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A Mothers Love

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Thank you Sarah, Freakie42, Spotd1, caroline77, beebee, Kristen, CharlieAndBrax4Ever and JosieTash for the comments. CharlieAndBrax4Ever, I do have plans for another fiction which I shall begin posting once I have finished with this one. And while it will include Heath and Bianca as minor characters, they won’t have a big role to play. I don’t like Heath and I am not a fan of the Heath and Bianca pairing so they won’t feature largely, sorry.

Chapter 51

Charlie walked out of the diner with the pram and made her way down to the fencing just before the beach, where she saw Romeo standing, looking out to the ocean. “Hey.” Charlie smiled to him.

“Charlie, hey.” Romeo looked up to see her.

“How are you?” Charlie asked. She and Romeo had continued to get closer since the death of Ruby, and Charlie came to think of him like her own son. When he went into a deep depression a few months following her death, Charlie was eventually the one who helped him out of it and like she had promised, she gave him the money so he could go travelling and live out his and Ruby’s dream, along with Dexter and April. Romeo would send a postcard for Charlie from each destination that he visited and would often send out a little parcel, with a small gift for Charlie and Amelia in. He stayed with Charlie for a while longer when he arrived home, but around 6 months ago, he decided it was time to move out and allowed Charlie, Brax and the kids to be a family. He was renting a studio apartment just a 10 minute walk from Charlie’s house and since he’d yet to decide what he wanted to do at uni, Brax gave him a job in the restaurant, so he was able to afford to live on his own.

“I’m good,” Romeo smiled. “No Amelia today?”

“She is off shopping with Brax,” Charlie answered. “I would say that it meant I got to have a peaceful lunch with Bianca, but Darcy, Rocco, Lucia and Thomas were still around.” Charlie gave a little laugh as she looked to her son who was beginning to wake.

“Well Thomas couldn’t have been any bother, could he?” Romeo stuck his head in the pram as he cooed down to the baby. “You’re too little to make noise.”

Charlie gave a laugh. “Apart from when he is hungry or tired or has a dirty nappy or just wants to be held.”

“Oh dear and here was me under the impression that you were a good little baby,” Romeo said as he lightly tickled Thomas’ chin resulting in a gummy grin. “I can’t believe how much he looks like Brax. It’s kind of scary.”

“Well Amelia is the double of Rubes,” Charlie answered. “I didn’t think a kid could look so much like their sister. Unless they were identical twins of course,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “But you know what I mean, right?”

“Yeah,” Romeo nodded. “But I love that she looks like Rubes. She’s keeping her alive for us.”

“Yeah, she sure is,” Charlie smiled lightly as she thought about her eldest daughter and couldn’t believe it had already been 3 years since she’d passed on. She missed her so much and her heart still ached every day for her daughter who she wouldn’t ever get to walk down the aisle, or be able get a grandchild from. She exhaled lightly as she also saw the hurt in Romeo’s eyes. Romeo hadn’t had a girlfriend since Ruby, and as far as Charlie was aware he hadn’t even been out on a date, or showed any interest in moving on. She watched a dark haired girl walk passed them and give Romeo a smile. She watched as Romeo smiled back as she walked down onto the beach. “Who’s she?”

“Morgan,” Romeo answered. “She’s in April’s uni class and I’ve met her a couple of times.”

“Oh.” Charlie raised her eyebrows.

“Not like that,” Romeo shook his head, trying to deny interest in her as he glanced at her quickly, seeing her take off her shorts and singlet, so she was only in her bikini, before sitting down on the sand with her book. “No-one will come close to Ruby so I don’t see the point in dating.”

Charlie pursed her lips together. “You know Ruby would want you to move on, right? She’d want you to be happy and find someone to spend the rest of your life with.”

“I love Ruby,” Romeo answered. “And I am always going to love her. How can I try to be with someone else when I love Ruby?”

“I know that Ruby will always be special to you, but you can find love again. You deserve to be happy and to have someone to love and someone to love you back, just like Ruby did. I don’t doubt that you will always feel something for Ruby but it doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love with someone else. It’s time to try and move on Romeo,” Charlie took a step closer to him and lightly rubbed his arm. “You’ve waited a long time and no-one is going to judge you for wanting that love, that company, that closeness again with another woman.”

Romeo exhaled as he glanced out a Morgan again. “She is pretty. She likes to surf like me and Ruby did. She....she does seem nice.”

“Look, I’m not forcing you to go and ask her out. It doesn’t even have to be with Morgan, but all I am saying is there is no harm in trying and I want you to be happy and find love again and....just don’t let what happened with Ruby put you off for life. Falling in love is amazing and don’t be scared to move on.”

“She would want me to be happy right?” Romeo said as he thought about what Charlie said. She was right; he did need to at least try. Charlie gave a little nod. “And you know if Ruby was still here that I -”

“You’d still be with her, I know,” Charlie nodded lightly. “And I know she’ll always have a special place in your heart. I do, but you’re still allowed to move on and be happy. Okay, just remember that.”

Romeo gave a little nod as he saw Amelia running down towards them with Brax walking down after her. “Romeo.” Amelia jumped up into his arms, giving him a big hug.

“Ahh you’re squeezing me to tight, I can’t breathe.” Romeo teased.

Amelia giggled as she pulled back, Romeo keeping a hold of her in his arms. “Romeo I be’d shopping with daddy.”

“Ah wow has daddy been spoiling you?” Romeo questioned.

“No me,” Amelia shook her head. “We looked at lots of rings for mummy.” Amelia said as she put her hair behind her ears. She had the very same brown wavy hair than Ruby did, the same big expressive green eyes.

“Oh.” Romeo looked to Charlie who looked quiet shocked at what Amelia had said.

“Rings for the wedding.” Amelia spoke excitedly. Not realising that she was ruining the surprise. “Daddy said it’s called ingagemints.”

“Amelia,” Brax exhaled. “Daddy told you to keep quiet about that.”

“Woopsies,” Amelia covered her face with her hands as Romeo put her back down on the ground. “Sorry.”

“I eh....I’ll leave you too it.” Romeo said as he walked away, Charlie noticing that he was making his way down the beach towards Morgan. She smiled lightly before looking to Brax.

“So what’s this about a ring?” Charlie raised her eyebrows, both shocked and surprised. Although they’d talked about marriage and both said it was something that they’d be up for in the future, they both said they were happy with the way things were in their relationship, and with Thomas only 3 months old, they’d said they’d wait until he was older before getting married.

