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Couple Of The Year

Guest JosieTash

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Story Title : Couple Of The Year

Type Of Story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Ruby, Sasha, Indi, Heath, Charlie, Bianca, Romeo.
Other Characters : Billy Pierce, Rikki Chadwick, Bella Hartley, Cleo Sertori, Emma Gilbert, OCs
BTTB Rating: T/A
Genre: Relationships, Drama, Fantasy
Does story incl spoilers: Yes
Any warnings: Slash, V/D, SC, L.

Summary: Indi MUCHLY doesn't like it that Ruby/Billy are soooo tight, especially since Indi/Romeo have REALLY had issues. Indi and Heath both want the same thing for harm to come to Ruby, whilst Rubes is keen to help good friend Sasha find a man.

NOTE this is the latest of a series of fics [4 so far, starting with
"Another You, Another Me, Another Now"] that combine the characters of H&A and "h2o - just add water!"

Emma Gilbert, Cleo Sertori, Rikki Chadwick and Bella Hartley


CHAPTER 1 !!!!

"Don't you just want to GOUGE their eyes out?", says a most annoyed Indi.
"INDI !!! You can't go round saying things like that. Besides, I think they're great together AND they've VERY good friends of mine.", responds Sasha.
"How can you be friends with my enemies? You're MY fresh & blood.", enquires Indi.
"They've picked me up MANY a time after I've had boy woes. Yep, I think they're ACE. I was thinking about hanging out with them again today, but they look to be tooo busy right now.", says Sasha.
"Yeah. Any busier and someone would have to arrest them for public indecency. They should soooooo get a room.", remarks a rather sullen Indi.

Indi & Sasha are near the surf club, looking down at the beach. Ruby & her b/f Billy are sitting side by sand on their towels on the sand. They are muchly kissing and enjoying each others company. The duo are sooooo in love and Ruby especially ADORES that Billy REALLY isn't AT ALL your average guy. Despite looking like a normal teenage boy, hes actually an alien shape shifter from a planet called Drahnrae, who traveled across the universe to Earth to be with Rubes. No one but Ruby and a handful of other people know Billy's secret.

The fact that he's really an alien ISN'T Billy's only big secret. He also loooooves the smoother feeling of girls underwear to those for boys, so he has on some bikini bottoms beneath his bordies, whilst Ruby's in her aqua bikini.

Ruby "Isn't it just the BEST that we've BOTH got the day off from Sexy Tales for a change."
Billy "Yeah, it's great working there. It felt sooooo weird at 1st, given my different upbringing about sex, but yeah, I REALLY like it now."
Ruby "Just like its soooooo ACE that you LOVE being REALLY together with me every so often these days."

Billy kisses Ruby once more, before she notices that Indi & Sasha seem to be watching them ..

Ruby "It's coooool that Sasha's nearby, but is it just me or is Indi death staring us from that far away?"
Billy "Yeah, I must admit her frequent sarcastic "couple of the year" comments towards us isnt fun ..BUT ...... "
Ruby [cutting in] "We SHOULD be focusing on Sasha, shouldn't we?"
Billy "Yeah, since Xave left to go to police academy, the guy's Sashas gone out with haven't been the best. Even some of the ones we've lined her up with."
Ruby "TOTALLY agree that the boys in this town are such drop kicks, aside from you of course."
Billy "Maybe THAT'S why your mum hooked up with Bianca ........and Joey before that."
Ruby "Yeah, I LOOOOVE that Mum AND Stepmum are sooooo in newlywed bliss these days ............. AND why Rikki & Em AND Bella & Cleo would rather get all girl on girl hot and heavy, rather than with a man. Yeah, feels sooooo still kinda weird that I'm the odd one out at my house. Me with a b/f with the rest of my house full of girl on girl 'ships."
Billy "But its soooo GREAT that Em & Rikki's marriage is still going strong after a few years now. AND who knows, maybe you and I could take things further, like Charlie & Bianca did as well."
Ruby "It was REALLY coooool being my mum's bridesmaid, and both she & Stepmum like BEYOND gorgeous in their wedding frocks, but I'm sooooo happy with you the way things are. Not saying I don't want to marry you, cos I KNOW how FANATASTIC it's worked for both lots of marrieds in my house but we've got plenty of time. Besides, we've got to find someone for Sasha. Actually .....................[looks toward the surf club and calls out] SASHA, come and join Billy & I."

Sasha [still with a sullen Indi beside her] "Well, that's my cue to bail. Enjoy whatever you get up to today."
Indi [muttered, as Sasha heads down the beach towards Ruby & Billy] "Sasha, how COULD you? ............. I've GOT to find a way to do something about that not so cute Bilby. Theyre just .................................."

Indi grinds her teeth and thinks of how own marriage to Romeo has NOT been smooth sailing. Fights about him joining the pro surf circuit, them getting married young, having financial issues AND both hooking up up with other people .........albeit briefly. Yeah, it's like, Indi got together with rich boy Logan AND former rock star Liam whilst Romeo, WAAAY annoyed with Indis unfaithfulness, had a short-lived affair with, of all ppl, Indi's half sister Sasha !!!!!

Indi [with more than a hint of menace in her voice] "Yeah, I gotta do something about Ruby & Billy. Why should THEY be all perfect? I've GOT to find a way to do something about that [beyond mockingly] 'couple of the year'. "


In the bushes near the surf club, unbeknownst to Indi, is someone else who is also keen to get revenge on Ruby, her mum Charlie AND their closest friends .

Heath "I went to jail cos of that lot. Theyre going to pay ...............AND I'm soooo gonna finish what I started with Ruby."

The recently-escaped-from-jail Heath still has NO idea how he got caught on the day that he and some of the other River Boys were robbing Charlie's house. One minute, Heath had Ruby as his hostage. She was bound & gagged AND hed stripped her naked. Heath was about to do UNSPEAKBLE things to Ruby when ................something happened. One minute, he was there in the house soooo DISPICABLY touching Ruby and the next thing Heath knew, he was in a holding cell at Yabby Creek police station.

Heath lost sooooooo much that day. Many River Boys, including Brax, had been killed in a fierce shoot out with the Charlie-led police. Casey, like Heath, was captured that day, when Casey was robbing Sexy Tales, the Yabby Creek adult store started up by Charlie & Ruby's GREAT friends, Rikki, Emma, Cleo & Bella who go by the code name "Angels". That's what Annie Campbell once called the awesome foursome years ago.so the Baysiders can disguise it when they are taking about the MERMAIDS in their midst.

Heath [fiercely] "Casey and the other River Boys who survived the shoot out are still in jail. Gotta find allies OR, better still, make this town pay all by myself. ESPECIALLY those Buckton bitches !!!"


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MANY thanks to EVERYONE for ALL your AMAZING comments!!!!

SOOOOOO glad you like the start of my latest fic. Hope you continue to MUCHLY enjoy.

I will say that although Heath isnt in the chapter below, hell be back soon enough!!!

CHAPTER 2 !!!!

Ruby & Billy are at her house, where Charlie, Bianca, Rikki, Emma, Cleo & Bella also reside. They are on the couch in the main room .....................

Ruby "Was fun hangin' out with Sasha today .......... but ........... "
Billy "You're gonna say that you think she felt like the 3rd wheel, aren't you?"
Ruby [after softly kissing Billy on the lips] "Yep. You know me too well, Billy Pierce. But hey, I'm gonna look at the positives here. 3rd wheels sometimes are GREAT .............like when we went to Bathurst recently to visit Dex, April, Joey and the triplets. It was GREAT to hang out with them for a while."
Billy "Yeah. Its cooooool that all of them are going well ...........even with the Joey's bubs being a little being troublesome at times. At least Adrian hasnt shown any inklings of her abilities yet."
Ruby "Yeah, DEFINITELY a good thing. Could you imagine having to deal with an infant "Angel" ??? I doubt I could."
Billy "I'm sure well be able to deal with if OUR one of kids has abilities like me."
Ruby "DEFINITELY, cos when our of our future little ones turns 5, at least you'll be there to, like, train them in the ways of 'The Force'."
Billy [smiley, loving voice] "You're just too funny. [pause] Getting back to the whole 3rd wheel thing, it was FANTASTIC when we went on that ride with Reg on his Billy Connolly-esque trike around the up, across and down MAGIC Mount Panorama. That was sooooooo BEYOND sublime. I'll remember it for the rest of my life ..........and maybe even beyond that. Soooooo the BEST day EVER. I know YOU drive fast sometimes, but him taking us at RACE speeds on what is public road for most of the year was just .......... " [billy is literally lost for words]
Ruby "I think the word youre looking for is AWESOME. Yeah, I could have taken my mum's car round there, but theres was no way I'd risk getting caught by the local police speeding ...........cos of Mum being a cop and all."

