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My date with Reece led to death threats, says Rhiannon Fish

Guest Mishyy

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SUMMER Bay stunner Rhiannon Fish says she has received numerous death threats since she began dating The X Factor winner Reece Mastin - but maintains their romance is worth it.

While the 21-year-old starlet admitted she was stunned by the online threats at first, she said she was now laughing them off.

"People send me messages on Twitter saying, 'I hate you, I can't believe you are dating my husband', but you just have to laugh at it," she said.

"He's worth it, the death threats I can overlook. I'm serious: these little rockers, they're nuts."

Indeed, Fish, who plays April Scott in hit Seven soap Home And Away, said she was happier than ever.

The pair are spending the weekend with Mastin's parents in Adelaide,

and she is hoping he will meet her mum and dad in a few weeks.

"My dad works in Russia and my mum lives in Melbourne," she said. "My mum is obsessed with him; she is very excited.

"I haven't seen him play live yet but hopefully I'll be able to take my family. It's going to be so cool. I feel privileged to be able to watch him. I think he's going to go so far."

Canadian-born Fish got to know Mastin when she filmed a role on his video for Shout It Out in June.

She was then in a two-year relationship with Lincoln Lewis, but the pair split shortly after she returned from the shoot, leading to suggestions the singer was the cause.

But Fish insists friendship blossomed first between herself and Mastin, and it was when the singer went to Los Angeles for work in July she realised there

was something more to their relationship.

"We became friends during the shoot and hung out on a friends basis for a very long time," she said.


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Another one of these, and this time it's not even the line between fiction and reality being blurred (You know, how like people blamed Bec Breeds for breaking up Romeo and Indi if I remember, the namesake of the second part of my name, Tara/Amber Benson had the same problem when people blamed her for breaking Willow/Oz up, yeah because a new actress has anything to do with a script to a popular TV show. I am not sure which one is worse, actually probably the latter). Still, last time I checked sending a death threat wouldn't you able to call the cops on them? I would if I was Rhiannon, hell I would go on public TV, kiss them and tell the world to get the hell over it, he's not your "husband", if you think it, you need to be admitted to an mental institute now.

That first one, does sound like someone joking, but the rest such as death threats are horrible. Good she isn't scared by it though.

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