and Ruby walked back into the house, with Ruby taking a seat on the couch. No-one really said much on the drive home from the hospital since finding out Grant wasn’t a match and they’d need to wait until a match was found for Ruby on the register. “I’m going to make a coffee, do you want anything Rubes?” Charlie questioned.

“Orange juice.” Ruby answered as Charlie walked through to the kitchen with Brax following after her.

“It’ll be alright you know,” Brax said as Charlie flicked the kettle on. “They’ll find a match.”

“When?” Charlie asked. “In a week...a month...a year?” Charlie banged the coffee cup down on the worktop with such great force that it smashed into pieces.

“Hey hey careful,” Brax moved Charlie’s hand out of the way as she went to pick up it. “Don’t cut yourself.”

“Yeah because a cut is going to really worry me right now isn’t it?” Charlie snapped. “Why is it so difficult for us?”

“I don’t know,” Brax shook his head. “But, Charlie, there’s going to be a match.”

“No, I can’t just wait and wait and wait,” Charlie shook her head. “I need to do something to save her Brax.”

“Charlie there’s nothing else you can do sweetheart,” Brax rubbed the sides of her arms as he spoke. “We just need to wait for that match to turn up.”

“No, there has to be something that I can do, and I’m not going to rest till I find out what it is.” Charlie shrugged Brax away and walked over to the fridge, pulling out the orange juice and taking a glass from the cupboard, pouring her daughter a drink. She walked through to the living room and handed her daughter the drink, before talking a seat next to her.

“So, you want to ask Romeo over for dinner tonight?” Charlie questioned.

“No, it’s okay.” Ruby screwed her face up as she thought about her mother’s cooking.

“Brax is cooking.” Charlie said as she tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear.

“Yeah, I’ll ask him then,” Ruby gave Charlie a cheeky grin. “Can he eh...stay over tonight?” Ruby questioned shyly. “It’s been a while since we’ve been able to -”

Charlie raised her eyebrows. “Yes, yes, stop talking,” Charlie waved her hand out in front of her. “I don’t need to know about that. You’re my daughter, I’m your mother, just no.” Charlie scrunched her face up as Brax walked through with the coffees. He handed one to Charlie before taking a seat on the chair.

“What’s put that look on your face?” Brax questioned.

“I was about to tell her about mines and Romeo’s sex habits.” Ruby replied.

“Well I’ll just need to tell you about mine and your mums sex habits and freak you out too.” Brax replied and Ruby screwed her face up as she jumped up from the couch, almost spilling her juice.

“God no,” Ruby answered. “On that note I think I’ll go call Romeo.” Ruby disappeared off up the stairs as Brax moved onto the couch next to Charlie.

“They’re still having sex?” Brax screwed his face up.

“Why do you look so shocked?” Charlie questioned as she took a drink of her coffee.

“Well Ruby is sick.” Brax answered.

“You know that doesn’t have to mean she can’t continue with her life as normally as she can?” Charlie questioned. “If she feels up to it she is going to be like any other 17 year old girl.”

“I guess,” Brax said quietly. “So, you’re not normally so up for letting Romeo stay over, what’s changed?” Brax questioned and Charlie bit her lip as she looked at Brax and without talking, Brax knew exactly why Charlie had agreed to letting Romeo stay over.

“I just want her to enjoy everything she can in life right now.” Charlie said before she exhaled.

“I get it,” Brax smiled lightly as he tucked Charlie’s hair behind her ear. He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Charlie smiled into the kiss letting it deepen, before pulling back and looking into his eyes, giving him a smile. She learned forward and put the coffee cup down on the coffee table before looking back to Brax and smiling as she leaned in for another kiss, resting her hand against the back of his head. Brax let the kiss deepen as their tongues found their way into each other’s mouths, letting the kiss become more intense as he wrapped his arms around her tiny frame, the kiss becoming all the more passionate. “Mmm,” Brax smiled as they pulled back. “We haven’t kissed like that in a while.” Brax gave Charlie a smile as he tucked her hair behind her ear.

