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1988-2000 quotes

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Nice idea for a thread, although I was in the habit of saving quotes back in 1997 and some of them are still on the main site so I won't repeat them all here!


One that's always stuck in my head is Marilyn explaining her 'Brocolli Surprise' that doesn't contain any brocolli to Donald:

"Brocolli is a metaphor for our relationship!"

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Maz and Don's wedding reception.

Marilyn: I have lots of people to thank.

Irene: Maz love you haven't won an Oscar.

Marilyn: No Irene I've won a Donald!

Marilyn: "I've had so many chapters in my life, I don't know when the book is gonna end."

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About Shannon and Curtis kissing...

Ailsa: Why don't you let me have a talk to them?

Alf: I should have talked to them when I was there.

Ailsa: So why didn't you?

Alf: Oh I don't know Ails, they shocked me! They caught me with my pants down!!

Ailsa: :unsure:

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