Charlie [annoyed voice, as she enters the house after her latest shift] "Couldn't agree more, as you've ALREADY been pushing things in THIS town."
Ruby [surprised that Charlie musta have heard her] "Mum !!! ........... Um, how was your day?"
Charlie [sternly] "NOT so good. Got a complaint about a couple carrying on at the beach today."
Ruby [surprised voice] "WHAT ?!?! [more subdued] We weren't THAT bad. Just kissing and stuff."
Charlie "It's the "and stuff" I'm worried bout. Had to send Watson out to check things out, but you & Billy had gone by the time she got there. You put me in a BAD position, Rubes. My OWN daughter behaving this way."
Billy "I know you seem mad Charlie, but agree withn Rubes. I wouldn't have thought we were taking things too far AT ALL today."
Ruby [as the penny drops] "Bet it was INDI who dobbed us in. She was sooooo death starring us today at the beach."
Charlie "That info is confidential, so I suggest that you & Billy get frisky elsewhere. Even here at home. Better that you being a perceived public nuisance."
Ruby [more than a little surprised] "You mean that???"
Charlie "Well, will save you from being in further trouble with the law, BUT ................. "
Ruby [cutting in] "There's ALWAYS a but."
Charlie "When you ARE here, keep your activities to the longue room .........and DON'T go too far. I know that you two shared a room when Billy 1st arrived in the Bay, but that was under VERY different circumstances."
Billy "Rubes, I think we should take what we just got."
Ruby "Yeah, you and me REALLY making out on the couch. I can do that .........[cheeky voice, after she softly kisses Billy] and who knows what we can get up to when we KNOW that nobody is going to be home for AGES !!!"
Charlie "I'll pretend I didnt hear that. [sigh] I'm off to have a shower."
Ruby [slightly worried voice] "Can Billy stay for dinner? [more optimistic] He helped cook .........AND it should be ready by time you get out. Bella & Rikki should be home from work very soon too."
Charlie "I SHOULD say no, but since Billy helped, he can stay. I take it you've remembered that my BEAUTIFUL Bianca is at parent/teacher interviews tonight?"
Ruby "Yep, there's PLENTY for everyone, including Cleo when she gets home late tonight from her latest shift [cheeky voice] at your FAVE shop."
Charlie [jokingly] "Any more stirring like that and Bianca and I will DEFINIETLY come to Sexy Tales EVERY time YOU'RE working there."
Ruby [going with Charlies jest] "That would sooooooo be my WORST nightmare. Having to sell SEX TOYS to my MOTHER !!!!! Actually, PLEASE can we STOP this convo?"

Charlies only response is laughter, before she heads for the shower.


Later that night, Indi & Romeo are alone in the main room of the Walker farm house when Indi says something that is COMPLETELY out of left field ........................

Romeo [shocked] "WHAT?!?! You want ME to KISS Ruby????"


The Panorama Trike Tours trike
that Reg used to take Billy & Ruby round the mountain !!!!


Mount Panorama, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia !!!!!!!


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MANY thanks Romeo&Indi Forever, Red, Sarah and ScreamingQueen2006 for ALL your WONDERFUL comments !!!

I will say that whilst I kinda know where this story is going, it’s a work in progress and I came up with some further GREAT ideas for it today.


Indi “It's a GREAT plan."
Romeo “I thought YOU were the logical one in this ‘ship. You know, the business studies one, not the dreaming surfer type.”
Indi “But this IS logical. It’s the PERFECT plan, Romeo.”

Romeo [exasperated] “How ??? I LOVE you. I’ve got NO feelings for Ruby whatsoever. Never have, never will."
Indi “But THAT'’S why it’s such a great plan."
Romeo [shaking his head] "You’'ve lost me."
Indi “You don'’t care about Ruby, so you’'re great for my plan to rid the world of that pesky Bilby. The way I figure it, Ruby & Billy have just been going about their business, with no one trying to hit on EITHER of them since they got together so mysteriously after he just literally got washed up on the beach a few years ago. So, no one REALLY knows how strong their bond is. I BET that if you kissed her, cracks might appear in their ‘ship and then [sarcastic voice] bingo, goodbye Bilby. [sternly] Actually, I SWEAR I could KILL Nicole for coming up with that STUPID name. Like Billy & Ruby are even a BIT worthy of a couple name."
Romeo [unsure of ALL of this] "OK, but WHY would I WANT to kiss Rubes? I’ve got you and I WAAAAAAY love you.”
Indi “That’s WHY I trust you ……and besides, you OWE me BIG TIME.”

Indi sees the intrigued look on her husband’s face …… ..............................

Indi “I know that I hooked up with Logan, but ……........... "
Romeo [cutting in] "AND Liam.”
Indi [fiercely, after she looks at Romeo disdainfully] “What YOU did with Sasha, my SISTER, was FAR worse. It's like, MANY times that I'm in bed with you, I can't help but think of HER. NOT good for my mental health, thinking of you and my SISTER getting hot & heavy when you & me are doing likewise.”
Romeo [still quite unsure of all of this] “Will THIS make us OK? …........me kissing Ruby and all?”
Indi “If they break up, it will sooooo help my mood, and that will help us.”
Romeo [sheepishly] “Um …. Indi? [indi looks at him inquisitively] Any chance that you’re going to also take part in this plan? You know, kiss …….......... "
Indi [fiercely cutting in] "NO WAY !!!!! I’'m NOT going anywhere NEAR Billy. He’'s been with Ruby. Who knows WHAT I’'d catch off her!!!!!"
Romeo “This is one STRANGE plan.”
Indi “It’s the ONLY way, Romeo. Cos right now, I NEED a bit of misery LOVES company. I mean even BEYOND Sasha not being able to find a man. [emotionally] I NEED there to be no more Ruby & Billy. I just NEED it."

Although the request is really weird, Romeo realises that MAYBE this will really patch things up tween him & Indi. They’'ve been through sooooo much of late, and deserve a break of some kind.

Romeo “Indi ……I’ll do it, but …......I gotta say, I’m not happy about this. We’ve, well, mostly sorted things out, so kissing another girl WAAAY feels wrong.”
Indi “I’m actually MUCHLY glad you DO feel that way, but yeah, this weird kiss should get US back on track."
Romeo [apprehensive] “W ........ …When do ……......... "
Indi [cutting in] “It’s getting bit late tonight, so tomorrow will be fine. I want to be there too …but in a place where Rubes can’'t see me. Make sure Billy’s there. I wanna see the look on his face."

Romeo & Indi then head off to bed. Indi KNOWS that this is a BIG gamble, whilst Romeo is still more than slightly surprised that Indi came up with an idea as OUT THERE as this.


Next day, Ruby & Emma are up and out of the Chanca [Charlie/Bianca] house rather early, … to get to Yabby Creek and open up and work the day shift at Sexy Tales. Charlie, Bianca & Bella are having breakfast when the phone rings. Charlie is SHOCKED at the news that Georgie Watson [at the police station] has just told her ……..

Charlie "Is there any word he’s headed this way?”
Watson “No firm sightings, but given what happened, I wouldn'’t put it past him. After all, he doesn’t even KNOW that Em froze him when he was robbing your place.”
Charlie [sternly] “It wasn’t JUST that. Yeah, that was sooooo not the REALLY bad bit. [emotionally] He ……. EEEEEEEW...... fondled …. my baby girl. [sternly] That DISGUSTING creep. SOOOOOOO glad that Em used her "Angel" powers on him."
Watson “We got word from the guards of the prison that Heath is WELL and TRULY keen to get revenge on Ruby.”
Charlie "That's ALL she needs."
Watson “An All Points Bulletin has been sent to police stations across the state, so hopefully we’ll get SOME forewarning before he hits the Bay. [pause] Charlie, you realise that Ruby might NOT be the only one in danger here?”
Charlie [after a deep breath] "Yeah, the thought crossed my mind that I'M as big a target as Rubes, but SHE'S my top priority."
Watson “You know that the police will do ALL we can to protect Ruby, but ……….............. “ [her voice trails off]
Charlie "Don’t have to tell me how stretched our resources are. Luckily, Bella & the girls can MUCHLY help. Be Ruby's bodyguards and I KNOW that Billy will be keen to help too.”
Watson "Is Ruby there? Do you want to tell her, or will I?"
Charlie “Before I answer that, WHEN did he escape?”
Watson [after an uneasy pause] “A few days ago.”
Charlie [shocked] “WHAT!!!! How come we’re just finding out now???”
Watson “Looks like the River Boys have powerful friends inside. Bribed some of the guards to hide the fact that Heath had escaped."
Charlie [emotionally, after another deep breath] “My baby’s in danger. I’M going to call her at her work. Tell her the sitch."
Watson “Thanks for that, Charlie. Just remember to keep YOURSELF safe as well."
Charlie "Will do. No Braxton is gonna get one over me."

