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Charlie Buckton

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Charlie Buckton arrived in Summer Bay in June 2008. An intelligent and rule abiding police officer, she made a bad impression on many of the locals with her zero tolerance policies. One of the first people to be upset by her wrath was Morag, who turned out to be the new woman in her dad’s life. Charlie was unhappy about her father moving on after her mum passed away and took an instant dislike to Morag, at times acting a little bratty.


Her family includes her mother Elsie, who passed away not long before Charlie came to Summer Bay, her father Ross, who has since passed away, step mum Morag, and sister/daughter Ruby.

When Charlie and Ruby first arrived we got to know them as sisters. There was a bit of an age gap, but not enough for us to question their relationship to each other. Both had wavy brown hair and pretty faces. While Charlie was a police officer, Ruby was a teenager determined to make her own way and even enrolled herself in school.

It wasn’t until Ross began to suffer from Alzheimer’s that the truth came out, and we discovered that Ruby was not Charlie’s sister, but rather her daughter.

Ruby was very confused as to why she had been lied to all this time, and couldn’t understand how Charlie could have given her up her own child.

Charlie eventually revealed that at a she’d been raped and the resulting pregnancy had produced a child she was not mature enough or equipped to deal with. Ruby spoke to her Aunt, who helped her understand that when she was born Charlie was mentally unwell. She’d left Ruby with her parents and went to stay at her house for a while. During that time she was severely depressed and realized she couldn’t take care of a baby, and when she eventually returned home Ruby had bonded so well with her parents they decided to adopt her and raise her as their own.


Ruby had a lot of questions about her birth father. She did some research and discovered his name and where he now lived. Grant Bledcoe, she found out, was now married with 2 other kids. She introduced herself, and Grant tried to convince Ruby that Charlie had got it wrong. He told her he hadn’t raped Charlie all those years ago, and that she had wanted to be with him.

When Charlie found out Ruby was getting to know Grant she intervened by kidnapping Grant and trying to physically force a confession out of him. Ruby interrupted and pleaded with Charlie to let him go. She quickly realized that Grant was lying and that he’d not only raped Charlie but had done it to a number of other women too.

Grant was found murdered, and it was eventually discovered that Ross was responsible.

Since that time, Ruby and Charlie have both put a lot of effort into rebuilding their relationship, this time as mother and daughter.


From the very beginning of her time at Yabbie Creek Police Station Charlie was determined to make it known that she was not interested in any nonsense. When Jack found out she was his new partner he was a little shocked and possibly a little scared at the thought of working with her.

Her father Ross had managed to get her fast tracked through the ranks, but Charlie soon realized that the experience it took to be a good cop could only come through time spent working as one.

Her approach to policing in the Bay softened a little when Roman made her realize life would be much easier if she was friendly towards her neighbours in such a small town.

Charlie often worked with Georgina Watson and later alongside Robert Robertson.

She was temporarily promoted to Station Manager when Lara went on maternity leave.

Apart from handing out speeding fines and parking tickets Charlie also did some useful police work. She discovered that Angelo had killed Jack, accompanied Miles to Melbourne in search of Melody and helped find Lou De Bono’s killer. She also helped Angelo uncover Hugo’s people smuggling ring and solve the murder of Penn Graham.

She took her job very seriously. This was, until she met Daryl Braxton. Falling so deeply in love with him she was willing to do whatever it took to be with him, even giving up the career she had worked so hard to build. Ultimately, she paid the biggest price in the end when she was gunned down on her last day of the job.


Charlie had a few romances while in the Bay. Her relationships with Roman and Angelo were full of ups and downs. She shared a kiss with Miles and slept with Hugo, and even had a fling with another woman. None of these were able to keep her happy. She was yet to find true love.


Charlie had only been in town a short while before she started seeing Roman Harris. They kissed one evening before Charlie ran off, embarrassed that she had let her guard down. She soon gave into the chemistry and stayed over at his house, only to be confused to find a DNA kit on his bedside in the morning. Having to contend with Roman’s teenage daughter Nicole was no easy feat. Charlie and Roman agreed to keep their relationship casual, and Charlie soon attracted the attention of new cop Angelo Rosetta. Unsure of Roman’s feelings she considered dating Angelo, but Roman realized he needed to make her a priority if he didn’t want to lose her so he stepped up tried to make things right. After a lot of hot and cold moments Charlie declared that she loved him when she thought he was asleep.