“It’s in here.” Amelia stood on her tiptoes as she tried to get into Brax’s pocket.

“Amelia,” Brax sounded angry. “What did daddy tell you?” Brax rubbed his forehead before looking to Charlie. “I eh....I had this whole thing planned but looks like Amelia spoiled it.”

“C’mon, don’t blame Amelia,” Charlie said. “She’s only 3. You can’t take her engagement ring shopping and expect her to keep it a secret. It is Amelia after all.”

“I know but....I just.....I was going to take you out tonight and we were going to have this romantic sunset meal on the beach with candles and rose petals and champagne and....it was going to be so special.”

“I can forget she’s mentioned it if you’d like?” Charlie questioned. She desperately wanted to see the ring, to get excited about becoming engaged, but seeing the disappointment in Brax’s face that his plans had been ruined was holding her excitement back.

“No, it’s been spoilt now,” Brax exhaled as he stepped closer to Charlie and took her hand into his. “Okay,” Brax took a deep breath. “Charlie, I love you. I love you more than I thought possible to love someone else. I love the life we have together, and the kids that we have,” Brax smiled as he looked down to Amelia who was running around the both of them, before glancing into the pram as his son gave him a gummy smile. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side, watching our kids grow up, and maybe even bringing a couple more children into his world to share our love with. I want to grow grey with you and...I just love you so much and want to be with you for life, so, Charlotte Michelle Buckton,” Charlie laughed lightly at him using her full name. “Will you marry me?” Brax pulled the ring box from his pocket and presented the ring in front of Charlie. She covered her hand with her mouth as she looked down to the gorgeous white gold ring with 3 circular diamonds running across it.

“I will,” Charlie nodded. “Yeah, of course, yes.” Charlie grinned as Brax put the ring on her finger before they met in a passionate kiss.

“Kissing ingagemints,” Amelia giggled as she pulled on Charlie’s top. “Me too mummy.” Charlie pulled back and lifted her daughter into her arms. Amelia wrapped her arms around Charlie’s neck as she kissed her cheek.

“I’m sorry it had to be like this though.” Brax said as he wrapped his arm around Charlie as Amelia put one arm around Brax’s neck; the 3 of them huddled close together.

“Brax, this was perfect,” Charlie smiled. “Me and you getting engaged with the kids here in front of the ocean, which we all love. It was more that perfect.” Charlie said as she leaned forward and placed another kiss on his lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Brax smiled as he lifted his son from the pram, before the four of them stood looking out to the ocean together.

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Thanks everyone. Only 2 chapters left after this one. Hope you enjoy. :)

Chapter 52

Charlie moaned as Brax kissed along her neck, until her found her jaw line and made his way along to her mouth, immediately placing his tongue in her. “Mmm,” Charlie moaned into the kiss, letting it deepen for a moment. Brax smiled as he pulled back slightly and looked into her glistening blue eyes. He smiled as he lightly rubbed her cheek, and just as he was about to go inside her, Charlie stopped him. “Wait, wait,” Charlie pressed her hand against his chest as she moved back ever so slightly. “You need to suit up first.” Charlie said as she pointed between his legs.

“Ah,” Brax sighed. “Way to kill the moment.” Brax leaned across her and opened the bedside drawer and pulled a condom out of the box.

“Sorry but we don’t want any little accidents happening,” Charlie exhaled. “Thomas is only 3 months old. We don’t need to be having another baby right now.”

“It wouldn’t be so bad, would it?” Brax questioned as he titled his head to the side. “More kids are in our future?”

“Yes, in our future, Brax,” Charlie sighed. “Like when Thomas is 18 months, 2 years old we can start thinking about another baby, but we really don’t want to be dealing with a 12 month old and a newborn, do we?”

“Guess you don’t,” Brax sighed. “Anyways, I am, as you say, all suited up, so let’s get back to celebrating this engagement.” Brax smiled as he placed a soft kiss on Charlie’s lips.

“Ahhhh mummy mummy mummy it’s a monster,” Amelia yelled as she burst into the room. Brax quickly rolled off Charlie as Charlie reached under her pillow, pulling her blue silky nightdress out from underneath it, and putting it on as Amelia stood and took in the situation with a rather strange look on her face. Brax leaned over his side of the bed and picked up his boxers, before putting them on and making an exit from the bedroom. “Why you and daddy be naked?” Amelia questioned as she climbed up onto the bed.

“Eh....we were just getting ready for bed.” Charlie answered as she bit her lip, hoping that that answer would be enough and the questions would stop there.

“You not allowed.” Amelia shook her head.

“To get ready for bed?” Charlie questioned.

“No,” Amelia shook her head. “To see daddy naked.”

“Oh I’m not?” Charlie questioned as she bit her lip, trying not to laugh at her daughter’s innocence.

“No cos he is a boy and you is a girl.” Amelia answered.

“Ah I see,” Charlie gave a slight nod of her head. “Well you keep believing that for another 20 years and I am sure daddy will be happy.”

“Huh?” Amelia scratched the side of her head as Charlie laughed lightly.

“Anyways missus, what are you doing awake?” Charlie questioned as she ran her hand through her daughters soft brown locks.

“I see’d a monster in my room.” Amelia answered.

“There are no monsters,” Charlie said as she got out of her bed and lifted Amelia into her arms. “C’mon I’ll take you back to bed.”

“No there is.” Amelia protested as she tried to get out of her mother’s grip.

“Amelia there is no such thing as monsters.” Charlie said as she made her way out of her room and down the hall and into Amelia’s room. It was still the same as Ruby had decorated it, lilac and purple with lilac butterflies. Amelia had taken a thing for butterflies and every time they were shopping and she saw a little butterfly teddy, or ornament or stickers she just had to have them.

“You promise?” Amelia still sounded unsure.

“Yes of course. Mummy wouldn’t lie to you would she?” Charlie questioned.

“Uh....” Amelia scratched the side of her head. “No.”

“So then there is no such thing as monsters.” Charlie said.

Amelia exhaled as she looked to the picture of Ruby on her chest of drawers. “Ruby no let them get me if there was them ay no?” Amelia said and Charlie shook her head. “I see Ruby before bed?” Amelia questioned and Charlie nodded lightly as she walked over to the window and pulled her blind open. “There she is,” Amelia grinned as she pointed out to the brightest star she could see in the sky. Charlie had told Amelia she had a big sister who was now a star in the sky, looking over her and protecting her. Whenever Amelia asked to see Ruby she always picked out the brightest star she could find. “Look mummy, there.” Amelia put her hand over the window.