Bianca sees that her wife is distressed so she MUCHLY hugs Charlie, who had just hung up the phone. Bianca kisses Charlie softly on the cheek and then on the lips ……......................

Bianca [as tenderly and as positively as she can, whilst the marrieds are still hugging] “My Charlie Brown, I KNOW that all sounded bad but we CAN overcome this.”
Charlie [as she sobs at the thought of Heath getting revenge on Ruby] "Thanks .... ……Sexy .... …Miss ….. Scott."
Bianca “Want ME to ring Rubes?”
Bella [at the breckie table] “Or I could? I know I’ m not your blood kin, but I AM family."
Charlie [still a bit teary] "I know you are, Bella. I look on all you "Angels" as my own daughters these days. But no, I NEED to do this.”

Charlie dials the number of her daughter'' s work and .................. ……


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MANY many thanks to EVERYONE for ALL your TERRIFIC comments!!!!

WARNING mention of a character not yet on UK [possibly NZ as well] screens.


Ruby is at the counter of Sexy Tales when the phone rings. She promptly picks it up and

Ruby [cheerful, kinda sexy voice] "Morning. Welcome to Sexy Tales. Ruby at your service."
Charlie [trying not to sound worried] "Morning, Rubes."
Ruby [surprised, especially after her chat with Charlie last night] "Mother !!! [more professional] OK, what are you & Stepmum after? Some sexy lingerie or .................... " [her voice trails off]
Charlie "Now Ruby, dont be alarmed bu ........... "
Ruby [cutting in] "I'm alarmed ALREADY now, so epic fail there, Mum."
Charlie [hesitantly] "It's .............Heath ........ He's ..........[steadier] He's escaped from jail. [authoritative voice] Rubes, I want one of the Angels OR Billy by your side at ALL times. They will be able to combat Heath until the police get to you."

Ruby is dumbfounded that Heath Braxton - the man who, but for Emmas actions, SURELY would have RAPED Ruby has escaped. Rubes, however, channels her fear elsewhere

Ruby [mostly scared voice] "Mum, has anyone contacted Gypsy? She risked HER life to expose where the River Boys secret base was. Bet shes in JUST as much danger as me AND you."
Charlie "He's made NO indication in prison that Gypsy is a target, but I'll DEFINITELY talk to her in person today. You're sooooo right, Rubes. Gypsy was indeed VERY brave ......... and I'm SOOOOOO proud of you for not ONLY thinking of yourself at such a difficult time. You could have lost it completely when I told you, but you didn't."
Ruby "What can I say, but it helps having you, a cop, as my mum AND people like ice coooool Em as my friend. To say nothing of my wonderful stepmum. GREAT decision of yours to hook up with Bianca. Just glad I'm outta school though, as having Stepmum as my teacher would have been weird. [embarrassed voice] Look at me, I'm rabbitting."
Charlie "You have EVERY right to, Rubes. To deal with this shocking news."
Ruby [calms herself and enquires] "You know how ELSE I could be distracted?"
Charlie [worried voice] "Why do I smell ...................maybe trouble?"
Ruby "Not trouble. A GOOD thing, Mum. Especially right now. Can Billy stay with us, in MY room, til Heath is caught? Billy can go all, you know, Bruce Banner and deal with that stupid Braxton IF he dares enter our house, like, late at night."
Charlie [inquisitively] "Bruce WHO?"
Ruby [sarcastically] "Well, SOMEBODY was paying attention when we watched The Avengers on DVD recently."
Charlie [still none the wiser about what Rubes is talking about] "What??? .........[wakes up] OH !!! Is that the superhero movie with that Aussie ex soap star made good?"
Ruby "Ah, so NOW you remember. I will say, despite Chris Hemsworths [lustful voice] DREAMYNESS, [normal voice] he IS still a bit of a Plank."
Charlie [frustrated] "But I'm STILL lost. What bout this Bruce person?"
Ruby "Bruce Banner, who turns in to The Hulk. The BIG green one who sooooooo amusingly punched [lustful voice] DREAMY Thor [normal voice] after they won a skirmish with the aliens."
Charlie "It's loosely ringing a bell."
Ruby "Anyway, it will be GREAT if my Billy is close to me during this STRESSFUL time."

Charlie puts her hand over the phone, to muffle her voice whilst she asks her beloved Bianca about Rubys suggestion. The blonde, sultry voiced teacher has similar thoughts to the dark haired police officer ...........

Charlie [sternly] "One condition."
Ruby "Let me guess. Separate beds. NO getting hot and heavy in there, especially late at night."
Charlie "Good point. Go it in two. Call me if you even FEEL anything sus is happening."
Ruby [loving voice] "Will do. Love you, Mum."
Charlie "Likewise, my baby girl."

With that, both Bucktons hang up the phone, and Ruby tells Emma whats happening. Throughout the day, Emma ALWAYS keeps her good friend in visual range, using the security cameras the shop has when Ruby is amongst the aisles assisting Sexy Tales' MANY customers.


That night after work, Ruby & Emma head straight for the surf club, where they meet up with Billy & Rikki and, to make it a triple date, Gypsy & Angelo. As Ruby & her friends play pool [before they head up to the restaurant that Angelo owns & runs], theres been no sign of Heath, but he IS stalking Ruby. He was near Sexy Tales ALL day today, just waiting to POUNCE on Ruby and finish what he started. Heath KNOWS that theres bigger fish to fry, like Gypsy, but he REALLY wants have his way with, as he calls her that Buckton bitch.

As Heath hides amongst the bushes near the surf club, he overhears Indi & Romeo talking as they head for the surf club. Hes encouraged that Indi seems to have as much DISDAIN for Ruby as he does. Maybe, if his plans of BRUTALLY attacking Ruby when shes alone dont come to pass, an alliance with Indi MIGHT be an idea.

Inside the surf club ............................

Ruby "I know were all couples here, but that should help me with my thoughts. ANYONE got ideas of who we could hook Sasha up with? Shes such a GREAT girl. She DESERVES someone. Someone REALLY special."
Gypsy [surprised voice] "Rubes, I almost cant believe that youre talking bout Sasha .with all thats occurred."
Ruby "I'm NOT gonna let that Braxton hick spoil my life. He ALMOST did TERIBLE things to me, but Em saved me AND Billy will be staying in MY room til that MANIAC is caught, so its not all bad."
Gypsy "Good ON you, girl."
Rikki [borderline fiercely] "Couldn't agree more. I just WISH that River Boy would make his move. Ive bested them before, would sooooo LOVE to do it again."
Emma [mostly mockingly] "RIKKI !!!!"
Angelo "I KNOW that Em was just kidding with what she just said, but Rikki, you REALLY should learn to control that anger. I know it was seemly ages ago now, but you DID almost KILL Gypsy."
Billy [in his best Yoda voice] "Control. You must learn control."
Rikki [defiantly] "Heath IS soooooooo going down if I see him."

Gypsy is about to add to the comments about Rikkis behavior when they ALL see Indi & Romeo enter the building. Romeo enters a little bit ahead of Indi, who heads for the bathroom straight away. Romeo approaches the table with Ruby and her friends are ..........

Romeo "Ruby, I want to talk to you about Sasha. Im worried about her, and I know that you & she are besties. Suggest we talk over there [points to a corner of the room] ......... in private."
Ruby "I'll roll will it. You live with her at the Walker place, so how is she at home?"
Romeo "Come with me and I'll tell you. She's totally not so good. Please, join me over there. Don't think she'd want what Ive got to say to be all spread over the town."
Ruby [worried about her friend] "OK."

Romeo & Ruby head over to the back corner of the room closest to the gelato/juice bar counter. They sit opposite each other and ..............................

