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I second she's on the rebound.

Logan is everything she wanted Romeo to be. Let's face it Indi has lived quite a priviledged life with a dad for a doctor and a history of family going to university, and a nice stable environment to grow up in. Romeo hasn't had that kind of life and he seems a bit all over the place in terms of what he wants to do career wise.

Logan on the hand has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, very upper class and proper and wealthy with which he can shower and woo Indi with gifts. In a way I think he's kind of bought her, or thinks she'll stay interested with everything he's buying her. Indi has this superficial trait, which i don't think even she's really been aware of until now. The whole thing with the dress and Logan's sister telling Indi that Logan would be more than willing to pay for it.

She really jumped in head first with this but I guess most rebounds are like that. Rebounds don't last either, so it's anyone's guess what will happen, but the ending doesn't look pretty.

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I can well see it ending in disaster or at least I can see it ending.I don't think it's about Indi being superficial, I'm not sure if the materialistic side of the relationship has influenced at all.I think at first she was attracted to him because she and Romeo were in a bad place and she felt more relaxed and appreciative in Logan's company than she did with Romeo.Once she and Romeo separated, it seemed as though she hooked up with Logan mainly to make a point to Romeo and possibly herself, that she was moving on with her life and didn't care what he got up to, which in reality doesn't seem to be the case.So from that angle, I think they're well and truly doomed.

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