The Olympic cliffhanger left Roman hanging over the edge of a cliff, thanks to the revenge seeking Elliott. Their relationship continued to be rocky, and eventually Charlie agreed to go on a date with Angelo. Jealousy crept in and Roman declared his real feelings resulting in them becoming a real couple for the first time.

The stress of Ross’s illness caused more pressure on the relationship. Nicole’s mum Natalie came to visit and the bond between Roman & Martha, due to losing their baby and her going through chemo, caused Roman to have second thoughts. Charlie was surprised when Roman broke up with her.


When Angelo Rosetta arrived in the Bay he was delighted to find himself working with Charlie. He asked her out a few times during her messy relationship with Roman, and when she finally agreed he showed her what a real date should be, with a romantic picnic on the beach of prawns and donuts. Angelo soon realized that although Charlie was having fun she was still in love with Roman, and their relationship was over before it began.

After being dumped by Roman and then being rescued from a drain by him, Charlie found herself drowning her sorrows with Angelo, and subsequently ended up sleeping with him. But Charlie insisted it was a mistake.

She worked out it was Angelo who killed Jack. He was locked up and hated by all, but later returned to the Bay with a new assignment. Although the whole town despised him, including Charlie, she soon found herself feeling jealous of his new relationship with a lady named May. She tried to fight it, but they ended up kissing and sleeping together. When Charlie insisted it was a mistake, Angelo continued seeing May, until he decided it was unfair to string her along while he had feelings for Charlie. Their next kiss is witnessed by a heartbroken May. News of their new relationship spread quickly, and was met with the reaction they expected.

They experienced many ups and downs as Charlie revealed she was Ruby’s mother, Angelo was promoted to above her, and Charlie being suspicious of Angelo’s secretive other life, until he revealed he was working undercover to stop people smuggling. In time, Martha forgave Angelo for killing Jack. Angelo rescued Martha and took a bullet for her during the people smuggling drama.

Their relationship faced another major hurdle when Charlie announced she couldn’t move in with Angelo. She began seeing a counselor to overcome her commitment phobia, but Angelo’s crazy jealousy got in the way. It wasn’t until Angelo resigned after letting Hugo go free that he confessed to Charlie that she was the only thing that mattered to him. Charlie told him she loved him too, which was the first time she had ever been able to say those words to anyone.

Their relationship seemed quite steady for a while as she helped Angelo realize his dream to open a restaurant. In time, she, Angelo and Ruby moved in together.

By the beginning of 2011 the relationship had ended and the girls moved back into Leah’s house.


In Melbourne, while looking for Melody, Miles Copeland and Charlie shared a kiss. They realized immediately that it was a mistake, which they would never ever repeat, and managed to remain friends.


Joey Collins was working on the trawler with Aden. After being assaulted by one of the other workers Charlie became involved. She arrested the man responsible and also helped Joey deal with her homophobic brother. After inviting Joey to stay at Leah’s house, their friendship developed and Charlie began to question her sexuality as she became more and more attracted to Joey.

After spending an afternoon together on the Blaxland they shared a moment where dancing leads to hand holding, until Charlie pulls away. After Charlie went on a date with Hugo, Joey decided it was time to move out. She told Charlie she couldn’t stay at her house while she had feelings for her, and Charlie, not wanting her to leave, kissed her.

Charlie needed a few days to process her feelings for Joey, so went to see her dad in the city. Joey had told her she was in love with her.

After giving it some thought Charlie decided she wanted to be with Joey after all and they share another passionate kiss. When Ruby spied them kissing in Charlie’s car, she told Charlie that she was making a mistake. The new relationship was also upsetting to Joey’s brother Brett, who tried to have Charlie charged for taking advantage of his sister.