Ruby "How bad is Sasha? I know it must be hard living at the farm for her, with you & Indi back together, AND now that Sid is with that new physio at the hospital. Whats her name again??? ....................Oh yes, Lisa. Is it true they got together after Sid was in the right place at the right time when Lisa broke and told him about her MEGA abusive husband?"
Romeo "Yes, but were not her to talk about Sid. Actually, could you sit RIGHT beside me? I know we are away from people, but I want to say this is quietly as I can."
Ruby [as she moves to be right beside Romeo] "Sure. ANYTHING for Sasha."

Romeo sees Indi emerge from the bathroom. She stands right beside the door that shes just exited when .................

Romeo [calls out] "Billy, could you come over here as well."

Ruby is a little surprised, given what Romeo said previously bout wanting to keep this chat about Sasha tween them VERY quiet. Romeo sees Billy heading their way. He also gets a nod from Indi, so, in full view of Billy ............................

Romeo KISSES Ruby !!! Smack bang on the lips !!!!


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MANY thanks Romeo&Indi Forever, ScreamingQueen2006 and Sarah for your AWESOME comments!!!!

See below for the various reactions !!!!

ScreamingQueen2006, I definitely agree with your comment about Ann Summers. Must admit to having to look it up online, as we don't have that store here in Oz. I DO love that I've had more than a few people work at Sexy Tales over the course of my fics ...........as on top of the current staff [Rikki, Emma, Cleo, Bella, Marilyn, Ruby & Billy], in the past theres also been Martha, Joey & Indi. Even Dex thought about working there.

CHAPTER 05!!!!

Ruby can't believe when she feels not only Romeo's lips on hers, but ESPECIALLY when he quickly sticks his TONGUE in her mouth. Ruby eagerly pushes Romeo away from her waaaay breaking the surprise kiss. She then SLAPS him across the face and .................

Ruby [strongly] "Romeo, what is WRONG with you? Why the F did you stick your TONGUE down my throat?"

Ruby glances at the rest of the room. EVERYONE is now focused on she & Romeo, including Billy. Most of the people, like Gypsy, had a surprised look on their face.

Romeo [fiercely, given what Indi is trying to achieve] "Hey, I'm not the one who started this. You KNOW you want me, Rubes."
Ruby [angrily] "What???? NO way. Billy's BEYOND better than anyone that I've ever been with."
Romeo "There's something sooooo strange bout you two. Bet THAT'S why you kissed me. Yeah, was weird that you two just got together so suddenly after he arrived. He's probably got some kind of freaky secret and he'll make you pay in the end."
Ruby [fiercely, whilst Rikki smirks at the freaky secret comment] "Billy's sooooo the best man, best friend I've EVER had Romeo, so go back to Indi or more to the point, get outta here before I SLAP you again."
Billy [assertively] "You heard her."

Romeo [as he heads towards the door] "She sooooo wants me, dude."

Romeo & Indi exit the surf club and ...............

Romeo "Sorry, babe. That probably didn't go as you hoped. did it?"
Indi "It wasn't sooo bad. LOOOOVED the way you improvised and said that SHE wanted you. And who knows, maybe it might make Ruby think twice bout her 'ship with Billy. Yeah, we may have lost this battle, but I'm gonna win the war."
Romeo "Sounds like you have another plan."
Indi "Maybe .......... Tell you when we get home."

As Romeo & Indi head for their car, what they don't know is that Heath has been eavesdropping on their chat. Part of him thinks about attacking Indi, but he sooooo wants to get Ruby !!!!! As Romeo & Indi head out of his audio range, Heath is getting frustrated that Ruby NEVER seems to be alone these days.


Back inside the club ........................

Ruby [loudly, with many people still starring or glancing at her] "Well .....shows over, folks. There will sooooo NOT be an encore."

As Ruby & Billy go back to sitting with their friends ...............

Rikki [sternly] "I would have made Romeo pay for that, Billy. He kissed YOUR girl."
Billy [as Angelo rolls his eyes at Rikki's comment] "I could see that Rubes could handle herself. Besides, I'm a lover, not a fighter."

Ruby smiles at her b/f's comment ...........just another reason to ADORE her man who came across the universe for her. Besides, hes also not a Neanderthal AND he knows that Ruby can hold her own.

Rubes now isn't so keen now to dine at Angelo's. She wants to head for home, to be safe in the arms of her b/f Billy .......at least until sleep beckons and they have to be apart .........

Ruby "Guys, that sooooo had to be the WORST kiss ever. Romeo's put me off doing anything right now. Even from coming up with great ideas about Sasha. Yeah, so I'm gonna bail, but I think that at least one of you "Angels" should join me & Billy as we go to my car, just in case a certain someone is out there in the dark waiting to pounce."

Although Gypsy & Angelo think its a little strange that Ruby doesnt want to only go out there with her b/f, they naturally suspect its because of the mermaids special abilities. Ruby & Billy, however, have a different plan in mind.

Rikki [eagerly] "I'll do it. Yeah, if Heath's there, I'll soooooooooo take care of him."
Angelo "I've got a baaaaad feeling about this."

At the same time that Angelo spoke, Emma whispers something in Rikki's ear ..........

Rikki "Actually, yeah .....maybe you're right, Angelo. Em's much more ice cool than me. She should go."
Gypsy [confused] "OK. What just happened? [Gypsy remembers Emma's fetish] Oh, thats right."
Ruby [cheeky voice] "Yeah. Get the feeling it's got something to do with Em getting her bottom MUCHLY nice and SPANKED.
Emma [a LITTLE bit churlishly] "You know us too well."
Rikki [cheeky voice] "I'm gonna REALLY enjoy having you over my knee tonight, Em. Yeah, you're gonna be TOTALLY red raw.
Billy [shakes his head] "Too much info, guys."

Rikki smirks, whilst Ruby, Billy & Emma get up from the table and head outside. As soon as the exit the building, Billy waits in the shadows whilst Ruby and Emma head for Rubys car.

Heath sees the 2 girls walking side by side, chatting as they go. Sure, it would be better if Ruby was alone, but Heath's been waiting a relatively long amount of time to get revenge on the dark haired teen. Heath sprints out of the bushes and grabs hold of Rubys arm!!!!!

He quickly gets her in a headlock and points a hand gun at her head ........

Heath "If you try ANYTHING, I'll shoot her. Yeah, this Buckton bitch is MINE now."

Emma can sees that Ruby is BEYOND scared, being in the clutches of the man who violated Rubes in her OWN home just a few months ago. Emma's not keen to use her mer-powers at such close range, as Ruby could DIE if things go wrong here. Even the slightest move of Emma's hand & arm, to activate her powers, could be enough of a reason for Heath to pull the trigger and KILL Ruby!!!!

Heath [sternly to Emma] "Go back inside, bitch, or your friend dies RIGHT HERE. Shes gonna pay for EVEYTHING that happened the day my brother Brax died. Yeah, by the time I'm finished with Buckton here, she's gonna be sooooo sore and sorry that shell BEG me to KILL her."

Emma knows that Heath sooooo almost raped Ruby before AND what hes just said is VERY ominious, as it BEYOND sounds like he's gonna THRUST himself in ALL !!!! of Ruby. Ice queen Emma can see that Ruby is sooooooooo sooooooo BEYOND scared, with that gun still muchly pressing up against the side of her head. Ruby, especially at this moment, not only thinks of Heath did and almost did to her previously , but also the trauma of what Charlie musta gone through when Grant WAAAAAAY violated her. When Ruby 1st came to terms with what happened to Charlie, she tried to empathize with her mums sitch .......... put herself in Charlies shoes ...........but she never REALLY could until the day that Heath muchly FONDLED Ruby with his EVIL prying hands.

Heath [sternly, as Ruby starts to really sob] "Do it !!!! Turn around and head back inside the club, or I WILL kill this bitch RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW."


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MUCHLY thanks Romeo&Indi Forever, Red, Sarah and pembie for ALL your ACE comments!!!

Welcome aboard, pembie. Hope you continue to MUCHLY enjoy !!!


Emma decides to trust the plan that Ruby has in place!!!!, so the mermaid turns around and .