“I see her,” Charlie smiled lightly as she thought about Ruby. She wondered how she would have taken the engagement, the fact that she told Romeo it was okay to move on. “Right, you should be in bed, so c’mon,” Charlie pulled the blind back down and walked over to the bed and tucked Amelia in. She placed a kiss on her daughters lips before lightly rubbing her forehead as Amelia cuddled a little butterfly teddy close to her. “Goodnight sweetheart.” Charlie said softly.

“Goodnight mummy. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Charlie said as she placed a kiss on her daughter’s forehead before she left the room and walked back into her bedroom where she saw Brax waiting on her return.

“Everything okay?” Brax questioned and Charlie nodded as she got back into the bed and cuddled close to him. “Good, now where were we?” Brax grinned seductively as he placed a soft kiss on Charlie’s lips. Charlie smiled into the kiss and just as Brax pushed her down on the bed Thomas’ cries could be heard from the baby monitor. “Damn,” Brax mumbled as they once again had to pull apart. “He doesn’t need fed yet, does he?” Brax questioned and Charlie shook her head. “I’ll go then,” Brax said as he stood up and left the room. Charlie exhaled as she lay down in the bed and listened to Brax with his son via the baby monitor. “Now little guy,” Brax exhaled. “What are all these tears for?” Charlie assumed Brax had picked his son up, as the crying had already stopped. “Ah I see you just wanted a hug from daddy, did you? Well daddy loves to cuddle you but he was about to have some fun time with mummy, he was, yes,” Charlie heard the faint sounds of Brax placing a kiss on his son. “But daddy loves you very much so he can’t get to mad, no he can’t,” Charlie smiled lightly as she heard Brax coo over his son. “But now it’s bedtime for little boys so daddy would like you to go back to sleep, yes he would,” Charlie could hear the pure joy in Brax’s voice as he spoke with his son. Although he’d help raise Amelia since she was a week old, having his own biological children was important to Brax and Charlie knew how much he loved being a dad by the way he spoke with his kids. “Daddy will sing you a little song and you’ll fall back asleep, deal?” Charlie laughed lightly at the thought of Brax singing, but also thought it was going to be really sweet. Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Well that was either so soothing it put you right to sleep or you feel asleep because you didn’t want to listen to daddy’s signing anymore,” Charlie heard Brax laugh and she joined in with him. “There you go, back down to sleep.” Brax said as Charlie pictured him putting him back in the cot, and it wasn’t long before Brax appeared back in the bedroom. “What’s got that grin on your face?”

“Just listening to you with him,” Charlie smiled. “It’s sweet.”

Brax smiled as he got back into bed. “Well I’m glad you think it’s sweet, but now that the kids are both settled back in their beds maybe we’ll be third time lucky.” Brax smiled as he ran his hand up Charlie’s thigh as he placed a kiss on her neck.

“Mmm,” Charlie turned to face him and Brax moved his lips to Charlie’s mouth. “I think the moments over.” Charlie said as she pulled back.

“We can....get it....back.” Brax said between placing soft kisses on her lips.

“Goodnight Brax.” Charlie exhaled as she lay down in the bed. Brax sighed as he lay down close to his fiancée.

“Goodnight.” Brax sighed before placing a soft kiss on her forehead before they closed their eyes to sleep.


“No, it’s not right,” Charlie heard Amelia yelling at Brax as she walked back into the house. She walked through to the kitchen to see a very angry looking little girl looking up at her father. “Stupid daddy.”

“Amelia we don’t call people stupid.” Charlie spoke rather sternly to her daughter. “What’s going on?”

“He put it on wrong.” Amelia yelled as she pointed to Brax.

Charlie exhaled as she looked to Brax questioningly. “Put what on wrong?”

“She wanted porridge with banana and sugar. That’s what I made her. She just started freaking out and yelling I did it wrong.” Brax gave a shrug still unsure how he could have made the breakfast wrong.

“Did you put the banana or sugar on the porridge first?” Charlie questioned as she moved closer to her daughter to look down at the bowl.

“Sugar,” Brax exhaled. “Does it really matter?”

“To Amelia,” Charlie nodded. “Banana is supposed to go on first,” Charlie rolled her eyes at Brax before looking down to Amelia who was sitting with her face screwed up as she looked to her breakfast, like Brax was making her eat something disgusting. “Amelia, sweetheart, it’s still going to taste the same.”

“No it won’t,” Amelia shook her head. “You make it right mummy.”

“No, that’s perfectly fine,” Charlie said as she hit her index finger against the table. “You can eat that.”

“But daddy did it wrong,” Amelia sighed, fast becoming frustrated. “He makes pancakes good, you make the rest.”

“I’m not making it for you again. Eat that or you don’t get any breakfast, you’re choice.” Charlie said before looking back up to Brax.

“So, how did it go at work? What did they want?” Brax questioned curiously. The station had called Charlie early that morning wanting her to go in and talk with them and although Brax made jokes that it was because the place was falling apart without her since she was on maternity leave, he was eager to find out what they actually wanted. “Actually have you been there all this time?”

“No, I went to Ruby’s grave too.” Charlie answered.

“You see Ruby with no me?” Amelia gasped as she turned to face her mother.

“You can come the next time,” Charlie said. “Now are you going to eat that?”

“Uh-uh.” Amelia shook her head.

“Right, up the stairs then,” Charlie said and Amelia sighed as she jumped down from the table. “Pick out what you want to wear today.”

“One of my dresses.” Amelia said before she ran off out of the room.

“So eh....” Charlie rubbed her forehead. She may as well just tell him straight away. “My eh....my old boss Lara Fitzgerald, well, she works in a place called Britley Bay now and they are looking for a new Sergeant and she said she’d like me to think about taking up the role. Thinks I’d be good for the station and community.”

“Oh wow.” Brax smiled. “You don’t seem too excited?”

“It’s not like it’s a promotion or pay rise or anything,” Charlie shrugged. “I’m flattered she remembers me and that she thinks I am a great cop, but...I don’t know, the job is in Britley Bay which is around an hours drive from Perth.”

“Perth Australia?” Brax questioned.

“No, Perth Scotland,” Charlie sighed. “Yes Brax, Perth Australia.”

“It might be nice to have a change of scene,” Brax smiled. “And the kids are still young so doing it before they started school would be the best time.”

“And what about you?” Charlie questioned. “You’re restaurant is here.”

