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Ramsay Street to be renamed 25th Avenue.....

Guest -Kevin-

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OK I just read on the official site that Ramsay Street is to be renamed 25th Avenue.......


To mark the 25th Anniversary of Neighbours, Executive Producer Susan Bower announced today the renaming of Ramsay Street to 25th Avenue!

After a quarter of a century residents of one of the world’s most famous streets will have a new address – 25th Avenue.

“No other Australian drama has reached this incredible milestone and I think it’s so important to remember this occasion,” said Bower. “25th Avenue marks the beginning of our next 25 years, it’s so exciting.”

“One of the reasons Neigbours has been so successful is we have continued to evolve with the times and this is just another adjustment which may take time getting used to but I’m confident fans will embrace it,” she said.

With Ramsay Street part of their vocabulary, some of the Neighbours cast are still working through the name change.

“I completely endorse the change, however I am a little nervous Karl won’t find his way home,” laughed Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl Kennedy.

“Initially I thought 25th Avenue may resemble 5th Avenue in New York, however fans can rest assured we’ll all still be shopping at Harolds,” said Jackie Woodburne who’s character has lived on Ramsay Street for 15 years.

Jacob Brito who plays four-year-old Charlie Hoyland added “I’ve just learnt how to spell Ramsay Street and I hope this doesn’t take as long.”

I refuse to believe that they are doing this, it HAS to be an april fools joke, it just has to be because if it isn't then it is so utterly disgraceful to change Ramsay Streets name. Susan Bower is clearly intent on ruining Neighbours if its true.

But I still believe its an april fools joke.....(even though the article is dated 31st of March) :blink:

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'Neighbours' admits street name hoax

Neighbours has confirmed that its announcement of a name change for Ramsay Street was an April Fools' Day joke.

Yesterday, the soap's executive producer Susan Bower told Neighbours' official website that the Erinsborough cul-de-sac was to be renamed 25th Avenue in order to mark the drama's silver anniversary.

However, Neighbours has now removed the news story from its site and replaced it with the message: "April Fools!"

Additionally, a poll has appeared on the homepage which asks fans: "Did you get fooled by our April Fools' Day prank?"

The hoax received a largely negative response on the Digital Spy forums yesterday as Neighbours fans expressed their outrage at the prospect of their favourite characters living on 25th Avenue.

Neighbours turned 25 on March 18 but is saving its on-screen celebrations until the 6,000th episode airs later this year.


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