.. as Heath starts hauling the still be held at gunpoint Ruby towards the nearby bushes, he hears the sound of a dog FIERCELY barking. He cant see where the noise is coming from, so he has NO idea that Billy - who has used his alien abilities and morphed into a ROTTWEILER!!!! is fast approaching him from behind. Heath doesnt care about some dog barking though. He just cares that he has Ruby is his clutches, and soon, not too far away from here, hell sooooo finish what he started with her before he was jailed. Will feel SOOOOOOO good taking ALL his frustration out sooooooooo very VIOLENTLY on, or more to the point, INSIDE Ruby!!!!!

Billy, upon realizing that a Rottweiler - even at speed - mightnt hit Heath with sufficient force to knock him over, morphs quickly into a PANTHER ...... using the darkness of night,along with the big cat's dark fur to his advantage. All the while, Heath looooooves it when he sees Emma re-enters the surf club, but as Ruby continues to be waaaaaaay scared, Heath is hit from behind by the leaping, lithesome, imposing cat. It hits him with such velocity that he knocks the River Boy to the ground. As Heath does so, the gun in his hand fires !!! Heath also loses his grip on Ruby who, as quickly as she can, makes a beeline for the surf club, whilst Billy, whos reverted back into a Rottweiler, attacks/distracts Heath. Rottweiler Billy claws Heath more than a few times before the River Boy is able to scurry away.

When Heath does that, Billy heads back into the shadows near the surf club. He reverts to his human form and heads into the club, where Gypsy is tending to Ruby ..

Billy [shocked voice] Rubes, youre BLEEDING!!!
Ruby [as Gypsy finishing putting a bandage to Rubys leg] Its NOT that big a deal. The gun that WAS pointed at my head fired a bullet into my leg above my knee. Now that Gypsys used her kinda med skills on me, I can go to the hospital. Get myself checked out.
Angelo What happened out there? Rubes, you didn't try to fight Heath, did you? Hes VERY dangerous.
Ruby [surprised that Angleo thinks she would be that aggressive/stupid] Was nothing like that. I was BEYOND scared bu..
Angelo [cutting in, kinda annoyed voice] Dont tell me. Ice Queen Emma, you know, used her abilities on Heath.
Rikki [sternly] That sooooo wouldnt have happened. My Ems too controlled for that. Especially if that CREEP could see EVERYTHING that she was doing.
Ruby No, guys. I heard barking. Aggressive too. Looks like a BIG angry DOG attacked that River Boy. I got to REALLY thank that dog. Saved my life ..or at LEAST kept me from being MUCHLY attacked [soft voice] sexually [normal voice] by that LOW LIFE Braxton.
Emma [after she, Rikki, Ruby & Billy share a knowing smile] Im driving your car, Rubes. Take you to the hospital.
Ruby No arguments from me.
Rikki Where Em goes, I go.
Ruby [cutesy voice] Thats just toooooo cute, Rikki.

As Rubes, Billy & the 2 mermaids exit the room ..

Angelo What WAS that smirk about?
Gypsy Yeah, I saw that too. After Ruby talked about the dog that saved her.
Angelo Theres something that that lot arent telling us.
Gypsy Yeah, my spidey sense is TOTALLY tingling.
Angelo I may not be a cop anymore, but looks like Ill have to do a BIT of investigating. I dont think Em used her powers, OR Rikki cos she was here with us, but SOMETHING went on out there.
Gypsy If you tackle this mystery as well as you cook, youll solve it in NO time.
Angelo [after Gypsy softly kisses him in the lips] Speaking of which, we should head upstairs. Enjoy a GREAT meal to top of this intriguing night.

With that, Gypsy & Angelo head up to his restaurant.


Meanwhile, at the Walker farm, after Romeo & Indi have settled in when they get home ..

Romeo So, whats this plan of yours? To take advantage of a certain kiss that led ME to getting SLAPPED.
Indi Were gonna keep up the pressure. Send Ruby flowers anonymously, that kind of thing. The moment she starts feeling for you, Bilby will be sooooooo OVER. And I, for one, will ADORE it.

Indi kisses Romeo on the lips before she heads for their bedroom. Romeo follows but hes still not so sure about this plan. He also knows that he WAAAAAAY hurt Indi when he briefly got with Sasha, so he decides to keep going along with this dangerous game that Indi is potentially playing.


Next morning at the hospital [after the doctors kept Ruby at overnight for observation], Sasha arrives. She is keen to talk to her injured bestie. Billy is in the room with Ruby, who is lying in her hospital bed, when Sasha enters ..

Sasha Dad told me this morning that youd been bought in. I had already gone to bed after a big day of school & study & homework when this happened. Are you alright, Rubes?
Ruby Ill be fine. If the bullet hit my leg slightly differently, it could have been REALLY a disaster, so yeah, I dodged, kinda pun intended, 2 bullets last night.
Sasha Yeah, I kinda heard. You KNOW what the Summer Bay grapevine is like.
Billy Yeah, still thriving even with Colleen LONG gone.
Sasha [tentatively] How how does it feel with what the STUPID River Boy did AND almost did?
Ruby Could have been SOOOOO much worse.
Sasha You SOUND still quite shook up, for the most part.
Ruby Well, I AM lucky ..but still PRETTY worried.
Sasha How bout I cheer you up. Today. After school. My treat. We go to Yabby Creek and Im gonna buy you ANYTHING you want. A new top, dress, shoes, whatever. On me.
Ruby Thats sooooo awesomely BFF of you !!!! [as a plan forms in Rubys mind] No wonder were besties.
Sasha Youll be out of here by then?
Billy [as he looks lovingly at his g/f] Yeah, doctors should release my Rubes today.
Sasha Well then, text me after schools done, or like, be in the car park at school at going home time.
Ruby Deal, UBER bestie.
Sasha Better get to school. Now that I know youre OK.

Sasha hugs Ruby and softly kisses her friend on the right cheek before she bails form the room.

Billy Do you think youll be up for a trip to Yabby Creek THIS arvo? Youve almost been, you know, AND you got SHOT, Rubes.
Ruby Any other day I mightnt have gone, but when Sasha said that thing about going shopping, I couldnt resist.
Billy I LOOOVE you, but how many.
Ruby [cutting in] DONT finish that sentence, Billy. I KNOW you saved me from the Braxton scum, but when your g/fs in hospital, you DONT have a go at her for wanting more shoes or clothes. Besides, this shopping trip ISNT about me.
Billy [curious voice] What do you mean?


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MANY thanks Romeo&Indi Forever, Sarah, ScreamingQueen2006 and pembie for ALL your BRILLIANT comments!!!

See below to see what Rubes is up to !!!


Ruby Ill whisper it to you.

Billy leans in and Ruby indeed whispers her plan in his ear and

Billy Thats ..different.
Ruby Hope it works. [pause] Billy, have I thanked you for saving my life from that evil psycho Braxton?
Billy [smily voice] Maybe a few HUNDRED times.
Ruby Well, you DESERVE all the praise in the world, no the UNIVERSE.
Billy [after he smirks] LOOOOVE your style, my girl.
Ruby [uber loving voice] I totally AM yours FOREVER, Billy Pierce.

Ruby wraps her arms round her b/f and muchly PASHES him !!!!


Soon after, Ruby is given the all clear to be discharged from the hospital. After arriving back at home, Rubes with Cleo being her protector today arranges to meet Sasha at the Yabby Creek mall.

That arvo, Cleo & Ruby indeed head to the neighbouring town, and as they wait for Sasha to arrive after school ..

Ruby [slightly sarcastically] Are you enjoying being my babysitter?
Cleo We sooooo dont look at it that way, Rubes. We just dont want that River Boy to do you any MORE harm.
Ruby Well, as much as I LOOOVE my Billy, right now, [sternly] I WISH hed stayed a panther and TORN that scum limb from limb.
Cleo You dont mean that.
Ruby [emotionally] Yes, I DO, Cleo. Do you KNOW what he did to me? He touched my BOOBS for Gods sake!!!! He had his hand sooooo close to my you-know-where that its not funny. Bet he would have pulled my panties down and done who knows WHAT to me that day. AND, just YESTERDAY, he had me at GUN POINT. Right now, I wish I knew how you Angels got your abilities. Yeah, become like one of you and WAAAAAAY teach that LOW LIFE River Boy a lesson!!!!
Cleo Youre sounding like EVIL Charlotte. She became an Angel and used her abilities to get up to no good.
Ruby [sternly] Come on, Cleo. PLEEEEEEASE tell me how you guys became . you know. I want to be able to defend MYSELF against the scum.
Cleo Theres defending ..and then theres going TOO FAR. If Billy DID tear Heath apart, theres be more heat on this town from reporters who seemed pretty sus a few months back when Joey made it snow for seemingly, like, FOREVER. Yeah, ANOTHER example of an Angel gone bad.
Ruby [defiantly] I dont care. I just want that low life not even in a jail cell. He escaped that. I want him DEAD!!!!! He sooooooo deserves it after what he did to me.
Cleo [keeping as calm as possible, thinking of lifetime friend Emma as inspiration] Hate to burst your bubble, but at LEAST you werent almost DISSECTED. Yeah, remember what we told you about Dr Baywatch Babe.