“I can sell up and open a new restaurant anywhere,” Brax smiled lightly as he moved closer to Charlie. “Maybe this is what’s supposed to happen with us. A new chapter of our lives in this Britley Bay place. Did they tell you what it was like?”

“Just like Summer Bay,” Charlie answered. “Similar in size and all things like that.”

“Well I’d be up for moving,” Brax smiled lightly. “What do you think?”

“Are you bored with life here or something?” Charlie questioned.

“Nah, I wouldn’t say that,” Brax shook his head. “I just think this could be an exciting adventure for us.”

“I wouldn’t call moving to the other side of the country, away from your family and friends exciting. More like super scary.” Charlie exhaled.

“Well, yeah, but, our friends will be our friends no matter where we are,” Brax said softly. “We can text, call, email, Skype, there’s the old fashioned letter in the post....babe we can always see and talk to our friends and we can come back visit all the time. Christmas, Easter, winter break. We’re not ever going to need a reason to come back here.”

“What about Romeo?” Charlie questioned. “I don’t know if I could leave him.”

“Then ask him to come with us if you want,” Brax suggested. “He’s a good lad and a great worker so I’d be happy to take him on in my new restaurant and Amelia adores him. And he could be a babysitter,” Brax gave a little laugh. “I just think you should at least think about it.”

“I will.” Charlie pursed her lips together, surprised that Brax was so up for this move. Just as she was going to talk again, Thomas’ cries could be heard from the baby monitor.

“I’ll go.” Brax said before he left the room, walking up the stairs to his son’s room. Charlie exhaled as she walked through to the living room and picked up a picture of Ruby from the cabinet.

“And I know for sure that I can’t leave you behind.” Charlie took a deep breath as she ran her hand over the picture of her daughter as she thought about what she should do.

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Thank you everyone. Only one left after this one.

Chapter 53

“Charlie that is the most gorgeous engagement ring I’ve ever seen,” Bianca gushed as she held onto her friend’s hand. She heard Leah clearing her throat. “Well of course yours is nice too I eh....” Bianca tried to back track but she couldn’t deny it. She much preferred Charlie’s engagement ring over Leah’s.

“It’s alright,” Leah laughed lightly as she sat down in the diner. “Mines is rather simple compared to Charlie’s. Miles is rather simple.” Leah picked up Thomas from his pram, lifting him into a hug.

“Did you just call your partner simple?” Charlie questioned as she sat down, lifting Lucia into her arms.

“Oh no no, I didn’t mean it to sound like that I...” Leah paused as she rubbed her forehead. “I eh -”

“We know,” Bianca laughed as she sat down with Zeke on her knee. Lucia was Bianca’s 7 month old daughter, and Miles and Leah were the proud parents of Zeke, 11 months. “Eh, you two come sit please.” Bianca said as she looked to Rocco and Amelia who were making their way over to the cakes that were on display.

“I want my cake mummy,” Rocco answered. “I need to get it.”

“No, grandma is going to bring it over for you. Come sit down.” Bianca said and Rocco and Amelia sighed before running back over to the table and taking a seat next to each other. The kids were the best of friends, just like their mothers, and they often got into all sorts of mischief together, Amelia often most likely to lead Rocco astray.

“So, you said you had something you needed to tell us?” Leah exhaled as she looked to Charlie.

“Oh my gosh you are pregnant?” Bianca almost yelled in an excited tone.

“No, no, no,” Charlie shook her head. “We’ve just had Thomas, I think it’s a little soon for baby no 4.” Charlie said as she looked down to Lucia, who was mesmerised by the shininess of her watch, her little hands trying to grip into it. She smiled lightly as she ran her hand over her mass of blond curls, just like her bother.

“So then you are getting married next week and want me to be maid of honour?” Leah grinned as she lightly rocked Thomas in her arms.

“Eh, I’d be the maid of honour, thanks.” Bianca grinned.

“No no no,” Amelia shook her head as she looked up to her mother. “I is the mades for honnors.”

Charlie laughed lightly at her daughters mispronunciations. “No one is my maid of honour, we are not getting married for a while yet,” Charlie answered. “I think someone else is due to go before me. You and Miles have been engaged for what, 6 years now?”

“Ah well yes, eh, I don’t ever think we’ll get married to be honest. We’ve both been there before, me more than him, and well, we’re happy as we are so why change it?”

“Then why get engaged?” Bianca questioned. “With me and Heath we know we are fine as we are too, so we’re not even bothering with the engagement. I mean I left a guy at the altar so that engagement ended, my marriage to Liam was over in weeks, pretty much, and you know, 5 years later Heath and I are still together, in love, with two great kids, and of course Darcy. We don’t need marriage.”

“So basically you are both saying that marriage is overrated and nothing will change with me and Brax and we will most likely ruin our relationship?”

“I’m not,” Leah shook her head. “Marriage is great and you’ve found a great guy who you love and want to commit to for the rest of your life. I’m just saying that Miles and I feel we don’t need it.”

“Right.” Charlie nodded lightly as Irene came over with some of their order.

“Where my cake grandma?” Rocco asked as he looked up to her.

“It’s coming love; I can’t carry it all at once,” Irene answered as she took the adults coffee’s off the tray and put down the juice in front of the kids. “Having a little baby swap here?” Irene laughed as she saw the mothers each with a different child in their arms.

“No mummy,” Amelia gasped, highly shocked at what Irene said. “You can’t swap Thomas.”

“I’m not going to swap him sweetheart,” Charlie laughed. “I’m just having a little cuddle with Lucia right now.”

“Eugh,” Leah scrunched her face up. “You can take Thomas back,” Leah held him away from her body as Charlie looked down to her son. “He has majorly spit up.” Thomas’ baby grow was covered in the sick.

“Ahh baby sick,” Charlie scrunched her nose up as she swapped babies with Leah, Leah now holding Lucia and Thomas now back in his mother’s arms. Charlie opened the nappy bag that was hanging over the pram and pulled out a clean baby grow, and pack of baby wipes. “C’mon mummy will get you all cleaned up.” Charlie said as she made her way over to the toilets.

“Grandma, my cake.” Rocco sighed as he pulled at her apron.

“I’m going now.” Irene looked to Bianca and they both shook their heads lightly at the little boy’s impatience before she picked up the tray and walked off.

“It’s cos you rocking him,” Amelia said before she put the straw in her mouth, taking a drink of her juice. “You no rock Thomas too much or he be’s sick all the times.”

“I see,” Leah nodded lightly. “I remember your mummy telling me that actually, silly Leah must have forgotten.”

