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Home and Away stars at Perth Telethon

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Those cast members attending the Perth Telethon have just been announced on the Telethon site. Of course they could change, but for now it looks like a good line up.

From 7's Home & Away you'll see David Jones-Roberts, Luke Mitchell, Lynne McGranger, Lyn Collingwood, Esther Anderson, Bernard Curry and Rebecca Breeds.

Perth Telethon is on November 13 & 14 at the Perth Exhibition Centre.

I can't wait.

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^ I can't remember what it's called, but it was the one with the playing cards. She had 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces face down on a table and had to take them one at a time and race to sort them all out. She took off her shoes and had to run from the centre tables to the ones on the outer, but the cards kept falling off the edge, so she'd have to go back and fix it which took time. It was pretty amusing to wacth though :P.

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I return with links for photos. I tried saving some to post but there are so many.

Telethon Opening Night

Telethon Panel and Performances

Telethon Kids Carnival

Rebecca Breeds & David Jones Roberts visit Applecross McDonalds

However if you have the time to go through them, there are some awesome ones of Esther with Boo Boo Stewart (taking off his shirt), Luke Mitchell after his failed Minute To Win It Challenge (again, no shirt), and Lyn Collingwood and Lynne McGranger as part of 'Beatuy School Dropouts' (giant hair rollers).

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