Ruby, who had been looking to convince Cleo to spill about how she and the others became mermaids, is stopped dead in her tracks argument wise by what Cleo said. Indeed, Rubes bursts into tears about whats been going on in her life right now. Cleo eagerly hugs and comforts the not-that-much-younger-than-herself Ruby.

Ruby [sobbing] WHY??? What did I do to make that low life pick ME to get revenge on???

Cleo embraces her worried friend even more, but as she does so, she can see someone approaching ..

Cleo Rubes, can see Sasha in the distance. She's heading for us. We can cancel today if you like.

Ruby gently removes herself from the hug and starts to dry her tears

Ruby [frustrated] Sorry you had to hear all that. Its just sooooo AND that whole thing last night where Romeo kissed me too.
Cleo [as she rubs/pats Rubys arm] Were ALL here for you, Rubes.

Moments later, Sasha arrives. She can see that Ruby isnt especially looking the best with those kinda teary eyes but this shopping trip was ALWAYS about cheering Ruby up, so

Sasha Bet youve been window shopping. Waiting for me to get here. I dont mind, cos Rubes you deserve a BIG break from all your troubles.
Ruby Before I get to that, how was school?
Sasha [sarcastically] Yeah, totally sooooo much fun.
Cleo Come on. School's not THAT bad.
Sasha Says she who BLITZED all her science subjects.
Ruby [after she chuckles and Cleo smiles] Sash, you know how you talk about my problems. Well, today is ACTUALLY about helping YOU.
Sasha What do you mean?
Ruby Think we should add one VERY important piece of clothing to your wardrobe thats currently NOT part of it. A bikini!!!
Cleo [enthusiastically] Or three. Kinis are GREAT. A total MUST !!!!
Sasha [more than a tad surprised] No way!!!! Sooooooo NOT me.
Ruby Thats kinda the point. Youre a REALLY beautiful girl. You should, like, show off your assets.
Cleo If it helps, I think youd look GREAT in one. I mean, I know that Im already spoken for, but if I wasnt going out with my Cougar, Id consider you a catch.
Sasha [bemused voice] Dont really know HOW to take that. Ive never felt THAT way about a girl before. Doubt I EVER will. Like that whole bikini thing. Its not me.
Ruby BUT, if you go with my idea, maybe a boy, preferably a tourist cos we KNOW that the locals are LOSERS, will want to check out your insides after seeing your AWESOME outsides.
Sasha Thats just GROSS!!!!!
Ruby I dont mean inside as in sex. Well, not for starters. I mean theyll want to know the REAL you.
Sasha [firmly] Im NOT a piece of meat, Rubes.
Ruby And neither am I when IM in a bikini. For me, its about showing off, as legally as I can, what God gave me.
Sasha [surprised voice] Are you saying that youd go NAKED on the beach if you could?
Cleo [shocked voice, after Ruby responds with a cheeky smile] What !?! Even now, with what that River Boy did to you?
Ruby [defiantly] DEFINITELY now. I KNOW that as long as I have one of you Angels OR Billy by my side, I cant loose !!!
Sasha [going with her besties bullish attitude] Although I MAY regret this, Im IN ..... BUT although I REALLY dont think you should try to go even topless when we go to the beach, I DO have a suggestion.
Ruby [slightly surprised] Are you ACTUALLY saying that youre gonna buy a bikini today AND wear it on the beach REALLY soon, like in the next day or two, when we go there???
Sasha I think if you can be THIS brave, like even THINKING bout going, you know [soft voice] naked [normal voice] on the beach, which you wouldn't catch me doing for, like, all the tea in China, then I can be adventurous too. Although .

Sasha giggles !!!! ..and ..

Ruby That sounded .. [her voice trails off]
Cleo Most intriguing are the words youre looking for.
Sasha If Im gonna go all brave, or maybe even stupid, then Ruby HAS to do something 1st.


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WAAAAAAY many thanks ScreamingQueen2006, Red, Sarah, Romeo&Indi Forever and pembie for ALL your TREMENDOUS comments!!!

See below for Sashas plan !!!! ..and pembie, theres no plan for me to get Sasha & Ruby together, if thats what youre inferring. I can say have a VERY special plan for Sasha !!!!! Besides, Ive already got Charlie/Bianca, Emma/Rikki and Cleo/Bella in these fics with Chanca [off screen, so to speak in tween Cold Summer and Couple Of The Year] & Emki [in Ruin] already celebrating that VERY biggest of days, getting MARRIED to each other!!!!


Ruby Whats your plan? ..cos right now, Im thinking of fair few ways you could go.
Cleo Yeah, I gotta say, Rubes will probably need ALL of us Angels by her side .if this suggestion of yours is as bad as my imagination thinks it is.
Sasha [with a grim in her voice] Maybe.
Ruby Think you should spill or I might have to try and discover if youre ticklish.
Sasha Can tell you right now that Im not ..AND I can also tell you my idea.
Ruby [slightly annoyed] Come on now. Suspense is KILLING me.
Sasha Well [big looong pause]
Cleo [sternly] Sasha!!!!
Sasha IF Im gonna buy AND wear a bikini to the beach tomorrow, then ..Ruby has to go TOPLESS for um .FIVE uninterrupted minutes. Yeah, she has to REALLY show some skin when we go to beach.
Ruby [after quick consideration, she says ebulliently] Im up for it.
Cleo [concerned voice] Are you two REALLY doing this? Its INVITING trouble.
Ruby [after a cheeky grin upon weighing up everything, especially exposing her breasts to the world on a public beach] Be worth it to get my bestie in a bikini.
Cleo You two are a WORRY.
Ruby But what better way to show the LOSER River Boy that Ruby Buckton ISNT gonna be affected his constant taunts & threats. [deep breath] Yeah, this is going to be FUN.
Sasha [as Cleo shakes her head is disapproval] So ..Wheres the best place to add to my wardrobe?

Ruby leads Sasha and Cleo to a nearby surf/swimwear shop and .

Ruby [after she quickly makes her way to the aisle where the 2 piece swimsuits are] Here you go. Lots of bikinis. Some with YOUR name on them, Sasha.

Sasha, with Cleo close by, enters the aisle where Ruby is. Her bestie wasnt kidding. There are many different bikinis to choose from. Some just the one colour, others with themes or motifs ..and then theres different styles, like [tops wise] triangle halters, thin strapped, bandeaux halters etc. The options seem endless .and then theres the bikinis bottoms. Sasha isnt too keen on showing TOO much skin, even when shes wearing a 2 piece, so she DEFINIETLY avoids anything with a g-string. She spots a bikini that she likes the look of, and gladly finds one in her size

Sasha [holding the floral thin strap top in her right hand and the kini bottoms in her other hand] What do you think? I really like it cos its got a bit of retro look to it. Yeah, sooooo me.

Ruby and Cleo eagerly eye of the 2 piece Sasha has chosen [see the white floral kini below] and ..

Ruby Those bottoms. Are you sure? I mean I think the top of pretty fine. Yeah, youve got GREAT style, as always, but I was thinking of you showing a bit more skin like .

Ruby peruses the aisle. She hadnt actively been looking for anything before, but although Sasha made a BIG leap agreeing to buy a bikini AND that shes actually chosen one, Rubes feels her friend could do better.

Ruby [as she spots a bikini that she thinks will be PERFECT and holds the 2 piece up for Sasha to see] How about this?

Sasha looks at the dark [also floral] 2 piece than Ruby has in her hands [see the 2nd pic below] and ..

Sasha I can see that you were pretty keen bout my choice. Well, I like the print on that one, but think its a bit TOO revealing. I mean, I know people arent gonna be looking at me when you show them your .how did you say it? .yeah, what God gave you, but think the one you chose is a little, maybe, too much.
Cleo Sorry to sit on the fence, guys, but theyre both pretty WICKED. Yeah, GREAT choice both of you .especially you, Sasha. 1st time EVER picking out a bikini.