“Yes silly Leah.” Amelia and Rocco giggled.

“So then what else do you think she has to tell us?” Bianca questioned as she shifted Zeke on her knee and took a drink of her coffee. “She’s not pregnant and she’s not getting married anytime soon.”

“Beats me,” Leah exhaled. “You know anything Amelia?” Leah questioned. Of course she knew it was a long shot, a very long shot asking a 3 year old but maybe she would be surprised.

“Well...” Amelia scratched the side of her head. “Daddy made my breakfast wrong this morning,” Amelia sighed, still most annoyed at Brax. “And mummy went to see Ruby with no me,” Amelia shrugged her shoulders. “But I don’t know what is it?” Amelia sighed.

“We don’t know either until mummy tells us.” Bianca answered.

“Until mummy tells us what?” Charlie questioned as she appeared back at the table putting the wipes and dirty baby grow back in the bag and took a seat, taking a drink of her coffee.

“Well you tell us, what’s this big announcement?” Leah asked.

Charlie took a deep breath. “I’ve been offered a job near Perth.”

“Perth?” Bianca raised her eyebrows. “That’s like really far away.”

“I know,” Charlie nodded. “I have to decide if I should go or not.”

“What does Brax think?” Leah questioned, saddened at the possibility of her friend moving to the other side of the country.

“He’s up for it,” Charlie answered. “Thinks it’ll be a great adventure for us.”

“Well it could be,” Bianca answered. “You’re not so sure?”

“It’s not that I’m not sure,” Charlie shook her head. “I think it could be good for us too, but, it’s just...leaving all you guys behind and Romeo, he’s like my son and leaving him behind....then there’s Ruby,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “She’s laid to rest here and if I move...what 3000 kilometre away I’m scared I won’t feel close to her.”

“You will,” Bianca said softly. “No matter where you are in this world you’ll always feel close to Rubes.”

“You think?” Charlie questioned. “Obviously I’d miss you guys like crazy but as Brax said we can call, Skype, visit, all that stuff. Ruby is really the only thing keeping me back.”

“I know you will,” Leah nodded. “And as much as we’d hate to lose you, like Brax said we can visit you, you can come back; we’ll talk all the time on the phone. If you want to take this I think you should go for it.” Charlie exhaled, happy to have the support of her friends. Of course she’d miss them, there was no question about it, but Ruby was the only thing really keeping her in the bay right now.

“You’ve not told Brax about the Ruby thing, have you?” Bianca questioned.

Charlie shook her head. “I shouldn’t need too. He should know.”

“Sometimes people can’t see what’s right in front of them,” Leah said. “Just tell him and maybe once you’ve talked it over with him, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want to do.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Charlie exhaled as she took another drink of her coffee. She knew she needed to talk to Brax about the real reason she was hesitant to move, but he seemed really up for going so she didn’t want to disappoint him. She exhaled once again as she looked at her daughter who was busy having a conversation with Rocco, before looking down to her son in her arms, knowing she had to think about their future too and that this wasn’t going to be a decision that they made lightly.


“You alright today?” Romeo questioned as he placed the box of wine down on the bar. “You’re quiet.”

“Ah just thinking mate,” Brax sighed as he took a seat on the bar stool. “Eh....I may as well tell you, Charlie’s been offered a job near Perth and I think she should take it, you know I think it would be good for us to get away and start life in a new place. But eh...Charlie’s still unsure about leaving this place, her friends and you.”

“Oh wow,” Romeo rubbed the back of his head. “I’d really miss you guys. I mean...like, you are my family.”

“Come with us if you want,” Brax said. “We obviously love you, and little Amelia adores you and your family so we’d have no problems with you coming with us. Might actually make Charlie more happy with the idea, she really doesn’t want to leave you behind.”

“You know it’s probably Ruby that she doesn’t want to leave behind, right?” Romeo questioned.

“Ah Ruby I didn’t even think...” Brax trailed off as he rubbed the back of his head. “Of course it’s Ruby.”

“I get why it would be hard for her,” Romeo said. “But if that’s all that’s stopping her then you just need to let her know that no matter where she is in this world she is going to love and remember and feel close to her.”

“Yeah, I know she will. I mean Ruby was her daughter and she’s never going to forget her and she will....she’ll feel close with her no matter where she is, I just need to make her realise that.”

“Yeah I’m sure you will,” Romeo smiled. “And eh, did you really mean that I could come?” Romeo looked unsure.

“If there’s nothing keeping you here mate we’d be more than happy to have you,” Brax smiled. “Of course we’d use you for lots of free babysitting.” Brax gave a little laugh.

“Well you should probably talk to Charlie first and make sure you really are going but I will think about it.” Romeo said, unsure if he would also like to be so far away from Ruby, but knowing that without Charlie, Brax and the kids in the bay, he would feel a bit lost, he really would consider it.


Charlie and Amelia were playing at the kitchen table with the play dough. Thomas has just been put down for a nap in the moses basket in the living room, so Amelia was getting to enjoy some mummy and me time. “I’m making a rabbit.” Amelia announced as she patted some blue play dough down on the table, trying to make it look like a rabbit.

“A blue rabbit?” Charlie laughed.

“No,” Amelia shook her head. “Blue ears, yellow body, green feet and a red tail.” Amelia said, proud of her choices of colour.

“Oh wow a multi-coloured rabbit.” Charlie smiled.

“Oh mummy,” Amelia shook in excitement at her idea. “I could get a real pet bunny, please?” Amelia clasped her hands together, squashing the play dough, causing it to squeeze through her fingers.

“A real bunny?” Charlie widened her eyes. “I don’t know sweetheart, you’d need to look after it.”

“I would,” Amelia nodded. “But I is only little so you’d have to help,” Amelia said as she pulled the bits of play dough from her hand. “And we’d call her Mopsy and she’d be all fluffy and have floppy ears. Please mummy,” Charlie exhaled lightly and thought if they did end up moving then a pet might not be such a bad idea for Amelia. “It would be my best friend and -”

“Wait a minute,” Charlie interrupted sounding shocked at her daughter. “You mean mummy isn’t your best friend?”

“Yeah,” Amelia nodded. “You are my best mummy friend and the rabbit could be my best rabbit friend.”

Charlie gave a little laugh. “We’ll see.” Charlie answered.

“That what’s you always do say.” Amelia sighed, most unimpressed with her mother. Just as Charlie went to reply she heard the door opening and stood up from the table and walked into the living room to see Brax had returned home.

“Hey, wasn’t expecting you home till after dinner.”

