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Saddest Moment(s) in H&A TEY thus far...

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Lance reaction to Martin's departure, and Sally's reaction to Lance's departure.

Tom and Bobby's deaths. Everyone's reaction to Rory's death too.

Yes, they were all my favourite sad moments too (add in Walter Bertram maybe) - but having recently re-watched the Rory-era episodes, I agree with you, Rory's death was more dramatic when I watched it the second time around.....was it Carly (?) walking by the beach when she looks out to sea and sees the vision of Rory??? That was very touching...

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At the start of the clip sounds like an instrumental version of the closing theme. I've never heard that before is it availible anywhere?

I remember it being used as a brief underscore during 1988 at some point. I think when time jumped 3 weeks later for whatever reason?

Another touching scene from late 88... Donald trying to fight his emotions, on stage as he reads that Alan has been voted 'most popular student'.

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