Ruby is deep in thought. Although she too muchly likes Sashas choice, theres got to be a way to convince her friend that the dark bikini that she chose IS the better option. Suddenly, it hits here

Ruby Can you at least TRY on my pick too? Ill even PAY for it for you. Yeah, my gift to you being so brave. I REALLY think that once maybe you get used to being a public in a kini, then youll go with Plan R.
Cleo [bemused voice] Plan R????
Sasha Plan Ruby.
Cleo You 2 really ARE besties.
Ruby Just kinda like you & Bella, only Sasha & I arent keen on getting as ..tonsil hockey physical and more like you two. Anyway, BFF, what do you think of my plan? And will at LEAST try my suggestion on?

Sasha weighs up the sitch, especially taking into consideration her UBER besties enthusiastic looks ..

Sasha OK, I will but 1st, Im gonna try on the one I picked. Make sure I look as good IN it as I think I will.

Sasha quickly goes into the fitting room and tries in the white floral bikini she chose. Sasha, although still concerned about a 2 piece not being her, tries on the bikini. Fits PERFECTLY at least .and when she invites Ruby into the change room, Ruby DOES like how the 2 piece looks on her friend ..

Ruby [as she hands the darker of the 2 bikinis to Sasha] Try my choice. Before you do, hows it feel? Just wearing a bikini?
Sasha I REALLY feel like Im in only my undies which I kinda am.
Ruby Dont you find it liberating?
Sasha Mostly still just frightening right now, but I THINK I can get used to it .and like you said, maybe THIS [as she points to the bikini top she is wearing] is the key to finding someone.
Ruby You sooooo deserve it.

Ruby exits the change room and Sasha tries on the dark floral bikini. Feels just like it looks . TOO skimpy, and REALLY like shes wearing a bra and panties, only with NOTHING over them. The one that Sasha herself chose feels much better, but maybe Rubes is right and that shell become accustomed enough to wearing bikinis that she WANT to wear the one that her bestie chose. After all, Ruby, Emma, Rikki, Bella, Cleo and Indi all seem/are VERY comfortable & confident in them. Same deal for former Baysiders Nicole & April ....

so Sasha arrives [with Ruby & Cleo by her side] at the checkout .

Ruby Im sooooo glad you went with both. Those TWO bikinis look sooooooooooooo ACE on you. Tomorrow is gonna be GREAT. The weekend. Lots of tourists in town, and bet many of the boys will be focused on the HOTTEST girl in the Bay.
Cleo [annoyed voice] Of course, they will. Youll be TOPLESS, Rubes.
Ruby Well, I WAS talking about SASHA. In EITHER kini, shell be to die for!!!

Sasha & Ruby pay the money for the 2 bikinis and [with Cleo always at Rubys side] head for their respective homes.


All that night, Ruby is pretty quiet. Only AFTER the excitement of getting Sasha into a 2 piece did Ruby think of how ALL of this might affect her ship with Billy. Rubes goes to her bedroom not long after dinner, to listen to her FAVE band The Pierces on her iPod [their song Kissing You Goodbye is, appropriately, on high rotation tonight], when Billy enters the room. Ruby is concerned when her b/f gestures to her to remove her headphones. As she does, Billy sits beside Ruby on her bed .

Billy Why so quiet tonight? We usually cant shut you up.
Ruby [after a brief smile] Well .. [her voice trails off]
Billy Sounding serious.
Ruby [nervously] I ..made a pact with Sasha .. about tomorrow.
Billy Not like you to be nervous like this. Whats the deal? You can tell me ANYTHIING.
Ruby [more assured than last time] Well


Sashas bikini choice

The one that Ruby chose [as worn by
Jessica Green in Oz kids series Lightning Point]

Kissing You Goodbye [live]

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WAAAAAAY many thanks to Romeo&Indi Forever, Red, ScreamingQueen2006 and Sarah for ALL of your FANTASTIC comments!!!

ScreamingQueen2006, MEGA cool that you thought I was totally on the money with my swimwear choices by Sasha and Ruby!!!!


Ruby sits on her bed with a more than slightly stunned look on her face, with Billy beside her, as she contemplates what hes just said. ANOTHER intriguing, well, suggestion for Ruby .thats she SERIOUSLY considering. Maybe THIS, agreeing to somewhat WILD dares, is what Heaths attacks have done to Charlies daughter made her want to REALLY live her life to BEYOND the fullest, before he eventually defeats her protectors, kidnaps Ruby and MUCHLY sexually abuses her. ALL before killing Ruby AND putting her in a shallow grave !!!!!!

Ruby tries to shake off those VILE thoughts she is having, by continuing her chat with Billy .

Ruby [shocked voice] Thats ..soooo NOT the way I thought youd react.
Billy Well, you ARE being terribly brave doing what you plan to. Besides, youre also MUCHLY helping a friend, a BEST friend AND although guys might LOOK tomorrow, what theyre looking AT is MINE alone to kiss and caress .AND Ill be right there beside you on the beach.
Ruby [still surprised] I still cant believe this. I was soooooooooo nervous cos of what I THOUGHT youd say .how youd react.
Billy What can I say. Im no ordinary guy.
Ruby [as she begins to smile] Yep, you sooooooo arent. Bet youve .
Billy [cutting in] Got panties on that are girlier than yours? Probably. [short pause] So, what do you think of my idea?
Ruby Well, sounds like I wont even MAKE it to the beach tomorrow, cos Mum will KILL me and THEN ground me for a MILLION years for what were about to do.
Billy Yeah, but you LIKE taking risks, dont you?
Ruby It WILL feel really HOT breaking Mums ONLY rule bout you staying here.
Billy SOOOOOO looking forward to getting waaaaaay frisky with you.
Ruby Go on then. Turn off the light, while I [sexy voice] slip into something more comfortable. Like, nothing at all.

Billy indeed switches of the main bedroom light, whilst his g/f does as she suggested before Billy sits on Rubys bed and softly kisses her on the lips. The soft kisses quickly turn into a PASH!!!!

.and just before Bilby get WAAAAAAAY amorous .

Ruby [sexy voice] Yeah, I rather LIKE the sound of me being nice and LOUD as you and me, you know.


In the room next door to Rubys, Bianca is tucked up in bed. Shes planning on drifting off to sleep soon, but is waiting for her beloved wife Charlie, who is having a shower after her latest shift at work. Bianca is quite surprised when she EASILY hears a MUCHLY in the throes of passion Ruby. Yeah, sounds like Biancas step daughter and Billy are REALLY enjoying each others bodies to the fullest!!!! Bianca is well aware of Charlies house rules for Billy being able to stay here, but she kinda LIKES the sound of how passionate Bilby are being AND how Ruby is WAAAAAY vocalizing how much she is being pleasured by her b/f.

The bedroom door opens and Bianca gladly sees Charlie scantily clad in a sexy satin nightdress. She just knows that Charlie WONT be happy with Ruby & Billy for breaking the rules like this, as the sultry blonde school teacher is pretty sure that even the 4 mermaids [whose bedroom is in the annexe of the house] can hear Ruby tonight.

Bianca quickly sees the carefree expression on Charlie's face turn into one of annoyance

Charlie [annoyed voice] I cant BELIEVE that Ruby is ACTUALLY doing this. Billy is soooooooo out of the house .......[Charlie quickly changes to having a cheeky grin on her face] OR .. Ive got a better plan!!!!
Bianca [curious voice] What are you up to, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Lets just say that Rubes is NEVER gonna forget tonight [cheeky voice] AND something that will happen in a few days time.
Bianca [as she realises what Charlie could mean by that last bit] Youre not going to .Nah, you wouldnt do THAT to Rubes.
Charlie [sternly] Just watch me !!!! After tonight, all bets are off.

As Charlie heads for Rubys room, Bianca contemplates what Charlie is about to do AND how her wife was no doubt inferring that she is going to go to Sexy Tales when Ruby is next rostered on causing the younger Buckton all kinds of embarrassment.

Speaking of which, Charlie quickly arrives at Rubys closed bedroom door. Its gladly not locked, so Charlie opens the door and turns on the main bedroom light. As she does so ..

Charlie [REALLY sternly] RUBY ELIZABETH BUCKTON !!!!!!!!!

Ruby & Billy, who were still at it to this point, are like a deer in the headlights !!!! Charlies boisterous voice stops the young lovers DEAD in their tracks !!!! . so after Ruby quickly covers her naked body with one of the bed sheets ..

