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  1. The writers really need to understand Marilyn and write for her....The current plots are drivel I thought the actress who plays her was only 44....Maybe, I'm wrong
  2. Marilyn and John......Please end it.....Put her with Chris or Spencer or Nate....and send John out to sea
  3. JimRRR


    We are 3 episodes in the States as the writers try to put the show back to the No. 1 spot. Episode 1 is brilliant. Episode 2 is great with lots of shocks and surprises. Episode 3 airs tonight
  4. Playing catch up with "Home and Away." PS: Please put Marilyn with someone other than John...
  5. Way too much Maddie.....Let's make room for some of the others. Don't get me wrong....Maddie is a perfect fit for the show, but she is overused
  6. Yes, Colleen, of course. Thanks for the info....Glad to hear about her return in a few weeks
  7. Where is Roo? I know she's away, but is Georgie Parker coming back?
  8. Please give Marilyn some romance....I like John, but come on.....Give Marilyn a young man.....She needs to have some fun
  9. If I was writing "Home and Away," I'd put Chris with Marilyn.....for a night, for a week, for a month or two.....Just to see how things would develop.....I think this could really work
  10. I don't know why they always pair her with older guys I agree with you Yes, they should bring in someone new for Marilyn.
  11. I would like to see Marilyn with a much younger guy.....
  12. Tamara reminds me of Bobby...even though there is no connection
  13. Tamara reminds me of Bobby....But obviously, there's no connection
  14. Please give Marilyn a decent storyline....today....not next year.....today
  15. I think we need to shake things up in the Bay.....Put Marilyn with Jamie....
  16. is Jamie off the show for good?
  17. Marilyn needs a real storyline.....and a love interest......some younger guy.
  18. Looks like Jamie is out.....Too bad, if that;s the case....The character had potential
  19. Just watched Marilyn's "dating" episode....Emily has never looked better.....She is quite attractive, so I don't understand why she can't get a nice guy....Odd, but fun watching Emily switching gears.
  20. I'm still playing catch up with the Nov. 2012 episodes, so at this point, Kyle has just arrived in the Bay...i do like the character so far.....anxious to see what happens.....will be current with H&A later today....only 19 episodes to go before watching the new ones
  21. Im a few episodes behind, so I have 19 more to watch before the show comes back tomorrow. Im on Jamie's early scenes....I know what follows.....I do like the character so far
  22. I really didn't know what to make of Jett, when he first appeared. But in the last epsiode when he found out that Gina and John were planning on fostering him, I saw a completely different side to him.
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