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R.I.P Marco Simoncelli

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This was such a devestating crash, it was really hard to watch. He was such a great talent at what he did. It'll be a tough one for Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards to get over too after being involved in it.

The loss of Marco Simoncelli is a massive one to the world of MotoGP and of course to all his friends and family. It's not been a great week for motor sports in general after the terrible accident that claimed the life of Dan Wheldon last weekend.

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I agree with you, Miranda. It is amazing how quickly videos are uploaded to YouTube.

Within minutes of Simoncelli's death, I saw at least twenty videos capturing the same clip (of the crash) on YouTube.

It was just horrifying to watch.

I really hope that he didn't suffer much pain but from the looks of the crash, he may certainly have felt a lof of it!

Such a shame. He was so young and handsome! :(

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FYI Marco's father Paolo said he died instantly because he rushed up to him after the crash and realised it was all over. Certainly IMO Marco looked dead on track, I'll never forget the sight of him cos I saw it at the time it happened. I've seen a lot of motorsport crashes, I've got a pretty good idea of when they aren't going to get up again :( They usually do survive though 99/100 times.

Not a nice thing to say but I thought it might reassure people.

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