When Charlie’s car was vandalized, and the town’s jeering got began to get to her, she began to wonder if it was all worth it. She slept with Hugo in an attempt to straighten herself out. She tried to hide the rendezvous from Joey, but a lost earring revealed the truth and Joey left the bay on another trawler.


Charlie slept with Hugo Austin when she realized she had feelings for Joey, in an attempt to try to prove to herself that she was straight.


The River Boys were first seen in Summer Bay when Angelo hosted a Desperate and Dateless night at his restaurant. After a fight broke out the town collectively decided the group were trouble and could bring no good to their seaside town.

Brax managed to charm Leah into going on a date with him, which she soon realized was more of an attempt to find out her friend Charlie. His attempts to flirt with the police officer were ignored, until he planted a kiss on her and was arrested for assault.

When Brax gave Charlie some advice on treating Ruby like an adult to get a better result from her she listened, realizing that although he didn’t have any kids of his own he had practically raised his brothers and knew what he was talking about.

Their first proper kiss came when Brax visited Charlie at her house. Charlie told him that if he dared touch her he’d regret it, but he told her he would never regret touching her. She pinned him against a wall and asked if he would behave. When he told her he wouldn’t she let him go anyway as she weakened to his hotness and became his.

After that, Charlie found Brax too hard to resist. They agree to keep their affair secret, because Brax’s bad boy reputation wouldn’t look good in light of her job.

Charlie discovered that Brax had a lot more to do with the drug problem in the Bay than first suspected. She tells him she feels like he’s playing her. Although they split up a couple of times they can’t seem to stay away from one another.

On the morning of her birthday Brax gave her a necklace. Charlie decided that her party that evening would be a good time to go public with their relationship, until Morag interrupted.

Brax’s ex Tegan arrived in the Bay. She tried to split them up by telling them he was the father of her child, who turned out to be Heath’s.

Meanwhile, the war the River Boys had with Jake Pirovich’s gang was worsening, and Charlie was kidnapped by Hammer and used to lure Brax, but Charlie managed a shot at Hammer and he was killed instantly.

After splitting up again over the issue of honesty and integrity, Charlie made a pact with Bianca to stay away from the Braxton boys. But, as always, they found their respective others too hard to stay away from.