Ruby [shocked voice] Mum, I . I .
Charlie [sternly] Save it, Rubes. Billy, in your OWN bed NOW!!!!!!

Billy, whose as surprised as Ruby that Charlie has chosen to confront them tonight, wraps Rubys other bed sheet round his also naked body .and quickly makes him way back to his OWN bed.

Charlie [sternly] You two better be as quiet as mice til morning or ELSE.

Charlie slams the bedroom door behind her and as she heads back to her own room, Billy & Ruby are in stunned silence on/in their beds. After a little while though ..

Ruby [shocked voice] This is just weird. Cant BEIIEVE that you're not out of this house ALREADY. Its like the night she busted us when I was ONLY in my undies and you were in one of my DRESSES.
Billy I soooooooo remember that night. Yeah, was just after Joey revealed that she was preggers.
Ruby Tonights got that SAME vibe. Calm before that storm.

Ruby is still muchly recovering from the embarrassment of being busted by her mum being in the throes of passion with her b/f but at least it doesnt SOUND like Ruby is grounded OR dead. So yeah, DEFINIETLY calm before the storm. Billy & Ruby soon after drift off to sleep but not before they both contemplate what Charlie might have in mind for them in future, even if that future means tomorrow morning.


Ruby & Billy are rather surprised that breakfast next morning passes without Charlie saying ANYTHING to them about what happened last night. Indeed, Charlie is pleasant to both of the young lovers .

so when Billy, Ruby & Bella are waiting near the surf club for Sasha to arrive .

Ruby [softly] Mums GOT to have something up her sleeve. We BROKE her BIG rule, and beside the MEGA embaressment of her walking in on us [her voice trials off]
Billy [also softly] Yeah, nothing YET.
Bella What are you guys whispering about?
Ruby [all innocent] Nothing. [she sees Sasha approaching] Hey, Sashas here !!!!

Ruby hugs Sasha as soon as her bestie gets within a few steps of the waiting trio, and when the hug is finished ..

Ruby So bestie, ready for today?
Sasha [as she sees that theres already a fair few people on the beach] As Ill ever be. Felt sooooo weird being ONLY in my new bikini for a little bit this morn, walking round my room and all, before I put on this dress Im wearing today.
Ruby Well, rest assured that Ive got NOTHING on the top half of my bod under this [as Ruby points to the tank top she has on]. Ive got my kini top in my bag though, but Im soooooooo looking forward to all this. You in a bikini ESPECIALLY. [slightly worried voice] Billy, youre ABSOLUTELY sure that youre OK with me doing this today?
Billy [with a LOT of conviction in his voice] Definitely.
Bella Whatever happens today, Billy & I will BEYOND protect you, Rubes.
Ruby [after she softly kisses the mermaid on the cheek] I KNOW you will. So now, think we should head onto the beach and do this thing.

The quartet make their way on the sand and


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MANY many thanks to Romeo&Indi Forever, Red, Sarah and ScreamingQueen2006 for ALL your MARVELLOUS comments!!!

Soooooooo GLAD that you are enjoying my fic !!!!

CHAPTER 10!!!!

..as they do so ..

Bella [in a bikini, btw] So, is there a plan AT ALL bout were going to sit?
Ruby Kinda. [she sees the curious look on Bellas face] Im sure that Sasha will agree with me when I say that YOU, my friend Bella, are the BEST person to pick where we should. After all, Cleo is STILL calling you her Cougar after all this time that youve been together, so all that life experience of your should muchly help us.
Sasha Besides, although I agreed to strip down to a bikini IF Rubes goes thru with her part of the bargain, Id still like to do it as FAR from the rest of these people as I can.
Ruby Have to agree with what my bestie said AND Billys biased too.
Billy Yeah, Im not terribly keen on the whole world checking out my girl in most of all her glory.
Bella Well . I dont think we should sit waaaaaaaay far away from the rest of the people on the beach. I mean I know that Im not risking anything here, but if you two are going to do what youve planned, being far away from the others would like going to a party in a KILLER dress, and then spending the night standing in the corner like a TOTAL wallflower.
Ruby [as they make it to the half way point tween the ocean and the surf club, tween the flags] So .where then?

Bella surveys the gathering crowd of people whove already claimed their spot AND those who are enjoying a stroll on the beach on this VERY pleasant, sunny day ........ and as she points to her left ..

Bella Up there. Yeah, towards the lighthouse but not TOO far from the main action. Dont want you two being wallflowers.

Billy, Ruby, Sasha & Bella make their up the beach a little. They certainly wont exactly be in the TOTAL thick of the crowds, but they are close enough that Ruby should get noticed. The quartet lay their towels down on the beach, with Ruby putting hers closest [compared to her friends] to the surf club and the beachgoers close to the red & yellow flags. Sasha puts her towel beside Rubys, with Billy next & Bella closest to the lighthouse end of the beach.

All 4 sit on their towels and Ruby looks once more around her. She knows she agreed to this MAD dare, but now that they are on the beach, all nestled in the spot that Bella chose, Rubys heart starts to beat pretty fast. At home in her room, being alone sans bra & top for 5 minutes wouldnt be a stretch at all ..or being topless in her room with Billy there, but these 300 seconds are either going to be exhilarating or excruciating.

Ruby [nervously] B Bella.
Bella Let me guess. Its MY call as to when this, WHATEVER this is, starts.
Sasha [whose heart is beating at a similar level to Rubys] Got it in one. If you want my advice, take as LONG as you like to decide.
Bella Sash, I just KNOW that youll look HOT. Any boy will be able to see that, ESPECIALLY when youre dressed like me. [calming voice] Look, I KNOW you two are clearly worried about this, but sometimes, you just gotta make that leap. Im soooooooo glad that I followed my instincts and went to the place that was sooooo calling me when I was just NINE years old. I was scared that day, but look at the outcome. Yeah, cos of that leap, Im an ANGEL.

Bella thinks back to the fateful day when she leapt in that pool of water along the Irish coast, and soon after stared in wonderment, for the 1st of MANY times, at herself as a MERMAID !!!

Bella I was just about to say any time youre ready, girls, but that would be NEVER at this rate, so ..Rubes, within the next THREE minutes youve got to show the world, well our little bit of it, what God gave you.

Ruby immediately looks VERY pensive. Just 180 seconds and counting. If she doesnt do her part of the deal, Sasha wont either. Ruby looks at Billy. He smiles at her, which helps a little. At least he continues to be supportive of this plan. Rubys heart continue to race, as she looks at her also nervous bestie AND at the other people on the beach. Theres no one RIGHT on their doorstep, so to speak, but there are people are close enough.

Ruby looks at her watch. 30 seconds. Its sooooo now or never, so ..

Ruby, her heart about to burst out of her chest it seems, takes a VERY deep breath before she removes her tank top !!!!!

She immediately feels the sun on ALL of the top half of her bod. Ruby muchly contemplates what she is doing, not daring to actually look at the never before exposed on a public beach part of her. Does feel SOOOOO wierd to be like this, but at least no reactions yet from anyone. Mind you, Ruby is keeping pretty tunnel visioned, looking at the ocean alone as she sits on her towel with her boobs BEYOND exposed.

Sashas heart continues to beat MEGA fast, as her moment of truth will be coming soon. Part of Sasha, as she occasionally glances at what she NEVER expected to see in public [just to be sure that Ruby IS holding up her end of the bargain] is REALLY hoping that this dare leads to her landing a man, whilst Billy keeps a close eye on his g/f and Bella peruses the crowd on the beach.

What Bella doesnt know is that Jett has just exited the surf club. He is waiting for Gina, who is chatting to John before she & Jett do something that Ginas always THOUGHT of doing, walking up to the lighthouse atop Stewarts Point, but hadnt got around to yet. As Jett looks out onto the beach, his teenage boy spidey sense is waaaaaaaaaay tingling. He quickly spots the semi naked Ruby AND hes at the perfect angle to take a photo of Charlies rather daring daughter. Jett quickly grabs his phone out of his shorts pocket and EAGERLY gets SEVERAL [zoomed in, close up] pics of his naughty topless neighbour. Especially photos of ONLY her breasts.

On the beach itself, a young [6 year old] girl, a tourist, is making her way quickly towards Ruby and the others, with her mother keeping the child in sight - keen to stop the youngster from straying top far from where their family has all of their beach gear.


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