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You Can't Help Who You Fall in Love With

Guest Summer2011

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Story Title: You cant help who you fall in love with.

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Casey, Henri

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama.

Does story include spoilers: Yes - UK Spoilers

Any warnings: No

Summary: Henri and Casey's relationship

Chapter 1

Casey and Henri had started to see each other after school since they shared a kiss following Casey's bust up with heath.

They both knew they couldnt fight the attraction any longer.

Casey would tell Brax he was going to the libary to study, but really he would be in Henri's bed with her.

Casey knew this was no teenage crush he had strong feelings for Henri and he knew she felt the same way about him.

Henri and Casey were lying in bed,Casey broke the silence " Im gunna quit school.

What? no you cant case your doing really well you dont have long left and then you will have the HSC.

I no but its not what i want to do anymore, if i quit school we can be together and this way you wont get into trouble at work if im not your student anymore.

No Casey you cant throw away your whole life just to be with me, promise me you will stick with school.

Casey i messed up my HSC because of a relationship i was to busy doing what he wanted to do and my studies came 2nd to him. I never got the marks i needed and while i was upset about my results he was moving on to the next chick. What im saying dont let me get in the way of your hsc, im willing to still give you extra tuition casey you can do this.

Casey had a long hard think and decided he would finish school.

Henri smiled and placed a kiss on his lips, and then said we should get up you need to get some study done tonight. Casey moaned No just a few more minutes please, Henri laughed and said 5 minutes and then we are hitting the books. Casey Passionately kissed henri.

Next chapter: Who sees henri and casey kissing in the classroom?

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Hey yeah. I'm going to update tomorrow or the weekend, I was going to update the other evening but I couldn't get on here and then the new spoilers came out and in my fic April was going to catch Henri and Casey but then I saw the new spoilers so I wanted to rewrite the next chapter and make it someone else. Sorry if you think this is an update, but the next chapter will be up by Saturday. Thanks for the comments. :)

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Thankyou for the nice comments :) I said in the little sneek peak for the next chapter that they get caught kissing in the classroom but ive changed that!! just clearing that up so theres no confusion

Chapter 2

Henri and Casey were both lying in bed, Henri was asleep Casey was just lying there staring at her.

His feelings for her were so strong it even worried him sometimes he has never felt like this before.

It was like he didnt have to prove himself to her or try to be someone he wasn't she understood him.

It was monday evening Henri was giving Casey extra tuition,they decided to go to the beach for the lesson as it was a nice evening and their wasnt many people on the beach.

Henri was telling Casey the important quotes he needed to know from Hamlet. She noticed he wasn't paying attention to the book or quotes he was to busy looking at her legs and daydreaming.

"Casey pay attention"

" Yeah yeah i am"

"What did i just say?"

" Erm make sure you read the question properly and understand what its asking you to do"

"No Casey we were on the quotes from Hamlet"

"Ah yeah its just not easy to think about Hamlet when all i want to do is kiss you"

"Casey you know we have to get this work done"

"I know I know"

Henri leaned closer to him "if you actually listen and get this work done, we can go back to my place"

Asmile appeared on Casey's face,Henri placed a kiss on Casey's lips, the kiss deepened and casey moved his hand down Henri's leg.

From a distance with a surf board in his hand Daryl Braxton walked up the beach to witness his little brother in an intimate embrace with his school teacher.

Chaper 3 Brax's reaction? And what it means for Casey and henri's relationship?

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