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You Can't Help Who You Fall in Love With

Guest Summer2011

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Good Chapter

Yes I have studied Hamlet wasn't the most thilling thing in the world. :lol:

I can't see Brax reacting good to seeing Casey and Henri getting it on.

This looks like it's going to be a good fic.

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Sorry for not updating this in a while, i was very busy hope you like it, its only short :) And thankyou for all the comments and for reading my fic :))

Chapter 3

Brax couldn't believe what he just saw his little brother kissing his teacher,

He started to walk up to them, when he had reached them brax threw his board down which caused casey and henri to jump.

Casey "Brax"

Henri "Its not what it looks like"

Brax "Oh yeah henri, i see you kissing my kid brother theres no misunderstanding, what you gunna tell me you were teaching him how to

give CPR.

Casey "Brax this has got nothing to do with you,we are both adults.

Brax "Casey she's your teacher.

Casey "yeah and where inlove"

Brax laughed at his little brother's response. He looked over at henri "wait till gina finds out about this you wont be able to teach again".

Casey "No brax you cant tell anyone"

Brax " Im doing this for your own good casey"

Brax pushed past casey and walked away.

Casey looked at henri who looked scared, he went to put his arms around her when she pushed him away.

Henri "No casey Im in serious troubl my career is over once gina finds out, why did i get involved with you braxtons, First heath messed up my HSC now my career is over. I should never have let this happen.

Casey "Il talk brax around it will be fine,we will be fine"

Henri "No casey we are over"

Next chapter? A shock surprise changed everything, Does brax tell gina?.........

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Its only small update, thankyou all for taking time to read it an for the comments :))

Chapter 4

Casey tries to reason with Brax, Brax is having none of it though.

Brax: "Casey im doing this for you mate,dont let some chick get in the way dont throw away your future!"

Casey: " I'm not brax i love her,but you have nothing to worry about she's broken up with me. So you dont have to tell Gina about this".

Brax: "Yeah yeah case you think i was born yesterday"

Casey: Brax I'm serious she's finished with me because you said you would tell Gina"

Brax knew he wasnt lying by the expression on his brothers face, he looked broken. Brax decided to hold off on saying anything to gina.

Brax: "Case come on mate you'll be orite just concentrate on getting your HSC you dont need any distractions"


Henri was sat at home staring at the clockthis had been the longest 5 minutes of her life.

Five minutes ha gone she looke down at the white stick in her hand the answer she had been waiting to find was positive.

Henri was pregnant with Casey Braxton's child.

A little part of her was happy she was carrying a tiny human in her body, she had created a new life.

But she had to face the consequences that the baby brought everyone will find out about her and casey, she will lose her job and will not be aloud to teach again.

Next chapter? Casey's finds out he's going to be a father an Brax isnt happy with someone who does he go off at???

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