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Isabel Lucas at New York Fashion Week

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Isabel Lucas spotted at the Calvin Klein show at NYFW 2010. Nothing very exciting but was just browsing thefashionspot and the topic was 'Celebrities spotted at Calvin Klein' and I thought it was kinda cool that she's now considered a celebrity along side people like Whoopee Goldberg, Anna Wintour and Nate from Gossip girl.

Here's the link:

Isable Lucas at Calvin Klein F/W 2010

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Calvin Klein obsessed with Australian stars

* Aussie beauties boost Calvin Klein sales

* "Securing right stars critical"

* "Great to have Aussies in front row"

AUSTRALIAN celebrities have become the latest obsession for influential US fashion and fragrance brand Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein's women's creative director Francisco Costa says the impact of having such Aussie beauties as Naomi Watts, Melissa George and Isabel Lucas in the front row of its recent Autumn 2010 fashion show was "immediate'' in terms of media awareness and sales.

"It's extremely important to have the right connection with celebrities because they are ambassadors and it's immediate, whenever you have someone of that stature wearing your clothes you get so many calls and the retail also responds so well,'' Mr Costa said during a visit to Australia for the 2010 Melbourne Fashion Festival.

The union between fashion and fame can be a hit-or-miss affair.

Securing the right celebrity alignment has become critical for Calvin Klein, whose parent company Phillips-Van Heusen Corp (PVH) just reported a net fourth quarter profit of $US27 million ($A29.43 million) and recently bought Tommy Hilfiger Corp for about $US3 billion ($A3.27 billion) in cash and stock.

The brand, famous for its controversial advertising campaigns and fame-packed fashion shows, says it's A-list or nothing, and in today's Hollywood landscape that means enlisting young Aussie stars Abbie Cornish and Ryan Kwanten alongside Lucas, George and Watts, for Calvin Klein shows, events and perfume launches.

"For any brand having a celebrity attached is amazing and we have been able to have some wonderful relationships with so many great people, including so many of the Australians,'' says Mr Costa.

In fact, Mr Costa proudly boasts that the brand relationship with Watts has become a personal affair.

"When I first dressed her for the Met Ball which was four years ago, we did this incredible white organza dress, very beautiful, and today she tells me that we brought her good luck because that's when she actually started dating her husband (Liev Schreiber).''

The next major celebrity event for Calvin Klein is the ambitiously titled Calvin Klein World Event, a showcase of the brand's fragrance, underwear, fashion, jeans and homewares lines in Shanghai on April 16.

Hollywood star Eva Mendes is rumoured to be flying in as the star attraction.

Rather than playing it safe, Mr Costa acknowledges that Calvin Klein is a risk-taking brand - and that includes aligning with up-and-coming talent like Kwanten, Cornish and Lucas.

"That's very much part of the DNA of the brand, whether it's celebrities or the collection, Calvin really had the essence of the new, he never really looked back and it's something that we all believe and we make sure we propel the idea in a sense,'' says Mr Costa, who has designed Calvin Klein's women's key fashion line since 2003.

The brand's global expansion also includes Australia with Calvin Klein set to have a substantial retail presence in the soon to be reopened Myer Melbourne store, and two new boutiques in Sydney.


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