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Love the song choice. You and Me is like one of my fav Lighthouse songs <3 Oh and great promo clip as well. Loves the clips, brought back great JM memories :wub: Also, what font did you use?? Loved that

Now im intake on the fic. Paul is the abusive ex-boyfriend, and Martha fell preggers to him. Maybe she aborted the baby, hence the drugs, and this all happened after she left the bay after Hayley died? And Jack was probs her Summer Bay sweetheart :P

Anyways, sounds interesting. Cant wait for it to start :) And congrats on finsihing your exams. I wish mine would finish :)

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Thanks :D

I love that song too :wub:

The font i used was called french script

With some of those guesses you are pretty close :P

Also I thought i would just add and this is for everyone

Martha was not adopted in this fic because it just doesn't fit in with the storyline


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