Timeline of Charlie's time in Summer Bay

4655 Charlie arrived in Summer Bay

4659 Jack discovers Charlie is his new partner

4664 Kisses Roman then runs

4665 Ruby arrives

4666 Sleeps with Roman

4675 Ross proposes to Morag

4677 Angelo arrives

4683 Ross & Morag’s wedding

4686 Relationship frustrations with Roman

4693 Charlie says the “L” word

4700 Olympic cliffhanger – Roman missing

4708 Fed up, Charlie goes on a date with Angelo

4709 Roman wins Charlie back

4714 Morag & Ross are back from honeymoon, but something is wrong

4715 Charlie finds Ross wandering on the road at night

4717 Ross has Alzheimer’s

4726 Clashes with Morag over Ross’ treatment

4727 Ross moves in with Charlie & Ruby

4733 Puts post it notes everywhere, fire in the kitchen

4736 Ross announces he and Morag are going to the city

4744 Natalie arrives

4752 Roman breaks up

4753 Charlie gets drunk

4761 Gets trapped in a drain

4762 Development storyline

4767 Announced as Head of Station

4771 2009 opener – formal fire, Jack dead

4775 Finds out Angelo killed Jack

4778 Angelo admits it

4786 Goes to Melbourne with Miles to find Melody. Kisses Miles

4792 Leah’s 30th

4802 Hugo cancels a dinner date

4805 Joey is working at the bar

4810 Joey reports Robbo

4815 Brings Joey home to stay

4820 Joey & Charlie go out on Blaxland

4822 Robbo tries to kill Joey. Charlie & Joey kiss

4833 Charlie & Joey confess love

4834 Ruby sees them kiss

4836 Brett blames Charlie, car vandalized, sleeps with Hugo

4840 A lost earring causes Joey to leave

4842 Joey leaves on a trawler

4847 Angelo returned to the Bay

4877 Charlie is jealous of Angelo’s gf May

4886 Kisses & sleeps with Angelo

4892 After being rejected by Charlie, Angelo continues to see May

4897 Angelo breaks up with May, who later catches him kissing Charlie

4904 Residence are disgusted by Charlie & Angelo

4907 After being hit by Brett’s car we find out Charlie has a Caesar scar

4912 Things are over between Charlie and Angelo, because Charlie has secrets

4913 Charlie admits she had a baby, but it died

4914 Tells Angelo she was pregnant from rape. They get back together

4918 Charlie says her baby was adopted out. Later tells Ruby it’s her!

4924 Ruby finds out more about Charlie from Aunty Michelle

4927 Ruby discovers her dad’s name is Grant Bledcoe

4932 Ruby meets Grant

4936 Grant tries to make everyone believe he’s innocent

4937 Charlie tasers and kidnaps Grant

4938 Ruby interrupts Charlie trying to force a confession. She realizes it’s true

4941 Ruby moves into Irene’s

4943 Grant is found dead. Charlie is a suspect and is suspended

4949 Charlie breaks up with Angelo after finding some photos of him with strippers

4956 Angelo reveals he’s back in Summer Bay to investigate people smuggling

4962 Robert Robertson arrest Charlie to lure the real killer

4963 Ross confesses to killing Grant

4969 Ruby has diabetes

4995 Finale 2009. Hugo points a gun at Charlie when she finds smuggled people

4996 Hugo has Charlie tied up on a boat

4997 Angelo takes a bullet for Martha. She forgives him for Jack. Hugo is shot “dead”

5004 Charlie and Angelo go away together. Charlie is promoted and Angelo is made Sergeant and in charge at Yabbie Creek station

