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Christmas with the stars of Home and Away

Guest MatildaHunterFan

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Hi everyone!

I found an interview with Dan, Lisa, Demi and Rhiannon, I'll just post it here:

Christmas with the stars of Home and Away:

What are your plans for Christmas and New Year?

Dan Ewing (Heath): Christmas: On the central coast of NSW at a little town with my relatives.

Demi Harman (Sasha): I will be heading home to Brisbane.

Lisa Gormley (Bianca): Christmas I’m spending with my family in London. Fingers crossed for a white Christmas! New Year, with some great friends in the UK. House parties are the best. You don’t have to search for someone you love to wish them a happy New Year!

Rhiannon Fish (April): I will be spending Christmas with my family in Melbourne. New Year, I think I’ll be having a house party in Melbourne with some of my closest friends.

What are you hoping to find under Christmas tree this year?

Dan: This is my first Christmas with my fiancée – she is my present!

Demi: I haven’t asked for anything this Christmas yet. I am just excited about going home to spend it with my family.

Lisa: Snow in the UK!

Rhiannon: My favourite kind of presents are the sentimental ones.

What do you think would be the ideal gift for your character?

Dan: More tattoos!

Demi: A fresh start for 2012.

Lisa: To fall in love again.

Rhiannon: A caring boyfriend.

What have been your favourite storylines from 2011?

Dan: Love the Heath/Bianca/Liam love triangle.

Demi: Definitely the Sasha and Stu storyline. It’s epic!

Lisa: The love/hate relationship with Heath.

Rhiannon: April having OCD – it was a big challenge and is such an important issue.

What does 2012 have in store for your character?

Dan: I want Heath to be challenged because that will challenge me as an actor. Mainly, though, I don’t want him to lose his edge.

Demi: I know a lot of people want Sasha to grow up, and I think what she’s going through now will impact her in the future. I just hope Sasha will find a boy in the Bay who will treat her right!

Lisa: A bit of stability. And maybe a little more laughter!

Rhiannon: April gets a little…naughty towards the end of 2011 and, not to give too much away, she gets herself into a little bit more trouble at the start of 2012. I guess I would like to see some of the old, nice April come back.


I hope you all enjoy it!!!!! :)

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