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Accidents Happen

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title: Accidents Happen

Type of story: Medium/Long fic .

Main Characters: Claire Braxton and Hayden Braxton

Other Characters: Charlie Buckton,Brax,Ruby Buckton,Casey Braxton,Heath Braxton and Darcy Callahan

BTTB rating: A to be safe.

Genre: Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Not at the moment

Summary: Hayden and Claire are former runaways it's been 2 years since they ran away sometimes accidents happen.

Chapter 1

Darcy Callahan had gone to Claire Braxton for some advice.

“I’m in trouble” Darcy told Claire

“Why?” Claire asked

“I’m pregnant” Darcy responded

“Do you know who the father is?” Claire asked

“No” Darcy responded

Claire turned in she didn’t realize Hayden had walked in

“Hi” Hayden said

“Hi” both girls responded

“What’s up?” Hayden asked

“I’m pregnant” Darcy responded

Claire shrugged

“Oh” Hayden said

She turned and walked out of the room

“When are you do?” Claire asked

“Well I’ve been pregnant for about 9 months so any day now” Darcy responded

“You should tell your dad” Claire suggested

Heath was standing next to Casey

“Dad can we talk?” Darcy asked

“Sure” Heath said

Darcy lead him outside.

“I’ve made a terrible mistake” Darcy said

“Why?” Heath asked

“I’m pregnant” Darcy responded

“What?” Heath asked

“I said I’m Pregnant’ Darcy repeated

“How?” Heath asked

“I don’t know” Darcy responded

“I suppose you don’t know who the father is” Heath said

“No” Darcy responded

Heath was about to say something but then he noticed something.

“Did your water just break?” Heath asked Darcy

Darcy looked down

“Oh I guess it just did” Darcy responded

Heath took her hand and led her to the truck Brax was watching.

Before Heath could ask

“Your daughter is doing fine” the nurse said

It seemed like forever till he was able to see Darcy again.

Finally a nurse told Heath he could go in.

“And who is this?” Heath asked

“Melanie Callahan” Darcy Responded

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Darcy was pregnant for 9 months and know one knew? :unsure:

Anways, fantastic start. Looking forward more :)

Yeah well I have a feeling Heath knew but pretended not too until she told him next update soon :)

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Thanks for all the comments here is the next chapter hope you like it.

Chapter 2

5 weeks earlier

Darcy Callahan hadn’t been dating anyone for weeks she couldn’t understand why or how she got pregnant.

Darcy lost her mum when she was ten years old ever since then she’s been living with her grandmother and visiting her dad Heath Braxton.

The minute Darcy found out she was pregnant she wanted to go to her dad.

Instead she decided to keep it a secret.

She knew her dad would notice before she even told him.

The first person Darcy thought to go to was Claire Braxton.

Of course when Claire’s involved so is her niece Hayden.

Darcy wasn’t sure she wanted to tell anyone but her due date was coming up fast she couldn’t not tell Heath.

I’ll tell Claire first Darcy thought

But when she was about to tell Claire Hayden walked pass Darcy froze.

Darcy wanted to die she may only be 17 she wasn’t ready to be a mother yet.

If anything happens to me Heath can take the baby Darcy thought

Of course at the point Darcy didn’t know if anything would happen to her.

Darcy had a memory she was at a party and she followed some boy upstairs of course he didn’t want to the lights on.

Darcy groaned he could of possible raped her.

Darcy was too far into thought she didn’t see her dad coming.

He nearly knocked her over.

He grabbed her arm.

“You ok kid?” Heath asked

“Yeah fine Dad “Darcy replied

“Nice day isn’t it?” Heath asked

“Yeah” Darcy responded

Heath knew something was up his daughter was never this quit.

Darcy knew what she had to do she waved to her dad and run to Angelo’s to find Uncle Brax

Brax had just finished serving a customer.

“Hey Kiddo” Brax said

“Hey Uncle Brax” Darcy responded

“What’s up?” Brax asked

“I need to talk to you in private” Darcy responded

Brax looked around the restaurant was not all that busy he led Darcy into the kitchen.

“What’s wrong?” Brax asked

“I’m pregnant” Darcy whispered

“You haven’t had a boyfriend in months” Brax responded

“I know but I think a boy raped me at a party” Darcy responded

“Oh the high school party you went to?” Brax asked

“Yes he left the lights off so I never knew who it was” Darcy responded

“Well kid sooner or later you’ll have to tell your dad” Brax told her

“I know but I’m scared” Darcy whispered

Brax hugged her.

“Was my daughter at that party?” Brax asked

“No” Darcy responded

The last thing Brax wanted was Claire getting pregnant at a young age.

Darcy left Angelo’s she was crying.

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Thanks for the comments here's the next chapter sorry it's short enjoy.

I got Jack St Bride from a book I'm reading called Salem falls.

Chapter 3

Hayden Braxton was walking home from school she was worried about Darcy she knew Darcy refused to go to school after the party and now she can’t go to school at all because she has a baby.

Hayden kept on walking.

She knew she should tell Darcy who raped her some uni student named Jack St Bride.

Back at the hospital

Heath was sitting next to his daughter’s bed.

“Daddy?” Darcy said

“Oh you’'re awake” Heath responded

Darcy nodded

“Where’s Melanie?”Darcy asked

“In the nursery” Heath responded

“Oh” Darcy said

“what’s up?” Heath asked

“I want you to know that if anything happens to me I want you to look after Melanie” Darcy responded

Back at Ruby and Casey’s place

Hayden was sitting on the floor doing her homework there was a knock on the door.

Hayden stood up and walked to the door.

“Hi” Hayden said

“Hey” Heath responded

“How’s Darcy?” Hayden asked

“She’s ok” Heath responded

2 weeks later

Darcy Callahan was finally home with Melanie

Heath barely left her side.

One day after Heath returned from lunch with Bianca Darcy decided to go ut.

“Where are you going?” Heath asked

“For a drive” Darcy responded

Darcy got into her car.

Darcy drove around for a bit before she decided to go home.

Darcy was about to do a u-turn when a truck came out of near where it was heading straight for her.

Darcy closed her eyes the truck hit her hard.

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