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Fight For This Love

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Story Title: Fight for this love

Type of story: Long fic (probably)

Main Characters: Charlie and Angelo, but will include others, Martha, Hugo, Ruby etc...

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes (probably)

Any warnings: Sexual content: none so far. Violence: none Language: uhh none in this chapter i think

Summary: Changelo against all odds. Can they stay together against everything the Bay will put against them?

My first h&a fic, so please be nice :}

It was the dead of night. For once, Summer Bay was eerily quiet. No-one was outside. The night took over, consuming everything it could reach. If you looked closely you could almost see shapes moving in the darkness. The air seemed thick, suppressed by the cold black shadows. There was a surprisingly chilly wind that swept through the bay cutting you to the bone. No person was brave enough to venture outside their front door. Except one.

He stood on the crest of the hill that overlooked the house. The trees swayed in the wind. All the lights in the house were off. Almost as if no-one was home.

The figure began to move. He crept slowly down the slop cautiously. Making no sound he hid in the shadows, using it as a cloak to shroud himself from view. He carefully made sure he left no trace behind him. But carelessly he stepped on a twig. The crack echoed around the open space. He became a statue listening intensely.

In the house the girl stirred. She sat up suddenly. She rubbed her eyes and stared around the room. She pulled the sheets up to her chin and nudged the figure next to her.

“I hear something outside” she whispered.

The figure moaned and mumbled something incoherently.

She nudged him and pulled the covers back.

“Wake up!” she said urgently.

The figure sat up

“Charlie, what?” he said rubbing his eyes.

“I heard something outside! Please go check it out!”

“Charlie, babe, its two in the morning. No-one is gonna be out there at this time of night”

“I heard something! Please!”

“It was probably an animal” he replied sleepily letting his head fall back down onto the pillow.

“Fine. I’ll go check it out myself.” She went to get out of the bed.

“No! I’ll go see if it makes you happy.” He put an arm across her to stop her getting up and struggled out of the bed. He slung his jeans on and grabbed a torch from his bedside cabinet.

“Thank you” she replied sweetly, propping herself up against the headboard.

Angelo crept outside of the house. He pointed the torch in a few directions and satisfied no-one was there he went back inside.

“Nothing’s there. Now can we get some sleep?” Angelo said climbing back into the cosy bed.

“Okay” she replied nervously.

“We’ll be fine” he said. He put his arm around Charlie and she curled next to him.

He closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Charlie watched him for a moment and then slowly let herself fall asleep.

Outside the figure let out a sigh of relief. The torch light had nearly caught him out. If he’d stepped back a minute later he would have been seen.

He shook his head. This was no time to get lost in what could-have-beens, he had a plan to do. He crept over to the side of the house and retrieved the lighter from his pocket.

Swiftly he bent down and set the leaves next to the house alight.

He retreated and watched as the flames licked higher and higher. The tree nest to the house caught fire and he began to walk back up the hill. Smoke had began to billow from the fire but it couldn’t be seen against the dark of night. It would seep through the window and make sure they didn’t wake up. The fire grew larger and larger and there was no-one to stop it.

He smiled then turned and ran away.

He didn’t look back once.

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yeah it was up on fanfiction.net ^^) but i didnt get any responses so it kinda failed.

So I decided to try here.

Thaaank you for your luuuurvely comments here is part two:

The smoke was billowing around the house. It was thick and grey, creeping into every corner. Its intoxicating fumes sent anyone who breathed it into a long and usually irreversible sleep. The lower level of the house was nearly full of the damp choking smoke. Slowly, it began to make its way up the stairs, silent but deadly, like a murderer intent on killing.

Upstairs, in the bedroom, the man was in a deep slumber. The girl lay still next to him but her eyes were wide. They flashed around the room. She was still not reassured and she swore she could hear noises. As she lay in the bed, she strained her ears for the slightest sound.


She sighed and looked at the ceiling. The red light of the fire alarm was not glowing like it usually did, not illuminating the room with its red tones. Beside her, the man mumbled and turned over in her sleep.


She heard it. Sitting sharply up in the bed her eyes went straight to the door. As she listened intently she could hear a distant sound. A low, crackling sound. Curious and nervous all at the same time she crept out of bed and padded to the door. Out on the landing she realised she could smell something burning. More than burning, she realised, it was the smell from a bonfire that wet leaves and wood smell mixed together. As she leant over the banister horror flooded up inside her.

The floor below was engulfed in flames. Everything was a light, the furniture, the walls, and the bottom of the stairs. The flames were raging violently, leaping trying to find more things to burn. A strangled scream rose to Charlie’s throat but no sound escaped. Panic flooded her mind, but her thoughts shifted to the man, her boyfriend asleep in the bedroom. She turned and fled back to the room.

“Angelo!” she cried, her voice trembling as she shook the sleeping man.

He mumbled and tried to turn over pulling the sheets over his head.

“Angelo wake up!” her voice was reaching hysterical now.

He screwed his face up and tried to bat her hand away.

“There’s a fire!” she sobbed trying to drag him out of the bed wishing he wasn’t such a heavy sleeper.

But something must have got through to him, because at the word “fire” he leapt into action.

He bounded out of the bed and ran out onto the landing.

Not knowing what to do, Charlie’s legs crumpled and she fell to the floor in a heap, tears streaming down her face, partly

because of the fear and also from the stinging smoke that had begun to infiltrate the upper level in wispy tendrils.

Out on the landing, Angelo peered over the banister staring in shock at his house, now on fire. He tried to gather his wits and find a safe path out of the flames. But desperately as he searched he realised there was none. They were trapped. He turned and ran.

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