5008 Charlie freaks at the thought of living with Angelo

5012 Tells Angelo she loves him but can’t live with him

5020 Decides to break up with Angelo

5028 Determined to get Charlie back, Angelo kisses her

5031 Makes an appointment with a counselor to talk about her commitment issues

5038 Angelo follows Charlie to her counseling session with Michael

5039 Angelo is jealous and befriends Michael to find out what’s going on

5042 Finds Angelo in a tree spying on her and Michael and is furious

5062 Finds put from Angelo that Hugo’s in witness protection, but is now missing

5077 Kisses Angelo

5082 Their date turns into a police chase as Angelo suspects Hugo is back with Martha

5083 Sees female counselor Amy

5092 Eaves, the crooked cop, shoots Hugo. Angelo and Charlie try to stop him

5093 Eaves is caught. Angelo lets Hugo go free

5100 Angelo is suspended, and the whole station is under investigation for corruption

5101 Angelo admits he let Hugo go. Charlie and Angelo confess their love for each other. Charlie’s never said it before

5108 Angelo resigns. Charlie is promoted to Sargeant and is in charge of the station

5112 Angelo decides to open a restaurant. Charlie has her doubts about it

5120 Penn arrives in the Bay

5127 Charlie is oblivious to Ruby’s crush on Liam

5128 Opening of Angelo’s restaurant goes well

5131 Finds out Ruby thinks she’s in love with Liam

5134 Angelo is constantly working. Charlie is worried

5139 Becomes friends with Bianca, who is new in town

5141 Charlie makes Ruby move back into Leah’s house

5146 Tells Alf he’s being charged for assaulting Penn

5148 Meets Angelo’s brother Paulie

5152 Charlie and Angelo clash over Paulie

5157 Ruby is battling alcohol problems. Charlie helps her get into rehab

5163 At the horse races for a fun day. Charlie catches a bag snatcher

5175 Angelo gives “Shandi” a lift to the Bay

5176 Charlie decides to move in with Angelo

5180 Gives Ruby a driving lesson but it doesn’t go well

5181 Charlie, Angelo & Ruby move into the old Hunter house

5185 Angelo teaches Ruby to drive. He’s much calmer that Charlie

5187 Robertson & Graves are in town to investigate blood in Penn’s hotel room

5209 Struggles with her role of parenting the teenage Ruby

5210 Bursts into the school formal to drag Ruby home as she was supposed to be grounded

5212 Getting ready to marry Vittorio, Bianca asks Charlie to be her bridesmaid

5215 2010 Finale. Bianca’s wedding to Vittorio ends with her leaving with Liam

5216 2011 Opener. 6 weeks later. Ross’ Funeral

5217 Seems during the break, Charlie and Angelo broke up and Charlie and Ruby moved back to Leah’s

5221 Charlie is looking for Will, who has done a runner

5222 Angelo helps Charlie find and arrest the fake Shandi, named Daria

5226 Will is charged with killing Penn

5231 After breathing in chemicals April collapses on the wharf and Charlie helps

5233 Charlie attends a D&D night at Angelo’s. The River Boys arrive and a fight breaks out

5238 After making a bad first impression, Brax surprises by saving VJ from a surfing accident then giving him a board

5240 Angelo accept an offer of cheap booze from Brax. Colleen is abducted in her van

5242 Brax tries to flirt with Charlie. She’s annoyed that Leah is charmed by him

5243 Leah goes on a date with Brax but it’s clear he like Charlie.

5248 Brax kisses Charlie and she arrests him for assault

5249 Watson asks Charlie what the kiss was like, since he’s hot

5252 Catches Ruby and Casey making out in a car

5255 Casey stands up for Ruby and they are in couple mode

5263 Charlie doesn’t want Ruby to be with Casey. She confronts Brax about them

5269 Charlie takes Brax’s advice about treating Ruby like an adult

5270 Ruby & Charlie are invited to the Braxton’s for lunch, but Brax uninvites Charlie and is later reinvited

5271 Ruby & Casey have a party at a mansion, but it’s broken up by the cops

5272 Brax visits Charlie and she tells him if he touches her he would regret it, then they kiss

5273 Charlie and Brax have had sex, then Charlie tells him to leave. He likes the non-cop Charlie more. She doesn’t attend the Braxton BBQ

5279 Charlie can’t stay away from Brax and they kiss again when they’re alone at Angelo’s

5280 Charlie insists they keep their relationship secret

5285 Brax and Charlie make out but are interrupted when Leah comes home to find a receipt

5288 Charlie is supposed to be on a blind date Ruby set up, but instead goes to Angelo’s to see Brax

5292 During a fight Charlie is knocked out

5297 Charlie & Watson catch Heath riding his motorbike when they do a drug raid, but find nothing on him

5301 Angelo has been missing and Charlie thinks Brax is involved. Angelo turns up in a city hospital, dumped by Brodie

5306 While Brax hides Brodie he finds out that Brax is with Charlie

5307 Brax distracts Charlie so Brodie can get away. Charlie asks him if she’s being played

5312 Brax and Charlie have been together in a hotel room. He gives her a necklace for her birthday. At her party at Angelo’s she almost reveals their relationship but Morag stops her

5313 Angelo sees the couple kissing on video. He confronts her. She breaks it off with Brax

5319 Charlie invited Brax over and they get together again

5321 Studying for detectives exam. Chases River Boys on the Blaxland when they dump drugs

5324 Ruby is in trouble after she and her friends go to a dangerous beach and Xavier nearly drowns. Charlie doesn’t mind when she misses the detectives exam

5329 Charlie is waiting for any opportunity to arrest Heath. Brax intercepts a text from Bianca saying Heath was at her house

5331 Casey has been kicked out of home and Brax needs to help him. Tegan turns up

5338 Morag figures out what’s going on between Charlie and Brax

5339 Reveals that Casey wouldn’t hang around the River Boys if he didn’t see Brax doing it. Brax turns up at a beach party and tells him he’s out

5341 Charlie investigates the assault on Bianca

5344 Charlie continues chasing Heath over the drug trafficking

5346 The River Boys are busted. Heath is tasered. Brax tells Charlie he gave the tip off. Ruby follows Charlie and sees her kissing Brax

5347 Charlie suffers the wrath of Cheryl. Cools things with Brax

5350 Brax is brought in as the ringleader in the drug case. Charlie feels she’s been blind to the truth. She tells him she loves him but it’s over

