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  2. Wonderful! I adore the relationship between all the Walkers, but especially these two, and I think you captured it so well.
  3. Rebound written all over it. On paper, they're great together, but it's completely the wrong time, and I think Indi's purposefully pursuing it because he's so different to Romeo.
  4. They're spoiler tags (so people who don't want to know what's coming up won't be spoiled) - highlight the black box with your mouse, and you'll be able to see the words underneath. As for Charlie/Brax, I really like that they're sparking, and he's trying to get a feel for the kind of person she is - but he doesn't seem to be the kind to rile her or be obnoxious about the fact that he has an effect on her. Should be interesting!
  5. I think he's working well so far; I quite like that he goes too far sometimes, like telling Romeo about Indi's dream. It's also interesting that he seems to care about fitting in.
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