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Jett James - Will McDonald

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I couldn't already see a thread for him so I thought I'd make one, please feel free to delete this if there already is one.


What does everyone think of him. I really like him. I'd like to see more scenes with him and John, as well as see him become friends with VJ.

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Hmm.I'm watching at UK pace, so three weeks behind Oz, and jury's still out at present.For his first few weeks on the show, it's seemed like another case of a character, in this case Gina, insisting that the new boy's wonderful and we should all like him, when to me it just came across as her being deluded and needing to wake up to what he was really like.I was disappointed with the way the show almost seemed to portray John and Xavier as the villains of the piece because they wanted to stop him robbing and attacking people and that so many fans seemed to go with the flow and declare loudly how much they hated them when I don't think they did anything to deserve that reaction.To my mind, John and Xavier were right and their methods were much more successful and much more responsible than Gina's insistence on trying to cover for him even before she found out about his mother being dead.

I admit I did feel sorry for him when we found out about his mother and I have seen occasional flashes that suggest he's not all bad.Some of the stuff I've heard about what's happening or coming up in Aus sounds promising, some of it less so.I do think they've gone a bit over the top with his back story:Giving him a dying and then dead mum was enough to explain his actions but they seem to make out she was a poor mother to him all along which doesn't really fit in with the way she was portrayed, she seemed to care about him and indeed understand him a lot more than Gina.Once upon a time, I'd be confident he'd become likable eventually, now I'm not too sure.But I'm willing to give him a chance and see if he deserves the faith Gina insists on having in him.

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He's precious and I want to cuddle and love him forever.I have to agree with RR1 about the inconsistencies surrounding his mother though.I always thought she seemed to care about him but was sick in some way but then they turned her into some drug addict who couldn't care less about him.It made no sense to me at all.

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I actually like Jett i think he is portrayed accurately and the character is far more interesting than any of the Braxtons.

I really didn't know what to make of Jett, when he first appeared. But in the last epsiode when he found out that Gina and John were planning on fostering him, I saw a completely different side to him.

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Here in NZ (Episode 5588), Jett just had left to go and live with his father hours ago on my screens. I laughed at the scene when he and Gina, John jumped into the water together-so cute! :lol:

That was a cute scene and sorry for the spoiler NZ fans.

It's alright, hehe :) Will go to my previous post and re-edit it to add spoiler tags. :wink:

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