“Nah, I need to go back to work soon, but I just wanted to talk to you about the move,” Brax said. “I’m so stupid for not realising this this morning but it’s because of Ruby isn’t it?” Brax questioned. “That’s what’s stopping you from saying you’ll go.”

Charlie pursed her lips together as she nodded. “I don’t want to feel like she’s not around anymore. I’m scared that if I move to a new place where she’s never been that I’m not going to find her with me.”

“Of course you will,” Brax nodded as he walked forward and took Charlie’s hands into his, rubbing them gently. “Ruby is always going to be with you no matter where you are. You love her so much and she’s always going to in here,” Brax placed one on his hands against her chest, where her heart would be. “And in here,” Brax moved his hand up and gently rubbed Charlie’s head. “You don’t need to be close to where Ruby is buried to remember her because she’s in your heart and your mind forever,” Charlie smiled lightly at what Brax said and she knew he would most probably be right. “And as I said this morning we will always be able to come back to visit not only our friends but Rubes too. And when we get to the new place we can plant a tree in the garden, a flowering shrub, put a bench out on the porch in her memory, anything you want, so you have a place there too for Rubes.”

Charlie felt herself welling up with tears. “You’re right, I eh....yeah.” Charlie cleared a lump from her throat. “I want to do this....I want us to move.”

“Yeah?” Brax smiled. “Only if you’re sure babe.”

“Like you say, Ruby will always be in here,” Charlie placed her hand on her chest close to her heart. “And we can make some sort of memorial out there for her too. I eh....I think this is a good opportunity for us and we should go. I want to go.” Brax smiled lightly as he wrapped his arms around Charlie and placed a soft kiss on her head. He rubbed her back as she wrapped her arms around him, and the pair stood in the embrace, both of them scared, but excited for their future away from Summer Bay.

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Thank you Sarah, beebee, homeandaway13, Sabrina, JosieTash, Spotd1, Zoe and RoRo90 for the comments. This is my last one and I am actually sad to end this one. Hope I wrapped it up well for you. :)

Chapter 54

4 weeks after they decided to move, today was the day that they were leaving for Britley Bay. Charlie, Brax and the kids had spent the morning saying goodbye to most of the bay and now only had Bianca, Heath and kids, Leah, Miles and kids and Romeo left to say goodbye to, these of course the hardest ones. Charlie’s job didn’t start for another 2 months but they wanted to get out there and get settled, and there was an old building in the town 20 minutes drive away they were going to look at so Brax could open up a new restaurant. He’d sold Angelo’s to Alf and John a few weeks before hand and he’d made a very tiresome journey to Britley Bay in a rental lorry with furniture, house hold goods, some of their clothes and the kids’ toys which took him a week, round trip, but was going to be much easier than taking everything out there at once. Today, they were flying across to Perth with rest of their stuff, a flight being the easiest and quickest option with two young kids. “Ah I can’t believe it’s time for you to go already,” Bianca exhaled sadly. “I’m going to miss you guys so much.”

“Bee you make mummy cry.” Amelia moaned up at her as she saw tears coming from her mother’s eyes.

“It wasn’t Bianca’s fault,” Charlie sniffed back. “Mummy is just very sad to leave.”

“Daddy said we will visit all the times,” Amelia said. “It’s okay.” Amelia put her hand to Charlie’s leg and rubbed it gently.

“I know we will,” Charlie smiled as she ruffled her daughter’s hair. “Why don’t you go play with Darcy and Rocco, hmm?” Charlie suggested and Amelia nodded before running off down the beach. “And little Lucia,” Charlie smiled as she lifted her out of the buggy. “You gorgeous little thing, I’ll miss you too, yes,” Charlie cooed at the baby as she lightly rubbed her cheek, Lucia giving her a grin, the two teeth she had showing proudly. “Hmm you going to miss Aunty Charlie?” Charlie questioned as she rubbed her side and Lucia giggled as she cuddled into her. “We’ve been through a lot together,” Charlie exhaled as she looked back up to Bianca. “But you’ve been the best best friend I could have asked for and I hate that I’m not going to see you every day.”

“Me too,” Bianca smiled sadly. “We eh....we’ll chat all the time though. You’ll be sick of my voice I’m going to call you that much.”

Charlie laughed lightly. “Never.”

“I mean it,” Bianca laughed. “Morning, noon, night, you’re never going to get away from me,” Charlie smiled lightly as she looked up the beach and saw Heath and Brax returning from their walk. “You know he hasn’t tried to show it but he is really gutted Brax is leaving,” Bianca said. “Trying to be all manly but I think he’s really going to miss is big brother.”

“Brax is the same,” Charlie said. “But don’t want to hurt their male pride so let’s just pretend they are all cool with it.”

“Yeah,” Bianca nodded as the kids ran back across. “Right you two you going to say goodbye to Amelia?”

“Why she have to go?” Rocco questioned.

“Charlie’s new job,” Darcy told him. “She’s works in Perth now.”

“I no no Perth,” Rocco sighed. “Will we visit?”

“Oh yes,” Amelia nodded. “You will Rocco all the time. You my best Rocco friend.” Amelia said.

“Oh Good. Well goodbye Amelia.” Rocco said sadly before giving her a hug. Darcy gave her a hug next before giving Charlie a hug.

“If you don’t like Perth will you move back here?” Darcy questioned.

“Maybe.” Charlie nodded as Brax and Heath approached them, Lucia clapping her hand together before holding her hands out to go to her uncle.

“Well Buckton,” Heath sighed. “We’ve had our moments, but I really am going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too Heath,” Charlie exhaled as Heath pulled her into a hug. “Shocking eh.”

Heath gave a little laugh as he pulled back and looked down to Amelia. “You miss me Uncle Heath?”

“Oh no,” Heath shook his head. “I can’t wait to see you go.”

Amelia opened her mouth as she widened her eyes in shock. “Well I miss you Uncle Heath.”

“Of course I’m going to miss you button.” Heath laughed. “Now come give me a squeeze.” Heath bent down to her level and Amelia ran forward and gave him a hug. “You keep being a good girl in Perth okay?”

“I will.” Amelia nodded before she ran to Bianca and she lifted her into her arms, giving her a hug.

“We eh...should get going. We need to head to the airport soon and we’ve got more goodbyes to do,” Brax said as he put Lucia back into the buggy. Bianca put Amelia down on the ground as Brax and Charlie hugged the kids’ goodbye. Brax then turned to face Bianca and gave her a hug. “You look after my brother now, alright?”

