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1997 episodes aired again in 2002

Guest Bobby Forever Missed

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Right so I was sitting at home alone one afternoon in 2002 (aged 10) anyway I was flicking around the channels I got to Ch7 and a 1997 episode was on (the one where Pippa is knocked over by Shannon's ex Kye) was I immagining this out of boredom? :P or did that really happen? please help it's driving me nuts! :rolleyes:

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I think you're imagining this. Even if it was just stuck on because of something else being cancelled, what a bizarre choice.

I sure hope not Ryan because if I am that means I must be going cucoo :P But I have vivid Memories of that ep and I can't remember the original airing as I was only 5. So I must have seen in in '02 somehow. :unsure:

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