5351 Ruby convinces Charlie to go and talk to Brax, but finds him with Tegan

5359 Jake is free. He kidnaps Casey and Ruby and wants his drugs back that Heath took

5360 Brax and Jake fight. Jake is caught and Brax goes to hospital. Tegan says he’s Darcy’s dad

5365 Finds out Darcy isn’t Brax’s

5366 Heath’s out again and walks in Charlie & Brax kissing

5367 Charlie tells Inspector Joyce about her and Brax. He tells her to keep quiet. Charlie warns the River Boys to stop the war now

5378 School roof collapses in storm

5380 Charlie tells Bianca about her and Brax. Hammer shoots at Charlie while she’s out running

5382 Jake’s Headquarters is burnt down

5386 Hammer abducts Charlie and ties her up. He lures Brax and intends to kill them both, but Charlie manages to shoot him, dead

5387 Charlie is suspended. She decides to go away for a few days. Tells Brax that she killed a man for him but he’s still refusing to be honest with her. She leaves

5393 After running away Casey has come back to deal with having burnt Jake’s place down

5398 Charlie and Bianca make a no-more-Braxtons pact. Brax comes over to see Charlie because he needs a friend to talk to but she turns him away. The Braxtons make a pact to forget all women. Casey is injured in the surf. Brax gets drunk and Charlie takes him home

5401 Casey goes to court

5402 Charlie is jealous of Brax and Hayley, Casey’s lawyer

5412 Charlie helps Brax steal evidence which pointed to him doing an armed robbery he was set up for

5413 Charlie and Bianca go away to a cabin. Brax and Heath go after them and both couples reunite. Returning to the Bay Brax and Charlie hit Liam on his motorbike

5414 Charlie & Brax agree to lie about the accident with Liam. Charlie feels guilty for lying about the missing evidence and hands in her resignation

5416 Bianca is furious that Charlie is pressuring her to keep quiet about her and Brax especially when she learns it’s a cover for the evidence against Brax going missing

5417 Charlie and Brax enjoy together time at a beach then a hotel room. Brax reassures Charlie that nothing can get in the way of them now. Reality hits Charlie and she tells him she can’t do this anymore. Brax leaves

5418 Charlie tells Brax if he wants to be with her he has to give up being a River Boy

5425 Brax tells Charlie that he wants to be with her so it’s worth leaving the Boys. They are finally a couple in public. Brax is struggling with Angelo’s being so empty. Brax tells Charlie he wants to sell up and leave, and for Charlie to go with him. She loves the idea

5434 Casey’s out of juvenile detention. Plans are made for the 4 to move to the city to start a new life

5435 2011 Finale Charlie is getting ready for her last shift. She is excited to be going to the city with Brax, Casey & Ruby. Jake Pirovich comes to the house, and shoots her.

5437 Life support is switched off


These are not mine. I had nothing to do with making them and all credit goes to their creators. Just posting the links so you can watch them!

***Much more to come! Stay tuned!***

All writing is my own work.

Graphics are created by me unless otherwise credited.

If you wish to quote my work or use my graphics please give credit where due.


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Thank you :) Yes you are correct, I have made a mistake. Will fix that up in a moment :wink:

I still have so much I want to write about her, haven't even started on the Brax stuff.

Ish, whoa that should have taken you AGES to do it! :o Oh I am so sorry that I didn't help you out with it because I was busy with stuff on my mind at the moment! :( But I will make up for it... so what about I should make some Charlie/Ruby artwork and write down Charlie/Ruby favourite moments or something like that...what do you think?

EDITED: I will make more Charlie/Ruby artwork for the charlie feature on Monday, I promise! As I am at my uncle and aunty's house for the weekend at the moment :)

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Thanks everyone! It was a lot of fun :D I really loved Charlie and I wanted to write it.

I'm going to do a write up & picspam of her relationship with Brax and her death. I thought I might link some fan vids and also add a bunch of avs that people have made to create a kind of gallery. Any other ideas are very welcome :)

I am so sorry that I didn't help you out with it

Hey that's fine, I got stuck straight into it and had a lot of fun :D

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Wow! this is an amazing tribute to Charlie! She is/was my favourite character on the show, and I was devastated when she died!

This must have taken you absolutely ages to do! Its really amazing :D

Wow-that's all I can really say! WOW

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