“Sure will.” Bianca patted his back as they pulled back from the hug.

“I know us brothers don’t normally hug but just -” Before Brax even finished his sentence, Heath wrapped his arms around him in a hug. They patted each other’s backs. “I’m going to miss you bro, take care.” “Brax said.

Heath cleared his throat. “You to eh,” Heath said as he pulled back. He looked down into the pram at Thomas. “Bye to you too little buddy. You remember that when it comes to surfing, you’ll need to come back to Summer Bay and learn from your uncle Heath because he is better than daddy.”

“Yeah right,” Brax nudged his brother’s arm. “You wish.”

“Bye Thomas,” Bianca smiled as she lightly rubbed his cheek, careful not to wake him. Hope to see you again soon.” Bianca said before looking back up to Charlie and giving her one last hug.

“Take care.” Both Charlie and Bianca said at the same time as they pulled back from the embrace. Charlie took a deep breath before putting her hands on the pram and looking to Brax who lifted Amelia into his arms, before putting her up onto his shoulders, and Bianca, Heath and the kids watched as Charlie, Brax and their kids walked off the beach for what would be the last time in a while.


After cuddles with Zeke, Charlie and Brax left him in his room to sleep. VJ said a quick goodbye before grabbing his surfboard and running off to the beach, leaving the adults to it. Leah was holding Thomas in her arms, his green eyes staring up at her. “I can’t believe our boys aren’t going to get to grow up the best of friends,” Leah exhaled sadly. “This last month has just flown by too.”

“Hasn’t it?” Charlie questioned.

“It’s going to be good for us though eh,” Brax smiled as Amelia climbed up onto his knee. “A new start with these little monsters.” Brax tickled Amelia’s side as she giggled.

“Not me,” Amelia shook her head. “Miles mummy said maybe I could get a pet rabbit.”

“A pet rabbit?” Miles gasped. “I want a pet rabbit but Leah won’t let me have one.”

Amelia giggled. “You a adult you get it yourself.”

“He’ll do no such thing,” Leah said as she glanced at Miles. “So, you all excited for moving away? Having a little adventure?”

“Hmmm if all you come too it be better,” Amelia sighed. “But it’ll be good still.”

“Yeah I bet it will,” Leah smiled at the girl. “Still we’ll miss you all like crazy.”

“I know,” Charlie exhaled. “You’re like....you’re like a sister to me Leah and I....promise me that we’ll keep in touch?”

“Of course,” Leah answered. “I’ll call you all the time and Miles here is going to show me how to use Skype so we’ll see each other too.” Leah smiled.

“Great,” Charlie smiled. “We’ll get to see Leah and Miles and Zeke on the laptop sweetie how cool is that?”

“No VJ?” Amelia screwed her face up.

“Well maybe when he is around he’ll say hi to you.” Charlie answered.

“Oh Miles you can share my rabbit, I’ll show you her on Skype. She is called Mopsy.”

“Since when has she been getting a rabbit?” Brax questioned.

“I said like a month ago I’d think about it. Guess she just hasn’t forgotten,” Charlie said as she looked to him. “Anyways, eh, Miles, I eh...wanted to thank you. I think my life could have been very different right now if it wasn’t for you and how you helped after Ruby died and I don’t know if I ever thanked you for that, so, thank you so much.” Charlie leaned forward in the chair and put her hand on top of his.

“You’re very welcome,” Miles smiled. “And you know we might miss you a little.”

Charlie laughed lightly. “Just a little.”

“Oh yeah.” Miles nodded, often using his humour as a defence mechanism. Thomas started to stir in Leah’s arms.

“Here, you can take him back.” Leah said as they all stood up and she handed Thomas to Brax, where he immediately settled back in his dad’s arms. They all hugged each other before they walked Charlie, Brax and Amelia though the house to the door, where Brax put his son back in the pram.

“So many of these goodbyes left?” Miles questioned.

“Just one,” Brax answered. “Romeo.”

“Ahh that’ll be a hard one.” Leah said as she rubbed Charlie’s arm.

“Yeah,” Charlie exhaled. “But it needs to be done. And it’s not a goodbye for good. We’ll see each other again soon.”

“Sure you will, now give me another hug,” Leah said as she wrapped her arms around Charlie, never wanting to let her go. “Call me as soon as you get there, okay?” Leah sniffed back. “I don’t care what time of day it is. Let me know you all got there safe.”

“I will,” Charlie nodded as she pulled back. She exhaled before taking a look back into the house. The first placed she lived when she and Ruby moved to summer bay many years ago now. “See you soon.” Charlie said and Leah and Miles smiled before Charlie, Brax and Amelia left the house, Amelia helping Brax push the pram, as the time for them to leave for the airport was getting closer and closer.


Amelia was clinging onto Romeo, saying she was never going to let him go. “She really wishes you were coming with us, we all do.” Charlie smiled sadly.

“I know, I eh, sometimes I think I should be too, but that’s also the easy option for me,” Romeo answered. “I eh...I think I need to step back from you and stand on my own two feet.”

“You is doing that Romeo.” Amelia mumbled, her head pressed against his chest.

Romeo smiled down at her as he rubbed her back. “You know what I mean though right?” Romeo questioned as he looked to Charlie and Brax.

“Yeah,” Brax nodded. “But if you change your mind just don’t be afraid to let us know.”

“I won’t.” Romeo shook his head.

“You’ll always have a room at our house,” Charlie smiled as he rubbed his arm. “Remember that okay?”

“I will,” Romeo nodded. “But maybe being here without you....it’ll get me more independent and that’ll be a good thing.”

“You’ll come visit right?” Charlie questioned. “And we’ll come visit, we’ll email and text and call and Skype, right?”

“Yeah of course,” Romeo nodded. “Need to see this little one,” Romeo ticked Amelia’s side, trying to make her feel better, but she continued to cry into his chest. “Hmm, I’ll still see you on Skype all the time.”

“It’s not good,” Amelia shook her head. “I want you with me.” Amelia pulled her head back and looked into Romeo’s eyes. Romeo felt his heart strings tugging a little. The poor girl looked devastated to say goodbye to him. Her big green eyes never looked so sad.

“It’s okay sweetheart,” Charlie sniffed back. “I promise we’ll visit Romeo and he’ll be coming to see us soon.”

“No.” Amelia hid her head against Romeo’s chest again.

“We should probably get going,” Brax said. “The longer we stay with him the harder it’ll be to get her calm.”