“No, we haven’t,” Charlie answered. “I guess that’s my blame, sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry,” Brax smiled lightly as Charlie moved in the couch so she was leaning against him, Brax wrapping his arm around her. “It’s a hard time for everyone right now.”

“Yeah, but like I said, I’m going to do my best to change that.” Charlie exhaled as she looked up to Brax. Brax knew by the look in her eye that there was no use in arguing with her, the easiest thing for him to do would just be to go along with what she was saying. He smiled lightly as her rubbed her cheek before placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Sure, I’ll help you with anything.” Brax said and Charlie smiled before resting her head against his chest once more.


Brax walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, squinting his eyes as they hit the light. “What you doing up at this time?” Brax questioned as he looked over to the cooker, seeing it was almost 4am.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Charlie replied as she looked back to the laptop screen, scanning what was before her with great interest.

“Well we could have another repeat of what happened earlier,” Brax smiled as he walked over to her, placing his hands on her shoulders and leaning down, placing a soft kiss on her neck. “Mmm, what do you say? Lets go back to bed.” Brax smiled as he once again placed a soft kiss on her neck.

“No,” Charlie shrugged him off her. “I said I was going to find out a way I could help Ruby and I think I just have.” Charlie said as she looked up to Brax, who started to the read the page on the screen.

“Umbilical cord blood,” Brax read out loud. “Charlie what are you thinking?” Brax asked with a curious tone in his voice.

“I’m going to have a baby,” Charlie replied. “Cells can be filtered from the umbilical cord blood and given to Ruby and she’ll be okay.”

“Charlie....what?” Brax was shocked.

“I’m going to have a baby to save Ruby.” Charlie spoke seriously as she looked up to Brax.

“But how can you....” Brax rubbed his forehead. “You can’t guarantee that the baby would be a match?”

“IVF,” Charlie replied. “They can do genetic tests on the embryos.” Charlie answered.

“You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?” Brax questioned and Charlie nodded her head. “Okay, let’s do it, let’s have a baby.”

“What?” Charlie questioned. “No, Brax I -”

“Well you’ll kinda need some sperm Charlie, and our child would be Ruby’s half sibling so there’s every chance that it would be a match, right?”

“Well yeah, but there’s more chance if I have a baby with Grant.” Charlie spoke tentatively.

“With Grant?” Brax raised his voice, surprised. “Charlie you can’t seriously be thinking about having a child with him?”

“I told you I would do anything to save Ruby,” Charlie replied. “So, yeah, I’m going to.”

“Charlie this is crazy,” Brax shook his head as he held his hands out to the side. “Think about what you are wanting to do here. What he did to you in the past and you want to have another child with him. You’re supposed to want to have children with me.”

“This isn’t about what Grant did or wanting a child with him,” Charlie raised her voice. “It’s about doing what I can to save my daughter.”

“But -”

“You said you'd help me with anything Brax,” Charlie said. “And this is what I need to do.”

Brax exhaled as he rubbed his forehead. “Who’s to say Grant is going to agree to this? And Tracy will never agree.”

“You leave that to me,” Charlie replied. “But I am doing this.”

“Charlie, please think about this,” Brax pleaded. “We can have a child, we can do the IVF thing so we have more chance of a match, but you don’t need to go to Grant.”

“I do,” Charlie answered. “Now you said you’d do anything I wanted and this is what I want, no, I need, I need to do this for my baby.”

“Charlie how am I supposed to watch you being pregnant with another man’s child?” Brax questioned.

“I need to do this Brax. If she was biologically yours then you’d understand how I feel right now, and you'd understand that I hate myself for not being a match for her and this is my chance to have a part in saving her life.” As Charlie spoke Brax noticed a lone tear rolling down her cheek.

He exhaled lightly as he shook his head. “You’re right, I don’t know what you’re going through and I’m sorry but I can’t understand this.” Brax pursed his lips together as he looked away from Charlie.

“Well if you don’t like it you know where the door is.” Charlie said before walking out of the kitchen and running off up the stairs, leaving Brax standing in the kitchen alone.

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