Charlie nodded lightly as he rubbed her daughters back. “Amelia sweetheart, c’mon it’s time to go.”

“No.” Amelia squealed as she dug her nails tighter into Romeo.

Charlie pulled her daughter from his arms, Amelia crying hard. “Romeo no like me.” Amelia cried as she rested her head on her mother’s shoulder.

“Of course he does,” Charlie sniffed back as a tear rolled down her cheek, she too hating the idea of leaving Romeo behind, but knowing she would see him soon. What was supposed to be a surprise for Amelia was probably going to have to be done in front of her now. “But he has to stay here okay. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. You’re his little munchkin, he loves you.”

Amelia wiped her face with her hands. “He would come.”

“Hey, Amelia I promise to come see you real soon.” Romeo said as he sniffed back. “And I do love you. Like your mummy said you’re my little munchkin.” Charlie and Brax exchanged a glance before Charlie gave a little nod, telling Brax to go ahead.

“Look, Amelia.” Brax said as he pulled something out from his pocket. It was going to be done in secret so Amelia didn’t know but she was so upset at the thought of leaving Romeo behind they’d decided to do it this way instead.

“What?” Amelia’s breathing was heavy as she tried to stop herself crying.

“It’s a plane ticket for Romeo to come see us on the 20th December till 20th January.” Brax said as he handed it to Romeo.

“Are you serious?” Romeo was stunned as he took the ticket from Brax.

“Wouldn’t be Christmas if you weren’t with your family.” Charlie smiled as she rubbed Amelia’s back. “See, so only 3 weeks and Romeo will be out to see you, okay?”

“Uh-huh.” Amelia nodded lightly.

“I’ll go put her in the car.” Charlie said before walking away towards the car.

“Thank you so much for this, I eh....wow.” Romeo exhaled.

“No worries,” Brax smiled. “I eh, I also have these for you.” Brax took the keys from his pocket and handed them to Romeo, who once again looked stunned.

“The keys to the restaurant?” Romeo questioned. “You want me to pass them on to John?”

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “He and Alf may have bought the place but they don’t have time to run it. So, I need to leave it in good hands so, you’re the new manager, Romeo.”

“Are you serious?” Romeo was practically speechless.

“Couldn’t think of anyone better.” Brax smiled as he patted Romeo’s arm.

“Thanks so much.” Romeo smiled as he pulled Brax into a hug.

“You’re very welcome,” Brax smiled as they pulled back, just as Charlie appeared back. “I’ll give you two a minute.” Brax smiled as he rubbed Charlie’s arm before walking off to the car to sit with the kids. Charlie exhaled as she and Romeo stared at each other for a moment.

“Gonna miss you.” Romeo eventually spoke.

“Me too,” Charlie nodded. “And remember what we said. If you want to join us, just one phone call and we can arrange it.”

“Yeah,” Romeo smiled. “I know, but you’ve done so much for me these last 3 years I think it’s time I learned to be on my own.”

“Well not totally on your own,” Charlie raised her eyebrows. “You’ve had a couple of dates with a certain young lady.”

Romeo gave a little laugh. “It’s only been a few dates.”

“Well still, you let me know how it’s going,” Charlie grinned as she raised her eyebrows. “And you know she will need the mother’s approval.”

Romeo laughed once again. “If it getting too serious we’ll pay you a visit, how does that sound?”

“Sounds great,” Charlie smiled as she leaned forward and gave Romeo a hug. “Take care Romeo. I love you.”

“Yeah, love you too.” Romeo smiled as they stayed in the embrace for a little longer.

“Well, I guess I need to get going, but I’ll see you at Christmas.” Charlie said as she pulled back from the hug.

“Yeah, I already can’t wait.” Romeo smiled as he watched Charlie walking up to the car. He waved as Brax started up the engine and drove off, Romeo still waving as he saw little Amelia waving her hand as fast as she could, her little tear stained face looking so sad.

“So,” Brax said. “That everyone?”

“Eh, just one more.” Charlie said and Brax nodded, knowing exactly where Charlie wanted to go.


Charlie and Amelia were kneeling down at her grave. Brax and Thomas had been there too, but were now waiting for her back at the car. Amelia was arranging the flowers in the holder, taking extra care and making sure she did it just right. “You sad to say bye mummy?”

“We’re not really saying goodbye, sweetheart,” Charlie shook her head. “Well always be back to visit and we are going to plant a tree in the garden at the new house and put a little swing seat on the porch in her memory.”

“So she’ll be there too?” Amelia questioned.

“She sure will.” Charlie answered.

“And her star will come with us ay?” Amelia questioned. “We still see her at night.”

“Oh yeah,” Charlie nodded. “Her star will be wherever we are.” Charlie ran her hand through her daughter’s hair as she spoke.

“Good,” Amelia smiled. “I love you Ruby.” Amelia said as she put her hand on the headstone.

Charlie took a deep breath as she wrapped her arms around Amelia cuddling her from behind. “You go back to the car with daddy and let mummy have 5 minutes with Rubes, yeah?”

“Okay.” Amelia nodded as she ran off back up to Brax and he put her into the car in her car seat.

Charlie exhaled as she looked back to the headstone and ran her hand over the gold lettering. "I can’t believe it’s been 3 years,” Charlie exhaled. “It doesn’t seem that long. Which I suppose is a good thing because it means you are still very fresh in my mind,” Charlie smiled lightly. “I eh, I love you so much and I promise that I’ll come back and visit all the time, I promise I will. And Romeo, Leah, Bianca, Dex and April, they are still here to visit you and when I can, I’ll come back. I will. Of course I will,” Charlie ran her hand over her name. “My little precious Ruby. I love you baby girl,” Charlie pursed her lips together as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Sorry if you don’t like me saying baby girl, because you’re 20 now, nearly 21, but you’ll always be my baby girl no matter how old you are,” Charlie sniffed back. “I love you and I’ll visit again soon.” Charlie leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the headstone. She stood up and wiped down her dress, before walking up to the car, where Brax was standing outside, leaning against the bonnet waiting for her to be ready to go.

“You ready?” Brax questioned. Charlie exhaled as she looked back to the headstone and nodded her head, ready to begin the next chapter of her life.

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to Sarah, Kristen, beebee, Spotd1, Red Ranger 1, Zoe, JosieTash, Freakie42, pembie, RoRo90, Laura, Sabrina, caroline77, CharlieAndBrax4Ever, --HAA, homeandaway13, Idscott, cally and AvrilPR212 for the lovely comments you’ve left on this fiction. I really hope you enjoyed it.


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